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  • Ashy Kitty
    Ashy Kitty


  • SparrowInTheGrass

    me when robin

  • Asta

    16:55 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕔𝕖𝕖𝕕𝕤 𝕥𝕠 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕤 𝕠𝕟 𝕡𝕖𝕠𝕡𝕝𝕖'𝕤 𝕝𝕒𝕨𝕟𝕤

  • Thatweirdbotdude

    The owl one I get I don’t even think people know my real name I’m either known as taco braybray or taco boy

  • レゴシ

    5:57 Dang. Way to throw some shade.

  • ChozoSR388

    I guess you could say that fan art was a little...round robin?

  • William Wiggins
    William Wiggins

    If someone needs me during dnd I’m not me anymore I’m a god damn elf cleric and I don’t know you

  • Steel Rarebit
    Steel Rarebit

    No pockets on women's pants? Wait for it... It's the pantriarchy. I'll see myself out.

  • Neon Aspect
    Neon Aspect

    11:17 prime video has been pretty quiet since this post

  • Badlxck43

    The only light that matters is Jerry's bedroom light cos he is scared shitless of the dark.

  • Luscinia Nightengale
    Luscinia Nightengale

    So, on the note of planting trees randomly; that's a really good way to destroy entire ecosystems by spreading arboreal diseases like white pine blister rust.

  • Just Tønder
    Just Tønder

    3:35 - I can't tell if geniune or sarcastic, either way I am weezing just as hard because of that laugh ! Jeeebus ! :D :D

  • Leif Torgersen
    Leif Torgersen

    As if I needed more evidence that I am certifiable the whites man alive, I actually laughed to tears in my eyes at the "My old nemesis ManBat" "not all capes wear heroes" one.

  • country doge
    country doge

    What the fuck was that at 3:21?

  • Seffy

    6:15 my dentist is named DeVido lol

  • Spacetime

    3:45 Yep. I'm a Kindergarten TA and we just went back to in-person school last week. I doubt we're going to make it to December.

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano

    I'm actually writing a story where the "chosen one" is a 35 year old lesbian security guard with abandonment issues. She was an orphan that was also abandoned by her adopted parents. Then when shit starts she just gets irritated. Wants to go home, drink, play music, and be happy.

  • Shwiffle

    2:48 When you read about a scientist that turns himself into a pickle.

  • Russian Hacker
    Russian Hacker

    A : applebottom jeans B : boots with the fur C : club is looking at her

  • Ellie Fausch
    Ellie Fausch

    But guys my pants have pockets and are cute so win win

  • Ahstia Summers
    Ahstia Summers

    Fashion industries don't put quality pockets in girls' clothing to force girls to buy overpriced shitty purses that'll fall apart in under a year. All for "looking fashionable"

  • tubarao feio
    tubarao feio

    11:03 would've replied "how about we make that eight B)"

  • Lucas Ireland
    Lucas Ireland

    I want that Karen is the chosen one as a mini series

  • Spartan Cooper
    Spartan Cooper

    That batman joke 10.08 priceless

  • Goukeban

    9:50 - How about no? You won't "make a better world for no reason", you'll give every government parasite evidence that you are easy to control and easy to frighten. Besides, shareholders will be fine, but the guy from the grocery store is probably fucked.

  • Bryan Jess
    Bryan Jess

    Only thing worse than Axe... Bod... Dear lord, that shit is fucking awful.

  • Tiger Rose
    Tiger Rose

    imagine dying in 2020 and then you see that you are somehow dreaming

  • Toasty Taku
    Toasty Taku

    4:10 we already do that it’s called politics

  • Right Burst
    Right Burst

    Now do r/black pepole

  • A Random Guy
    A Random Guy

    12:20 why is he not my teacher

  • Chang Siah Lim
    Chang Siah Lim

    Don't feel so hopeless I'll 2020 be a good year

  • Meme Comrades
    Meme Comrades

    I hate this subreddit....

  • Lene Hammero
    Lene Hammero

    2:48 He turned into squidward...

  • The Enby Who's Also An Unus In A Hoodie
    The Enby Who's Also An Unus In A Hoodie

    Just imagine: your on a tech support line with a roughly 86 year old white lady, you can tell by the voice, and shes going through how to help you get a "virus" off your computer. She says " now type in to that little box there, A, as in Applebottom Jean's, and N-" and then you get Rick rolled. Ahhhh sweet old ladies.

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    I got an old spice ad

  • Luiza Ingrid
    Luiza Ingrid

    I live in Brasil and here we have hum... *Free health care*

  • The Great Cthulhu
    The Great Cthulhu

    your no a fan, your a human.

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    5:40 Wow I fit all of those requirements

  • Wolfdjn

    Power goes out in 30 minutes now I’m listening to this for the next 30 minuts

  • Spookii Cat
    Spookii Cat

    @5:43 that is my perfect description no lies

  • Robert Pinkerton
    Robert Pinkerton

    When’s the r/blackpeopletwitter video dropping

  • Raiza The Artist
    Raiza The Artist

    14:12 and those interesting things are cottage core lesbians :D I saw one with a duck tea pot :D

  • Dee Mueller
    Dee Mueller

    Don't unpack in hotels! Bedbugs!!!!! When you unpack, do it outside and move the clothes immediately into the washer/dryer. Treat your suitcase outside and put into a large plastic bag and tape it shut a few days!!!!! There are other ways of dealing with it too but take NO CHANCES. There is even a bedbug registry for places that have complaints. Even luxury hotels get them. herpackinglist.com/truth-about-bed-bugs-while-traveling/

  • SCP Blomper
    SCP Blomper

    Now we need Black people Twitter.

  • MatchStick Animations
    MatchStick Animations

    I really don't understand this sub Reddit lol

  • Jules Crowley
    Jules Crowley

    God, my dog is the same about things. Meds? Nah. Cat poop? Yeah!

  • eve

    12:25 what about people who's phones have been on silent 24/7 for 5 years now aka me?

  • joseph roszell
    joseph roszell

    What happened to Fabio? I always thought he should play an older Thor

  • cleverneko

    not even 30 seconds in and i already nearly laugh snorted my drink out my nose

  • Jacob Dunaway
    Jacob Dunaway

    Robin, new catch-phrase; Hello! My name is Robin and honestly, my head is throbbin'. Seriously I have a headache. Tell me what you think =D

  • True671blood

    The bathroom light?

  • Roofus Games
    Roofus Games

    2:42 That laugh is faker than PewDiePie’s legs

  • Eveydude

    _Karen: Manager Massacre:_ the story of a 43-year-old white woman saving the world. But still, no one likes her, which isn't as bad as you'd think

  • Slithery

    Danny Devito used to be a heirdresser

  • code wax
    code wax

    Put the pill in the cat poo

  • airynod

    12:07 I feel that. As an introvert, I am totally fine to be staying in the house, but seeing everybody else "taking their risk"..... Hey, that's not fair.

  • Robin Burn
    Robin Burn

    People usually don't wait 10 minutes before the batman joke

  • Kaptain Ballsack
    Kaptain Ballsack

    Just dropped by to say they wouldn't do a video on r/blackpeopletwitter... assuming there even is one

  • Potatoman46

    johnathan worrington looking like the GTA V standing animation 7:19

  • Devora Testa
    Devora Testa

    16:58 some of my friends and i like to go places trowing fruit seeds on random places for shits and giggles

  • northzulu

    So in 100 yeard will they put black and white pictures for "the covid times"

    • `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-
      `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-

      The 60s was worse

  • Thelma Andrews
    Thelma Andrews

    My prom dress has pockets 😁

  • kelton martinez
    kelton martinez

    The 7.5 thing legit describes me to the last detail

  • Øliver_My_OC

    18:06 Me: Honey is that you?!? Denki: *p i k a p i k a*

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green

    2:41 laugh

  • Dev For Fun
    Dev For Fun

    karen fighting dormamu -i want a discount, call the manager

  • Floofy Chill
    Floofy Chill

    13:15 it's so we buy purses and handbags.

  • Ryan Spikowski
    Ryan Spikowski

    Why are so many of these leftist delusional ones? Do they know how stupid they sound?

  • Jordan Hasch
    Jordan Hasch

    No, Robin. You're not a fit for 7.5 because you're too close to a 10.

  • Icecinder


  • Joel Gerny
    Joel Gerny

    He’s had the ability to save others but not himslet

  • kingdomkrook

    If Danny DeVito was your dentist then his name would be Toboggan. MANTIS TOBOGGAN!!!

  • Cepheusrose

    Pets in Zoom: My church does take attendance. Somehow, the church size nearly doubled when it was all zoom. And the class names included "Fido" "Sissy" "Sabrina", "Spot"...

  • Trevor Ouellette
    Trevor Ouellette

    Just buy guy pants pocket problem solved.

  • Trevor Ouellette
    Trevor Ouellette

    Calling Burger King a D tier fast food place is to much of a compliment.

  • Rowan Kennedy
    Rowan Kennedy

    2:50 he sounded like multiple spongebob characters during that meme

  • peach blue
    peach blue

    0:09 Brett means "plank of wood" in german- boi was my dumbass confused-

  • Zeldalover 202
    Zeldalover 202

    8:06 Batman's fleshlight?

  • Nabael

    MARIJUNIA had me dying man. That should be sent straight to r/boneappleteeth. Also sounds like the name of a US black kid born between 1982 and 1993.

  • Ahmad Rafa
    Ahmad Rafa

    3:50 i just realised they're telling us to unsubscribe

  • TableFruitSpecified

    Hunter - is vegan My mind thinking of Age of Empires "Hunter. Gatherer. Building. Erectus." New Nerf Gun Bolt Action Assault Rifle I just want some nerf guns Once I overdosed on Ventolin (the stuff in ashtma inhalers) and I felt very sick. I have never done that again, and I have no plans to. I'd like to meet Brett. Give him some Old Spice so he talks about bodybuilding and gets a last name

  • Patty Franco
    Patty Franco

    A friend of mine in the fashion industry said that the industry doesn't add pockets on purpose. THEY DO IT TO FORCE WOMEN TO BUY STUPID PURSES!!!

  • Felinator 42
    Felinator 42

    16:25 it took a minute, but when i realized i was like "whaaaat"

  • Just a random 11 year old on the internet
    Just a random 11 year old on the internet

    Sims freeplay: watch an ad for a reward!!!! The ad: IK YOU’RE JUST A KID, BUT HERE’S AN AD FOR A SOLAR PANEL!!!!!!!!

  • Lathyrus Loon
    Lathyrus Loon

    Bruh. Why do you hate your job so much? you're being paid to read stuff other people made up. I'm just shy of 3min in and I just can't handle the fake laughing. I'm out.

  • deoyx

    Fucking Robin's story of being naked on the bathroom floor got me way more than I could have thought anything could, I had to pause because I couldn't hear over my own wheezing horse laughter

  • Andrew Ralte
    Andrew Ralte

    Yes, lack of pockets on women's clothing is to sell more purses.

  • Melodi

    God is real. He loves you 💛

  • Seval Alrik
    Seval Alrik

    5:43 As someone living in AZ... it confuses the shit out of us too, because while we don't practice it, we still gotta remember it exists because the rest of you fuckers still keep using it. So for half the year, Arizona is on Pacific time, and the other half of the year we are on Mountain Time, and are forced to actually still care if we want to talk to anyone outside of AZ at proper times.

  • Nigel Peppercock
    Nigel Peppercock

    Hey that first pic is from my shit

  • Abdallah Abdul Hakim
    Abdallah Abdul Hakim

    It just dawned on me that I went to a stranger car yesterday because at work because they said they had a puppy and I’m over 30.

  • Princess Mallow
    Princess Mallow

    no blaire white just called herself out, not all of us.

  • Django Gaster
    Django Gaster

    WTF I got an old spice add before this video what the hell

  • FluffLifeCuzItSuks Right?
    FluffLifeCuzItSuks Right?

    2:38 this is the tip of 2020 right here

  • apocaliptix penguin
    apocaliptix penguin

    correction, every safety plan for schools to reopen safely requires them to act in a way most kids havent acted, there's untold numbers of kids who either had no friends or were complete germaphobes that are probably excelling with safety precautions

  • Gabriel Petterson
    Gabriel Petterson

    Im the 1000 comment shut up

  • Dawid Tan
    Dawid Tan

    Emkay Intro Tho

  • Toopienator

    2:35 It's true. I live in Louisiana.

  • avarage gaming
    avarage gaming

    I'm the 999 comment😀😀😀😀

  • Animal_Gal_Adventures

    12:55 this is why I buy and wear sports shorts. They fit and they actually have pockets.