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  • Gabriel Alagao
    Gabriel Alagao

    10:28 there are 29 snoop dogs

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson

    5:26 well I . I do

  • Random Juice
    Random Juice


  • Gianna Pruse
    Gianna Pruse

    8:46 "when da cult gets caught in the middle of a summoning" ALICE: the second leader tiana: the high one ariel : the one that blames everybody jasmine: THAT ONE PERSON WHO IS READY FOR SNITCHING aurora and rapunzel : the two seductive ones mulan: ME vanellope :the one in the middle of the circle snow white: the leader

  • mikael sigurjonsson
    mikael sigurjonsson

    the big spongebob kinda looks cool actually

  • dripman49

    7:54 cow noises

  • Hay hay32 Why do I have a last name
    Hay hay32 Why do I have a last name

    Me looking at the thumbnail: WHAT????!!!!! Me: watching the video: oh...

  • Lex's Universal Studios
    Lex's Universal Studios

    That thumbnail tho

  • Justin Stephen
    Justin Stephen


  • Whipped 4 Kpop
    Whipped 4 Kpop


  • bruh

    8:46 Rapunzel doesn't look that bad tho

  • Rebekah Cyphus
    Rebekah Cyphus

    That helmet at 6:06 looks like an extra from the ps1 Harry Potter game

  • Дина Ковалёва
    Дина Ковалёва

    bald baboons really look kinda this 1:05

  • The0riginalAsian

    5:29 That is a Surinam toad i believe

  • ShadowTheLastFelinia

    at 12:17, the modern version of the Lusty Argonian Maid

  • McRurk Durst
    McRurk Durst

    Now I have tropophobia, and it just makes me wanna throw up. I don't scream, per se.

  • สมศักดิ์ ใจตรง
    สมศักดิ์ ใจตรง


  • Kevin Harvey
    Kevin Harvey

    12:16. I have the book who wants me to send it

  • Dragon Boi
    Dragon Boi

    Oh yea my favourite midnight snack is *pint of forsaken souls*

  • GamecubeGuy

    Mr. EmKay? More like *Mr. King Dice*

  • itz_ meh
    itz_ meh

    Freshly FRIEND

  • Torleif Severin Ekeberg
    Torleif Severin Ekeberg

    LOL nope !!!

  • Lucian Kearns
    Lucian Kearns

    Get rid of that frog please xD

  • Jackson Davis
    Jackson Davis


  • Noleon

    The spongebob thing at 1:29 honestly looks kinda cool

  • Joseph Allan Ferriols
    Joseph Allan Ferriols

    ❄☟✌☠😐💧📪 ✋ ☟✌❄☜ ✋❄.

  • cue cue
    cue cue

    That thumbnail genuinely scares me

  • Omega

    3:15 Now I see why furries can't be possible I think

  • tahyreg suzumiya
    tahyreg suzumiya

    how does that even makes sense with the candiru fish, that breaks basic physics l;aws :/

  • Marit RiceBarr
    Marit RiceBarr

    1:43:"ta daaaa"

  • 1ActLeft

    I think ill be watching cuties on netflix.. So an hour later, i have watched cuties. And my advice. Do not watch this bullsh- it is the worst netflix film and it’s completely garbage, the speech is late and the story is horrible and how it is. Please kill me. Also, sorry for spoilers. Almost at the end of the film, AMY LITERALLY TRIES TO DROWN SOMEONE. WHAT THE ACTUAL-

  • L Lawliet's Death Note Fangirl
    L Lawliet's Death Note Fangirl


  • Xihilus Heping
    Xihilus Heping

    when you get your way but still pissed: Liberals in a nutshell

  • Wierd Cat that is dumb
    Wierd Cat that is dumb

    13:33 For fucks sake please stop hating on furries, these are people under those masks who enjoy doing this, so please stop saying like "they’re perverts" or "I don’t like it cause it’s cringe". And yeah there are idiots in every corner but do not assume that every furry is like this, please

  • e n e r g y g a t o r
    e n e r g y g a t o r

    20 snoop dogs there

  • Jana Jerotijevic
    Jana Jerotijevic

    did anyone else notice that at 8:47 for sleeping beauty it says "beauty and the beast"?

  • SerbianSlav


  • tom nook
    tom nook

    This title. Is amazing

  • Lunar Raccoon
    Lunar Raccoon

    Yes chuck e cheese has a twitch, I raided one of his animal crossing streams. We all asked his to help us with our calculus homework lmfao, funniest shit I've ever done

  • Zak Ethan Amarillo
    Zak Ethan Amarillo

    7:18 I was litterly eating in this part

  • Airry’s Gacha
    Airry’s Gacha

    The candiru pee thing a myth

  • Richard Eubanks
    Richard Eubanks

    5:46 If you think the millions of fingers are scary. Try imagining what the PPGs would look like irl.

  • Aqua Luna
    Aqua Luna

    I watched this before I went to bed, I regret it so much

  • Uboa

    7:50 how dare that come out on Cirno day. >:(

  • Vito Durante
    Vito Durante

    I'm not upset over them switching the faces. What upsets me is that they got the title for sleeping beauty wrong. I would have been fine if it were intentional, but it's just that ONE. Don't know why this bugs me so much because I'm not even really a fan of Disney ,but JESUS CHRIST I am infuriated. 8:47

  • Mr. Mango's
    Mr. Mango's

    5:05 no it cant actually do this ...thank god

  • Carter Hatfield
    Carter Hatfield

    R/tihi is just off brand of cursed images

  • abstract rainwing
    abstract rainwing

    9:14 see-lord soon

  • FanOf Yoshi
    FanOf Yoshi

    Nobody: Getting punched in a show: 8:55

  • Robert Ernest
    Robert Ernest

    8:46 That snow white is like: "WHAT?"

  • TrashMan TV
    TrashMan TV

    11:53 that was what roblox player look like

  • sean wesley alberto
    sean wesley alberto

    4:28 thats a laugh from pain

  • Alexander Pritchett
    Alexander Pritchett

    What happened to pelvis presley

  • Pãtätø Çïpš
    Pãtätø Çïpš

    Ghfbf bj the kak

  • andrew Mossman
    andrew Mossman

    Sadly the Florida man meme is all a lie the only reason we hear more about them is bc they are more open about their stories every state has some man cooking his ex its just kept secret):

  • RYDER 420
    RYDER 420

    3:39 did the dog smoke weed or snort cocaine

  • Marty Puckett
    Marty Puckett


  • Pee Draw
    Pee Draw


  • Cyan Smoyer
    Cyan Smoyer

    7:17 also hands

  • chewboiye

    I want to make a joke about the Greivous-Sailor moon pic, to show I'm a prequel memer, but I have no joke, so here is a comment for you prequel memer to reply to. Hello there

    • Cyan Smoyer
      Cyan Smoyer


  • That one Shuppet
    That one Shuppet

    Why’d I have to be reminded about the candiru

  • predator H2O
    predator H2O

    11:23 Looks great minus the ketchup.

  • B.W.S.K.

    8:08 - wait, 'crazy ideas for your party' does not mean take over the Reichstag and invade Poland?

  • Nika _
    Nika _

    6:31 there's a statue of Jesus in Poland? From when Never heardnof it

  • Pog is Everywhere
    Pog is Everywhere

    The thumbnail is a backwards pog

  • Faysal

    Parents: WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE NORMAL me: because your meaning of “Normal” is just depressing

  • V1P3R X 70
    V1P3R X 70

    When there is snoop dogg there is snoop cat

  • øvāřø ňıx
    øvāřø ňıx

    The dragon looks like it has a butt

  • CowCow

    im about to sleep but im fucking scared as for life because of the “furbies are predators” because of the forward facing eyes and i cant fcking sleep

  • Jackielyn Bate
    Jackielyn Bate

    Thanks I hate it

  • Terrantum

    As of this comment Justin Y. now has 666k subs....

  • Tiffany Conner
    Tiffany Conner

    To among us fans: sanitized & sus

  • Nathan Franklin
    Nathan Franklin

    0:53 let me be the translator for the non Americans. Twelve ounces of flour Nineteen pieces of butter Three drops of milk And a unriped turkey. And no that's not how American recipes are.

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Yes we're not THAT bad bro

  • Charles Calvin -
    Charles Calvin -

    10:04 heavy weapons guy?

  • Vibe Troung
    Vibe Troung

    Americas normal, they have rights to walk around with *g u n s*

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Have lived in us most of my life, have never seen anyone with a gun in public it's not THAT exaggerated

  • ꧁Honey꧂

    11:35 kinda reminds me of korra and asami...mako is a bitch ngl

  • Santiago Oddó R.
    Santiago Oddó R.

    1:38 4:03 5:27 13:17 *What a terrible day to have eyes.*

  • StoryTeller Gaming
    StoryTeller Gaming

    i dont understand why but i started uncontrolably laughing at the skinby

  • Cade Pyoos
    Cade Pyoos

    What is in that birds mouth

  • Alice Sakamoto
    Alice Sakamoto

    13:30 "i just want a "sandwich"" was the line i just kind of lost it given the context

  • HyperOuterspaces

    Steak and Ketchup is actually very good

  • Wymer Hechanova
    Wymer Hechanova

    Hello Peeps

  • Alexandra Luster
    Alexandra Luster

    Why does Peppa Pig look like a hairdryer?

  • neibas panda
    neibas panda

    Anyone else notice sleepy beauty was incorrectly labeled beauty and the beast?

  • Kim city
    Kim city

    9:00 2014 flashbacks

  • iloveCANADAsomuch

    8:30 he was crying not because it scary but because he has just witnessed peek masculinity the final form of human evolution. He is realizing he is being pushed iut of the gene pool by this alpha male.

  • SallidGod

    8:46 I don't think that's Beauty and the Beast

  • Im-da_ONE28

    robin? where do i know that... oh no its coming to me 2 things... "*t e e n t i t a n s g o*" my cringe roblox account *r o b i n t h e b e s t 9 0 0 0 0 0*...

  • Marmaduke

    What's wrong with 11:19 ?

  • Ahmed Essam
    Ahmed Essam

    9:05 why the fuck no one noticed its a stolen line from weaboos by the greatest comedy genius filthy frank. I AM DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • -SugarHoneyIceTea -
    -SugarHoneyIceTea -

    Wait i just realised thats the king dice song W H A NT

  • God

    Hey are you all still alive down there? Or did u die during quarantine?

    • God

      We don’t talk about him

    • SleepyC0bra

      @God absolutely. Also, make sure to check in with Satan to check if Cats is the only thing on all TV's.

    • God

      I was thinking about firing her and that means sending her to hell, should I do that?

    • God

      Oh we did

    • SleepyC0bra

      @God tell Janice she has a smol, smooth brain

  • Revlis Night
    Revlis Night

    I internally screamed. I have severe trypophobia, apparently.

  • Wesley Guerra
    Wesley Guerra

    Who else saw the attack on titan referance.

  • Ian Amaro Cuentas-Zavala Masi
    Ian Amaro Cuentas-Zavala Masi

    the mask on 12:30 is called cliu if annyone was wondering

  • Josh A
    Josh A

    Did anyone else notice that at 8:46 they put Sleeping Beauty as Beauty and the Beast

  • Alskasaur

    8:48 Why is Sleeping Beauty labeled as Beauty and the Beast???

  • gamer Jacky
    gamer Jacky

    Anyone else get reminded of an episode from pokemon at 3:45?

  • Hezrou Dhiaga
    Hezrou Dhiaga


  • Cassandra Monroe
    Cassandra Monroe

    We're all waiting for them to get to R/gachalifecringe

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