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  • Odalis Jones
    Odalis Jones

    Instead of ninny saying “I wonder what this red button do” she says “I wonder what the fuck is wrong with you”

  • Animating Cat
    Animating Cat

    0:05 he jinx it

  • Lysander Lanning
    Lysander Lanning

    At least he’s not gonna be a pandemic that’s going to “END the world” One year later 2020 I think there’s been a misunderstanding COVID-19 will end the world.

  • Hippoman F
    Hippoman F

    This year is bad but at least it’s not the day I die

  • Manuel Alvarez Espejo
    Manuel Alvarez Espejo

    I thought the orangutan one would have a “You guys are getting paid?” extra comment

  • Zulema_

    2:45 nooo u just unsubscribed that's not the message we're trying to convey-

  • Jw Tan
    Jw Tan

    3:30 my favourite one

  • yes s
    yes s


  • mitten the cat
    mitten the cat

    I’m a feline ):(

  • Bonnie killed Me
    Bonnie killed Me

    7:28 sorry mate just need my bit**


    9:19 is it bad that I thought that too?

  • TheTrueKnifer

    8:47 The Scooper Room

  • Ryuga

    Reddit: *Has something cute* Redditors: "Yeah uh... it's required by law that we make it uncomfortable."

  • ꧁ Oak Wolf ꧂
    ꧁ Oak Wolf ꧂


  • Storm cloud
    Storm cloud

    Is your last name "Off"?

  • boba nim
    boba nim

    9:23 i thought it was for how to take out the limbs too and was like hey how do you take out biceps with that tool

  • Site 13
    Site 13

    3:15 DUde my best friend is really hot, so I would do it for free!

  • Duncan Howell
    Duncan Howell

    5:55 Sorry for being stupid, but what glass are they referring to?

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT

    I canjot find his channeel

  • Filip from super team
    Filip from super team


  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire

    The first one was hilarious

  • Januszek Staruszek
    Januszek Staruszek

    That was the gayest hello in the history

  • Dylan Powell
    Dylan Powell

    Regarding the question at 3:10 I would 100% fu** my best friend for at least three reasons The first one is because I’ve had a crush on her for about two years the second one is I I have like 10 female friends even though I’m perfectly straight And. Not gay and she’s one of my female friends soooo yaaaaah

  • PickleRick Ahstly
    PickleRick Ahstly

    I beg you...

  • tomandmoon

    day 97 OF ASKING JACK TO SAY "my names jack the back of the crack "

  • FlyBxmb_Chaos -_-
    FlyBxmb_Chaos -_-

    At least the world will not end

  • Creative Username
    Creative Username

    0:47 Hotel? Trivago.

  • nova eye
    nova eye

    3:25 Eggman: YOU FOOLS I PISSED ON THE MOON!!!

  • Fabian Ruphoff
    Fabian Ruphoff

    10:42 I know a famous one that is Austrian.

  • Hyo

    I had a friend named peanut night wait what game!

  • Micah Royeton
    Micah Royeton

    My mind when it said hot wheels was like:numb h by ugh cuff by big my high lbs hxhghjgnu equals hmijvgnhvgbftgvgbvgbghcfhcg

  • K_S Lyons
    K_S Lyons

    The way he said “Guess who’s first” was perfect 1:48

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    9;00 Is it weird that my washing machine doesn't have a transparent door Also I don't even have a dish washer

  • Ryan Mayhall
    Ryan Mayhall

    At least the pandemic will end in 2021

  • Trifortay

    OH MY GOD THAT INTRO MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD, "Hello my name is Jack, and welcome back to Emkak, I mean, Emkay"

  • ziroxprinter

    2:54 +2 million dollars +Best friend

  • 楊家翟

    Well, Mythbuster modified a dishwasher to have a transparent door in their lasagna cooked in dishwasher episode.

  • Jgxm

    5:54 what? is it supposed to be a phone, a window, a glass of water, a glass of juice or some furniture/decoration on your house?

  • Topi Heikkinen
    Topi Heikkinen

    5:43 this time it was not an accident

  • Jeffry Battleburger
    Jeffry Battleburger

    "I know a famous art student, he's German!" *Cries in austria*

    • A V
      A V

      this one, i think you’d rather germany takes the credit

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    5:52 Merk what are you doing here


    Im gonna commit upside down emkay

  • God Of Chickens
    God Of Chickens

    Im over here dying at the sex jokes... My parents are wondering what the fuck I'm laughing at

  • Snake

    Never..... call.......me.......that........again......

  • Ytexx

    5:38 ball sack ball sack let it rip For context imagine the beyblade commercial theme

  • King card
    King card

    Bro we were friends on Xbox live how are you doing my person

  • Kaiel Shepherd
    Kaiel Shepherd

    “ emCac “ 😂

  • skye tobin
    skye tobin

    One of my X box friends were called peanut knight

  • khalil nevels
    khalil nevels

    About the cats wearing their dead mothers skull *Its canon* search it up, cubone is wearing his mothers skull

  • Dakota Tillott
    Dakota Tillott

    Hey Jake hope your doing ok I miss you on xbox I god disconnected and I had to sell it but I'm doin ok thanks...

  • ML

    In this vid I can’t tell whether you’re Aussie or British lmao.

  • DarconTheAssassin 2.0
    DarconTheAssassin 2.0

    Well at least there won't be a world war 3

  • DIO, Gone To Heaven
    DIO, Gone To Heaven

    5:38 *"Again"* Oh, no...

  • MelPlayz Gacha
    MelPlayz Gacha

    Even tho I’m a girl I wear male clothes :)

  • Gamespluschallenges

    0:06 well, at least there isn’t an asteroid heading towards earth

  • Solaire of Astora
    Solaire of Astora

    Plot twist: puppies are just deformed babies

  • abdilla faishal
    abdilla faishal

    6:59 pretty sure that's a video clip of like Spanish drama or something

  • Karen Knútsdóttir
    Karen Knútsdóttir

    kidz bop

  • GENeral

    6:59 Could've sworn I saw a video on that on UZload, I'll try and find it... EDIT: Found it: uzload.info/fun/fXSloGnd1XGl1WQ/video

  • Cpl. Gopnik
    Cpl. Gopnik

    Thank god i didn't fail art school

  • Evil Goatee Guy
    Evil Goatee Guy

    Thumbnail: “Bark-N’-Go”

  • Akane Owari
    Akane Owari

    1:04 death the kid EAT YOUR HEART OUT

  • gaming 420
    gaming 420


  • laserjet sniper yt
    laserjet sniper yt

    Dam it

  • The Queen
    The Queen

    Well my crush is my one of my best friends 3:25

  • Friendly Neighborhood Maverick Hunter
    Friendly Neighborhood Maverick Hunter

    4:50 ....kaede?

  • Uptxred

    I come back a year later and it’s still not Damien

  • Hexamoone E
    Hexamoone E

    about that open door at night post. I SLEEP WITH 2

  • Shadow SOLS
    Shadow SOLS

    How the hell do you edit a comment? The three dots are you kidding me | Well now I know that

  • Tyler Bivins9
    Tyler Bivins9

    10:10 not wrong ( except the dog and my parents)


    Ahh, I actually watched the Lucky Star x Never gonna give you up song lol

  • Logan Rowe
    Logan Rowe

    1720,1820,1920,2020 all had plagues and I hope I live to see 2120 for part 5

  • Cukt

    Well atleast Communism isnt in the entire world

  • MrRobloxTutorialsGo YouTube
    MrRobloxTutorialsGo YouTube

    edit edit: edit edit : Edit tidE* ,jhvdsz

  • Queue

    5:43 thats no the desk, thats the guy draging the desk trying to hold in the screams

  • hafizan Hz
    hafizan Hz

    What the name of the video in 0:04

  • Bagel Hajime
    Bagel Hajime

    Hey at least 2000 won’t be as bad as 2001, I think.

  • TJ436

    My great grandfather killed hitler! 😎

  • Floup ._.
    Floup ._.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh 3:18 I hate it friend

  • SgtGoldenPain


  • alfedo sucksatgames
    alfedo sucksatgames

    Jokes on you my doors never locked, what you takin, my expired food?


    This video is not cursed enough


    It is not cursed enough

  • Anya Warrior
    Anya Warrior

    "Hello healthy homosapiens!" Physically, yes. Mentally? Hell no.

  • spring boi
    spring boi

    Jack reminds me of stolles from hellova boss :)


    Yesss don’t eat the thumbnail pls!!!!!

  • MightyMoose

    The list of what I wouldn't do for 2mill would be HORRIFYINGLY short.

  • Sonic101

    11:11 God DAMN sonic

  • Legacy 01
    Legacy 01

    7:57 ah yes humor based on my pain

  • HappyDestroyer5k

    It's not like everyone is gonna die tomorrow

  • Noble Master Of Noobs
    Noble Master Of Noobs

    2020 hand grenades Cough in a locked room

  • Ben ชาวลุ่มบัว
    Ben ชาวลุ่มบัว

    6:01 lemme tell you schools in Thailand are not like that.....cause my mom is teaching in Thailand rn and Ik for a fact that there no jail cells looking things there in the schools,or at least not the school she teaching in.

  • duck god
    duck god


  • IAmBreadbear


  • CerealKiller

    "He's German" Sure...

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    You dare say Communism was wrong in front of me!

  • Wendy Ketchens
    Wendy Ketchens

    Fun fact: guy below or above me has a cool fun fact.

  • rares talent
    rares talent

    HOW Diđ þhīß hæppēņđ¿

  • Firestar156

    10:00 wife swap surprise. who is who?

  • Ark Ash
    Ark Ash