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  • KingDragon lord12
    KingDragon lord12

    I'm about start some war crimes

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    During this time or the post 4:04.... My son's father basically your husband right

  • Turtlez 2020
    Turtlez 2020

    Here is a good comeback when someone asks “can I have it free?” “You can have it free when you pay me [PRICE HERE].”

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    Things to remember: If you can't afford something that's at a price lower than the original, you should not be buying it. Do not negotiate unless the negotiation is close enough to the price. Don't gatekeep how much something needs to cost/the quality in order to be a good present/thing. Instead, be grateful that the person gave it to you in the first place. No, just because you're homeschooling your kid, doesn't mean you're entitled to being paid, Linda. Exposure won't help businesses. Most of your followers probably don't live close enough to the business, and most of those who do won't feel like going, which leads to only a couple of people actually supporting the business. Influencing is not a real job. Job opportunities are everywhere, and they are easily accessible. Try applying for one. Just because you're a "sInGlE mOm" or "mY dOg DiEd", doesn't mean you're entitled to free stuff. If your hobby is being a butthole to people, that's a terrible hobby. Try finding better ones, such as reading, learning chess, painting, baking, etc. If you don't follow these, well, have fun being hated by everyone, being broke because you don't have a real job, and dying young because a) you end up being homeless and freezing to death and/or b) because you can't afford much, you resort to constantly eating out, leading you to get clogged arteries, heart disease, diabetes, and losing energy, leading to a painful death. Thanks for reading! 😊

  • Anna Sun
    Anna Sun

    Lol I can barely get my own followers to buy my own stuff, so who are these people to think they could get their followers to buy someone else’s s stuff? I don't think these "influencers" realise just how small of a percentage of an audience is actually willing to spend money on stuff that get's advertised to them unless there’s some crazy discount on it, which most small businesses can't afford to give. It's honestly a bit pathetic how unaware they are.

  • Brian Oosterhof
    Brian Oosterhof

    I actually forgot your name right away


    2:36 I like to draw for fun and not as a side hustle or whatever... when someone asks me this and I’ll tell them I’m starting at $35 based on what they want, _they_ get like this... again, I draw as a hobby not a profit

  • kallme Jay
    kallme Jay

    😂🤣 I love listening to you! Your r/Reddit’s are hilarious! Also if didn’t realize that gingers weren’t considered white!😂🤣

  • Simon Labrie
    Simon Labrie

    A lot of cringe though Karen with Domino *might* have been sarcastic. Maybe. Also, people who offer exposure are generally unable to deliver any significant exposure in the first place anyway.

  • Deno

    7:50 Pretty sure she/he is talking about wondershare/filmora9.

  • FuNot FuMe
    FuNot FuMe

    I'm sick of re-runs!

  • Heine Næss
    Heine Næss

    Hey guys welcome back to emkay my name is jack i just had a power nap

  • Nox Lamina
    Nox Lamina

    Teen influencer voice killed me

  • Innocent

    I'm sad so I came here to become smad

  • Darrel's Vids
    Darrel's Vids

    For all the choosing beggars. People think I live the high life with my smartphone and High Def TV, but this was because my parents pay their taxes, and work their asses off just to get food. My parents, my entire family including me, live in the Philippines, so she works the night shift. My dad tries his best to give me the things I need for school, and for what is happening in the world right now, I'd say my parents are doing a fine job. The beggars are the complete opposite. They try to take advantage of every chance they get just to swindle and screw everyone they meet. I mean, I get it. Your dad probably left you for a woman in Florida, and your mom disowned you, but that's NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM. My parents are not wasting their tax money on these incorrigible, lunatic beggars. Someone find jobs for these, before I call the police on them. In fact, getting arrested is probably the best solution, because in prison, they have food, a library, decent healthcare, and friends to talk to. The point is that my parents do not act like you stupid beggars. I know I sound like a douche, but I'm in the Philippines, and my living conditions are anything but gold standard. You have to be humble. Humility and being humble are virtues from God. In short, don't be a choosing beggar. Because that makes you look like such an idiot.

  • Foxyct idk why I make videos
    Foxyct idk why I make videos

    "When I say something I want it dosen't mean that I want it" I WANT THE WORST HOUSE EVER!

  • Seth Eser
    Seth Eser


  • AJ Montes
    AJ Montes

    When a person is asking the company/vendor to be the endorser of their products, that person isn't really interested on endorsing the product but just want to get a discount or worse just want to avoid the responsibility of paying for the item despite having the capacity to do so. That's now how endorsement works. Endorsement offers always come from businesses, not the other way around, and they are the ones to choose who they want to endorse their products and services since they see a profit potential from that person they made prospect. Self-proclaimed influencers asking businesses for endorsement are straight up bad influence to society.

  • Timmy_The_Roach

    Wtf with this like button...

  • Reuben Birk Haskell
    Reuben Birk Haskell

    Damn. Robins teen girl voice was spot on.

  • ItsGreater

    The video was good and all but .... Gimme ur ad revenue

  • Patrick Nesbit
    Patrick Nesbit

    His first name is Jack last name Koff

  • Madison Fossitt
    Madison Fossitt

    My ex girlfriend once got me a teddy bear for valentines that probably cost less than five bucks. We lasted for several months and broke up over things completely outside of money. I love her like a best friend and we still talk today. That teddy bear is one of my favorites. God bless her. **** anyone who judges a person based on how much they have in their pockets.

  • Alyctro

    When someone offered me 50$ for a 480$ vr headset, I was so insulted.

  • Elisa Novelo
    Elisa Novelo

    the dislikes are the tiktok influencers

  • Emaline Burk
    Emaline Burk

    He sounded like the Mad Hatter from animated Alice and WonderLand

  • Mr. Handman33
    Mr. Handman33

    i love i jack

  • amity blight-noceda
    amity blight-noceda

    I get this notification 3day later

  • Cameron Kurzhal
    Cameron Kurzhal

    I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  • Dave THM
    Dave THM

    Why do I watch these choosing beggars? note: I LOVE THE VIDEOS but the choosing beggars makes me lose brain cells... they are why I lost some of my faith in humanity

  • complications forever
    complications forever

    jak the lego maniac

  • A guy that doesn’t have a Life
    A guy that doesn’t have a Life

    Hey I asked my dad for McDonald’s but he gave me McDonald’s I actually wanted pizza why didn’t he give me pizza (this is to embarrass the girl that said she wanted a ring or something)

  • Charley Joergensen
    Charley Joergensen

    O. M. G! I just subbed to your channel and liked the video! Now I’ll be receiving your videos, not to mention I even HELPED your channel! I’m gonna need AT LEAST, like, 50k for my troubles!

  • Artorius The'Bear
    Artorius The'Bear

    If someone threatened suicide if they couldn't have my item for free, I would ask for address to deliver then give the cops the suicide threat.

  • The Paradigm
    The Paradigm

    0:33 Legit, I forgot his name about five seconds after that... 😓

  • Meme Dealer
    Meme Dealer

    The car in the thumbnail giving me Big Smoke flashbacks.

  • Yucky Edit Time
    Yucky Edit Time

    I feel like Karens and these types of people have just put on the Trashy Mask. Like "I'VE REJECTED MY SINCERITY, JOJO!"

  • Qayyum Tristan
    Qayyum Tristan

    3:18 its a malaysian or singaporean talking there judging by the slur. Saying like "ok lah" "fine lah" where my SEA watchers at?

  • British mark 1s Mocs
    British mark 1s Mocs

    The thumbnail he’s a UZload names memelous he did a video about faking being a Karen on Facebook market place

  • crackerJacqer 26
    crackerJacqer 26

    Hey, you said my name.

  • Insane Mang
    Insane Mang

    I will never understand why people would rather submit to abuse just so they dont feel lonely.

  • FlameLash Studios
    FlameLash Studios

    How many people own this channel*

  • Nebula Cheese
    Nebula Cheese

    I fucking love this dude no homo. I love his voice on the pathetic people he does. I need him.

  • Kuba S
    Kuba S

    Seller: doesn't want to give it for free Beggar: It's for my 3 year old disabled son Seller: still doesn't want to give it for free Beggar: *Impossible!*

  • swavyxkill 9245
    swavyxkill 9245

    anyone miss damien?

  • Cybersnake854 854
    Cybersnake854 854

    Not gonna lie the watermark one is really annoying. I’m a small youtuber kid who unfortunately can’t spend my own money so in every one of my videos I HAVE THIS HUGE MADE WITH VIDEO SHOP WATERMARK. Also it costs 25 dollars. Yeah I ain’t paying that even if I could lol.

  • Pengu Kiaba
    Pengu Kiaba

    2:45 I think she was joking but I can’t tell if she was or not

  • Prank Onic
    Prank Onic

    "Hi I'm a teen" - oh wait it's a teen - "Hi I'm A tEeN iNfLuEnCeR" I've never been so offended by something so correct.

  • Antonia Bijl
    Antonia Bijl

    This makes me want to gouch my my ears out cus the the Karen's are dumbasses who think they are the best

  • Mrak Lord
    Mrak Lord


  • GamingVortex

    Ooo the editing has gotten better! Epic

  • Elex

    4:13 Jack: Re ad be fo re you swipe (swip?) Me: *laughing intensifies *

  • S. I. M. P Oster
    S. I. M. P Oster

    3:58 '' my son's father''? She's letting people just take his stuff? Now, I mean, it's not like she is making money...but I'd feel uncomfortable taking stuff after seeing THAT.

  • The Normal Robloxxer
    The Normal Robloxxer

    Simps don't exist

  • FunkyBlaze

    the only reason i watched emkay was because damien was here

  • INF3CT3D X
    INF3CT3D X

    the editing software i use has u pay 70$ for no watermark

  • Danielle Stryker
    Danielle Stryker

    Before covid, teaching was ranked on the list of 20 most dangerous jobs in the US. Now we can add a pandemic and being surrounded by literal germ machines. Being in the room when someone with a teaching degree who spent years dedicating their life to a difficult and under-appreciated career in education teaches your kid online, doesn't make you a teacher.

  • Scarlett Murphy
    Scarlett Murphy

    4:32 me, an English, white, ginger: on behalf of all of us, we'll pass.

  • Hunter Wulfstern
    Hunter Wulfstern

    1:22 You can thank me later for time stamping this.

  • Jeremy Mequi
    Jeremy Mequi

    13:01 As a teen I can confirm, BOTH of those voices were extremely accurate

  • IamGadriX

    This entire subreddit can be described as simply as: "The lion, the witch and the audacity of this bitch."

  • KZ Roblox 137
    KZ Roblox 137

    intro : r/Choosingbeggars text in intro: on the side of the screan me: puts it in r/mildlyinfuriating

  • Cosmic Catalyst
    Cosmic Catalyst

    Jack: I’m the person with the single syllable name Zack: am I a joke to you?

  • blits gl
    blits gl

    Something people dont understand is that some people dont have the money to dpend on pointless stuf but at the same time atleast make an effort to sqeeze in a few bucks to finish it or write a iou

  • Potchatok Potchatok
    Potchatok Potchatok

    It getting so normal to hear USSR athem after "we" i expect it to happen irl

  • preslav mihailov
    preslav mihailov

    100 dislike!

  • Justsomebiggerman2

    That one girl with the chocolate cb shit. I dont even know how often i have seen this here already xD

  • Essy Chilcutte
    Essy Chilcutte

    The tips thing goes back to racism Basically offering less pay and allowing them to keep any extra. It's become a culture of the industry but needs to stop. As the laws here allow employers to dock the pay of an employee Per item ordered assuming they will be tipped, and they're not always. Many places split the tips between hourly Employees by hours worked by week or month. Some do Holiday separately. A job that is not normally tipped can, get a tip and the employer can dock them 30% of their normal pay for the quarter. One tip = lose 1/3 your income for 3 months.

  • Robby Lender
    Robby Lender

    Wow, I didn’t know I could get free stuff with 72 subscribers and 25 views per video!

  • Hop E
    Hop E

    Yes sire~

  • Human

    "Hi! Im Jack! And I´m not on crack"

  • TheBritishWolf

    "That makes me easier to remember and harder to forget" .......You've said this to your sexual partners, haven't you?

  • Kaylen TheRandom
    Kaylen TheRandom

    5:30 That's capitalism for you. Some businesses don't even let people take full hours so they don't have to pay for medical insurance. If you don't already live here, DON'T MOVE HERE. Australia is actually a bit better, but hot. Canada is okay as well, but ffs America sucks. Especially don't move here if you're a person of color, LGBTQ+, or any other minority. America. Sucks.

  • Michael Alterowitz
    Michael Alterowitz

    1:51 Evil, and confusion 100

  • Cole Hewett
    Cole Hewett

    Jack is my favorite

  • ايتيق يڠ sinful
    ايتيق يڠ sinful

    3:08 ok lah

  • Priceless

    2:49 best day to have a fake id called Karen

  • Creeper 12
    Creeper 12

    Just because I say I want it, doesn't me I want it! *VISIBLE CONFUSION*

  • mr omega
    mr omega

    “That’s the whole wrong thing” “same concept”

  • Grate9

    Day 1 of asking that Jack say "Hey guys I'm Jack welcome to the stack" in the intro

  • Bruce Baker
    Bruce Baker

    08:00 Jack: I guess it's an app. So...ten bucks maybe? It's a video editing or creation app. (Watermark, shows to her viewers; must be on her content,) That might be $20-100 one time or annually. Or up to 20+/month. Depending on which app.

  • Elective_12

    5:45 Pekora fan, typical.

  • Rikun Alathus
    Rikun Alathus

    Tips for serving staff at restaurants isn't a big deal. They get to pocket the extra cash after their shift. And it's sometimes equal or more than their pay. And they still get paychecks tips just help out in between checks

  • FrostFade Studios
    FrostFade Studios

    6:20 Him constantly bashing Ryan *My name being Ryan*

  • kurt bernales
    kurt bernales

    The one with the app is kinemaster because at the top right of a video you post with using it they add their watermark....and you have to pay to remove it ........that's good marketing

    • kurt bernales
      kurt bernales

      I am not being sarcastic btw

  • jeffrey

    pls send me bitcoin. 3Q1o7hSvo62nSqU5S1QtmNasAqSoWrgk4c

  • ゆい714

    I'm strongly against the death penalty and believe it a crime against humanity. But if we're going to make an exception, let's line up these beggars and shoot them with assault rifles. The world doesn't need to deal with their junk for 60+ years (depending on how long they live). Some people need to be put in their place. Y'all too easy on these people.

  • Andrealle Stewart
    Andrealle Stewart

    Dislikes from Karen’s

  • Blutwirbel

    My son's father? Wait a minute

  • Wooper is our lord and savior
    Wooper is our lord and savior

    I would totally have non edible cakes for influencer. Can take pretty picture with it and everything but it taste like switch cartridges.

  • Its Just Butter
    Its Just Butter

    Ok there is one part of this I care about, he said "dude or dudette" I thought I was the only one, thank you , thank you so much.

  • SBworks

    2:20 not really a choosingbeggar , you can find a good bmw e36 for under that price lol

  • Jonathan de Graaf
    Jonathan de Graaf

    Everything that should be on my tinder profile: I'll accept almost anybody aslong as you are not a Karen or Choosing Beggar

  • Obsidian Nightstar
    Obsidian Nightstar

    7:43 either that is Kinemaster or PowerDirector

    • AwesomeStyles [GD]
      AwesomeStyles [GD]

      I thought it was Mematic.

  • Lim Zhen Hann
    Lim Zhen Hann

    humanity at it's finest

  • jace game
    jace game

    *169k views* nice👌

  • Eiko Final
    Eiko Final

    Imagine bitching about a customer who small/ no tips you because, " you live off your tips" Because, it's totally the customers fault you're not being paid a living wage. And the customer/s might just be eating out to treat themselves... You know, because they are self aware of their well-being. And feel the need to get out for a bit regardless of their financial situation!

  • ALASTOR101

    10:40 i would send them $250 worth of shit

  • Jayden Martinez
    Jayden Martinez

    That was fallout referance

  • legoshi sem rumo
    legoshi sem rumo