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  • Nora Blueberryhook
    Nora Blueberryhook

    He didn't realize the guy won 1¢ lol

  • LOLSflint

    3:24 this video is crappy design, because this subreddit is actually Asshole design, and the title is wrong. Nice play, EmKay.

  • Sapphire Draws
    Sapphire Draws

    “straight path?” I don't cut corners I make a point to be on time Head of the student council I don't black out at parties I jam to Paul McCartney If you ask me how I'm doing I'll say... Well, hmm I was adopted when I was two My parents spoiled me rotten Often I ask myself, "What did I do?" To get as far as I've gotten A pretty girl walks by my locker My heart gives a flutter But I don't dare utter a word 'Cause that would be absurd behaviour For little miss perfect Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na No, I can't risk falling off my throne La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Love is something I don't even know Straight hair, straight A's, straight forward, Straight girl Little miss perfect That's me One night my friend stayed over We laughed, and drank and ordered Something about her drew me in What? It's totally platonic That night was so exciting Her smirks were so enticing Hours speed by like seconds Then, what happens is iconic She takes a sip, I bite my lip She tells a joke, I nearly choke She braids my hair, I sit there Blacking out for the first time Next thing I know I lose control I finally kiss her but oh no I see a face in my window Then my brain starts to go Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na No, you can't risk falling off your throne La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Love is something you don't even know Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na You can't risk falling off your throne La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Love You don't even know Rewind, induce amnesia Deny the truth, that's easier You're just confused, believe her When she says there's nothing there It's never worth it When you're little miss perfect

  • Machine gun Mike
    Machine gun Mike

    It was hello kittly smoking meth.

  • Angel Floof
    Angel Floof

    "What is that fore?" Why say for when you can say fore?

  • undefined trash
    undefined trash

    So people at our school are making slideshows of best r/crappydesign posts, and say crappy whenever they tell people about it. Apparently we aren’t allowed to say crappy, which is a very crappy thing to not be able to say crappy, and so we say r/verybadannoyingdesign so yea not being about to say the word crappy is very crappy

  • LunarLokimaru

    Robbing the magical horse

  • halouzaki

    Yes Cum Park plaza is real. It's in Burlington NC about 20 mins from where I live.

  • Vert

    4:16 taking AP physics and that's actually not too bad. It's about circular motion, the N is the normal force applied to the driver by the road, note that it always points opposite to the road, towards the center of rotation, p is the momentum, it always goes in the direction of force, which here, appears to only be gravity, hence always down. The pictures is describing how at different stages of the loop, the driver will feel heavy due to the normal force being applied in the same direction as the momentum (I'm like 90% sure)

  • Cassandra Wrenn
    Cassandra Wrenn

    1:11 thomas has never seen such bullsh*t

  • Prismatiqe

    Hey I’m as straight as that path

  • Nicol Y.
    Nicol Y.

    the path looks like my animal crossing path

  • Ashen Phoenix
    Ashen Phoenix

    Did you miss that the think outside the box had X solved 2 times? Bottom row and outside the box. God thats awful

  • Thismans Soup
    Thismans Soup

    It’s the begging of a tower defense

  • HappyFlygon

    9:56 As a non-color blind person I *sarcasm* can DEFINITELY see the difference there.

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton

    6:15 my dad is gonna build a bathroom like that, as a girl I’m disgusted, but it’s still funny

  • Elessar Tarrant
    Elessar Tarrant

    Pretty sure that's a small shower pan that they've used as a sink, btw. Which... points for creativity, I guess? ????

  • Matt Dolgoff
    Matt Dolgoff

    6:55 they already won 2 times and took way to many turns

  • Dodge Farm Guy
    Dodge Farm Guy

    1:10 He sounds like Peter Griffin when he sang the cursed Thomas song

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    5:36 This is the worst one of all because I've read it in like 6 different directions and it doesn't spell words in any of them. The closest I got to words was "KEYING -WORSE- WOSRE AT WG." The closest I got to something that was worth posting in a big window was "IKWENE ORGYS AT WG."

  • Sarah R Cloud
    Sarah R Cloud

    9:50 Whenever I encounter bathrooms in my dreams. 23 years of dreams, bathrooms are ALWAYS like this. I have no idea why. I have never seen a bathroom like that in my life.

  • Jaxon Cooper
    Jaxon Cooper

    It’s printed and it’s for blind peeps

  • Jaxon Cooper
    Jaxon Cooper

    Again that song

  • Cyroshek

    6:54 WOW he already won bcs the whole down line is X. It's just unnecesseary cheating.

  • User670

    4:08 Looks like a physics problem about how a stunt biker can ride around in a vertical circular path like that.

  • jeffman

    The narrator really frustrated me. He didn't seem to understand a quarter of the fails/jokes.

  • Why you lookin
    Why you lookin


  • stup1d puppet channel
    stup1d puppet channel

    6:50 he totally missed the crappy design part

  • Edox Ninja
    Edox Ninja

    8:22 Have a small headache. This made it 10x worse Better question. WHY AM I WATCHING THIS WITH A HEADACHE

  • Penguin Pal
    Penguin Pal

    I would like to award you the highest honor I can bestow Watching this while eating

  • Larsud

    Expresso is coffee

  • Wasted_Time

    6:48 the x already won at the very bottom so why did they cheat in the middle there Edit: they also won from top left to bottom right

  • robotic dude
    robotic dude

    0:59 youve heard of shin buster 9,000, youve heard of the thigh slicer 8,000, but what about the ankle cranker 10,000?

  • Qw4s0nt im a gamer
    Qw4s0nt im a gamer

    9:06 give me one reason I should listen to your negativity when I know that I am awesome the shirt sucks

  • • n o
    • n o

    While watching this I got an ad saying "Breathable Facial Accessories". It was a mask with a hole in it right where your mouth was so you could supposedly breath easier.

  • Nothingmuch

    the cheated outside the box one cheated twice

  • ebony mangin
    ebony mangin

    6:58 he already had 3 in a row

    • ebony mangin
      ebony mangin

      and he used more moves than the other guy

  • ebony mangin
    ebony mangin

    4:22 the top and left ones are going backwards

  • ebony mangin
    ebony mangin

    3:38 abbreviate it CPP sound it out see pp

  • Maria Sheila Mendoza
    Maria Sheila Mendoza

    6:19 my cousins has these

    • Maria Sheila Mendoza
      Maria Sheila Mendoza

      And it's disturbing

  • Christian Durham
    Christian Durham

    Someone remind me to finish this video I’m super tired 7:20

  • Vilius Drozdovas
    Vilius Drozdovas

    At 6:56 i like how there is three x anyway that crappy design

  • B r u h
    B r u h

    ...I thought the all purpose cleaner had ranch in it

  • Dead Frame
    Dead Frame

    The colorful cutting board technically isn’t crappy design. White is a reflection of colors so it’s actually really colorful, you’re just not being creative enough.

  • glance shot
    glance shot

    "Whats Poppin im Robbin" makes my day lol

  • Jonas Connoy
    Jonas Connoy

    2:58 you are going to lose subscriber

  • Theo Angelakis
    Theo Angelakis

    My grandmother has one of those think outside the box. me, when she showed it to me: wtf

  • Txddy_ Millie
    Txddy_ Millie

    its still a straight path because the line is straight. it could've been wavy

  • jack5557

    6:55 I was dying when my friend pointed out the X still won without cheating

  • Sp0ts11

    9:37 That dude on the right “Why? Why did you do this?”

  • Sp0ts11

    6:54 I like how they already one 2 different ways but they had to do the cheating one

  • Chunky Boi
    Chunky Boi

    6:59 if they weren’t to busy thinking out of the box maybe the would’ve realized the already won diagonal

  • David Paul
    David Paul

    "NevwYork" lmao

  • Elisha Sucks At Art
    Elisha Sucks At Art

    3:40 "1st Taste"

  • Lauren Perfetto
    Lauren Perfetto

    11:55 leviathans

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young

    6:51 - I think you missed the fact that X already won on the bottom and didn't need to cheat..

  • picitnew

    4:14 This is actually physics course 101.

  • Dylan Mir
    Dylan Mir

    Sup women

  • Jack EAG
    Jack EAG

    I look in the mirror all day so I'm used to looking at trash 😅

  • Jullian Hall
    Jullian Hall

    6:56 Why think outside of the box when you have already won on the bottom?

  • Broken Wave
    Broken Wave

    Just slide the laptop to the edge of the table. What a dumbass.

  • Kikigamez 7729
    Kikigamez 7729

    An intro for robin should be What poppin’? *pops balloon* ... I’m robin. Just a suggestion I thought of while watching.


    Everyone gangster Untill that démon Duck shows in your dream

  • Ziad Salama
    Ziad Salama

    2:48 I had that toy

  • Kavish Allopi
    Kavish Allopi

    What is it supposed to say at 5:36???

  • Jay OMFG
    Jay OMFG

    10:30 The oldest unvaccinated children in the world On the left we have Becky she also forgot her name and 40% of her brain is gone And on the right we have Jessica her eyes have different postal codes

  • Sha-Chan M. C.
    Sha-Chan M. C.

    Butter-flavored cooking spray is available through most cooking spray brands and store brands?

  • Titania Dragonburn
    Titania Dragonburn

    4:36 *If you keep talking bad about yourself, I WILL PHYSICALLY FIGHT YOU.*

  • Nathan Dean
    Nathan Dean

    10:49 "Corporate wants you to find the difference between these two pictures." "They're both the same thing."

  • Whiteeeyy

    Am i the only person that think Rob's voice is so close to Damien's ? Edit: Really, im the only one? Ok

  • Noobie Plays
    Noobie Plays

    6:53 why theres only 3 o and 7 x?

  • EverydayCrevOfficial

    I have seen gay parades straighter then this

  • Penling

    wait a minute the subscribe button is gray and when you hit it turns red? 3:00

  • Felix is lovely 7 IN生
    Felix is lovely 7 IN生

    I didn’t know my life was a subreddit.

  • I will defeat Justin Y,s humble servant
    I will defeat Justin Y,s humble servant

    6:59 did anybody else realize that he already won the game but he had to do that

  • Justa Gamer
    Justa Gamer

    His laugh brightens up the mood I love him

  • Justa Gamer
    Justa Gamer

    Deock quook quook

  • Floopis McFloorpus
    Floopis McFloorpus

    9:28 That V/W in “New York” is a hate crime against graphic design

  • Floopis McFloorpus
    Floopis McFloorpus

    7:20 That bus looks like an early 2000’s MySpace page

  • Gravity Flips
    Gravity Flips

    I share a birthday with hell kitty!!??

  • Devin Fong
    Devin Fong

    I just died This channel is the best

  • Stay Safe Wash Your Hands
    Stay Safe Wash Your Hands

    Wonky path reminds me of a level 3 of a maze game...

  • anum ness
    anum ness

    The devil wanted to use the popularity of this cartoon character to trick people into worshipping Satan. When her daughter recovered from her cancer, the mother kept her promise to the devil. She created Hello Kitty. As the story goes, Hello Kitty was designed with no mouth because the daughter had cancer of the mouth. sooo, hello kitty is hell kitty

    • anum ness
      anum ness

      pin this

  • Zelda Axeburg
    Zelda Axeburg

    I love how said kowai bahahah

  • Russell Blazquez
    Russell Blazquez

    Mmmmmm, Kelchip

  • Soopabro YT
    Soopabro YT

    5:02 my little sister has a doll thing just like that!

  • shari

    Damn that path is about as straight as me

  • Za Toilet
    Za Toilet

    6:54 love how there’s already a pair but they just still had to draw one outside

  • mohamed elsheikh
    mohamed elsheikh

    10:04 damn do all Emkay hosts have disabilities related to sight, between robin's color blindness and lexi's legal blindness can Emkay not see?

  • mohamed elsheikh
    mohamed elsheikh

    3:14 Uruhara Rushia .png

  • Auburn Fazbear
    Auburn Fazbear

    6:50 another thing wrong with this is that THEY GOT 3 IN A ROW INSIDE THE BOX WHY WOULD YOU THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX WHEN YOUVE ALREADY WON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Auburn Fazbear
      Auburn Fazbear

      11:46 It says summer drinks menu

  • Josh Edmonds
    Josh Edmonds

    Nah hello kitty was just giving us all the finger

  • Wilkin's Coffee
    Wilkin's Coffee

    10:45 That's a British ad in India...

  • Wilkin's Coffee
    Wilkin's Coffee

    9:37 That's not crappy design. Obviously there was something there, like a tree or a utility box, that was removed at some point. Rebuilding a still functional sidewalk for just that would be a waste of taxpayer money.

  • Wilkin's Coffee
    Wilkin's Coffee

    6:57 Nevermind the fact that X already won legitly in the bottom row!

  • kathleen Curry
    kathleen Curry


  • MaxUser 77
    MaxUser 77

    06:48 It's Literally Impossible because there are 6 "X" and 3 "O" and even if the "X" started first It should be 5/4 and not 6/3 and he already won 2 Times so... WhHhHyYyYyYyY?

  • Kian H
    Kian H

    6:49 On the think outside the box shirt, there is already three x’s in a row 😂

  • The chaotic neutral
    The chaotic neutral

    Tooterno sounds better then Toronto

  • Ross Lopez
    Ross Lopez

    6:55 no one saw that he won diagonally as well

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