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  • Gab Pal
    Gab Pal

    **cheese balls**

  • Just another human
    Just another human

    I'll call you Lexi... But don't call me sexy.

  • Concorde Gaming
    Concorde Gaming

    4:56 It's Dark Energon... And Megatron knows how to use it: images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/f09ae27d-e91e-46ff-bf03-df28947404fe/d3j7uyi-8fb2d699-f0b7-4a15-923a-f9fac51543ef.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvZjA5YWUyN2QtZTkxZS00NmZmLWJmMDMtZGYyODk0NzQwNGZlXC9kM2o3dXlpLThmYjJkNjk5LWYwYjctNGExNS05MjNhLWY5ZmFjNTE1NDNlZi5qcGcifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ.Nv5q3hq0DZ3MV_xbcVHp3VSbhn0PgcfYhBtTi-UOHpI

  • Cristine Andal
    Cristine Andal

    4:55 ... why'd you have to remind me that Fred died.... TwT I HATE YOUUUUU (not)

  • Vd Pepe
    Vd Pepe

    Nobody’s talking about how Lexi missed the balloons joke? Like cmon Lexi should be fired for this!

  • Ami

    I can't wait for Lexi to do r/TIHI.Also, that's the door that leads to my room. My family gave up on trying to get in, and I carry my friends over the gap. Selective introversion!

  • Liv

    "Coordination of a wet spaghetti noodle" I relate to this more than I'd like to admit 😅

  • Candle Queen
    Candle Queen

    Sounded like badboyhalo at 1:45 ngl

  • Typical Musician
    Typical Musician

    5:06 he just unlocked his susanoo

  • Edward Tromiczak
    Edward Tromiczak

    0:50 Only true G’s know where this is from... Lexi probably doesn’t even know where its from. *hint* The name starts with p

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G

    At 2:09 someone noticed the cat in the bottom right corner? xD

  • Cipher Star
    Cipher Star

    C H E E S E B A L L S

  • TheOneWhoDoesn'tKnowMath

    I'm here for the much needed 'what's up sexy I'm Lexi'

  • _Pickle_

    10:42 Aw yes the best way to brush your bristles

  • Lady Insertnamehere
    Lady Insertnamehere

    Lexi madam you are precious

  • Laura B.
    Laura B.

    Comments: Lexi called a magazine a *clip*, the Americans will hate this! Me, an American: I've heard it called a clip before, it's just a slang/regional thing

  • Fay Anne Aura Arts
    Fay Anne Aura Arts

    OMG that correction at 5:01 WHHYYYY?

  • Lizbi_ MakesArt
    Lizbi_ MakesArt

    “The Lexi wife” WHAAAAAAAAT!? WAIT WHAT!?

  • Aiden's Stuff
    Aiden's Stuff

    0:07 Me: *sees water* Also me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Zach Rodriguez
    Zach Rodriguez

    What is Dihydrogen Monoxide?

  • A Retarted Engineer
    A Retarted Engineer

    6:09 He's a boy

  • ALPHA_sh


  • goldcrafter80 P
    goldcrafter80 P

    At 3:35 ish, that's SCP 106

  • Tirnanog

    @ 9:13 that's Dexter. During the Trinity Killer Arc.

  • John Wythe
    John Wythe

    3:22 just made me un easy

  • hobo joe
    hobo joe

    4:14 big bird got big brain!

  • Why am I here
    Why am I here

    2:09 you see the chicken cat in the corner?

  • Why am I here
    Why am I here

    Ah yes exodia balls the strongest card in all of Yu Gi Oh

  • A carolina reaper in your Dms
    A carolina reaper in your Dms

    11:53 is why i love this channel

  • Elijah The toy pro
    Elijah The toy pro

    The balloon if you are a fan of Phineas and Ferb you know that is balloony

  • tiernan doherty
    tiernan doherty

    4:56 physicaly hurt

  • Bum Phrog
    Bum Phrog

    2:34 “something something nerdy gundham joke some thing something”

  • F.B.I

    0:49 what was the name if this balloon from phineas and ferb, wasnt it balloonie

  • Darwin

    2:49 made me smile cuz my name is Darwin

  • Why Did This Happen
    Why Did This Happen

    6:17 mirai nikki

  • Little Hector
    Little Hector

    4.40 that looks like my frends house

  • Spleens the cat
    Spleens the cat


  • Daniel Eriksson
    Daniel Eriksson

    3:52 Am I the only one that didn't focuse on the door at first cause it looked like it were a demon in the right corner in the room that the open door led to?

  • SaltMakesGoodSugar

    Why did you use that title? Now i HAVE to watch

  • RedSparkGames

    "Be careful of Dihydrogen Monoxide" Don't tell me what to do *proceeds to down a whole bottle of it and dies*

    • Laura B.
      Laura B.

      But why...why would H2O kill you???

  • GoldenYoyo07

    why was i notified for this video 6 days after i came out

  • Stephen Joshua Wayno
    Stephen Joshua Wayno

    0:35 that plant have an itchy sap that goes for hours

  • Roadent1241

    The picture with the van and the mascot.... I'm thinking MacKamey Manor back when they were doing the Van-only thing, that building (as much as it looks like every other possible ridged building) looks familiar with that van there. I can imagine someone wore that suit to be wrecked forever by them too. Big Bird on the quad bike (??) gave me a needed giggle, thanks for showing that.

  • Gacha Lex.985
    Gacha Lex.985

    My names Lexi-

  • Yeet Speed
    Yeet Speed

    I wish i had a picture of that one time i was playing modded New vegas, I had Cass, Betsy, and Ulysses with me. well just as i am about to go to a spot...Ulysses gets stuck in a rock. like he’s underneath the rock. how he got there i do not know, i no clipped in and was telling him out loud “GET OUT OF THE ROCK YOU IDIOT THIS IS NOT YOUR ROCK GET OUT” he actually seemed slightly scared by it. i had to send him back to the lucky 38 and get him. he has not since gotten stuck inside of a rock.

  • Israel Munoz
    Israel Munoz

    Cheese balls cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs cheeseballs. Customer assistance needed in lawn and garden. cheeseballs

  • TheNoobSensei

    7:10 is 10 times funnier when you now that Astolfo ("The anime Girl" In Jesus hand) is actually a guy.

  • Nightmare Animator
    Nightmare Animator

    The flag is for Maskachusetts

  • The Fortnite Bot
    The Fortnite Bot

    EmKay is a pro bullying channel

  • Donovan Weideman
    Donovan Weideman

    god help us all. they had to chain down the light bulbs?

  • No

    why does he sound like Bryce?

  • Marty Puckett
    Marty Puckett

    Ok, Lexi likes guns.

  • maddox ostlund
    maddox ostlund

    4:28 lol my friends post got on the emkays

  • destrojer124

    1:50 Ma dude, check amazon, the shits aren't even that expensive.

  • MaidOfPasta

    The first 10 seconds are my top 10 reasons Lexi is my favorite narrator

  • Ariel The Living Cartoon Hart
    Ariel The Living Cartoon Hart

    0:50 P&F (doofenshmirts) fans: BALLOONEY!!!!

  • Psycho

    2:09 (botton right corner) pizza cat

  • DontEvenTryItCZ

    Dihydrogen monoxide lmaoooooo

  • • Ennard •
    • Ennard •

    Fun fact:the world cant be flat because if it is,we would see whats far beyond where we are living,like from uk to asia

  • Cdt. Aditya Khedulkar
    Cdt. Aditya Khedulkar

    Hasn't anyone else noticed the pizza cat at 2:10

  • Cdt. Aditya Khedulkar
    Cdt. Aditya Khedulkar


  • Königs Festung
    Königs Festung

    I smile inside when you say 'what's up sexy i'm Lexy' because it's makes me feel better about myself, though it also reminds me of what i am not.

  • that one weirdo
    that one weirdo

    5:06 that's not fire, that's coming from Dio's and JoJo's battle

  • Albino Guide Dog
    Albino Guide Dog

    Fun fact: 100% of people who come into contact with Dihydrogen monoxide will die.

  • Nelekmaar

    dihydrogen monoxyde... H2 - Oooh i get it now.

  • Erich Raeder
    Erich Raeder

    2:10 the flippin Pizza cat in the corner xDDDD

  • Emily Luchinske
    Emily Luchinske


  • Clair Michelle
    Clair Michelle

    Are we just going to ignore the pizza cat at 2:08 in the bottom right corner of the screen??

  • Jdog 017
    Jdog 017

    Fred and George weasley, oh sorry, just George weasley. Man that hit hard

  • david losee
    david losee


  • Avtomat Kalashnikova
    Avtomat Kalashnikova

    The peek a boo glock is called a CornerShot, of Israeli origin.

    • Roadent1241

      It's real?

  • Ya Boi Darren
    Ya Boi Darren

    2:09 with the cat cake pic u missed the cat with pizza on his head at the bottom right

  • Vega

    4:50 the mask is upside down.

  • Adelgal

    The round dice is weighted, have one of them. It's weighted in a way that causes it to still stop one rolled, not weighted in that it only gets 1 specific number but so that it can actually be rolled

  • Kumar Alok
    Kumar Alok

    The fighter plane is an indian fighter plane

  • Kane Roker
    Kane Roker


  • Mike Serna
    Mike Serna

    the tank one with the slingshot: that dude is firing a sabot shell

  • Ash

    11:58 - I think I found my heaven

  • Ubu Bubu
    Ubu Bubu

    Bubu no likey when Lexi talk in the third person

  • DConan010

    pizza cat in the corner is best cat 100%

  • Tyler Grecco
    Tyler Grecco

    Do you hate meatloaf like me

  • Iltimas's Pigeons
    Iltimas's Pigeons

    Can someone explain the George Weasley joke?

  • UNK03N GH027
    UNK03N GH027

    2:10 look at the bottom right corner you’ll thank me later

  • Klevi Fjolla
    Klevi Fjolla

    2:07 pizza cat pizza cat pizza cat pizza cat

  • Pau Gironès
    Pau Gironès

    If I were to insert a Blue Eyed White Dragon card in an ATM, I'd expect it to start shooting $500 bills for several minutes.

  • Gaming Dragon
    Gaming Dragon

    7:30 Cat Dragon

  • DGneoseeker1

    If I recall correctly, that umbrellla is real.

  • Jack Hosier
    Jack Hosier

    6:28 OMG That's Chii-tawn!

  • I know that I'm not stupid
    I know that I'm not stupid

    You forgot your Roxxon suit...

  • CrazyCat Lady
    CrazyCat Lady

    Haha I'm a tank. Boomboom

  • Emma Frey
    Emma Frey

    I love how when Lexi sees something cute he loses all masculinity 5:00 NO THAT JOKE HURT

    • Vronic

      Isn’t lexi a she?


    2:09 look in the bottom right corner... Just trust me:)

  • Jeremy Sumrak
    Jeremy Sumrak

    Masks won’t save you, dummy. 🎩 🐍🇺🇸 No step on SNEK!!!

  • Loreal Siren
    Loreal Siren

    “More pretty violence”

  • ozge duman atilla
    ozge duman atilla

    my friend: blow my mind! me: emkay is basically hunter but emkay doesn't make memes everyone in a 100 miles: *agressive emkay noises*

  • Briggn94

    Spongebob, is that you?

  • NineBoys

    “You’ll regret clicking this” Emm....Kay.

  • Kyle Craig
    Kyle Craig

    10:36 and it is a maus super heavy tank

  • Margaret Johnston
    Margaret Johnston

    4:58 And now we take a moment once again to cry over Fred’s death

  • Andrej A.
    Andrej A.

    I did that leaf umbrella thing and I gota tell ya it doesn't work because the water runs down the stalk