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  • honker bonker
    honker bonker

    Froj lmao

  • Ray & Amber Reyes & Meth
    Ray & Amber Reyes & Meth

    8:42 I got to 69,420 chiken nugits and I pooped

  • TheCoolishMonke

    I thought it was coke milk too

  • Geo Gaming
    Geo Gaming

    6:46 Yeah you're right i saw this video in my recommendation and I'm very entertained I'm anew subscriber keep up the good work

  • Yeetus Deletus 69
    Yeetus Deletus 69

    Omg that's actually how I got here. I was watching piemations that vids and then I got here. :)

  • Win arsih
    Win arsih

    seems like how i join

  • Distya Fihinna Gitrie
    Distya Fihinna Gitrie

    Me who wakes up at 3 or 1 am: *foolish mortals*

  • Wade Johnson
    Wade Johnson

    1:03 is me, should I be concerned?

  • Dualblitz OP
    Dualblitz OP

    15:41 wait, they..... they hate furrys?

  • Im Comfy
    Im Comfy

    Robin kinda reminds me of Emmet

  • YokoChanNe

    wait... it wasnt supposed to be coke milk?? *sound of woosting over my head again*

  • ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ
    ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ

    the f in frog stands for friendship the r in frog stands for respect the o in frog stands for optimism the g in frog stands for great

  • Darkwater Deep
    Darkwater Deep

    Ah yes the map of the motherland.

  • Anaya Nand
    Anaya Nand

    Unhsnsunsunsnsnjsxwin iw snxinsx j w

  • A German
    A German

    14:28 Fun fact toast is the only food that is purposely burnt

  • Official Rat Gaming
    Official Rat Gaming

    9:41 I actually used to do this

  • iwant cupcake
    iwant cupcake

    6:55- they caught me

  • WhatIsForgoten

    I always wonder why Robin doesn’t have a catch phrase and I always say in my head “Hey it’s me Robin, Let’s go bobbing through r/me_irl” lmao

  • YT_ BreakingPoint
    YT_ BreakingPoint


  • ruthanne wilberg
    ruthanne wilberg

    the piemations joke is true, if you flip it around, i was watching this and ran into piemations

  • Xx_Venom_Slayer_1_xX yt
    Xx_Venom_Slayer_1_xX yt

    Honestly I did find emkay through the yt wormhole

  • •Aspen San•
    •Aspen San•

    Hello, Robin! Are you scared of my floof? **nuzzles your cheek** UwU Y U scared hooman? **Growls seductively**

  • evonekky

    Eiffel 65 😂

  • Awesome Dawson
    Awesome Dawson

    6:52 why is that true

  • SBworks

    1:55 i dont get this shit someon explain

  • TOXIC 28
    TOXIC 28

    3:31 5.16 inches is the average and jm just confused i thought it was bigger cuz like come on really only 5 inches

  • The Sleepinmokey
    The Sleepinmokey

    6:06 Didn't think I was going to get called out today

  • Oh it’s James
    Oh it’s James

    Homophobe: guess what I saw at the lake today Friend: what did you see? Homophobe: A Fro Friend: A what? Homophobe: you know, the green hopping things Friend: you mean a frog? Homophobe: *starts melting*

  • A Marshmello
    A Marshmello

    Doctor: all dreams have meanings My dreams: *my hair is short * Fuck having a hair crisis does this mean I should cut it?..

  • Cristi Bordei
    Cristi Bordei

    8:39 My fatass: I'm gonna exceed my limits today

  • Not Tavros
    Not Tavros


  • bear satt
    bear satt

    1:12 is why I can't watch this channel in public

  • Justice Tozzi
    Justice Tozzi

    11:46 Michigan in a nutshell

  • Undertale Kitty Kat
    Undertale Kitty Kat

    Me looks around uneasily, "That's not how I found this channel at all...." he he he...

  • Twobits

    2:39 Koenigsegg owners can

  • MistyBlue094

    6:48 HE KNOWS!

  • Gheto knight
    Gheto knight

    Wait if it isn't coke milk, what is it?

  • galaxy dragon
    galaxy dragon

    10:48 Me when I hear my step dad yelling again and I pause whatever I'm watching to either see what he's mad about or if my mom is crying:

  • Angelina Schwarz
    Angelina Schwarz

    1:39, take a guess who... A second later, MY EMPLOYER

  • GTNyt

    i think we all know where robin got his character from damien

  • extremegamer807

    I zone out on my dirt bike and quad all the time and how am I still alive how have I not died yet? And it’s snowing... *GREAT JOB EARTH I HAVE SCHOOL IN THAT AND I HAVE TO QUAD UP TO MY BUS STOP JUST GREAT CANADIAN CLIMATE* broke ass teenager problems

  • Javier Morgan
    Javier Morgan

    Fun fact: emkay showed up in my recommendations when Damien was still doing it and I’ve watched this ever since. It’s been a year and a half now

  • M B
    M B

    The casa Bonita line made me choke on my food. CO proud.

  • The Rival
    The Rival


  • The Yeet Corgi
    The Yeet Corgi

    Who else coughs when the q tip goes too far into your ear.

  • Owl

    "Unless you're going to Casa Bonita." HELLO FELLOW COLORADO NATIVE

  • Kai Liaker
    Kai Liaker

    Those cicken nugets Numbers are rokie Numbers bomb IT up by 120974027662047910478902749202985683920579209474920 than you have one happy? Also if i Get that many its Also no more chickens or hens or cocks in the world and no money on anyone else than atoruty

  • Liggliluff

    (6:05) Similar to; turns on science based UZload video. It's using Imperial units.

  • goldenpvp1126

    Robin: that UZload wormhole is insane you were probably watching a pimations video next your watching mkay Me: HOW DID HE KNOW?!?!

  • Gaming Blood Cells
    Gaming Blood Cells

    1:52 I D O N ' T G E T I T . . .

  • lucid plaZ
    lucid plaZ

    5:40 no just no

  • Greely Playz
    Greely Playz

    Robin:"Guess which character my personality was downloaded from" Me: Karen Smith from Mean Girls (that's the stupid one in the plastics)

  • Alan Magnussen
    Alan Magnussen

    1:59 me: -however, i can throw this oval ball really far! college: -you son of a bitch, you`re in!

  • Felicia Pease
    Felicia Pease

    If you get the 20 pieces from Mcdonalds at it would cost you $103.25. That 413 nuggets % 20 in a pack times $5 each.

    • Felicia Pease
      Felicia Pease

      642 cost $160

  • Cinnamon Da Fox
    Cinnamon Da Fox

    15:38 and this is a bad thing?

  • AmQuasi

    "People who wake up at 6am are just as crazed as people who stay up untile 6am" Me who woke up at 5am: hehe

  • Percyjackson Ishere
    Percyjackson Ishere

    0:00 sorry I needed a replqy

  • Justice McWilliams
    Justice McWilliams

    ... soo that actually is how I found this channel...

  • ThomasTanker02

    Hi Robin!

  • Hmmm

    Fun fact: the frogs were always gay, the frog just makes them more gay

  • Alex Beverly
    Alex Beverly

    I perfer Robin than the others.

  • VaBeach Beach
    VaBeach Beach

    Frog stands for Forever Rely On God. My aunt used to love frogs and ever since she passed away almost everyone in my family has a frog tattoo somewhere on their body. Plus my mom has bunch frogs in her flower bed/garden. RIP Deanna xoxo

  • Jai Williams
    Jai Williams


  • WebKarma

    This is Me

  • Used Paper Towel
    Used Paper Towel

    *hes heading to morrowind*

  • random gaming
    random gaming

    8:44 only 642 chicken nuggets that's pathetic I could eat 3,333 chicken nuggets also I'm 12

  • Stockton Witton
    Stockton Witton

    1:52 i was sitting for a minute trying to figure out what it is

  • Waffle_ Mixpancakes
    Waffle_ Mixpancakes

    1:38 bill cosby

  • *xXsleepyXx*

    who's hand did you take for the symbol on the profile picture?

  • Magi V
    Magi V

    6:52 Is this a personal attack or something?

  • Clockwork Puppet
    Clockwork Puppet

    Random fact I was listening to a horror narration then emkay started playing on auto play. I've been here ever since

  • aarontheepicgamer 2 oh my le epic Irene
    aarontheepicgamer 2 oh my le epic Irene

    6:54 piemations is a channel which animates videos from a channel called msbreezy which Damien was a part of

  • SomeRandomGuy

    He watched an emkay video, obviously.

  • crazy guy
    crazy guy

    9:55 i live in norway

  • Ash Fire
    Ash Fire

    bread is raw toast and dough is raw bread

  • minecraft games
    minecraft games

    6:50 same

  • Jamie Wood
    Jamie Wood

    Holy fuck I've been to that chinese restaurant, it had really good noodles

  • TheUniversalEclipse

    I like how he hates furries. He is a man of culture as well.

  • EmilyCLColorado

    aaaahhhhhh Casa Bonita! I didn't know you were in Colorado! I dont think anyone else is going to get that joke lol

  • Abi_Cat36


  • Infernity Cowboy
    Infernity Cowboy

    Emkay tell me how much and in a couple years if I become a wielder I will send you money for nuggies

  • Colourblind 546
    Colourblind 546

    egay sports

  • yellow

    once you witness all the EmKay narrators, you get the *golden viewer skin*

  • ThatGuyNamedTohuki

    $8/hour would be a godsend to me tbh

  • deathshooter deathmaster
    deathshooter deathmaster

    As someone who wakes up at 6 am yes end me

  • Leaf

    Well.. i guess i'm a frog

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez

    A lot of these memes I found really offensive, I am a Christian and am very sensitive when it comes to My religion. Mabey next time you put memes that could offend anyone’s beliefs mabey think twice. Thank you for reading (if you did read of course)

  • PaZanZaa :P
    PaZanZaa :P

    Probably chicken little if I had to guess

  • Andrew Wojcik
    Andrew Wojcik

    11:40 ever been to Romania?

  • AMycroWave

    that chines restaurant at 5:18 is literally the one in my town im hunting down who took that photo now

  • Skaario Kawajiri
    Skaario Kawajiri

    Why is the audio messed up?

  • Hunter Wulfstern
    Hunter Wulfstern

    15:35 - *Insert Concerned Tom Look Meme*

  • Tabe J.
    Tabe J.

    Uuhmm... i get up on 5 am, 4 years long, i can stop in 1/1/2021 bc then im finished

  • Dorko 123
    Dorko 123

    1:52 Im still honestly confused, what is it?

  • Aislee Love Greenwood
    Aislee Love Greenwood

    Okay, but like that kid who was having his 14th birthday by standing outside with a sign looked like he really needed a hug. Is he okay? Does he need me to stop my car and talk with him for an hour? And then come over the next day to hang out? Someone show this boy some love, please! I don't know where he lives!

    • Aislee Love Greenwood
      Aislee Love Greenwood

      Can we normalize showing needed love to strangers? Like, sometimes you just see a person and they look really depressed, and if you talked to them, they would be so touched that a stranger cared about their problems. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to, you know?

  • Aislee Love Greenwood
    Aislee Love Greenwood

    The guy who created _Starry Night:_ * awkwardly looks away and tries to hide the ear that he cut off and sent to his girlfriend before committing suicide *

  • Extention Dog
    Extention Dog

    413 chicken nuggets... I'll ask my sister if see can do it..

  • Brainormous Lewis
    Brainormous Lewis

    13:12 Is that 7 Nation Army?

  • Halee Hunt
    Halee Hunt

    Robin: “Yeah but what you should be concerned about is that you’re a furry in both.” Me: (cocks gun) “You have a problem with that?”

  • medieval doctor
    medieval doctor

    6:50 LOL thats exactly how i found emkay

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