i make video

  • FNaFfan93

    Day one of telling damien to say "Hamien I'm damien"

  • PassiveCraft

    Wait, how does he know what a gorilla fist feels like??????? 5:17

  • Jynxedlove

    I daily experience enough pain that I consider finding a Dr. Death on the reg. I also tell those thoughts to fuck off every day and get up and get outside to play with my pup even if it kinda hurts and is very tiring, I know it's better for my body's recovery.

  • SleepingK -
    SleepingK -

    Damn high school DxD

  • APW Wrestling
    APW Wrestling

    To all the extremely lucky and blessed people reading this SUBSCRIBE TO ME AND I'LL SUBSCRIBE TO YOU

  • Barrett Boucher
    Barrett Boucher

    1:44 mabye he has braces. My sister has braces and she has to eat pizza like this. So it’s normal to me, but i don’t do it

  • ꧁Pasta Noodles꧂
    ꧁Pasta Noodles꧂

    Me talks to therapist Theripist; so... when did your dad get milk? Me: ... *Bi*ch i mentioned him 5 times were you not listning?!*

    • ꧁Pasta Noodles꧂
      ꧁Pasta Noodles꧂

      Based on fake events.

  • Kristian Padamadan
    Kristian Padamadan

    11:49 I laughed my Butt Off

  • Rogene Tamayo Jr.
    Rogene Tamayo Jr.


  • Asher Williams
    Asher Williams


  • Gaspare Berini Springett
    Gaspare Berini Springett

    my mom deserves infinite trophy's cause she would always get the tent in the bag

  • Evanescent11

    3:34 bruh someone's computer broke on my b-day

  • CosplayMemories14

    I get that the "8th" limb on the octopus is a dong, but they still have "8 limbs". Octo-8.... dayumn!

  • Spandan Shrestha 4'F' 21
    Spandan Shrestha 4'F' 21

    Hi yall

  • Johnny Kirk
    Johnny Kirk


  • Entitled Goober
    Entitled Goober

    Hearing Lexi squeal and say "Hi [Insert pet name on screen]!!!!!" gives me life.

  • Cosmic Uchiha
    Cosmic Uchiha

    15:53 it says “why would you get an illegible tattoo?”

  • ostrich.

    8:30 is that an ouran high school host club reference lol

  • Mason Morris
    Mason Morris

    I have a Telstra however you can still xbox outright to Telstra however you can still xbox one aswell but I think they are working and I have been traveling however Tim is back in Albury wodonga at the end of the other days in Wodonga needing phones that sit uber 77uuhhjsam moon no gyro to yt? U ft fo don dog

  • Desolation

    8:36 I yawned RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT

  • JustFrost

    7:34 emm did he just had a secure the crap is he salying XD

  • Moon Stone
    Moon Stone

    I sware there is a demon I’m my corner rn

  • Samimations Stop Motion
    Samimations Stop Motion

    Fun fact: you got here by searching by oldest on this channel

  • foo200

    Nah you good i do it all the time and I'm Minnesotan

  • Sunstine Does stuff
    Sunstine Does stuff

    Ok I’m cool I just wanna talk about it I just wanna talk about to the call I don’t have a problem I don’t understand what I did the wrong person that was mad because you didn’t ask you I was just saying you don’t have a different way of mad about you lol I don’t understand what you you’re talking to you lol I don’t understand what you you’re talking to you I just want you know I love the kids I don’t understand why I am mad I am not mad I am so mad at me because I’m mad because I’m just saying I’m not green and I just wanna know how I feel bad about it,

  • Sarah R Cloud
    Sarah R Cloud

    I so want to use a long range alcohol spray bottle to blast antimaskers in the face. Openly walking around with their germy self was their mistake to make. Act like a douchbag, get the squirt. They would have been shielded if they had a proper face mask on. I hope all people who refuse to take the GLOBAL PLAGUE seriously, catch it & promptly die. 😇💙

  • ChipBugz

    1:55 Bruh dragon city do dat tooo ugh

  • Ryley Brown
    Ryley Brown


  • oidexc squid man
    oidexc squid man

    Fuck this world bro, ppl fucked up hard

  • Triple Snackers
    Triple Snackers


  • Kay_drowned


  • Joseph joestar
    Joseph joestar

    Look at the book 1:56

  • Vaughan Awesome
    Vaughan Awesome

    1:43 why does the “PROVE ME WRONG!!!!” sound a lot like Ph1Lza What

  • Aydan Damsky
    Aydan Damsky

    Slot twist Damien the chills they are the same person

  • Jackson Kelly
    Jackson Kelly

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Milesian airlines 303s That got me

  • MC [DDLC]
    MC [DDLC]

    *I'm gonna make you more then FAINT*

  • Teezy246

    I love the music in the background

  • First nomine Last nombre
    First nomine Last nombre


  • Lana Fry
    Lana Fry

    I had the thought my phone was charging but it wasn't 2 days ago 😭

  • Benny Simpson
    Benny Simpson


  • Croliss is the best
    Croliss is the best

    'why? would? you get? an illegible? tattoo?'

  • KiajuGod 1954
    KiajuGod 1954

    That big cat is called a maincoon it’s just a domestic cat

  • Jeremy Hurdman
    Jeremy Hurdman

    12:40 yeah its a theory that things are stretched if they fall into a black hole. I don’t know why.

  • Asher Williams
    Asher Williams

    Also YES yes yes yes yes yes

  • Oriyami

    4:29 The fact it was emailed made me laugh my head off

  • HuskyOfficial


  • Lillian Schwarze
    Lillian Schwarze

    3:31 danger noodle with t l l hat he is C L A S S Y

  • Quantum Refrigerator
    Quantum Refrigerator

    The tattoo says why would you get an illegible tattoo?

  • Billy R
    Billy R

    I miss my teeth

  • Lillian Schwarze
    Lillian Schwarze

    2:12 I will sacrifice graystillsplays for the child

  • Lilly The Skeleton
    Lilly The Skeleton

    hearing lexi narrate always makes my day better.

  • Asher Williams
    Asher Williams

    NO no no no no no

  • Ben Bolton
    Ben Bolton


  • Mischievous Muppets
    Mischievous Muppets

    I’m not like most girls... Cause I’m a guy

  • Lillian Schwarze
    Lillian Schwarze

    1:58 He's going to war boys

  • Lillian Schwarze
    Lillian Schwarze

    1:36 B A B Y T O C A N

  • Harry Trg
    Harry Trg

    So lexi... * COCKS SHOTGUN* You don’t find hairless cats cute?

  • Lillian Schwarze
    Lillian Schwarze

    1:29 me on a Caturday... (get the joke?)

  • SeriaBJD

    The moment at 5:03 (cigarette butt being dropped/flicked) actually caused a TRACTOR TRAILER FIRE in my area. The trailer was hauling bales of cardboard.

  • Moist Beans
    Moist Beans

    I would rather my dad get all $50 million I just want him to be happy

  • Lillian Schwarze
    Lillian Schwarze


  • Jorja M.
    Jorja M.

    idk if anyone has mentioned it but the game with teh kid that died via drug overdose is called Bit Life

  • Aidan Bortz
    Aidan Bortz

    We do have ankles - I accidentally abuse mine once a week. What is my life-

  • Lillian Schwarze
    Lillian Schwarze

    intro (new people: Its going to be BORING!) atual intro: CHERRY GECKO CHERRY GECKO CHERRY GECKO!

  • Jackson Davis
    Jackson Davis


  • Mjtlpg

    4:27 , for me it was 3 days of plugged in but not charging

  • Spookii Cat
    Spookii Cat

    Thomas the tank engine and his friend Gustav the railway cannon

  • ꧁Undyris꧂

    3:08 Im 90% sure that says “still good friends-Always be loyal!”

  • Asher Williams
    Asher Williams

    Me to

  • IronCrowGaming

    3:06 if ur looking for da Thumb nail

  • monkeyinmymind

    Robin's deep Karen voice makes me moister than an oyster

  • Kid Crainer
    Kid Crainer

    11:24 SCP:1498 Object class:r/TIHI/Euclid Not dangerous *GET ME THE HELL OUTTA HERE* -D-129 in a room with SCP-1498

  • Purple

    5:10 Lol I'm so dumb I thought 'Wait you've lived ten years?'

  • Anna May
    Anna May

    to be fair with the whole "my friend did it" thing one time I was in class playing rob lox in middle school and one chick wouldn't leave me alone so my friend took my laptop and sent a message that involved them getting the bird flu or something? it was 4 years ago so my memories were a little fuzzy. keep in mind we were in middle school. so while it is unlikely that their friend took their friend took their phone and sent an inappropriate message it could have happened.

  • Grant Frentheway
    Grant Frentheway

    5:56 EmKay: What game is this from? Me, an intellectual: The game called American life

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    whats so hard putting a tent back in to its bag?

  • Spark Beggs
    Spark Beggs

    13:53 _what i got from that somehow by a miracle sighting was: How do you do Illegible Tattoo?_

  • Spaghetti Chihuahua
    Spaghetti Chihuahua

    My brother slept on my nice headphones under his air mattress and the band thingy that connects the ear covers snapped in half.

  • Donna Power
    Donna Power

    nobody: the pepsi in my mouth after 3:07: adios

  • Brian is a loser
    Brian is a loser

    You have never truly experienced life until a walmart cashier calls you big dawg