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  • Darkblade_Gaming69

    1:50 thots are temporary, Doom is eternal

  • grimm

    5:35 a group of frogs is call a army i'm scared

  • Braden Runger
    Braden Runger

    Is it just me or is this video broken with different narroators

  • dog

    Wait, youtube DID unsub me, F-ing Ez Pz fans

  • Outdoor Cleaner
    Outdoor Cleaner

    I... Like this person a lot more then the other guy, don't get me rong I like them all but this kid is just like * this * much better

  • stupidity police
    stupidity police

    It is not A-S-D-F ITS ONE WORD ASDF (AS DIF)

  • TackyEarlygift


  • Eduardo Esser Schuelter
    Eduardo Esser Schuelter

    Great. Now I have to learn blacksmithing faster to make Lexi a pair of medieval cowboy high heels so she can save her money to buy the poolmobile

  • Lila Resse
    Lila Resse

    Oh god I realize that EmKay is my nick name MK

  • I'm Flare.
    I'm Flare.

    "I think that's a stringray" No, EmKay. That's a car.

  • John Childs
    John Childs

    Lexi: whats up sexy im lexi Me: uwu

  • unknown XxgamerxX
    unknown XxgamerxX

    No, no, no, the water melon filled bus is actually a weapon, whenever cars are behind it it opens the back door, and well.. you know the rest

  • Asiren Headfan
    Asiren Headfan

    Last time I went to a watermelon farm and watermelon was packed in school buses because School buses are cheap so a cheap way to transport watermelons

  • drogaming 77
    drogaming 77

    11:25 that is the eye lander from tf2

  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell

    0:49 "Florida Man designs building"

  • Blue berry boy
    Blue berry boy

    Why did you toss me on the dolls EmKay

  • David Nelson Jr
    David Nelson Jr

    1:00 orchie pile


    Olha o Miguel ali (7:50) kkkk

  • Zawachan The bacon lover
    Zawachan The bacon lover

    Emkay: *make a asdfmovie reference* Me: ASDFMOVIE 12

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    wait, LEXI IS A GIRL?! They sound so mush like a guy! HOLY CRAP.

    • Nicole Smith
      Nicole Smith

      emkay. FANART IS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moon Straka
    Moon Straka

    I can confirm, as an Alabamian, that did trigger me

  • Asriel cutie
    Asriel cutie

    I love the plane bus but i hate whoever did that for ruining a DC-3/4

  • jackson

    uzload.info/fun/maCAZnK726OlyIU/video osha violations

  • Honey Walffles
    Honey Walffles

    11:12 my favorite part

  • Sevilay Yadigarbugün
    Sevilay Yadigarbugün

    7:38 Bura Kesin Diyarbakır Ya da Adana-

  • Nerdmech76

    2:35 Boobs~

  • XxcosmosYTxX the cool
    XxcosmosYTxX the cool

    5:33 we call it "peep"

  • Pippip Gaming
    Pippip Gaming

    8:25 wow look its my grandma

  • Jonathan Valenzuela
    Jonathan Valenzuela

    12:47 litterally all of the dads on black friday shopping

  • Shadow_ Playedgames
    Shadow_ Playedgames

    Here is a version of Barney Me and my friends made Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination *I STUFF DRUGS IN MY TAIL SO I CAN SNIFF THEM ON SET* ((The Barney actor got fried for drugs idk-

  • KitCat205

    "whats up sexy i'm Lexi" me: *is 15* ... hi

  • Marcus Sneve
    Marcus Sneve

    the moment he relises it was a bird that crashed in to the window and not a cluod

  • Wa Wa
    Wa Wa

    Imaging WW2 but the Soldier from TF2 just drops out of nowhere and kills hitler with a shovel

  • Lord DarkFluff
    Lord DarkFluff

    Spooky festive skeletons send joy down your spine

  • ItsUrEverydayIdiot

    2:06 SNACC

  • Lukas Morgan
    Lukas Morgan

    Fred is the living representashon of your friends Thanksgiving Turkey

  • Elizabeth Beber
    Elizabeth Beber

    I showed my brother the rat car and he’s a big fan of rats he loved it LOL 😂☺️

  • carter lyons
    carter lyons

    5:00 JEAN-IOUS Srsly tho I thought that was meant to be a pun.

  • Adequate at Geometry dash
    Adequate at Geometry dash

    S h r e k l a c e

  • Brody Hepinstall
    Brody Hepinstall

    when you commented about the American healthcare system, that insulted me >:(

    • Catra's unfairly gorgeous smirk
      Catra's unfairly gorgeous smirk

      The American healthcare system is complete and utter crap that no first world nation should have. That's just the facts. Cope.

  • ReD yeet
    ReD yeet

    what are you doing step class mates 12:27

  • G!¡ched X
    G!¡ched X

    2:35 7:30 is the anime cat girl (also the anime girl in a rabbit suit) from a actual anime or is it fan made? if it is fro ma actual anime can i have the name of the anime please?

  • mario and cappy 2.0 A
    mario and cappy 2.0 A

    The fact I live in Alabama lmao 😂😂😂

  • ShatteredSoul77

    Lexi: "What up sexy, I'm Lexi!" Dysphoria: aight imma head out

  • Tallest Sammy
    Tallest Sammy

    0:00 Imagine the bug guts on them

  • Sayo of the Snow Moon Flower
    Sayo of the Snow Moon Flower

    1:55 That uncomfortable moment when you realize the cow isn't neutered... *AND IT'S UNCENSORED*

  • planet universe
    planet universe

    Lexi: what's up sexy Me: self esteem restored

  • Morrison Myers
    Morrison Myers

    fun fact i play esports and he's playing the game I play 5:47

  • オールスターガチャ! / All-Star Gacha!
    オールスターガチャ! / All-Star Gacha!

    5:59 - She's REALLY feeling it!

  • mr fox the Outkast
    mr fox the Outkast

    wtf lol

  • that Shyguy
    that Shyguy

    The seagull is german :D

  • the rogue axolotl
    the rogue axolotl

    the balls on that bull tho

  • Alex. ZVXMZODB
    Alex. ZVXMZODB

    so much racist and anti-gays in these hmm pictures :(

  • Gibby Gibson
    Gibby Gibson

    12:32 it tiss but a scratch

  • G1yph

    Lexi is the best narrator on Emkay

  • YaBoi Meep
    YaBoi Meep

    Did somebody say waffles?

  • Donovan Irvine
    Donovan Irvine

    5:54 as if your not trans

    • Froppy Rana
      Froppy Rana

      shes a trans lesbian lol

  • Seiaeka

    Airbus. 11:45

  • David Wilder
    David Wilder

    I love how nice Lexi is.

  • Logan Owens
    Logan Owens


  • Lation

    7:59 The only thing Lexi fears is you, 'naner.

  • FPS Gaming
    FPS Gaming

    Those watermelon busses are common in The South


    If anyone has seen Final Space he kind sounds like KVN

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    12:30 Tis' but a scratch

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    7:45 The guy from math problems be like

  • Linux Lynxx
    Linux Lynxx


  • Maybe maddib
    Maybe maddib

    Asd movies are the best watch the FNAF ones they are twice as funny

  • Gameing to the Max
    Gameing to the Max

    11:22 actually that's the eyelander from Team Fortress 2

  • ryan smith
    ryan smith

    lexi is so chaotic

  • CønverseKid

    The fact Lexi says “a-s-d-f” instead of “asdif” makes me want to stuff a computer up my nose lol Either way, love ya girrrllllll :D

    • CønverseKid

      @ginger gamer cuz I swear I heard “as-dif”

    • CønverseKid

      @ginger gamer rlly? 👀

    • ginger gamer
      ginger gamer

      It is said as-daf by the words of the creator of it... but ye

    • Donovan Irvine
      Donovan Irvine

      Same ere

  • James Jones
    James Jones

    10:12 it’s a shreklace

  • Xscorpio

    Lexi: hey sexy! Me: oh stop~! U///U

  • :D

    3:15 actually broke my ears

  • The Only Ash On The Internet
    The Only Ash On The Internet

    Lexi is my favorite. Now that I know she's seen at least 1 ASDF short, she is now ultra favorite. 9:11

  • The Genius Fool
    The Genius Fool

    3:26 he totally missed it. that isnt a cloud, lexi, its a stain from a bird crashing in the windshield./:=3 )

  • Aidan Hughes
    Aidan Hughes

    EmKay-Hello darkness my old friend I wont be seeing shit again. Me- laughing my ass off

  • Primon 4723
    Primon 4723

    6:31 TF2 Soldier: *You just got dominated, Oktoberfest! America wins again!*

  • Jess

    3:26 "that's just cool" The bird that flew into that window: You, Sir, are very wrong

  • LordExplosionMurder

    2:23 is that akidaerest- Omg it is, the heck she doing in reddit

  • lucarnas12

    stronk frong

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    7:58 - Is that Onision strapped for war against Cabbage Bin Laden?

  • Heejae Lee
    Heejae Lee

    My grandma thinks im on a diet and won't stop nagging me abouut food that make me fat

  • Seraphine Dennis
    Seraphine Dennis

    You sound like flug from Villainess.

  • spiderhouse

    11:12 is a pool bed for people like me who loves to sleep in the pool

  • Eneri Offutt
    Eneri Offutt

    I agree with Lexie. I also wanted quite a bit of that stuff ;)

  • Eggman Ivo Robotnik
    Eggman Ivo Robotnik

    2:03 yo fred built like a whole C H O C O L A T E

  • D Cola
    D Cola


  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    Lexi is iconic, love her 💜

  • Low-Key

    2:33 Seeing mama Aki made me smile way too much hahaha

  • Choreographer Jaedon
    Choreographer Jaedon

    I love how jack and robin are so depressed meanwhile Lexi is so happy and puny

  • Lucifer

    Lexi really did say EEE

  • Haje-meme Orangejuice
    Haje-meme Orangejuice

    Not this right here is awesome 3:10

  • Will Cat
    Will Cat

    Rip lexis credit card. You will be missed.

  • No one Anonymous
    No one Anonymous

    Can we please have a Lexi playlist already?

  • Hedgiethe Hog
    Hedgiethe Hog

    "Hello darkness my old friend, I ain't seeing sh*t agaaaaiinnn!" LMFAOOOOO

  • CrazyDog


  • K1-B0

    I have a sister named Lexi. She sucks, but you’re cool! You and robin are my favorites!

  • zoe filiaci
    zoe filiaci

    what is medically kinky? i need answers.

  • kidd mann jones
    kidd mann jones

    (/😑)/ (_😐)_ what.


    I fallow her on tictok I didn't know she narrator for emky