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  • lazy mich
    lazy mich


  • ima3daybro my god
    ima3daybro my god


  • hime chan
    hime chan

    Hi, Lexi... I love the way you're cooing... Adorable 😆😆😆😆

  • Aidan Rodriguez
    Aidan Rodriguez

    Ah I see the forbidden app 9:07

  • Isabella Eager
    Isabella Eager

    I felt so much better after watching this

  • The Leaf Witch
    The Leaf Witch

    My dad used to be a limo driver and the one time my dad drove Robin Williams he sat in the front with my dad so they could chat. Robin Williams will always be an amazing human being.

  • Zepp

    where was the comcast guy from the thumb nail?

  • Extraneus Aemulus
    Extraneus Aemulus

    1:34 This guy: *exists* Me: "I pledge myself to you and your teachings."

  • Singu1arity Games
    Singu1arity Games

    Lexi's voice is just wholesome.

  • 1357 Pink
    1357 Pink

    i thought this was r/mademesmile not r/mademecry

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse

    I love seeing before and after pics of people donating their hair. I donated 16 inches of my own the year I helped organize a Relay for Life. It was held at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England patriots. It was cut on the 50 yard line and was enough for 1/2 a wig for cancer patients. Who would have thought that 5 years later my own Alopecia would become so bad that I’m not only Mr Clean bald but I have no hair anywhere. Not even eyelashes or eyebrows, no nose hairs and hearing problems (even the hairs that vibrate in your ears so you can hear we’re effected). I even started losing my fingernails for a couple years, but thankfully it’s been a few years and my nails are healthy now. Shortly into my Alopecia journey I qualified to receive a wig created from hair donated by kind souls that whos selfless actions helped bring my hair/no hair journey full circle. Thank you kind strangers.

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse

    Omg the one with the cook that gave her neighbor extra cooking has me bawling. You never know the profound impact even your smallest actions have on others. It’s exactly why most of us need to do better.

  • Sol2210

    2:42 honestly, my heterosexuality went 📉

  • O r a n g e
    O r a n g e

    Its R/Mademesmile, but it R/Made me *cry-*

  • TheFlyingKirby

    9:13 That vegan teacher is typing

  • a random 13 year old's channel
    a random 13 year old's channel

    My name is Paul and also I eat tacos

  • Fireblaser 25
    Fireblaser 25

    Completely off topic but my favorite insult is I hope you step in a puddle with socks on

  • Logan Cullen
    Logan Cullen

    That girl at the end looked like pam from the office

  • some dog with internet access
    some dog with internet access

    I really want to see a picture of him or her just eating a steak with their dog while they're eating their salad or vegetables

  • Scott O'Brien
    Scott O'Brien

    Lexie’s intro always makes me smile love chu

  • Lazar sharky
    Lazar sharky

    Just the intro is enough to make me smile

  • Erzherzog Albrecht
    Erzherzog Albrecht

    I will not cry I will not cry I WILL NOT CRY Me:😭

  • Kenny Hurt
    Kenny Hurt

    videos great with ear plugs in... voice ruins it..

  • Keekee9000

    9:13 ok first of all depends on the dog some dogs cant handle a carnivorous diet a lot can some dogs cant handle an omnivorous diet most can some cant handle an herbivorous diet plenty can dogs as a species are recognized in science as omnivores my dog cant handle meat and throws up if given meat cook or raw don't matter but she can handle kibble that is omnivorous and herbivorous so saying a dog shouldn't have vegies or fruit is wrong you should always check in with the vet first tho every breed and every dog with every breed is built differently just like humans there is probably 1 dog allergic to every food item except 1 vegetable it is recommended by all vets to give a omnivorous diet to all dogs tho

  • Panosfanatik skase
    Panosfanatik skase

    3:11 I feel attacked

  • Russell Southwick
    Russell Southwick

    I love EmKay but sometimes the ads are too much...

  • Neferi Waenre
    Neferi Waenre

    Smiling kitties!!!! Also, am having some very rough days, and the General Leia part really broke me down......and then the Robin William part... damn

  • William Knittel
    William Knittel

    Dude named his daughter Zelda so yeah nerd give for sure.

  • Cameron Cummings
    Cameron Cummings

    why does lexi sound like a boy and a girl

  • IMnotF1NE

    7:46 looks like one of my puppies when he was younger

  • Brainpuzzler

    Don't know why I'm saying this, but don't close your eyes while driving

  • Chris Elliott
    Chris Elliott

    Robin williams did name his daughter zelda

  • Rabbit Kun
    Rabbit Kun

    A poisoned skittle

  • Tasey Craft
    Tasey Craft

    10:29 Stare into his eyes, please tell me I’m not the only person crying rn from cuteness-

  • Ole Eymael
    Ole Eymael

    Hello :)

  • Emmanuel Abboud
    Emmanuel Abboud

    1:58 Me to myself: *Unnus Annus*

  • Idk who I am :D
    Idk who I am :D

    This is was a nice break from the horrors of 2020- Since this is a video on r/mademesmile, I’m just gonna say I declared myself 1 year clean of SH on the 10 of this month. No one will see this but just know that someone out there cares a lot for you. stay strong, you can do this ❤️

  • Infinity Gameplay
    Infinity Gameplay

    *meow* 😸

  • Jim Pickens
    Jim Pickens

    Your voice always makes me happy thank you

  • Hero_knight USP
    Hero_knight USP

    Carpal tunnel problems well it's a simple surgery.

  • john henry
    john henry

    Lexxi have the "let me talk to your manager" type of voice

  • Marko Zakrajšek
    Marko Zakrajšek

    I'm diprest and this wideo did not help

  • Ottsel girl
    Ottsel girl

    Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda, after the popular nintendo game series Legend of Zelda. Zelda would later petition for the 3D remake of Ocarina of Time, which would later lead to Majora's Mask being released for the 3Ds

  • Darius Silver
    Darius Silver

    The Bridger Walker story gets better, many celebrities from the Avengers cast to Mike Tyson have sent him love and messages and gifts showing their support for him and Tom Holland even invited him personally to the filming of the next Spider-Man movie.

  • Jacob Moody
    Jacob Moody

    I went from crying to smiling because of this video I can’t stop its all amazinf

  • Teresa Calarie
    Teresa Calarie

    5:50 I HEAR YOU!! That stuff is amazing. Gives you faith in family and love now and again!!! Love all yt all!

  • Soul_Pringles

    redbull gives ya farts uzload.info/fun/fJaIanytk2Zt1Kc/video

  • BLPARTY Gaming
    BLPARTY Gaming

    The dude is still racist after all that

  • Blue

    this made me smile today. someone who was basically a dad to me died today, not gonna be easy. it never is to loose someone, so please, for yourself and the ones you love, cherish them. nothing lasts forever, and thank you m’kay, yes the whole channel all of y’all, for making me smile.

  • Zenoko Gaming
    Zenoko Gaming

    Every night no matter how energetic my cat is. When I turn off the lights she will eventually in at most 30 minutes end up on my bed to lay against me to go to sleep. She has this blanket that she absolutely LOVES to sleep on because it’s easy for her to bite on it and get ready so no matter how hot I get I’ll keep the blanket on so she can stay comfy every night. I just got her during the summer and she’s only 7 months old so I want her to live a great life especially when she’s starting off.

  • Aiden Randall
    Aiden Randall

    I was depressed till a few days ago I am now happy but dissatisfied I mean I just had to get a really good freind so I could talk about it and now I'm so happy I also still have major anxiety but at least I'm happy to be alive

  • x-pixelgameing-x mitch
    x-pixelgameing-x mitch

    Memento mori ring, would have been an interesting video for unus annus.

  • - MeganDogsLover -
    - MeganDogsLover -

    Honestly, the first post did it for me

  • RatBoi Games
    RatBoi Games

    I love that he calls us sexy he is the 1st prison that has celled me that

  • Tippy The Tank
    Tippy The Tank

    Blizzard made a special spot in their game World of Warcraft for Mr Williams , its has genie from Aladdin and the egg from the TV show Mork and Mindy . its a beautiful tribute and i visit it often when i play World of Warcraft . he played all kinds of games , very big nerd .

  • Dr. Samuel Hayden
    Dr. Samuel Hayden

    Lexi seems like the person to fist fight your over the way a cat looks.

  • Hollis Wilson
    Hollis Wilson

    I can see my eyes are close how was the video

  • Jarl YAB
    Jarl YAB

    I love it so much when Lexi reads from this subreddit

  • TC gvmerr
    TC gvmerr

    Lexi: "What's up sexy" Me: "Don't do that, don't give me hope" Ps: subscribe lol please

  • Eta Carinae
    Eta Carinae

    I get the not putting your dogs on vegan diets but mine is allergic to some of the proteins in meat so the vet says we have to. I buy vegan meat alternatives so he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out.

  • Vintage Fluff Duck
    Vintage Fluff Duck

    I'm literally crying at the carrie fisher memorial 😭 Dammit I'm crying even more with a huge ass smile on my face 🙂

  • krulty

    How did you not know Robin Williams was a geek? HE NAMED HIS DAUGHTER AFTER PRINCESS ZELDA!!!!

  • Dabi Dance Dabi Dance
    Dabi Dance Dabi Dance

    That kid who was willing to die for his sister are the people we actually need as police

  • Davis Productions
    Davis Productions

    My dogs love meat so much that they eat raw chicken beef if there sick rice they LOVE raw meat try it for your dogs if they don’t like it or if they seem sick go back there normal diet but they mite LOVE it to just try it

  • Miloscopy

    I've never heard the phrase "on your heart" before but I really like it

  • Stone Bizcus
    Stone Bizcus

    3:41 ship. cutest couple ever 🥺

  • Fun With Christina
    Fun With Christina

    4:33 we need more giving cosplays, they're the freaking best! Nay, more cosplays that are just interactive in some way! Ones I've seen and what they gave/did: - Pokestop: Gave tiny little free Pokeballs (seemed hommade)(I got Ultra) - No Face: Gave chocolate coins (failed to give them all out so gave me extras when we reconvened (member of the group I went with)) - The one from this video - Link: Had a talking Navi he would wave over people's heads!

  • K Law
    K Law

    How can you make such awesome stuff with watercolour

  • JWC

    I think that Comcast guy might be stuck ;)

  • Fresh ice
    Fresh ice

    Fun fact when you die you die :D

  • TheShiningLion

    You know I kind of got a story maybe not as up there as the rest of these but I spent 3 years in sh*tty foster home due to an emotionally abusive aunty but now I'm out of there and everyday I wake up appreciating anything and everyone because I know through my own personal experience there really is a rainbow after the storm.

  • RioT_jmstar

    What gender does Lexi identify as?

  • Christopher Sakeagak
    Christopher Sakeagak

    Robin Williams played D&D? That had to be like the best experience for other players/DMs and I envy them.

  • Emily

    Me *Sees the doggy daycare art work, remembers the fake shit we had too do when we right their pawgress reports, not sure if real or stamp*

  • some person on the internet
    some person on the internet


    • some person on the internet
      some person on the internet

      Oops, I messed up. I ment long... oh and yes, I know I can edit the comment but sometimes you just need to except your mistakes and move on

  • 明美ルミ

    This shit is not make me smile but a fcking make me cry

  • Maxwell Aquino
    Maxwell Aquino

    Vegan teachers dog.

  • Mr. Horrorshow
    Mr. Horrorshow

    Lexi didn't know that Robin Williams was a nerd??? His daughter's name is Zelda :D

  • Gavin Martinez
    Gavin Martinez

    Emkay should make merch that says you better have fracken didit

  • ScatteredEmbers _0_0
    ScatteredEmbers _0_0

    I know, I know But just think Cat sized: tanks

  • MrStrikecentral

    I WANT TO HEAR ROBIN WILLIAMS' D&D STORIES!!! Can you even fathom what a session with his imagination in the room would be like?

  • Devon Chisholm
    Devon Chisholm

    For some reason, Lexi's voice always sounds like he is trying to keep his voice at a static, animated level. It's weird, but I love ie. His voice is second to Robin's

    • Devon Chisholm
      Devon Chisholm

      raydadog I'm, sorry, what?

    • raydadog


  • Cloud McWaterVapor
    Cloud McWaterVapor

    If anyone wants to be rickrolled then here uzload.info/fun/g6NjrKKXkpOH1HU/video

  • I LOVE APE 21
    I LOVE APE 21

    Omg Alexi simping 2:42

  • Odin Monstad
    Odin Monstad

    Bro momento mori is unus annus don't look it up it's gone

  • dustiest spade
    dustiest spade

    So beautiful

  • Russian fox spy
    Russian fox spy

    I had this in my mind for about 2 weeks... well imma show it Kid in class says he knows where i live: PANIK He doesn't know me:kalm Hes a mexican:PANIK anyone liked it???

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    I love how lexi mispronounced pronunciation while saying “i’m terrible at pronunciation”

  • Beetle the Pyrrhian
    Beetle the Pyrrhian

    Lexi makes me smile every time I hear her. She is blessed.

  • crustycabnet

    Here’s an extra: I get my cat when I watch your vids and sometimes he try’s to watch too.

  • Shiny Prisma !
    Shiny Prisma !

    My toenail hurts but this makes the pain mostly go away

  • Grummelchen

    Always when hear Lexi's voice I have to smile

  • FTWGaming

    10:21 OneShot Niko!?

  • Night Flare
    Night Flare

    I just wanted some chips from a snack cart and my dad was inside the shop so he said get them then I’ll pay for them when I get out so the guy in front of me was so kind and polite that he paid for me because the clerk thought he was paying for me so the guy did buy them for me.

  • Night Flare
    Night Flare

    I have one that should be on here

  • Julia D
    Julia D

    I swear one of the other narrators should start their video by saying “What’s up sexy, I’m not Lexi”

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones

    We didn't deserve Robin Williams. I will admit he is the only 'celebrity' I ever cried about when I hear he passed away. He made such an impact on so many people.

  • Roman Heslop-Pemberton
    Roman Heslop-Pemberton

    Get this to 69 likes

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear

    1:50 *”memento mori”* Everyone who watched Unus Annus: 👀

  • ThicCheeseCake S
    ThicCheeseCake S

    Villager from Minecraft be like 2:47