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  • Spy

    Cursed comments are my everyday therapy.


    From 4:15 to 4:24 i laughed so hard that my father woke from hands of death ( p.s im joking my father isnt dead)


    World war 3 , world war 3 , i love corona virus , the DEATH

  • Indonesia Ball
    Indonesia Ball

    10:55 *you can't spell Nazi and USA without A*

  • Milk And Cookies
    Milk And Cookies

    If I need to cough in public I just cough, people tend to clear away from me a bit and I don’t like people so it’s a win

  • Chaonimation

    3:47 You okay bro?

  • GreenGeckyGecko

    everytime that background/intro song plays i’m just like.. “I’m mister king dice! i’m the gamest in the land~ i never play nice i’m the devils right hand man~”

  • Pablo and the Bucketeers
    Pablo and the Bucketeers

    Did people really think Tweety was a girl?

  • EpicGamerCaden

    You can't make fun of Damien and not bring him back

  • Steel Rarebit
    Steel Rarebit

    Robin appologizing for the length. We know you like it long.

  • Wyatt Cavin
    Wyatt Cavin

    consumes kneecaps

  • Gfinkle

    The first post made me cough

  • Jared Castro
    Jared Castro

    "Forbidden Cotton Candy" Me: Not in Korea or the Philippines.

  • Araceli

    4:22 Oil or boil bitch. You said the magic word Cleetus and summoned me and Flamingo Fans. Oil or we raid your family.

  • Wheelie bin
    Wheelie bin


  • Mr. Agoshi
    Mr. Agoshi

    Everyone: 3:52 There had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • Roasted_ Night
    Roasted_ Night

    “It’s a bird, do you know what that really means?” They’re a weeb? “You’re, a furry” Oh.

  • Voided Soul
    Voided Soul

    Death awaits in the darkness

  • Congrats You found my Channel
    Congrats You found my Channel

    2:55 has nobody heard of sunk ships?

  • Spaner.

    Dis video succs because its not fortnite 😡😡😡

  • ashton iliff
    ashton iliff

    i just started to cry when i hered damien i haveent herd him on emkay in over 1 year it feels like please go watch him at DamienLee ive have been watching sence 5k subs keep it up damian! somehow gives redit platinum

  • Cat Black 5000
    Cat Black 5000

    That plauge attack wasnt do effective on cat black 5000.

  • Isaac L.
    Isaac L.

    A gay feathery

  • Azzy Animates
    Azzy Animates

    Where the hecc did Damien go EmKay. *WHERE DID YOU HIDE HIM.*

  • Space Labz Gaming
    Space Labz Gaming

    6:53 your dad did

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Damien come back ;-;

  • Vegan Velociraptor
    Vegan Velociraptor

    Why do people hate furries they just want to be theirselves not all of them are like how he described them

  • Blitz furry
    Blitz furry

    Woof woof!!!!!!!!!

  • Solo alguien Random
    Solo alguien Random

    6:40 as a latino I can confirm we are too similar to the puss in boots, but I think is more Spaniard than latino.

  • da_noob8plays GAMES
    da_noob8plays GAMES

    robin: *does damiens voice* everyone who watched emkay over a year ago: mifwmhnuemnfsfiuh DAMIEN IS NOT EMKAY ANYMAORA ihzccxmiubcniushb,uvib,uc,vfxz,kjs

  • Luis Enrique
    Luis Enrique

    6:24 Not if you are livestreaming

  • Cermit Da fog
    Cermit Da fog

    3:47 We broke him boys

  • Asbeel Gadreel Yeqon
    Asbeel Gadreel Yeqon

    well~ evangelion 3.0+1.0 is scheduled for january

  • Ayush Kumar Sinha
    Ayush Kumar Sinha

    3:13 I have got better.... "Proceed to show the back of his head" (Only Agent 47 players can understand this)

  • Justanotherderp :P
    Justanotherderp :P

    2:21 *happy Shikikan noises*

  • ProMinerMC roblox
    ProMinerMC roblox

    DAMIEN COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spaditily

    3:21 *”Understandable, have a great day”*

  • Goldeen 99
    Goldeen 99

    3:02 i-is that korra and asami

  • Int User
    Int User


  • Colton Flathouse
    Colton Flathouse

    3:45 got me dead

  • Sean Fuller
    Sean Fuller

    When you party so hard you kill multiple cerial boxes and it makes you a serial killer

  • PrimeTube

    5:47 exclusively for women

  • Aiden Tinney
    Aiden Tinney

    don't you mean a feathery

  • Melody

    Who thought tweety was a girl....

  • Nuno Campeã
    Nuno Campeã

    when i discovered about Covid i only though one thing: -Back Millitary Suit -Guns -Gas Mask i present to you MODERN PLAGUE DOCTOR

  • Austen Evans
    Austen Evans

    My soda came out of nose

  • Dipstick

    Emkay: *puts Damiens Emkay intro in* Every og emkay fan: *angry emkay noises*

  • Acenio

    6:50 Oh, so your mom

  • ExplainableThings

    When people like anime, imagine when they interact with real life people. Some are like ''Ewww. Why Is your Face ugly And not In anime Form?'' *Speech 100*

  • //DaGa merKev\\
    //DaGa merKev\\

    yetus deletus the abotion is completus said cletus

  • BlueEngland

    7:33 too late, I own 8 chickens.

  • Renina Trimble
    Renina Trimble

    Why the hell does he sound like a young swagger souls XD

  • Jamber_Wolf

    4:54 Honestly i always known tweety ws a male i could tell by the voice

  • Nick Peacock
    Nick Peacock

    I miss damian

  • SarPl4yzEXE _
    SarPl4yzEXE _

    why am I still watching this sh*t?

  • luke martin abiera
    luke martin abiera

    if you miss Damien go to his channel called Damien lee

  • tristan carter
    tristan carter

    Wait tweety is a male Who knew

  • Calbye003

    Should be labeled r/darkhumor

  • unknown avatar
    unknown avatar

    Am I the only one who can enjoy that korrasami meme

  • Adam aj Lane
    Adam aj Lane

    Air buddy's is the best

  • Mellon The Lion
    Mellon The Lion

    4:51 Isnt it just Beastar then

  • SimonSpam._.404 -
    SimonSpam._.404 -

    When i feel like coughing in the store, i check the security cams and look up at the ceiling, then go into the toy aisle that's always abandoned-

  • Snappy Dragon
    Snappy Dragon

    Are you telling me I'm the only one who knew Tweety was a guy

  • Dizzy cord
    Dizzy cord

    Might as well embrace the humorous nazi joke

  • Asankanu 457
    Asankanu 457

    10:08 body would replace corpse and then you could sing it to the tune of the original song

  • Asankanu 457
    Asankanu 457

    5:21 actually i classified it as a feathery

  • Lonely Forever420
    Lonely Forever420

    Bruh I got in an Emkay video

  • Kanna Kamui
    Kanna Kamui

    More like interspecies reviewers

  • LoganC

    Wait but birds are not furry tho

  • Cameron Lawton
    Cameron Lawton

    6:23 it is honesty so cute I would pet it.

  • Whited - Among Us
    Whited - Among Us

    This subreddit has just became jokes about pee and ding dongs.

  • Monabee

    3:33 i knew the south park reference was coming


    I am 11. I can cook multiple breakfast choices. Ask me for a recipe, I WILL RESPOND.

    • Rebel Middleton
      Rebel Middleton

      I am about to have a breakfast I bet no one ☝️ will understand this thing that I like is I like bread 🍞 and soda 🥤 which I dip the bread into the soda and then I eat it it is actually very good.

  • Jack (LZ) Mcdonald
    Jack (LZ) Mcdonald

    DAMIEN!! Pls bring back Damien... Edit: Ok, I'm not mad anymore, he just referenced Air-Buds.

  • kevin barredo
    kevin barredo

    Wait, I always thought tweety bird was a baby boy.

  • Xan Mann
    Xan Mann

    5:15 I thought he said, What does that make you a gay bird.

  • Lee Saludes
    Lee Saludes

    Woof woof wof

  • Ethan Leu
    Ethan Leu

    Omfg XD I didn't know dr. Seus was writing these comments 4:19

  • Ryan Conklin
    Ryan Conklin

    I'm watching this in the middle of a midterm and trying not to laugh my ass off

  • burnt toast
    burnt toast

    I want robin to say "I'm Robin and I'm throbbin" for r/suddenly gay,no reason but stupid things like this makes me laugh

  • Steven Giraldo
    Steven Giraldo

    1:50 r/woosh

  • Kieran Trotter
    Kieran Trotter

    3:14 moving swiftly onwards from that one I see

  • imbicthboi

    6:04 I thought the same im so glad Robin says shit lmao

  • Axel Prino
    Axel Prino

    I didn't knew Tweety's gender wasn't common knowledge, I grew up with the Spanish dub where they clearly refer to him with male pronouns. How is the original English version?

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    It’s not pronounced “byubonic” it’s pronounced “boobonic”

  • HD 'N NCS
    HD 'N NCS

    Where did Damien go :(

  • Katherine Kathie
    Katherine Kathie

    10:03 did anyone sing this lol

  • Galaxy Steve
    Galaxy Steve

    Day one of asking Robin for his intro to be “ I’m your host Robin and I’m robin’ “

  • Shane Clark
    Shane Clark

    Are you a chicken? Because i want to stuff your ***

  • ItsYaBoiMoonlight Gaming
    ItsYaBoiMoonlight Gaming

    Y the hell u insultn lexi

  • leo king
    leo king

    11:15 25 kill streak tactical nuke unlocked.

    • leo king
      leo king

      Im sorry

  • XxgeorgeXD Gaming
    XxgeorgeXD Gaming

    8:02 I see you are a man of culture as well

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya

    I miss Damian as Emkay’s true voice

  • Mr pineapple
    Mr pineapple

    Remember when people use cough to cover fart. My friend use fart to cover his cough.

  • Professor Ozpin
    Professor Ozpin

    5:19 As a furry, what the fuck man I know it’s a joke but fucking TWEETY

  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin

    if he worked with the government would he be called emkay ultra?

  • koala kop
    koala kop

    I’m not mad, I just miss them

  • Soy Bajo
    Soy Bajo

    Started crying when I heard Damien

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof

    “What do you mean forbidden, no-one can see inside your house, you can do whatever you want” *FBI, OPEN UP*

  • Tannis Stenstrom
    Tannis Stenstrom

    What happened to Damien