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  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    Has anyone ever seen an adult named hayden?

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    Not enough fingers to be nuked


    0:00 “Carefully, he’s a hero”

  • BeekillerJohanna

    What's up Lexi, I'm sexy.

  • Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    a baby stared at me, i stared back, the kid is now 5 years old and still traumatized.

  • Asriel cutie
    Asriel cutie

    1:15 E1M1 intensifies (Doom reference)

  • liza french
    liza french

    I clicked on this only because i saw Thoughty2

  • kaylie Lopez
    kaylie Lopez

    i gotta say that cursed comments is my fav

  • Double 896
    Double 896

    in the transformers post the girl in the middle and the girl on the left are actually combiners

  • PositiveNegative297

    Everybody after watching r/cursedcomments; *What a terrible day to have eyes.*

  • rroko official
    rroko official

    The guy from thoughty2 on the thumbnail

  • jesse atala
    jesse atala

    Sometimes people in cursed comment just go with it and sometimes they dont

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    0:50 holy shit that just looks like System of a Down album picture XD.

  • NameLessKid

    I swear to the god I don't believe in, if y'all break the lovable Lexi, I'll break your kneecaps

  • Gilbert Donell Chen
    Gilbert Donell Chen


  • E L I J A H
    E L I J A H

    totally unrelated but the vegan teacher sounds and looks like the type of person to put small letters in the name of your character and your pokemon

  • o_bomb

    7:34 yeah honestly this just pretty much sums up the suicide hotline.

  • Breadツ

    tbh lexi sounds like a male/female that doesent sound good

  • g_. dawg
    g_. dawg

    First reply is gao

    • hasnahmad 2006
      hasnahmad 2006

      @g_. dawg man....... that was good

    • g_. dawg
      g_. dawg


  • Seize Pxradoxx
    Seize Pxradoxx

    Cursed comments are the best

  • James Tedjo
    James Tedjo

    I miss the Damien, he does so exceptionally well in cursed comments.

  • Forbidden Chances
    Forbidden Chances

    "What up sexy I'm Lexy" Pftt you should have o3o


    "snex" its perfect

  • ᦔꫀρrꫀssꫀᦔ ꪑiꪶꪶiꫀ ᥴꪑ
    ᦔꫀρrꫀssꫀᦔ ꪑiꪶꪶiꫀ ᥴꪑ

    3:27 Alexander Hamilton gets dominated by Aaron Burr

  • Sofija Markovic
    Sofija Markovic

    2:39 a politican in my countrey really did that, not in HIV center but on TV when talking about corona " We all just have to be positive"

  • Nighlight 970
    Nighlight 970

    2:50 Literally own a set of those, it's the only thing I have that I get to play beat saber with.

  • Essy Chilcutte
    Essy Chilcutte

    thoughty2 first comment is off a channel he is funny and talks about neat things

  • so what if I'm bisexual?
    so what if I'm bisexual?

    Do you ever just want to rip open someones chest and make them eat their own flesh while they're still alive because they ate your icecream?

  • Shay_Mendez98

    3:26 Christ gets nailed on a cross by 2 buff Romans

  • ThatOneRobloxExploiter

    Linus tech tips filled up a 950tb hard drive.

  • Alexis_ snekk
    Alexis_ snekk

    Why have they subjected the bean to this

  • Karma Playz
    Karma Playz

    4:19 true. _very true._ my friends use the emoticon in roleplay to scare me and i use it to scare them. :) 7:00 _I’M PAINTING EITHER A SKULL OR THAT EMOTICON ABOVE THIS REACTION! WOOHOO!_ 8:27 oh. _oh my god._ 10:26 Add 1 more follower and you’ve got a solid game of manhunt!

  • The BlastEffect4
    The BlastEffect4

    Everyone's reaction to every single cursed comment to exist: whaaaa?

  • The BlastEffect4
    The BlastEffect4

    Why is this cursed?

  • Galaxy Steve
    Galaxy Steve


  • Alwayz_Salty_

    I so want to seee lexi do this again

  • Wicked Wizard
    Wicked Wizard

    You sound like emmet Brown from the back to to the future game

  • RiskyWorks

    No, I am not sexy...I am the ugliest dumbest idiot on earth >:( How dare you try to take away 99% of my personality (The other 1% is doing selfburns)

  • ZodiacQueen3

    "I could have made smores" This, this is why Lexi is my favorite.

  • Mr. Birb
    Mr. Birb

    help me

  • Alexander Jagd Asbøl
    Alexander Jagd Asbøl

    if my pp was a deodorant stick then it whould only last 0.4 bites

  • Dodi Foxy
    Dodi Foxy


  • bendyrin

    Wait if Lexi is a cat just take a nap

  • Hydr Solula
    Hydr Solula

    Lexi sounds like if Elmo was a girl going through puberty

  • • Cypher Gacha •
    • Cypher Gacha •

    2:38 NUUUUUUU MY POOR GIRL i'm so sorry for you ;^;

  • Lent Landsdrove
    Lent Landsdrove

    He's not wrong. Like I mean he is right...

  • CR Zone
    CR Zone

    Your blood is still delicious

  • Joshua D
    Joshua D

    4:50 But...... Nevermind

  • Marie


  • eastern asia
    eastern asia

    ok what?!?!?!?!?! 2:01

  • Swindle 96
    Swindle 96

    "2 Followers in a Dark Alley" Me, turning around to the 20 cats following me and my freshly potted cat nap. "Those really are rookie numbers. Dear God!"

  • Heroine Creeves
    Heroine Creeves

    Eyyy, Thoughty2* *not sure about the spelling btw

  • 鄭茂廷

    Gota know the source of the first comment to pass him some likes.

  • cheese ___
    cheese ___

    Deodorant makes your mouth dry would not recommend

  • Pedro P
    Pedro P

    I just love cursed comments

  • BurgerDragon571

    Why was Thoughty2 on the thmbnail

  • Jael Gomes
    Jael Gomes

    Lil secret, I've done them both :) 4:24

  • GachaCell

    Asked my mom about xhamstercom She told me to look at all the cute hamsters

  • Pandaboinate_06

    I regret searching the hamster site

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson

    *E X P A N D D O N G*

  • Hexemerealda Attica
    Hexemerealda Attica

    One of my classmates had his gym locker broken into and told me that the person didn't steal anything, but took a bite out of his deodorant.

  • WonkiestGoose11

    Cursed comments is like watching the kids in my basement crying when I electrocute them so they shut up, it’s very enjoyable and relaxing

  • 遺忘與約定

    Cursed comments...? But it isnt cursed... It is just comments that super truth or about p0rn,gay,trump,corona or karen. Yea now i think i am "cursed"

  • MaxDragon

    this is the bare minimum If you still wanna believe in humanity, do not visit r/gachalifecringe. This is not an invitation, it's a warning.

  • Corinne Faith Roldan
    Corinne Faith Roldan

    This sounds like BadBoyHalo reading Cursed Comments. We should never let somethng so wholesome anywhere near Cursed Comments.

  • Not Bad Gamer
    Not Bad Gamer

    that was the smoothest pickup line imma use it .............the one u gave at the start.

  • Michael is stupid
    Michael is stupid

    Lexi, I feel so sorry you got paired with cursed comments- stay the wholesomely chaotic ruler

  • Blake Milton
    Blake Milton

    I enjoyed all of it ;)

  • James Miller
    James Miller

    That squirrel comment was stolen.

  • Thatafricanscammer

    Lexi be like this is so bad when this is a pretty tame episode 2 be honest

  • Gabriel Stier
    Gabriel Stier

    Why do you sound like grian?

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith

    0:57 I don't know if there are any Fanders in the comments, but I would ask Remus. DWIT (uzload.info/fun/iaFmo3zetaGNnYE/video) His deoderant is Pickled Poo Logs flavored. I am correct. FLAVORED. watch for maybe 10 seconds of the link.

  • Maksims K.
    Maksims K.

    The soviets didn't just invade Berlin from the front :)

  • Jacob’s Channel
    Jacob’s Channel

    Why did it take so long for me

  • Haru YT
    Haru YT

    Not gonna lie you sound like dr.bright from scp and I love it

  • ttv_ Cudlefish134
    ttv_ Cudlefish134

    Before i heard lexi's voice i thought my voice sounded high (i doent try and insult anyone with this and im sorry if i did)

  • Pennywise ;-;
    Pennywise ;-;

    YAY ITS LEXIIIII ❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨😆😆😆🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Griffin Gaming
    Griffin Gaming

    lexi is meh fav

  • Sour Melon
    Sour Melon

    5:37 who originally posted this? 7:03 lol

  • Farrensya Lisanjaya
    Farrensya Lisanjaya

    Can someone put the whole emkay squad pronounce in the replies my brain is just homework for anything

  • Choco Muffin
    Choco Muffin

    Bless your poor soul Lexi Edit:What’s a simp? (2:04) Also whats wrong with 8:51

  • DepecheModeFan2009

    For your information, deodorant tastes like soap, but sweetish


    The deodorant one reminds me of Remus. Yeah definitely.

  • Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox

    “What’s up folks, I’m Fox. I’ll beat you with an ox.”

  • Epic Sans
    Epic Sans

    Hey Lexi can I say your intro makes me feel so much better about my appearance

  • Tribute Tribute
    Tribute Tribute

    The only notification's I have for this channel is for cursed comments so I can make my own

  • :P :P
    :P :P

    I didn't know what the hamster website was so I looked it up. Those weren't hamsters.

  • Scotland For the win
    Scotland For the win

    8:57 for your eyes or

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor

    ...During this I spent 20 minutes trying to not choke on water.

  • Azriel Johnson
    Azriel Johnson

    I love cursed comments. So much more fun than entitled people.

  • weirdguy 54
    weirdguy 54

    A stick of deodorant tastes like a candle (don't ask)

  • otto panttila
    otto panttila

    If you spill milk, blame carl. If you lose your job, blame carl. If you drive over someone, blame carl.

  • TimTastic

    Bruh her/his voice sounds the same as all the videos she/he does (Still don't know what gender lexi is could be a man could be a woman still don't know)

  • Rock Melt
    Rock Melt

    You sound like badboyhalo.

  • Gregory K
    Gregory K

    Ha ha, I can’t breath...

  • Zachariah Shaver
    Zachariah Shaver

    Lexxi (sorry if I spelt ur name wrong) sounds like a mop fan trying to Imamate a character from that show Idk who but someone on that show definitely sounds like her/him

  • Angel 1aaz
    Angel 1aaz


  • michaelflash123's stuff
    michaelflash123's stuff

    4:19 I love black people, every house should have one (:

  • michaelflash123's stuff
    michaelflash123's stuff

    I love black people, everyone should have one (:

  • Steve Bruce
    Steve Bruce

    Yes, more Lexi.