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  • Nathan Connealy
    Nathan Connealy

    Did anyone else hear santa when he was doing his thanos impression?

  • dragonborn813 0
    dragonborn813 0

    Nestle secret services kidnaps him and replaces him with a robot

  • TurtleRetwardZ

    We need an Emkay podcast to listen to offline

  • fortnut bad
    fortnut bad

    6:28 is that a damn destiny reference?

  • Erminium F.
    Erminium F.

    2:45 i dont get it.....


    No don’t worry guys they misgender’d my sister.

  • Talha Salman
    Talha Salman

    6:17 as someone from Pakistan I agree

  • The_Elephant_In_The_Room

    You have insulted Joseph Joestar With that terrible French accent and also hes British

  • RedStar Gaming
    RedStar Gaming

    2:20 can someone explain it for me since I don't get it...

  • Leonel r.s.
    Leonel r.s.

    "We're the main characters, they can't posibly kill us" *Akame ga kill* is typing...

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    12:11 damn kaede really be out there burning us like that huh

  • insert name here
    insert name here

    Emkay:"gaster? gay-ster? Me: r/suddenly gay

  • corenz

    Memes are shit nowadays

  • Mighty LordGypsy
    Mighty LordGypsy

    At 2:30 into the video the guy in blue needs a caption "My Boss"...

  • Gwendalynn Ronau
    Gwendalynn Ronau

    if you actually don't know who Gaster is he is a character from this game called undertale.

  • December 09
    December 09

    7:49 just failed NNN

  • Xx Leozinho Player xX
    Xx Leozinho Player xX

    04:21 Brazil: Is there an age to start drinking?

  • Devastating Drake
    Devastating Drake

    Gaster is an Undertale character.

  • Stardust Holy Crusader
    Stardust Holy Crusader

    W.D. gaster or just gaster for short is a fan-made undertale character

  • earth the world of human
    earth the world of human

    7:06 lol

  • Hat & Hoodie
    Hat & Hoodie

    5:35 Easy, that's the Gru Poster Meme.

  • Julius Baker
    Julius Baker

    That iroh impression tho

  • Jared Solidarios
    Jared Solidarios

    so my aunt doesnt exist according to flat earthers? ok no


    Ukraine is mentioned lets gooooo

  • Madyson Murphy
    Madyson Murphy

    6:33 - 6:37 jokes on you im in to that shit

  • Dan Wolf
    Dan Wolf

    That intro hits home

  • Chance Rabang
    Chance Rabang

    The fact that he knows all that stuff about Yu-Gi-Oh you know he's a nerd about Yu-Gi-oh

  • Michael Wellman
    Michael Wellman

    Karen: people who use guns don’t deserve to live on this world! Her grandpa who used a gun to give her freedom: 👁👄👁

  • PP- PatrickSquare
    PP- PatrickSquare

    That Joseph voice tho 10:05

  • Rui Ayaki
    Rui Ayaki

    gaster is an undertale character. its rare to see him. so there are many theories behind him (like him being the skelebro's dad and the royal scientist before alphys) you pronounce the 'gas' in gatser like the state of matter gas

    • FlameOregu

      Theyre not theories, most of them are said by the actual followers of Gaster.

  • SobBrawl

    Im pretty sure that Gaster is a secret Undertale character

  • Angelina Johnson-Weasley
    Angelina Johnson-Weasley

    3:24 but what if your death day is on leap day- Then its not every year Just every four years *the meme is wrong*

  • Purple Impostor
    Purple Impostor

    gaster is an charecter from undertale and has about 1% to spawn in an save

  • Keith Kogane
    Keith Kogane

    “Don’t look” is slowly zooming in

  • shaxx

    the destiny reference is nice

  • Jena Robinson
    Jena Robinson

    flat earthers claim 'australia doesnt exsist'. Austrailian flat earthers: Stop, Wait a minute

  • Daniel Blaga - Delta Gamer
    Daniel Blaga - Delta Gamer

    Your thanos voice is so-so, but your Heinz Doofenshmeirtz voice, that's flawless

  • Hungryghost01

    2:13 other person off screen afterwards: Jokes on you! Its an anime. Anybody can die at anytime

  • Hellfire Maximus
    Hellfire Maximus

    6:22 anyone else thought of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ?

  • Danielle Gill
    Danielle Gill

    Who is this man

  • MintLemon Tea
    MintLemon Tea

    who is gaster (wrong answers only)

  • Something Cool
    Something Cool

    I miss the three door version of the grim reaper meme.

  • D3M0NB0Y

    What's the name of the distortion effect on the beggining

  • • Curios •
    • Curios •

    Can someone explain “The Clock” thing? I’m so confused

  • Mrsolid&friends 2
    Mrsolid&friends 2

    Bro being irish and the editor is all WTF

  • Odyssey

    As you read this I’m probably eating cereal

  • Andrius MMA
    Andrius MMA

    I came for the thumbnail... *CLOICKBAIT*

  • Corey Baker
    Corey Baker

    2:40 yeah... sure... that's why

    • Corey Baker
      Corey Baker


  • Rudy Hei
    Rudy Hei

    The flat earthers that live in Australia: 😅

  • School Laptop
    School Laptop

    My name is Leonardo and I get scared when I hear Leonardo

  • Son G0ku
    Son G0ku

    10:05 weebs unite

  • Stephanie Sharkey
    Stephanie Sharkey

    HEY IM AUSTRALIAN WHERES MY PAY NASA Edit i just saw what came after... GOD DAM IT

  • Blakelikesfood

    You do not look like Justin Bieber. You look like Aucbar Wildebeest.

  • Lasse Salonen
    Lasse Salonen

    Bloody gas giant

  • Alpha Fox
    Alpha Fox

    I feel hurt by kaede

  • Abdulla Hasrath Hatthu
    Abdulla Hasrath Hatthu

    OMG YES I CAN FINALLY COMENT YES MY RESTRICTIONS ARE TOO WEAK TO WORK ANYMORE My youtube restrictions: Observe Edit ik it’s not gud but I tried I’m sry lol

  • Justin Connors
    Justin Connors


  • Myrediamond 1
    Myrediamond 1

    The gaster is from undertale search it

  • Mechanicol TM
    Mechanicol TM

    9:19 bro why does he look like my science teacher

  • Dandelion Dandylion
    Dandelion Dandylion

    The man who speaks in hands

  • Karma TuT
    Karma TuT

    18:00 I think they meant Gaster from undertale, if you never heard of him that's because to find him you have to be ridiculously lucky or you have to hack

  • Liggliluff

    (14:50) When you use the wrong voice. But to be fair, the first screenshot is misleading. Dr. Doofenshmirtz does speak both lines. The sock puppet doesn't speak any line.

  • Thomas The Offroad Train
    Thomas The Offroad Train

    Ive never seen such bullsht before >:(

  • Herkus Bilius
    Herkus Bilius

    The guy in thumbnail looks like katy perry

  • michael beats
    michael beats

    Is it an animation? 6:31

  • michael beats
    michael beats

    I dont get it 3:20

  • Blue leaf
    Blue leaf

    I was surprised when i see gaster emkay

  • Nothing2SeeHere

    W.D. gaster from undertale

  • Non Existence
    Non Existence

    I’d be a shame if someone told Jack that Gaster is a character from Undertale that is somewhat ghost-like and doesn’t really exist but does at the same time.

  • Konahagakure Village
    Konahagakure Village

    6:31 far left is an ian

    • Konahagakure Village
      Konahagakure Village

      @michael beats no, its an drawing

    • michael beats
      michael beats

      Is it an animation

  • That one Nugget
    That one Nugget

    The fact that he didn’t know who Gaster is why I’m not liking this video but I’m not disliking it. (Btw Gaster is a character from Undertale.)

    • Karma TuT
      Karma TuT

      Gaster is ridiculously difficult to find so I wouldn't blame him

  • Haru

    aye, any of the danganropa fans notice Kaede

  • Jackson Hollis
    Jackson Hollis

    Gaster is a pokemon.

  • Yyc Aviation
    Yyc Aviation

    Ohh the memes

  • supamex 13
    supamex 13

    bro wtf is wrong with nestle

  • Double YT
    Double YT

    Gaster from undertale (gaa-ster)

  • The useless pickle eater
    The useless pickle eater

    I miss Damian lee

    • Karma TuT
      Karma TuT

      Go to his channel then

  • *V.I.P* BREAD
    *V.I.P* BREAD

    Yes, More, MOREEEEE!!!!!

  • The Spicy Fox
    The Spicy Fox

    18:01Kind of looks like Bill cipher

  • Wenn

    9:54, is it normak for me to laugh to death?

  • Minty

    Why does the cop in the meme look so wholesome

  • Spartacus 0911
    Spartacus 0911

    For once the dad didn’t go get milk

  • Julian Vasquez
    Julian Vasquez

    who misses damien? 👉

  • Hells_fargo


  • Achmad Haikal Munawar
    Achmad Haikal Munawar

    Yes in fact the guy in the thumbnail looks like a justin bieber if he smoke Nutella instead of weed

  • Glitch 234
    Glitch 234

    14:30 why is websites Russian???

  • 200 200
    200 200

    "We're main characters. They cant kill us" *Danganronpa V3*

  • Enzo 0203
    Enzo 0203

    gaster:exists emkay:does not know gaster me:this is big brain time

  • Moe Chaaban
    Moe Chaaban

    1:32 look at the downvotes that's what happened

  • sup bois
    sup bois

    Why did he sound like John doe from batman the enemy within at 3:31 or is that just me?

  • Caid Farhat
    Caid Farhat

    Gaster's an undertale character

  • woke

    1:33... sure it may have 190 awards, a removed account and comment b-but 12.5k downvotes

  • Keebricks

    2:20 can someone explain I dont get it

  • Edgy Frog
    Edgy Frog

    Gaster is an undertale character

  • Rusty draws
    Rusty draws

    8:38 the Mac book should be a iPad cuz haveing this peace of scrap metal is like playing on a Nokia but I breaks when I tap on it

  • Yunus Emre Topkara
    Yunus Emre Topkara

    Gaster is an actually not real but real undertale character

  • yellow

    pretty sure, half way sure, gaster is sans and paps dad from undertale. idk maybe i'm stupid, haven't played the full game yet, only got to the core

  • Llama Milk
    Llama Milk

    WARNING SPOILERS 2:13 Jonathon joestar: am I a joke to you?

  • mushrom

    here more memes uzload.info/fun/mYStZ6ifuaCMyIE/video

  • A person in the Noahnoah’s army
    A person in the Noahnoah’s army

    Oh no no

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