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  • ARUN

    1:27 all clouds are the same

  • CraigerFried

    this should not make me laugh as much as it does

  • Serena Johnson
    Serena Johnson

    Me: (changes position in bed to get more comfy) Everyone else at the morgue:

  • Someone Screaming
    Someone Screaming

    how do you not know what bitlife is?

  • T.R. Luxx13
    T.R. Luxx13

    Don't sexualize Kitchen Appliances My Immediate Thought: *DON'T THINK ABOUT TEA KETTLES!!! DON'T THINK ABOUT TEA KETTLES!!!!*

  • DaniLikesMilk

    8:31 It's BitLife.

  • MrMark 2K
    MrMark 2K

    8:35 is bit life

  • Ineke Van de ven
    Ineke Van de ven

    you have over 2mil subscribers : ok me happy with 4 subscribers even doe i did not even post anything: :D

  • Jacob Corturillo
    Jacob Corturillo

    The game is bit life

  • chibi demise playz
    chibi demise playz

    humans are 75% water

  • theo letlhabi
    theo letlhabi

    Omg u did the stitch impersonation 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Myro Ranario
    Myro Ranario

    1:09 i beat someone twice and he friends me and swear at me and unfriends me xd

  • Tundra _SB
    Tundra _SB

    Are we not gonna talk about how the comment on the thumbnail is in light mode?

  • Uncle

    17:50 « they demolished a few of those buildings.... » They did a bit more then demolish them but close enough, time to knock them down now to make it accurate.

  • McOrqeneraL

    That Holden Cox part fucking got me dead man xD

  • Mylan

    Shrek? What the frick?

  • Joaquin Vizcarra
    Joaquin Vizcarra

    16:18 peruana

  • Elyha Wise
    Elyha Wise

    as an emo I feel personally attacked ;-;

  • michael frolov
    michael frolov

    i liked the rime at 17:12

  • Leonardo Vigilato de Morais
    Leonardo Vigilato de Morais

    16:15 if this is because she is latina or brazzilian imma beat the shit outta him with my soccer ball

  • Nicolaj Johansen
    Nicolaj Johansen


  • Denied Games
    Denied Games

    But real talk, Self defense overrides "Men can't hit women" If she hit's you first, it's perfectly legal to hit back.

  • Charles McMonkey
    Charles McMonkey

    nay nay Killua 🐴🐴

  • Jorja M.
    Jorja M.

    idk if anyone has mentioned it but the game with teh kid that died via drug overdose is called Bit Life

  • Tekarukite Andorāde
    Tekarukite Andorāde

    12:01 is that- is that badlands?

  • 13 Point Black
    13 Point Black

    12:05 badlands chugs your one toilet session.

  • Rofl Doffel
    Rofl Doffel

    5:29 i read that as interstin gas fuck

  • Maddie GL
    Maddie GL

    8:40 bitlife

  • ThatWiseGuyPlays

    5:45 what if your car is orange?

  • Fizzizist

    18:12 Luigi: "Take them away, get the pay"

  • XxZombieKillerxX

    Emkay: talking in the right side of my headphones The music playing in the background of the video playing in the left side of my headphones

  • Gacha Crystal101
    Gacha Crystal101

    8:33 The game is called bitlife

  • A Depressed Werewolf Named Jaden
    A Depressed Werewolf Named Jaden

    8:36 You now know what bit life is, its redit if it was a game of life on drugs and alcohol

  • lol 31
    lol 31

    Gerow video?

  • lol 31
    lol 31

    Myfriend who is well cultured mc.queen

  • Ninja X ZFS The random kid
    Ninja X ZFS The random kid

    I love cursed comments

  • Jgide1 - Gaming and More
    Jgide1 - Gaming and More

    Lexi is the most stupid person ever.

  • tentita plays
    tentita plays

    that bit life 👁👄👁

  • KerrBear

    As an Irish person we sound nothing like that

  • Everett Epstein
    Everett Epstein

    When your subscribe icon comes up it tells you to in subscribe

  • laziness games
    laziness games

    The coldest winter will be on 2021

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar

    thanks reddit ideassssssss

  • The Clan That Is Cool
    The Clan That Is Cool

    He has kigdices background music

  • Jarell Farrow
    Jarell Farrow

    14:51 german stitch

  • Noah Gentry
    Noah Gentry

    Can confirm the flood is coming

  • Jack Tigerheart
    Jack Tigerheart

    ah bit life the most cursed and fucked up game ever

  • Yuno Fiction
    Yuno Fiction

    9:25 Wait I don’t get it Wouldn’t it be papa and daddy then?

  • Henry Langley
    Henry Langley

    the guy in the thumbnail got the new mcpiss at McDonalds.

  • Chante Hayward
    Chante Hayward

    Umm... Didn't God promise not to end the world with a flood ever again?

  • Terka 6882
    Terka 6882

    11:25 im czech So nice

  • Kai Naïlo
    Kai Naïlo

    I love how he thought Bit Life was The Sims

  • Mikhail Gorbachev
    Mikhail Gorbachev

    "Im a rapper but one of the p's is silent"

  • Neil Menzli
    Neil Menzli

    Imagine emkay being a man with a multi-personality disorder and each time he makes a video he uses a different personality thatd be cursed

  • Everlasting Terror
    Everlasting Terror

    Someone may have already told you but its called Bit life not the Sims.

  • Nickle pickle
    Nickle pickle


  • Shadowmaster124 53
    Shadowmaster124 53

    bit life for you

  • Raven 92
    Raven 92

    as an ex chef I'll just say: guys *please* keep sexualizing kitchen appliances I am *begging* you

  • Hey there
    Hey there

    "Why do woman live longer than men?" Me and the boys at 7 years old: The oldest one by a couple months: "okay so we're jumping off the roof and whoever jumps higher when they land on the trampoline wins" The other 4: "aight lets do this"


      wrong. it's because they play fornite

  • dani dana
    dani dana

    8:38 I think that's Bitlife

  • Taccari Gaming
    Taccari Gaming

    If this gets 666 likes than this year will only get worse

  • Alles Wayne
    Alles Wayne

    Add the noodles to the climaxing water

  • Alphyan

    8:40 Thats bitlife, sort of the sims

  • Shinigami Otaku
    Shinigami Otaku

    4:21 over my dead body..

  • Isaiah Halonen
    Isaiah Halonen


  • Isaiah Halonen
    Isaiah Halonen


  • Isaiah Halonen
    Isaiah Halonen


  • Marmalade The MudWing
    Marmalade The MudWing

    Me: *Kills a big rat* The children at Chuck-E-Cheese: 👁👄👁

  • Cookie the cat 2
    Cookie the cat 2

    at 8:38 the game is called bitlife

  • Christian Bowman
    Christian Bowman

    once your red rage begins the demons of khorne will eat you up like a ice cream sandwich * talking to women *

  • Ekkora Koz
    Ekkora Koz

    6:15 slow-cooker

  • Luiza Ingrid
    Luiza Ingrid

    Person: "Blow my mind" Me: *pulls a gun* Person: "hold up!"

  • i have a mace
    i have a mace

    I only clicked this because of the Badlands Chugs thumbnail

  • Gacha_Emilly

    Me just watching this: yup this is fine my cat: i will kill you 😌

  • Ragnar the viking king
    Ragnar the viking king

    the video time is 20:20

  • Rabid Velocirap
    Rabid Velocirap

    12:24 Panera MAC And Cheese Cup Y’know what? We’ll stick with Panera

  • Bubbi Byggir
    Bubbi Byggir

    8:29 the game is called "bitlife" just so u know

  • Dummy Playz
    Dummy Playz

    8:42 that’s the opposite of the Sims

  • wolfestone23 gaming
    wolfestone23 gaming

    no no the highest honor in gaming is beating a kid so they think you're hacking

  • Music_ash07

    8:40 No not the sims, it's called bit life

  • Ellis Dixon
    Ellis Dixon

    My name's Holden carr, and I feel attacked

  • AetheralMeowstic

    ooeorr rueuvoo ruruv kvooki u dudue

  • Gun Powder
    Gun Powder

    3:17, she could have just walked in on them and left in emberisment

  • Stan Lee3000
    Stan Lee3000

    8:38 one time I was in jail and my 10 year old daughter without a father died from a cocaine overdose. I’ve also had some pretty insane stories in bitlife too.

  • Renee Somervill
    Renee Somervill

    8:34 This is bitlife

  • Dec Ari
    Dec Ari

    4:58 Jack’s laughing like he’s being held at gunpoint.

  • Philippe Labelle
    Philippe Labelle

    8:39 the game is called bitlife

  • nowayej

    BTW the game he was on about is called Bitlife

  • Frederik Halskov Christiansen
    Frederik Halskov Christiansen

    12:05 before test were made to test for diabetes, doktors tested for diabetes by testing the pee of the patient, as a person with diabetes will have sweet pee, which is actually why diabetes is called diabetes, as it means sweet in latin.

  • Lego Gamer
    Lego Gamer

    "*gasp* that's not my neck" -JonTron

  • Jhh Fgg
    Jhh Fgg

    The game is bitlife

  • RoseZara 2000
    RoseZara 2000

    The game is bit life

  • Sydney Skousen
    Sydney Skousen

    12:21 Cookie

  • A Python
    A Python

    crocodiles may be thick but us pythons and anacondas are “Thicc Noodles”

    • This channel is not alive anymore
      This channel is not alive anymore

      me:*Stops shoving ramen down my throat*...

  • Blue Love Fanatic
    Blue Love Fanatic

    Is it intentional that the video is 20:20 long?

  • Mikey Edwards
    Mikey Edwards

    The name of the funeral meme is called bit life

  • Shawn Bowser
    Shawn Bowser

    Nobody: Reddit: Whatever TF is in this video

  • Ode


  • Ashley Lok
    Ashley Lok

    Human trafficking: **Exists** Luigi: _invest_

  • Sanych

    The best honor is headshotting and trickstabbing some kids oh wait, you were talking about gaming?

  • Draxion64

    This video was published in 2020, it's 20 minutes and 20 seconds long, illuminati confirmed.