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  • Mayadot

    2:01 wE aRe ThE dEMoN cRaCkHeAdS-

  • Riley Shorrocks
    Riley Shorrocks

    My daily routine be like this

  • insert name here
    insert name here

    You think Florida man in crazy? Polish man nailed his nutsack to a street for unknown reasons

  • Rogene Tamayo Jr.
    Rogene Tamayo Jr.

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like if Sheldon consumed 248 kilograms of ketamine and meth

  • Mangoren

    The peanut butter guy had a type advantage

  • Sun-SCREEM lover ? ? ?
    Sun-SCREEM lover ? ? ?


  • Alex Beverly
    Alex Beverly

    This was on my birthday! Awww!

  • Lucasmonkey 913
    Lucasmonkey 913

    2:00 I don’t get it

  • oreo 9
    oreo 9

    I ran is where I live my big brother's name is hussain

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    2:14 that was written by Mac Pavenck

  • Jakob Thompson
    Jakob Thompson

    Holy shit that intro sounded like the beginning of a game show

  • Wall E
    Wall E


  • Emma smith
    Emma smith

    Y E S P E A N U T B U T T E R

  • camtoad

    0:00 Poison damage.

  • Conner/67’

    Onion man is real

  • Conner/67’

    It is real

  • flipper-b Productions
    flipper-b Productions

    Can we get an F in the chat for my fellow cursive folks. We shall prevail and we will teach our children and our children's children to write cursive.

  • Prilli Ann
    Prilli Ann

    I may or may not have that QR code stitched on my jacket...

  • Besa sejdini
    Besa sejdini

    Florida man dirts hands with peanut butter to punch his neighbors allergic to nuts. *OUTSTANDING MOVE*

  • AnOkayChannel_ 2
    AnOkayChannel_ 2

    Ah yes gree on

  • garlic guy
    garlic guy

    0:00 purple haze!

  • mowOLIFE

    I’m sad about something I said her name so much times when I have an empty think it has her name I’m just just getting more sad by the moment because I’m not be able to talk because my draw it’s too sad to move

    • AnOkayChannel_ 2
      AnOkayChannel_ 2


  • M Zimbabwe
    M Zimbabwe

    Nothing scares me but that thing... The thumbnail Its scares me.



  • Carnidae X11
    Carnidae X11

    I wrote down the Rick roll url on every whiteboard and done the whole school

  • Gabriel Lara
    Gabriel Lara

    I went to the qr but it rickrolled me 7:22

  • Cedar Franklin
    Cedar Franklin

    1:53 This reminds me of the times my stepdad has told me he ran over a yellowjacket nest with a lawn mower, poured gasoline on it, lit it on fire, and taped a photo of himself so that his face would be the last thing the bugs see. Yes, he is old, and no, I don't think he's making it up. This is obviously a highlight but not even close to the only egotistically insane thing he's ever done.

  • T T
    T T

    This reminds me of the time I burnt down an orphanage

  • robotmummyking 132
    robotmummyking 132

    9:20 I've seen that comment on that video lol

  • Caiden Carriere
    Caiden Carriere

    2:02 why? ones an epic animation and the other is a trash map about hell

  • EnderPyro7010 TR0N
    EnderPyro7010 TR0N

    The Florida man looks like Dyson from TRON uprising.

  • Aoife Canning
    Aoife Canning

    2:43 who isn’t?

  • Dallin F
    Dallin F

    1:00 you just got woooooshed by Trump

  • JakeFunTV

    I was laughing at the thumbnail for minutes, *because I couldn’t watch the actual video because UZload isn’t working*

  • Bay Can
    Bay Can

    I do the cold water and peppermint thing every day. And i also make all my schoolwork in skyrim dovahzul(language and alphabet)

  • ItzJohnplayz

    2:19 I have found the meme. Totally not dissapointed

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    George carlin is the chaotic good that we've all needed


    ahh greeon ive known him for a very long time

  • Henry Games
    Henry Games

    What do you mean grion!!! It’s grian

  • Super Pro Spy Dude
    Super Pro Spy Dude

    3:06 wait till you get rickrolled in W. D. Gaster

    • Bjørneprut

      Wing dings smh

  • Captain Potatord
    Captain Potatord

    I kNEW HiM FOr a vERy lOnG tiME Also him: GRI- ANN

  • ACDCRocksmay Yoboiyoboi
    ACDCRocksmay Yoboiyoboi

    I like how he’s confused about how trump said it’s a peaceful protest when he’s making fun of people who are destroying buildings but it’s ok because it’s a peaceful protest

  • TheSpoopyGengarNamedGhostly

    So I saw a Tik Tok saying that a man killed his hole family with a paint brush and I commented *What did he shove it up there a-*

  • Jaakko Haapasalo
    Jaakko Haapasalo

    3:04 Rickroll I just know it 3:11 Told ya

  • matthew bajarias
    matthew bajarias

    That fucking thumbnail made me wheeze hard

  • Yohana calle
    Yohana calle

    Can anyone translate this 1010010111010101010101010101010101010101010101010010101010101001100110101010101010101010010101010101010101010100101010010101000010110101101001001010110110100101010101001010101010101010101010101010100101010101010010101010101010101010101010101010101010010101010101010101010101001010101010101010101001011001010101010101010101010101010101011001010101010101010010101010101001

  • the sans
    the sans

    1:57 noice

  • deadpool gaming135
    deadpool gaming135

    It must be weird if your the only normal person in Florida

  • grimm

    2:00 wtf... why

  • Kylan Shunmugam
    Kylan Shunmugam

    Hello there........

  • Resistance legends
    Resistance legends

    One giant onion is currently on day 642

  • OG Donkey
    OG Donkey

    Poggers guy is a walking fleshlight

  • 123 apple tree
    123 apple tree

    Haha peanut butter go brr

  • PeachyDog 319
    PeachyDog 319

    0:54 can someone translate this to m11

  • Trinston Michaels
    Trinston Michaels

    Trinston was here. .

  • Midnight Murderer
    Midnight Murderer


  • Tasty__Roadkill


  • Justanotherderp :P
    Justanotherderp :P

    0:57 add that to the "the War Thunder social media guy is too good at his job" list

  • Tazos Diaz
    Tazos Diaz


    • Tazos Diaz
      Tazos Diaz


    • Tazos Diaz
      Tazos Diaz

      Owo ono

    • Tazos Diaz
      Tazos Diaz


  • Tazos Diaz
    Tazos Diaz


  • John Kelleher
    John Kelleher

    2:54 ... All schools (or at least most) in the UK teach students cursive :/

  • TaVlani LP
    TaVlani LP

    13:46 I met the king himself,he knows what he has done

  • You’re Editor
    You’re Editor

    In the thumbnail i want that as my brother

  • Sans

    1:58 and that’s why Rebecca ended steven universe right there

  • SwedishStudios Gaming
    SwedishStudios Gaming

    That's creeperly accurate. 13:41-13:52

  • Giullian Gavin Lonzame
    Giullian Gavin Lonzame

    0:01 *purple haze but he uses peanut butter to kill people allergic to peanuts*

  • Eve lyn
    Eve lyn


  • Gustavo Alves
    Gustavo Alves

    9:41 Undertale Gen. Run Players *Finally Some Good Fucking Food*

  • Mr. pugman123
    Mr. pugman123

    Why is damiwn gone

  • Unidud3

    my man just called him gri on

  • Ian Nellis
    Ian Nellis

    yes. It’s perfect

  • CAT Creeper0 CAT
    CAT Creeper0 CAT

    Rick roll me plz

  • FM7 Gaming
    FM7 Gaming

    Everyone who learned cursive like the comment!

    • FM7 Gaming
      FM7 Gaming


  • Syra Meyers
    Syra Meyers

    "What phrase, no matter who says it, instantly pisses you off?" 'Hello.' I HATE it when people say hello. Like, go exist elsewhere, man.

  • Side_Walker1

    Candace might want to speed up

  • Arty Plays
    Arty Plays

    Florida man is essentially Sans. The peanut butter inflicts karmatic retribution, and people with peanut allergies have a high L.O.V.E

  • Depressed Blue hamster
    Depressed Blue hamster

    +20 after damage

  • Gyzardo The Wizard Lizard
    Gyzardo The Wizard Lizard

    People: are ok with people not wearing masks at peaceful protests Also people: pissed at trump for not wearing a mask and he says it’s a peaceful protest

  • Ahmet Emin Senyurt
    Ahmet Emin Senyurt

    WHATS WITH ALL THE "Florida Man did this crazy thing" ??

  • Anime. _ .addict0
    Anime. _ .addict0

    Day one of asking robin to say “hello everyone it’s robin and it’s also throbbin”

  • Neko Neko
    Neko Neko

    8:00 Red: and that is why we are in space little one Blue: hey red theres a dead body in elec come check it out.... (TO BE CONTINUED)

  • Gamerr Boyy47
    Gamerr Boyy47

    A dying breed is intelligent but..... I’m sure as hell not smort

  • Ralsei Demurrer
    Ralsei Demurrer

    Mmmm my favorite ingredient genocide

  • DaMadDude

    2:00 *hazbin universe* or *steven hotel*

  • Samuel

    You might have seen me in this comment section from this video before

  • Samuel

    *A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z*

  • - Jordan_Animatez -
    - Jordan_Animatez -

    7:29 I watched the one of day 632

  • Nikoli Rose
    Nikoli Rose

    13:13 yes

  • Wyattmcraft

    I like how horibly cencored mac pavenck was

  • Sig Spammer
    Sig Spammer

    13:20 w...w... why did he say Gri ahn?

  • Bonono Bonono bo
    Bonono Bonono bo

    I have a response to “who asked” it’s “Then why’d u answer?”

  • Cassandra Wrenn
    Cassandra Wrenn

    Good thing I'm, non binary

  • Alex Kyte
    Alex Kyte

    Ey my man Doni Bobes!

  • Barrett Boucher
    Barrett Boucher

    One time I was so hungry and tired that my dad made spaghetti (my favorite) and I ate it all before my dad made himself a plate.

  • Hamster with a knife
    Hamster with a knife

    Em Kay basically the only youtuber that posts twice a day

  • nobody

    0:05 why did i think he looked like an old drew gooden

  • The pig of misfortune
    The pig of misfortune

    1:54 wasps are yummy :)

  • Zlatan Jusufovic
    Zlatan Jusufovic

    To American's 1 meter 100 cm 1 feet 30 cm 1000 meters 1 km 1 mile 1600 meters Btw 1 pound 450 grams 1000 grams 1 kilo

  • Long ness Yoda
    Long ness Yoda

    I’ve literally been watching this shit for about 20 hours

  • general VR
    general VR

    "So what did you use to kill him?" "Peanut butter" "Wait wha-" "Shhhhhh" "..." "Peanut butter..."