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  • Crusty Pickle
    Crusty Pickle

    America is a laughingstock now. Sad

  • Golden Cheetah26
    Golden Cheetah26

    Tbh I think if I go back to r/facepalm I’m just gonna be seeing people thinking that the past and proof of fraud doesn’t exist

  • Golden Cheetah26
    Golden Cheetah26

    For the thumbnail one it’s called he was and then they did some fraud because the people who count the votes are stupid and the Biden supporters are toxic, some democrats admit that they don’t like Biden and just want the votes to be fair. There was also today a Pennsylvania Supreme Court case that no major news stations showed and it had to do with fraud and the evidence and witnesses of fraud that got the Supreme Court mad as the congress actively said to not have different machines because they already had machines set up but the governor who’s county already did fraud in a previous election got the new stuff from Venezuela which turned off the machine is it wasn’t going in the makers favor and switched all of the votes. So trump was winning and then proven fraud

  • 4 Man Army
    4 Man Army

    Damn. I fucking hate being American.

  • Leelandthecampion55 Smlfan
    Leelandthecampion55 Smlfan

    Em Kay’s song is die house from cuphead

  • McOrqeneraL

    I'm Turkish and watching 2020 Election feels close to home lmao.

  • AlecsD King
    AlecsD King

    I feel like america is a third world country pretending to be a first world country at this point

  • Keniel Barroso
    Keniel Barroso

    I swear, America is falling apart. If it does, I'm moving to the UK.

  • Ernapalooza Hi
    Ernapalooza Hi

    I’m still sad that trump didn’t get voted all those memes :(

    • Gaster Cat
      Gaster Cat

      Ok then let me guess, your somebody who Carrie's the flag of a non existent destined to fail country on your truck while going to gun shows without a mask? Also you probably don't fully understand things like immigration and child abuse.

  • insert name here
    insert name here

    Honestly, I only know what is happening in the world from memes.

  • Colton Seals
    Colton Seals

    This coming from the same people saying trump isn’t your president for the last 4 years lol

  • Ya Boi Boris
    Ya Boi Boris

    4:34 id just like to point out the 666 right there

  • TerribleShockeX

    I know how to start controversy!!! ______________________________________ I love trump! I love Biden! I hate Trump! I hate Biden!

  • Seven7 1987
    Seven7 1987

    Damn Biden must be big name when he Bi Den when it's a cool way to say Bye Then at Trump when he's about to leave the country when he won. Unfortunately for Trump. Biden Won but no officially be on office 1/20/2021

  • PeePee Poopoo man
    PeePee Poopoo man

    Biden is our savior, us the introverts, support Biden.

  • Spy

    I love this video.

  • Master of P A S T A
    Master of P A S T A

    This entire video was just blue checkmarks throwing piss-filled water balloons at each other, and honestly? I liked it

  • Bittersweet Lime
    Bittersweet Lime

    As a Mexican, I’m just enjoying whatching the US explode while being on fire

    • Foolish Yeet
      Foolish Yeet

      Your lucky. I’m Mexican-American but I’m the US

  • Qat On Fire
    Qat On Fire

    I love how at 4:11, the graph literally says Georgia (country). Like, it even clarifies it just in case and they STILL screwed it up 😂

  • CECILIA :v
    CECILIA :v

    Please stop...NOOOO- WHY CANT I HAVE 1 SINGLE VIDEO WITHOUT USA ELECTIONS, All we have here in Guatemala is that they are burning the congress :V

  • JackofAll Trades
    JackofAll Trades

    I am American and I take no offense from this except I am laughing at my country’s dumbness

  • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
    Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

    This is the most satisfying video I’ve ever watched. But as soon as I can, I’m still moving to Canada in case the next elections start riots.

  • Charmy

    If i get to be in charge of making movies and shit in the future you bet there will be a highly dramatized verison of the 2020 election and epic anime battles.

  • Mationsmultiverse

    Pretty sad that the US has 331 million people but only has 2.28 million subs.(Sry if I'm wrong)

  • Wintertimber17

    9:27 This one has to be my all-time favorite

  • Misterdith 1960
    Misterdith 1960

    This literally gave me a headache.

  • Katie Adams
    Katie Adams

    There is a vaccine coming out in Dec and I know cause my mom is a nurse and will get one of the first ones ever Sorry for bragging I just feel kinda special when I say that Mmm I sound so bratty sorry 😂

    • jäs -
      jäs -

      I live in sweden and we will get it in late january

    • jäs -
      jäs -


  • BoredomIsAnUnderstatement

    I hate that this is my country.

  • Ayden Russomanno
    Ayden Russomanno

    when watching this video I got an ad about a conspiracy theory about pop (music) being the reason people are going to prison

  • Sting-Ray blah
    Sting-Ray blah

    lets do a test: how many times can a person be stabbed and still live

  • Dr sleep
    Dr sleep

    Get out liberals

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      Hey everybody! We’ve got someone who disagrees with the video! Let’s mock him relentlessly!

  • rani de decker
    rani de decker

    2:35 bi den!

  • Tonya Mousel
    Tonya Mousel

    Wait if Biden is catholic and he also believes in abortion rights and abortion is murder is he really catholic

  • Callan Sarro
    Callan Sarro

    Don't mind me just sucking up all the salt .

  • Hervy Gervy
    Hervy Gervy

    Boy oh boy how I love American politics...

  • Clover Poopz
    Clover Poopz

    Trump: If I lose the election, you'll never see me again. What am I going to do, leave the country? Biden: I'm Joe Biden and I approve of this message.

  • Dustin N.
    Dustin N.

    Dont look at Emkay"s hand

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    11/12 non-election posts. 3/4 were of COVID. 1 was an anti-vaxxer. That leaves 7 posts in this video that were neither election-related nor sickness-related. Wow.

  • AzizMain

    I'm not in America or an American, yet I still felt like I lost years off my life

    • I did it Like this
      I did it Like this

      imagine how many you’d lose if you live here, i think i lost 25

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    I'm from germany... We don't have much fun over here these days. So I enjoy the stupidity of others very much. 😅

  • Czytelniczka 21
    Czytelniczka 21

    I mean... This "He is not a tru catholic." about Pope seems like sarcasm because of the dot at the end of the sentence

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      You mean a period? That’s proper grammar, not satire.

  • • Gay Duh •
    • Gay Duh •

    Hey! So I know this off topic to the video but I hope you are doing ok! And if you aren’t, things will get better don’t worry!💕 Reasons to be alive: 1. People will miss you! 2. You are loved by so many people! 3. No human is perfect! 4. You are NOT a disappointment! 5. Just because you have no friends doesn’t mean you are weird. 6. If you are LGBTQIA+ and not accepted by family/friends I love you! You are accepted by me! Here is some food 🍰🍫🍱🥟🍝🥞🍎🍒🥝🥦🥬 Drink some water, stay safe people! 💕💕💕💖💖💖💛💛💛 - Ash 23 years old (they/he)

  • Fakers/LsvBart

    I genuinely enjoy all those people who called everybody who hated Trump's election hypersensitive snowflakes are now being way more like hypersensitive snowflakes than any democrat voter or liberal I've seen. Keep it up you adorable sore losers, it's great for the memes.

    • Fakers/LsvBart

      @Nikkizzz You are literally describing the Republican side, my man. That is what they are doing right now.

    • Nikkizzz

      Yes, those "hypersensitive snowflakes" were much more manned up when they startet looting and destroying cities in -16 loss than republicans -20. I mean, zero cities destroyed. And if Trump wins in court and goes for second term, I wonder how much sore losers and voting fraud claims we see

  • amdw amdw
    amdw amdw

    They should put up neighbourhood Karens up for election so they can see how dumb they sound.

  • Gabriella Morris
    Gabriella Morris

    Found this comment idk if it should it be in r/im14andthisisdeep or r/technicallythetruth? 14 year old in a submarine: im 14 and this is deep

  • Bobcat Allstar
    Bobcat Allstar

    Hey trust me you are gonna get cancelled if you give political opinion.

  • Kaqoh

    Should've titled this "Wrong, He didn't win."

  • Al Haida
    Al Haida

    I learned from this video that democrats are good and Republicans are bad. No I'm not going to do any more research I've made up my mind. Just like I did with Jacob Blake. What a poor man who did absolutely nothing wrong to get himself in such a predicament. It must've been all the cops in the country getting together to find one black man and shoot him.

  • Simp For Rias Gremory
    Simp For Rias Gremory

    Now I don’t care bout politics but arnt their more Votes then voters in like three different states

  • Dino Thunder953
    Dino Thunder953

    Trump:(gets elected in 2016) America: S¥£% just went from 100 to 0 real f€*%ing quick

  • Papajuicy

    Whos trump

  • Small Guy
    Small Guy

    8:02 i love this

  • Skybound

    Trump Gang signs: 👌🤏✌️🤘

  • Mr. Monarch BlahBlahBlah
    Mr. Monarch BlahBlahBlah

    Trump actually did win by a record. Biden cheated by getting help from Canada, Spain, Germany. That’s how he “won” by an unrealistic number in the millions. They just cover it up because the corrupted American government wants Biden to win since they knew he wouldn’t win for lots of the crimes he committed, including cheating on the election. You can believe what you want to but that’s what’s actually going on right now and it’s pretty ridiculous considering the law is still the law, and Biden will get what’s coming to him.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      Because locking up children, rallying hate crimes, committing literal treason, spreading misinformation, and insulting the whole military aren’t corrupt and/or crimes in themselves. Trump has stumbled blindly through his four years and somehow didn’t start any wars. Have you seen what other nations think? They all laugh to each other as trump acts like a spoiled toddler.

  • Gavin Hunter
    Gavin Hunter

    At 11:11 most of my friends and peers

  • Mason Nicholson
    Mason Nicholson

    more like r/politcs

  • ARandomPerson

    The comment sections gonna be a mess.

  • Keiran Raby
    Keiran Raby

    I have seen this vid at least 5 times now and I'm still shocked how some people like the old president who thinks covid doesn't exist and is racist and an idiot every fricking time

  • Robert Diaz
    Robert Diaz

    Emkay is gonna feel dumb when orange man wins

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      Unfortunately trump had already lost so that’s pointless

  • Teagan Griggs
    Teagan Griggs

    11:07 yeah me and my family all caught covid last year it sucked my mom and sister both got Pneumonia and my mom has permanent problems. So yeah covid sucks

  • Jackson King
    Jackson King

    9:29 , anyone with a twitter account, PLEASE SAY DONT COME TO CANADA.

  • Addicting Video Game Hub
    Addicting Video Game Hub

    please continue to play the us national anthem for the intro of facepalm and ONLY facepalm because it is fitting

  • Zelda Doll
    Zelda Doll

    There is so much Trump sh*t in this video I was confused when the naked oranges came up Also, I feel very well informed on the election now, thanks!

  • Lolijiji159 JIJI
    Lolijiji159 JIJI

    I have never heard Robin so pissed off before😂 The pope meme got him riled up so much

  • Chicken Nuggy 114
    Chicken Nuggy 114

    My chillin in England watching the election I live in England (if you dont get it let me explain I live in this wonderfull place called the UK so if the Americans get into a civil war we will probs be dragged into it)

  • Arianna Howard
    Arianna Howard

    This just in, the pope is not a true Catholic

    • I did it Like this
      I did it Like this

      im not sure how to make this funnier than this already is, but im hoping for a comment where it says “the pope was no longer catholic when he welcomed gay people the church # notemypope” or so dumb bull like that

  • Ann Hiro
    Ann Hiro

    If I could vote, just simply here legally for the late 25 years, I would have voted for trump to just continue the meme.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      You evil little...

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang

    Fidel Castro is now an elder lich

  • Turtle Fruit
    Turtle Fruit

    r/ r

  • Strawberry

    I see people being like Trump won with all the legal votes just stop he lost get over it

  • Daniel Gofman
    Daniel Gofman

    I was just thinking about it by defenishion the US election are not really democratic because if you don't vote the winner in your state your vote does nothing it is not the people's vote it's the people who voted for the winner's vote i'm from israel so i can give an example for something else (but again i'm from israel so if i got something wrong tell me). In israel even if you didn't vote for the winner your vote still count's because the govermant does not consist of only the party who won AND we have a lot more then 2-4 parties

  • g h o s t k i d s
    g h o s t k i d s

    Robin: *unequivocally* Me: harder Daddy 😍

  • pink musician
    pink musician

    the thing about "MY CHRISTMAS WEEK IS RUINED WAAAH"... dude that's so selfish, you realize people are dying right, and all u care about is having that luxurious vacation over winter break that u could just have next year

  • Yahkateyahk -_-
    Yahkateyahk -_-

    This is really political. ://

  • Emir Danny
    Emir Danny

    You know I'm a child like 10 years old and I'm smarter than this racist cheeto

  • Kitana T
    Kitana T

    So that’s where all the dislikes came from...

  • Its just Me
    Its just Me

    I wish people would realize no ones won yet

    • Its just Me
      Its just Me

      @Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Yes but some states are recounting and other are bringing it to the supreme court because biden might have cheated to win

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      But someone did. Biden won. He already reached 270 electoral points.

  • AnomalousTick

    Jesus emkay is awful now it’s just a bunch of retarded political stuff shut up robin

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      It’s not robin, it’s the subreddits. r/facepalm is full of trump being a dipshit right now so finding nonpolitical stuff is difficult.

  • Max YSM
    Max YSM


  • Kiwi Bird
    Kiwi Bird

    This is so political. lol.

  • Kiwi Bird
    Kiwi Bird

    The kiwi approves.

  • Jessielys Ortiz M.
    Jessielys Ortiz M.

    Biden won, nice also why fight for such a dumb thing like chill people need to accept the results and others opinions but oh well I guess I'm just a all lives matter person, well I can forgive bad people as well, I don't care about your past, your culture, your beliefs, what community your a part of, your skin color, who you love, what music you like etc... yet if you don't realize your wrong ah I can't help you, as long as your not harming others then: ✋😃 hello, pal.

  • Shavaughn Davidson
    Shavaughn Davidson

    Watching from Jamaica your like these last for years were nuts...yet he almost won again

  • Jake Bailey
    Jake Bailey

    I can't believe someone would look at the past eight months and say "more of that please"

  • ベリーֆɦǟʀɨ

    05:11 That is freaking Trevor so now I'm happy

  • gage burks
    gage burks

    Yeah democrats really suck for cheating in this election.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      I gotta agree with thanos here. Trumps just talking out his ass and desperate Trump supporters are eating it up.

    • Thanos

      Except they didn't.

  • Valerie Foster
    Valerie Foster

    I’m saving this video for a special day, 1/20/21 it’s gonna be awesome. 😉 😎

  • Carter

    all 1.4k dislikes are from trumpets

    • Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
      Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

      Also from clarinets

  • • Spooder Studios •
    • Spooder Studios •

    I think we can all come to this conclusion: People who are on the subreddit: Americans - 90% Americans, but in other countries - 10%

  • F-15


  • Potatoman

    Y’know I usually like these vids *until you brought in politics*

  • MLP Real
    MLP Real

    I'm a simple man. I see Michael Rosen, I like.

  • Subhopriya Dutta
    Subhopriya Dutta

    We should have a dedicated subredit for trump tweets.

  • Terezi Pyrope
    Terezi Pyrope

    5:48 *snaps neck up* my dumb bitch brain: l e f 4 d e d?

  • UnsharpenedPencil59

    I'm a Georgian lol

  • Preston Lago
    Preston Lago

    Joe Biden certainly didn’t win and trumps still our pres tiil Jan 20th cause then that’s four years

  • Super Nerd
    Super Nerd

    7:33 red assholes wasn't on the ballot

  • -chimchimw

    My mom is for Trump, and is basically a Karen (Antivax, anti masks and more) she's saying that Trump is a good president because he did something to save children some time ago, and that's litteraly it. She's watching lives from a channel that is basiccaly a Karen maker. I feel really sad about it, i need help, i don't know what to say to her, all the arguments we have, even if i have the strongest arguments ever, she wont listen i really need help i don't know what to do

  • extremegamer807

    Hey America watching the racist, stupid and dumb sh*tshow you guys have on down there is hilarious Just sittin up here in the safety of Canada lmao Edit: from all of the stupidity I feel like I’m going to squeeze my face so hard my eyes are going to explode

  • Isaiah Halonen
    Isaiah Halonen


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