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  • Jakub Piaskowski
    Jakub Piaskowski

    8:55 That woman is too dangerous to be cept alive. I'm serious.

  • Rogene Tamayo Jr.
    Rogene Tamayo Jr.


  • mr rock
    mr rock

    Who is the boss of emkay?

  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini

    What the FUCK!

  • Red Sus
    Red Sus

    Is Tuesday

  • grownrocket 5801
    grownrocket 5801

    Why do I feel like Lexi is too innocent to do cursed comments and yet I know she definitely isn't?

  • Asher Williams
    Asher Williams


  • Evil Boss
    Evil Boss

    French fries

  • Alex productions
    Alex productions

    2:00 I just had flashbacks to the first time I hear to Tomura shigarakis voice XD it’s not bad it’s a good thing

  • Fire Nightmare
    Fire Nightmare

    I miss Damien

  • John Childs
    John Childs

    Lexy: whats up sexy im lexy Me:( • w • )

  • Lolstar The king
    Lolstar The king

    Lexi: WHATS up sexy in Lexi Me who is a kid: what does that mean? Also me who searches it up: ;-;

  • whiteboy 101
    whiteboy 101

    2:58 why did he say it like that

  • Maxspeed

    Baby Yoda's 50

  • *FireFox 755
    *FireFox 755

    The thumbnail is a irl dragapult (Pokémon)

  • Tirsiak Ingolf
    Tirsiak Ingolf

    9:33 i.imgur.com/nKHMKqZ.jpg

  • Tirsiak Ingolf
    Tirsiak Ingolf


  • Nerd Time
    Nerd Time

    7:52 nope that's the tasty blood of the enemy heart and brain included drink for his knowledge and courage I regret nothing and you should know that

  • Cat Black 5000
    Cat Black 5000

    I perfer my flesh cooked and with a nice gallon of blood

  • Some random Weeb
    Some random Weeb

    5:53 +10 Fire Attack Damage +4 Speed +8 Attack Damage

  • robert elliot
    robert elliot

    That was clickbait.

  • Jeremy Plays
    Jeremy Plays

    In the destroying people's phones vid he pretended to call someone and switched thier phones for a old phone and threw the old one he still gave them thier phones back with the iphone

  • That Neko Bill Cipher
    That Neko Bill Cipher

    What are you doing step cola?

  • Jack Schoellkopf
    Jack Schoellkopf

    NGL sprite 🐬 sounds less curses more cannibal and survival expert.

  • Jack Schoellkopf
    Jack Schoellkopf

    I like neither coffee or tea, I like Tim Hortons Hot Cocoa 🍫

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    Ah, one of my favourite subreddits.

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    10:45 Because Lexi won’t do it... Ba da ba ba ba, BOOM-


    5:55 Ahaha. French Fries. That is how I feel on a daily basis.

  • Hilbert Ivhan Arangel
    Hilbert Ivhan Arangel

    So the people in Japan died to overeating?

  • Udayvir Sidhu
    Udayvir Sidhu

    Ideal speed to launch babies is 69 bald eagles/hamburgers

  • Lucas Fisher
    Lucas Fisher

    Eat the feminist’s soul. If you are that level of sexist you shouldn’t be aloud to anything. Note: I support feminism when it was first a thing as it actually tried for women’s rights but now it is just a excuse for women to not work as hard and make even more money than men because “ThErEs A wAgE gAp!!!”

  • Asher Games
    Asher Games

    *i don’t know why I have been laughing throughout this entire video*

  • Raven 92
    Raven 92

    "Katara has the ability to make you continuisly nut" Me: or to make November a very "interesting" month

  • Swifttech360

    9:56 don't forget baby yoda is technically 50 years old.

    • AwesomeStyles [GD]
      AwesomeStyles [GD]

      Swifttech360 Phew!

  • Michael Miranda
    Michael Miranda


  • MightyMoose

    Liberal memes.com...

  • Formaggio - Pinki Vixen
    Formaggio - Pinki Vixen

    I've already seen a few jokes about it but... 0:40 *Leone Abbacchio would like to know your location*

  • Caleb Gray
    Caleb Gray

    Am I the only one confused about how she got the audio for the Alexa reminder saying "have sex with my wife"?

  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei

    That Airbender one tho at 7:15. Zaheer actually did that in Legend of Korra and took out the Earth Queen.

  • Nample Damp
    Nample Damp

    4:23 Did you just get W H O O S H E D

  • Kayotime

    Am I the only person who thinks Lexi always sounds slightly like Oz at the start before warming up to her own voice? It's lovely, no complaints, but when I first heard her I was very confused lol. Keep doing you, girlfriend!

  • Popsakul

    0:01 but then now you have a decapitated head in your keyboard

  • Exactdoggedly

    8:42 I like my souls with whipped cream and the tears of innocent children

  • 「Seags Seagull」
    「Seags Seagull」

    9:00 she- she says kill all men, WHO TF GOT U PREGNANT?!

  • Caleb Seieroe
    Caleb Seieroe

    8:53 I am going to hire a hit man for this idiotic woman.

  • ilikemetroidvanias

    5:54 WARMTH RESTORED *CAW* *dissonant chords*

  • Landon Daugherty
    Landon Daugherty

    welp lexi lost there damn mind in this video

  • Me.noah88

    Anyone else just waiting for Lexi Robin or jack to say there names and then say "and you're watching Disney channel" No, just me

  • Kirseu 64
    Kirseu 64

    I love how Lex said "hAa HaA, fReNcH FrIeS!!1!"

  • Zirconic01

    So on the one with the woman that got pregnant and want men to die, how'd she get pregnant in the first place?

  • Gabe Donlon
    Gabe Donlon

    9:32 the one time I think forced sterilization is ok.

  • Sauron Thetoenailfiler
    Sauron Thetoenailfiler

    If someone smashed my iPhone there spine is going be coming out of here mouth.

  • Karma

    "What's up sexy I'm-" *Immedeatley pauses and clicks off video.*

  • the wolf pack
    the wolf pack

    the first one: i kill them in cold blood.

  • Marlow

    why stop at the forearms? why not the whole thing?

  • dat epic seal lol
    dat epic seal lol

    6:15 I like just ask to be let out or jump out a window

  • OzoTheGamer

    5:55 When he says French fried died he not sound exactly like that dude who is always drunk on the Simpsons.(I forgot his name sorry)

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus

    An air bender even if they aren’t the avatar could control all elements by using the air around them to bend them and use friction for fire

  • Faze Wario
    Faze Wario

    That pizza image made me want to reunite with the axis powers

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Did you know the "W" in Africa is for water

  • Electranye Plays
    Electranye Plays

    0:39 *abbacchio noises*

    • Formaggio - Pinki Vixen
      Formaggio - Pinki Vixen

      *I'm glad I'm not the only one*

  • thatGOONIE

    9:28 she deleted her whole entire account on Twitter dam

  • Adam Finch
    Adam Finch

    *say goodbye to the c h i l d*

  • Red crewmate
    Red crewmate


  • Forgotten Art
    Forgotten Art

    I like it better when Lexi does the cursedcomments more

  • Ryan Lawrence
    Ryan Lawrence

    When did Groose become a cop?

  • Lil apex gaming
    Lil apex gaming

    I love how he says you know what your soul would be great on toast and give your flesh to the other guy

  • Devin Redding
    Devin Redding

    Wouldn't a gelatin is deep throttling everyone it cuts?

    • Devin Redding
      Devin Redding


  • damjan kapovic
    damjan kapovic

    mi last meme was anakin start panakin i dont have a planakin lol

  • ProcyonDei

    1:44 Destroying people's property and then handing them shit...

  • Joni Morgan
    Joni Morgan

    What is todoroki doing here 4:43

  • Lucario

    6:06 what’s wrong with fake taxi? I genuinely don’t know Help me

  • Btwohundredandsix

    The voice actor is sorta like theoddonesout HOLD UP HE IS THE ODD ONE OUT

  • Kleck

    That beginning was slick af

  • Icy Boi
    Icy Boi

    I don't know hey but robin and Lexi are my favorite People to do these, They both Are funny as hell and Do voices Great. Also kinda wholesome at times-

  • Prathak Saxena
    Prathak Saxena

    I like to be sadistic smash my phone

  • Karma Playz
    Karma Playz

    1:58 omg. wow. that’s my friend’s oc faceless in a nutshell. 2:11 coincidence. one of my friend’s has an oc named hollow. 3:06 _just wait until you get turned into a big mac_ :) 5:04 o_o what the phuck? 7:35 **laughs while getting the lighter** 8:41 ooh! cursed comments about food! i like it! :)

  • Samantha Sandy
    Samantha Sandy

    I love your intro it always makes me feel happy!

  • Goldie210

    The narrator sounds kinda like TheOddOnesOut.

  • George Washing machine
    George Washing machine

    That vent on the car would no shoot the kid away the vent is for cooling and aplys downforce

    • George Washing machine
      George Washing machine

      Also the Ferrari F50 is a gt car that had cavillion models so they could race it in that class, so the car was pretty safe.

  • Shay_Mendez98

    5:55 you sounded like Fred Fredburger

  • BearBear Gaming
    BearBear Gaming

    8:52 someone take away her breathing privileges.

  • Logan

    6:34 *exists* Me:sobbing next to dead bodys


    7:20 that was done in The Legend of Korra

  • DarkTigerGD

    The most cursed thing here is how inapropriate some of these are.

    • AwesomeStyles [GD]
      AwesomeStyles [GD]

      DarkTigerGD That’s the fun of them.

  • CeRuLeAn !
    CeRuLeAn !

    “Ba da ba ba BOOM”

  • E E
    E E

    8:52 I’m a woman and, we don’t take her.

  • Austin Westfall
    Austin Westfall

    7:20 that exact thing happened in the legend of Korra

  • HemlockR6

    If he injested all those vitamins his heart would burst

  • SovietMapper

    Baby was ejected. Baby was an imposter. 1 imposter remains.

  • Pintitled Ploose
    Pintitled Ploose

    3:02 he looks like the chad meme

  • Oliver Layman
    Oliver Layman

    here's a cursed comment for ya Just look up 1992 space movie Ok now have a great day clearing your search history

  • Philosophical CactusMan1205
    Philosophical CactusMan1205

    I was having a very bad day, then they said “what’s up Sexy?, I’m Lexi” And I felt better

  • Aiden Henderson
    Aiden Henderson


  • Aiden Henderson
    Aiden Henderson

    8:48 ya I know right it feels like you are on the next plane of existence.

  • -Mr Yåmmø-
    -Mr Yåmmø-

    4:34 At first I though the first tweet was from someone else then lilnas just took the dudes dog and posted about it

  • Jude Corcoran
    Jude Corcoran

    I’m sexy?

  • midnight gacha
    midnight gacha

    I prefer eating the whole human and the soul and if I'm lucky I'll have left overs. : >

  • Meowrushart Meow
    Meowrushart Meow

    9:26 how did she even get pregnant..????!!

  • shaggy doo
    shaggy doo

    7:09 they did do that in the second one