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  • the duck u don't mess with
    the duck u don't mess with


  • Vaughan Awesome
    Vaughan Awesome

    1:43 why does the “PROVE ME WRONG!!!!” sound a lot like Ph1Lza What

  • Avar Nyx
    Avar Nyx

    Sexually salted salmon's?... Thank you.

  • Rui Ayaki
    Rui Ayaki

    you know the bronie one? google their username's meaning (teratophilia) :)

  • Spear_Dud

    10:16 No, she looks like she needs more lessons on Hamon.

  • FeraligatrMaster1


  • RuthlessXD

    6:07 I feel personally attacked I’m not gonna lie. The Uk isn’t as bad as you Americans think it is.

  • BOI 100
    BOI 100

    0:34 legendary laugh

  • Retro Mythic
    Retro Mythic

    when you’re part of micropenis gang you don’t have to worry about your pencil touching the water


    When I watch 11:54 while chewing on bubble gum: 👁️👄👁️

  • Partiallrium

    Omg poor CDawg VA hes like one of 4 of my fav weeb UZloadrs ToT

  • `• FoxKitsuneGamer •`
    `• FoxKitsuneGamer •`

    Can't wait for the "U son of an Umbridge" in r/rareinsults

  • Kai Fox
    Kai Fox

    Fun fact:The best insult I've ever encountered was when my own cat punched me in the face😂

  • · True ·
    · True ·

    Wait WHO IS THE HOST!! Robin or Jack?

  • QuackitysEars

    10:43 oh god Quackity no

  • MoeDankestr

    5:05 Mans hair looks like fuckin lego

  • WinterShadow

    "until Betty White is gone from this world you will respect that name sir" ah so we must always respect that name till the end of time itself then. understood

  • Suny alam
    Suny alam

    "If you were the trophy at the end of my race, I would walk backwards." _ Judge Judy

  • Puddle O' Piss
    Puddle O' Piss

    2:27 LMAOOOO

  • Krona

    0:35 he took that hair on his head and placed it on his chest

  • Hazel Hart
    Hazel Hart

    0:52 as a pegisister i feel offended

  • Jakob Karde Gaming
    Jakob Karde Gaming

    The girl at 9:03 looks like Sister from Wrong Turn 2


    This is pretty bad, only like 2 or 3 or even kinda funny. Anyone reading this feel free to waste your time.

  • Smoking fishyboy
    Smoking fishyboy

    Fun fact: fire is made of fire

  • Catsaint

    9:08 if I saw that coming at me, I'd think I'm at a bowling alley

  • John K
    John K

    French rifle addiction

  • Nesto Campos
    Nesto Campos

    Emkay the only reason why your youtube profile pic is a hand b Is because you use it so much on the meat it became your new lover

  • Live to fly
    Live to fly

    He both a Soprano and a Base, which is good since his voice is like acid.

  • Juan C
    Juan C

    Ok from point of woman’s view. They only see our junk when it’s fully erect or at least a semi erect. And ya that would touch the water. But when pooping... flaccid as it can be not an issue so it just chills.

  • em chaffer
    em chaffer

    The "Gordon Ramsey" Scots accent would have got better with Frankie Boyle (who's Scots, not Irish)! 😁😂

    • em chaffer
      em chaffer

      *fit not got

  • Bumble Bees
    Bumble Bees

    did he just call me a sensually salted salmon

  • Cheshire cat
    Cheshire cat

    With rapping like that, your nickname should be murachuan ramen, because youll never be more than 50 cent.

  • Ember Firestone
    Ember Firestone

    “I genuinely didn’t know bronies was a thing” You have summoned my attention

    • moom moom
      moom moom

      oh no

  • rares talent
    rares talent

    Do i need to revive hitler to nuke with a thermo nuclear america ,, i said ,,its fricking 3 am ,, she said

  • Budget Boost DIY
    Budget Boost DIY

    12:19 uh wouldnt the karen be the customer who was complaining about masks NOT the 7/11 clerk whos not enforcing them?

  • Lenard Acejo
    Lenard Acejo

    There was this one time where I was playing among us in a public lobby with friends then blue was being a salty Jacko when orange said "use your brain not your keyboard"

  • Yellow_lesbian_ 2010
    Yellow_lesbian_ 2010

    10:35 wait you don’t?

  • Btwohundredandsix

    Bruh just spray lysol twice for 488% germs killed

  • Penguinboi 964
    Penguinboi 964

    0:34 hehe

  • Vincent D
    Vincent D

    i just got my bro mad and he said "i will jump to conclusions, and then on you!" LMAO

  • Kirsty Kane
    Kirsty Kane

    Frankie Boyle isn’t Irish. He’s Scottish haha.

  • Mr.Pig4031

    11:16 same here

  • Xtreme1218

    15:25 oof killed em

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    12:52 sqeeeek

  • Dreemurr

    Did I hear that right? "I had to show her how I put it over my shoulder"

  • Adrian Cortez
    Adrian Cortez

    and it allows him to see regular portraits as picasso's painting

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    "Scottish Gordon Ramsay" just sounds like Duncan from Thomas the Tank Engine

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    As a bowling alley employee I feel like saying this: you dont "wax" a bowling lane, you OIL it GODDAMMMIT

  • Russell Casados II
    Russell Casados II

    Gordon ramsay is scottish it's just subtle after being in England and France cooking.

  • AJ

    3:30 Leave my boy CDawg alone 😭

  • Panos Boukis
    Panos Boukis

    Woooah emkayis a weeb way

  • Ryan Philpott
    Ryan Philpott

    Robin sounds like hes gay and tries to tell his fanbase by constantly making jokes at his boyfriend, and is pissed that we arent figuring it out

  • KissMyAspergers


  • bakuroach army
    bakuroach army


    • bakuroach army
      bakuroach army

      @Andrew Tully Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. Their saying her forehead is so big its could be a helicopter landing 😭🤣

    • Andrew Tully
      Andrew Tully

      Legit did not understand that one. Could you explain it?

  • *C*C*E*C* Empleo
    *C*C*E*C* Empleo

    Your a person who reacts to other people's burn without actually making one. lel idk i am bored

  • Lylah

    One time someone told me I looked like a blind rat because I'm asian and my glasses broke ;-;

  • Chlorice Chlorice
    Chlorice Chlorice

    9:10 Where are your eyebrows? Girl so low brow her eye brows just dropped to the over world.

  • Cabbage ButterFly
    Cabbage ButterFly

    that "what did the zero say to the eight?" part was brutal, you fucking killed her man

  • Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox

    10:14 This implies Gordan Ramsay can resurrect the dead.

    • some Neko boy you don't know
      some Neko boy you don't know

      No one said he couldn't!

  • SirSandman

    I just now realized the backround music is king dice's theme

  • Emily-Jade Gibson
    Emily-Jade Gibson

    I dont care he sounds better with a Scottish accent... Me: wait gordon doesn't have a soft Scottish accent because he's actually from Scotland?

  • NIcky Flores
    NIcky Flores

    The comments section of this video appears to be filled with people desperately trying to be IN one of these, knowing that their comments won't ever be seen

  • Nabael

    That fan art looked like a finger circling a vulva.

  • 时柒不是十七

    9:14 I didn’t get that-

  • Itsrecesstime

    Jack sounds like the narrator from the Staley parable but younger and less bored

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay

    8:44 Judge Judy is literally just a female Gordon Ramsey

  • B Michael
    B Michael

    This memes are what sent cancer to the hospitals.

  • Corner Smath
    Corner Smath

    Did you really say self burns are rare in a unironic voice... you of all people should know that those posts are the most common. You are an absolute undercooked ice cream cone.


    You sound like the National Geographic narrator

  • Xx707xX lk
    Xx707xX lk

    -me mid yawn- "hello my sensually salted salmons" -yawns/ laughs in pain-

  • Ero Draws
    Ero Draws

    5:54 the animator animated hent@i lmao

  • Kiki_Jiji77

    Well... I have been called a fishstick by many people so i guess your right about me being a samon..... actually I'm more of a shrimp............. yep^^

  • Carmen Ashleigh Artsy
    Carmen Ashleigh Artsy

    3:60 bro they gotta do cdawg like that XD

  • GachaTsubami yt
    GachaTsubami yt

    12:28 she looks like the leader from ‘Mars needs moms’

  • Elmware

    OMG! Don't stop until you get enough.

  • Tyler Steward
    Tyler Steward

    Nice Scottish accent

  • yellow

    i need to practice roasting so feel free to roast me (put (to hurt your feelings) at the end of your roast if its just to hurt my feelings and not help me, i get it)

  • Charles Woodring
    Charles Woodring

    5:05 who knocked????

  • Blood_Hunter

    7:20 it takes %1 brainpower to pronounce shekels right

  • Jamber_Wolf


    • Jamber_Wolf

      ps when i was little when i went to this program after school (will nor specify) i had i dont know what they were called so i guess a aid and there name was betty and she was the nicest ever

  • Charles Friedman
    Charles Friedman

    At 7:49, he sounds like a dying seal correction: 12:49 as well.

  • silver sofa
    silver sofa

    10:44 you *d a r e* insult quackity?! i will have jschlatt and georgenotfound on you

  • The Apex Legends
    The Apex Legends

    Music: "Die House" From Cuphead

  • x-TaKeNoTeS—x

    No wonder why jack is on the subreddit, he is trying to learn something to come back from a “I screwed your mom” joke

  • Deadslayer 521
    Deadslayer 521

    4:42 just spell lanA draH backwards

  • Leon Russell
    Leon Russell

    A little part of me died when you did an Irish accent over a pic of frankie boyle

  • NeuraxWolfTypeX

    you sound like that guy at the office who would shoot them self in the foot and wonder why it hurts

  • darkjannn

    "Jack, you ain't worth Jack!"

  • Hot Bananas
    Hot Bananas

    Jack! Jack how did you know I was a salmon?! JACK?!

  • dead channel do not subscribe
    dead channel do not subscribe

    10:43 Quackity 👀

  • Kiwi Miwi
    Kiwi Miwi

    2:41 my asian best friend has good grades and stuff, but sometimes it really feels like her head is hollow xd She really lives under a rock, she only knows things about scool and books (I love listening to her talking about her favourite books though) xd Yesterday she googled something about clothing since that was the topic for our presentation we had to prepare at scool. She looked at me, suprise in her eyes, said: "turns out DetoxDenim actually is super harmful for the environment!" and pointed at the text on her computer screen. It said that denim is harmful, and that DetoxDenim is trying to provide non toxic denim. She didn't connect the dots that the brand wasn't talking about how shitty they as a a brand are. Like how did she not realie I'm..- And stuff like this happens so often, she is just too pure and innocent for this world someone please protect her

  • Alcer Demon
    Alcer Demon

    2:27 I’m a guy, and even I don’t know what the frick to do with my ding dong?? Like what do I do???

  • Rhapsos Productions
    Rhapsos Productions

    8:56 - You... er, you know that Frankie Boyle's a Scotsman, and you were doing a terrible Irish accent, right?

  • Iggie Jay
    Iggie Jay

    9:11 I dont get it

  • Dumpster The Fire
    Dumpster The Fire

    Even after Betty White is gone you will respect that name

  • CutTheRedWire

    0:53 ow.

  • Slix Noir
    Slix Noir

    11:33 Jared Dines?

  • Sub Or I will eat your children
    Sub Or I will eat your children

    Bro I died at the Lana drah backwards

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown

    "I'm immune to coronavirus" "Whys that?" "Because im immune to disease" "And why is that?" "I because I myself am a disease"

  • OPDestroyer 93
    OPDestroyer 93

    I don't get the Kobe one. Can someone explain? Pls