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  • The cat snail thing
    The cat snail thing

    0:50 “I’ve sometimes wondered how it would feel to jump into a swimming pool filled with grape jelly.” You probably could with all that money.

  • Jeremy Gonzalez
    Jeremy Gonzalez

    damn larry must of had a nice day

  • Wanda

    Sorrh i not a rap person but i have nothing against rappers. But wraps yum Thanks for wasting your time have a nice day

  • NeoMordicai

    3:43 she just mad he ain't thirsty for her

  • The Pepega Lord
    The Pepega Lord

    No one: Literally no one: EmKay: SHUT UP I DIDN’T PISS MYSELF

  • Onii Chan
    Onii Chan

    *b y e b y e l a r r y*

  • That Random chunker
    That Random chunker

    yup Larry is having a Blast [EDIT] your welcome robin for being the 2,000 commenter :D

  • ツrawr

    So when I decided to search up markiplier during this vid, the first search that came up was 'markpilier reacts to ww2'. You were right. It is in fact real.

  • FlowerCat

    What happened to the more kid friendly EmKay ;(

  • Talon1124

    How did they corrupt you too? The Ass-Sassin's order. Nothing is pure. everything is corrupted.

  • Stefan Drenth
    Stefan Drenth

    Not veggitales! D:

  • Bucky Jones
    Bucky Jones

    2:01 he will stab you how do I know I met him

  • F.B.I *
    F.B.I *

    6:06 Bro its just a CAPIBARA 😂

  • נחמדTM

    4:52 gay guys would sound better

  • Prince Zuko
    Prince Zuko

    Hey its me zuko here

  • Movingheyyal

    5:12 prove it

  • Anime_robloxGamers

    bruh, nobody gonna talk about the bitlife part

  • Soan 01
    Soan 01

    "Nobody can say Eminem sucks" Me:Eminem sucks

  • Draven Pyles
    Draven Pyles

    1:18 Lets Talk About Stuff That Got People Killed, *B E T T E R G E T M Y F U R S U I T*

  • I hate everything González
    I hate everything González


  • Marc C. Strini
    Marc C. Strini

    furries are fine emkay: thats why nobodys subbed to u me: u ok?

  • Tyler Grecco
    Tyler Grecco

    Well I guess Larry can’t break anyone’s neck anymore(asdf reference)

    • Mitchell Davis
      Mitchell Davis

      Larry, this is an intervention. You need to stop breaking people’s necks. What are you talking about? Larry! What? Larryyyyy!

  • Ripper UwU
    Ripper UwU

    doug won.

  • Witold Dembiczak
    Witold Dembiczak


  • Nathan Naudts
    Nathan Naudts

    Just realised that beware of bob's abbreviation is bob

  • Ryan Crishian
    Ryan Crishian

    The cheese...

  • Save02

    6:01 Isso é uma capivarakkkkkkkkkk

    • Snmerr 309
      Snmerr 309


  • Xx_soul-taker_xX pork
    Xx_soul-taker_xX pork

    guys we gotta ship robin and zack now

  • Liam Logan
    Liam Logan

    Watching robin is the same feeling I get when I stand over a sewer grate and think “what if my phone jumps out of my pocket”.

  • Weirdest Creatures
    Weirdest Creatures

    They are capybaras, not giant guinea pig...

  • The O B S E R V E R
    The O B S E R V E R

    Yes is a yellow and orange color

  • Aoife Canning
    Aoife Canning

    Yes is the color “I’m to tired to even bother to do my job” your welcome

  • Plopsy 27
    Plopsy 27

    F for the man who woke up with poop in his pant

  • The British Empire
    The British Empire

    Eminem sucks

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon

    4:46 man looks like fucking Cortex from crash bandicoot

  • Daspianna Lamoose
    Daspianna Lamoose

    the color of yes yes

  • FIREBALL_Z42 -
    FIREBALL_Z42 -

    The EmKay leaf grows on the EmKay tree

  • The Wind Waking Hero
    The Wind Waking Hero

    I believe the color yes is very close to black

  • The Wind Waking Hero
    The Wind Waking Hero

    well people find other human pain funny so this fits right at home with this video I cracked my head off my window (apparently so hard I forgot there was 2 w's in "window")

  • EaRtHwOrMsLiM 479
    EaRtHwOrMsLiM 479

    Taco bell 3:51

  • Krimson Card
    Krimson Card

    2:42 Followup video: Doug vs Constipation

  • Mr Huntix
    Mr Huntix

    11:32 On a EmKayliptus

  • oh it's that ǥuy
    oh it's that ǥuy

    the colour yes it typically the colours you see when you have fallen down the stairs while high and/or drunk

  • Gotekeeper

    I am highly offended. Capybaras are clearly large guinea pigs, not hamsters

  • A guy that doesn’t have a Life
    A guy that doesn’t have a Life


  • crazy animal squad
    crazy animal squad

    yes couler is yes it is obvis p.s i cant spell


    “Beware of bob” Actually thats pretty true. I was playing a game with my friend Bob and he was a dinosaur.

  • Andr_son

    9:38 whats that spongebob ep.

  • Sceptile Stone
    Sceptile Stone

    that intro made me think that your robbin da bird

  • TheMinecraftian

    1:21 what in the unholy ravioli

  • c m
    c m

    'Whats Bob's gonna do?' 'You messed up bro its Bob the builder he gon build a wall around you.'

  • Anti Gen
    Anti Gen

    Ngl whats vegetales vege tale whatever

  • NASA Games
    NASA Games

    This, *THIS* is the chubbiest kitten: uzload.info/fun/mYStZ6ifuaCMyIE/video

  • The Crossroad Gathering
    The Crossroad Gathering

    3:43 really i carry gallons of water with me everywhere I go its cheaper than the bottles has more water and doesnt pollute as much with the waste. Its just more practical

  • Springtrapboy9111

    oh i though it was robbin da bank not the bird robbin

  • Moonlight

    Emkay yes stands for yellow in short

  • Ayden Coutlee
    Ayden Coutlee

    5:37 i like ya cut g *Slaps frog's hotdog* frog: pisses all over dvd player

  • Gary Eslicjk
    Gary Eslicjk

    8:52 what if its not a big pizza but just small plural word for pepperoni

  • Æ My man
    Æ My man

    “I blow my neighbor” Florida man:...pathetic...

  • Xander Slover
    Xander Slover

    In the doug vs 10 pound cheese thing, he literally at 10 pounds worth of cheese. Yes he finished it

  • The Vader Of Darth
    The Vader Of Darth

    What's bobbin, he's Robin and he's today's narrator!

  • funny gamer
    funny gamer

    Markliplier reacts to world ww2 is real😥

  • lolipop • 15 years ago
    lolipop • 15 years ago

    **goodbye larry**

  • Never gonna Give u up
    Never gonna Give u up

    No, Markiplier DID actually do it... here’s the link uzload.info/fun/nYV6hYvQsJyft3E/video

  • Koolj4ce

    5:28 my name is in this picture, and I do not like it

  • Yy Sss
    Yy Sss

    Friend: i have 10X your IQ Me: has an IQ of -1

  • The Weeb Gamers
    The Weeb Gamers

    Doug did beat the cheese

    • Yy Sss
      Yy Sss

      Infinit smart

  • Nooby’s Animation Station
    Nooby’s Animation Station

    Yes is a brownish red, you’re welcome

  • Noah Spakes
    Noah Spakes

    I was just want to gloss over the step frog joke

  • Karen Knight
    Karen Knight


  • Deania Ortega
    Deania Ortega

    9:17 what 😂😂😂😭

  • Deania Ortega
    Deania Ortega

    0:49 is no one gonna talk about the money they have on bitlife

  • Unizivi

    6:01 for some reason. I actually laughed

  • derpy king
    derpy king

    If they changed the name to fall gays and added pride skins I would delete it

  • the wild t-rox aka anomaly [*REDACTED*]
    the wild t-rox aka anomaly [*REDACTED*]

    1:10 that belongs in tiht

  • Shuichi Saihara
    Shuichi Saihara

    *me going to search up what bukkake is* edit: im gonna jump off a bridge now

  • Liam Allenspach
    Liam Allenspach

    1:01 thats a video game

  • spectrum gurl
    spectrum gurl

    6:05 capybara [not sure if i spelled it right but they are related to guinnea pigs and hampsters........

  • Namiizan

    I literally have a jug of water next to me right now for when I get thirsty

  • Hack

    The colour YES is a lighter version of the colour 7.

  • Aaron Reynolds
    Aaron Reynolds

    did this man review an add ?

  • Jumin Han
    Jumin Han

    me: *eating the new M&M's* also me: Hm...they must have added a new kinda nut

  • Ravin Claw
    Ravin Claw

    It's true markiplier has reacted

  • A I
    A I

    "Flushed Grandmas Ashes Down The Toilet" -Devils Fear 2020

  • ravioli poptart UwU
    ravioli poptart UwU

    robin it's too late. It's all corrupted.

  • Pyro

    Who else went to Twitter to see the VeggieTales tweet?

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper

    During this time i have lots of people in my school who bring jugs of water

  • Schmoop Doop
    Schmoop Doop

    what have you done with damien

  • *WoLFie*

    9:51 dat pfp do be cute tho

  • Hanne Prøis-Røhjell
    Hanne Prøis-Røhjell

    The video calld markepliier reacts to ww2 is real

  • King.Everything1

    "beware of Bob" *creepypasta fans* uh-

  • Brogan A. Fitzgerald
    Brogan A. Fitzgerald

    yes is like a tan color

  • Intellectual Pinecone
    Intellectual Pinecone

    "flute or clarinet" *is recorder*

  • Strangeology


  • Maxwell Sadek
    Maxwell Sadek

    1:58 it was originally a picture for a are you color blind test and yes it still looks wrong

  • Glory_Days

    2:53 I've watched this dude since he was at 2000 subs! He has some genuinely good content. I would recommend

  • Evilgaming

    Nah we aren’t in hell we are in California

  • Asianboi6945

    Why you have to do Larry like that

  • czarina delancy
    czarina delancy

    i like ya cut g

  • Taco Seller
    Taco Seller

    Pizza Rooooolll ONLY 500$