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  • Nova Nebulous
    Nova Nebulous

    Kids in the virtual meeting said they couldn't hear the teacher very well. He replied with "What hell do you want me to do? Should have come in person". Sir...you would know what to do if you actually listened to the tech smart kids instead of cutting them off by saying a rude and condescending "okay things" followed by a kindergarten teacher worthy thumbs up.

  • Starcrafter Augustine
    Starcrafter Augustine

    I hope when he said 9 is a movie that he actually knew about the movie 9

  • Aistis Grabys
    Aistis Grabys

    8:49 heyyyy that hapenned in Lithuania (I guessed it because of the product name and I live in Lithuania so...)

  • Zero the Hero
    Zero the Hero

    Please tell me he ACTUALLY watched 9 and KNOWS how much of a good movie it actually is.

  • insert name here
    insert name here

    When I saw the thumbnail, I immediately thought of the movie 9. If you have android here is proof. www.google.com/search?q=9&oq=9&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i131i433j0j0i433j0.724j0j9&client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

  • Talon1124

    As someone who works in retail. We do /not/ actually get paid to clean up after customers.

  • Catsmeow2009

    0:08 ah yes I love my favorite subreddit merldlyinfariating

  • The Rambling Idiots
    The Rambling Idiots

    8:35 I get people just leaving crap around but that looks like raw meat and there's a myriad of issues with that. 1. The raw meat may spoil fairly quickly under heat if it's not already frozen. 2. Even with packaged/wrapped goods, you shouldn't put raw meat in the vicinity of other food products. Stores have all of that separated for a reason. While it's not a guarantee, there is a high chance this person could have potentially ruined the food they didn't care to put back AND the food they placed it with.

  • Phantombit

    AT Mcdonalds they aren't "told" to fill no ice beverages lower they have an automated machine that fills it to a certain amount of ice and beverage with 2 button pushes, they just don't push the ice button when you ask for no ice and thus you get the same amount of drink... still infuriating.

  • Cookie Wolfe
    Cookie Wolfe

    3:29 Is it just me or does that egg look like someone's cooking a pimple?

  • Gacha Willow
    Gacha Willow

    2:00 its not "Say Not To Masks" its "Say No To Masks"

  • Levy Paauw
    Levy Paauw

    r/Merldyinfartiating Sorry for long thing's now you'r finger / mouse had enough!

  • Lit Potat
    Lit Potat


  • Maxima Masmac
    Maxima Masmac

    at 0:56 as a graphics designer, I sadly have to inform you, that most logos and designs are made ''flawed'' intentionally to appear more correct. honestly, just look at how fonts are made, I dare you.

  • CrimSlime King
    CrimSlime King

    (12:44) They didn’t even have to screenshot, google has a download photo feature

  • Peyton Switka
    Peyton Switka

    For the thumbnail jokes on them my favorite movie is 1917

  • Raizen Clark Osman
    Raizen Clark Osman

    why does it say /merdlyinfariating ???

  • Splatt

    8:30 if only we could pick it up like confetti in paper mario

  • GoslingGamesCoding

    10:00 idon't know if he was just being silly by saying a number or actually saying the movie 9

  • Gavin

    3:35 looks like elmo has some HATE in his soul.

  • Ines Jozić
    Ines Jozić

    In 9:12 yeah, i think youre talking about right series.

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    EA Sports the micro transactions are in the game

  • finn-arild orf
    finn-arild orf

    the E, A, and Y in EmKay are scilent

  • Fall’s channel
    Fall’s channel

    Ah yes my favorite movie. *6.*

  • KYCrusher1

    The thumbnail reminds me of the security questions some websites ask for. If you try to put down a name like CJ, sometimes it will say, the name has to be more than four letters. Like, what if their name isn’t an abbreviation like Lee. I know you can add last names but it’s kind of annoying

  • Meowie Daan
    Meowie Daan

    Piano cat is cute not stupid 12:53

  • Meowie Daan
    Meowie Daan

    I wrote 2 comments

  • Meowie Daan
    Meowie Daan

    The only thing to say watching this video is: "Could you not?"

  • Aaron Allen
    Aaron Allen

    2:22 *why is nobody commenting about how it says sign up and get an extra one for free*

  • Chandler Plays
    Chandler Plays

    when i first clicked on the video i was un-disappointed lol

  • Jackson Pendleton
    Jackson Pendleton

    3:09 or a cat 3:09 or a cat 3:09 or a cat 3:09 or a ca 3:09 or a cat 3:09 or a cat 3:09 or a cat 3:09 or a cat 3:09 or a cat

  • Chahel Gaming
    Chahel Gaming

    anyone notice the intro said merdly??? that was kind of annoying hmm i wonder

  • Andre Watson
    Andre Watson

    13:13 it’s the sausage pack from sausage party!

  • Oskar Kullgren
    Oskar Kullgren

    It said merldyinfuriating


    7:15 wtf when did you think of my name HOLY

  • JurDan757

    0:05 nice sponsor ad(how im supposed to say it........)

  • cornn flaek
    cornn flaek

    "I'm your host Robin and today..." always makes the video better.

  • Vulpus Armoury Productions
    Vulpus Armoury Productions

    at 17 I punched my stepdad for doing 5:43

    • Vulpus Armoury Productions
      Vulpus Armoury Productions

      context: he had been doing it for months and I asked him politely to not do so, I like peanut butter but hate jam and marmalade, he loved it. six months of me asking once a week not to do it and I snapped and punched him in the floating ribs.

  • Colton Wolff
    Colton Wolff

    How is he only mad at the games or what ever they are

  • Squirrel E.
    Squirrel E.

    5:31 holy Jesus WHAT IS THAT WTF IS THAT

  • YourBoyJordy1

    15:44 open the video on your phone a go full screen if you like to trigger odc

  • IamCoalfoot

    Yes, Marshmallows smell better than they taste. At least commercial ones; the recipe has been tweaked to make them cheaper and to last longer on the shelf. They smell and taste _roughly_ the same, but not _quite._ And since they have so much air, the taste gets spread out. Or something. I don't like marshmallows much. Maybe I'm old.

  • Ezra Frisby
    Ezra Frisby

    9 is one of my favorite movies I like 8 in that movie and I also live in 87


    Big Jake is about 9 feet (3% of a football field)

  • Meagan Bailey
    Meagan Bailey

    "I'd love to go to New York!" made me laugh unreasonably hard

  • Aidan Conti
    Aidan Conti

    My favorite movie is also better off dead

  • nexus1g

    Lost it at "....Paris... Idaho...?" "Yeah... You got it... How much?" Just the frustrated defeat you conveyed in your voice. I was drinking. Soda almost up my nose.

  • nexus1g

    8:33 Yeah, I was that sap at one time. Worked maintenance at a strip mall. Janitorial was part of it, constituting daily routine with actual maintenance being peppered throughout. Worst was when I had to clean up explosive diarrhea from someone who didn't quite make it. Left the brown, sogged-out underwear behind even.

  • Zeta Kiri
    Zeta Kiri

    Hello... Dunno if its just me me but you didnt notice the double me me did you?

  • Shark Boy
    Shark Boy

    Is no one going to notice that they miss spelled mildly wrong at 0:07

  • T Ron
    T Ron

    But McDonald’s sprit is just different you know

  • N O
    N O

    Ah yes my favorite subreddit, r/merldlyinfariating

  • Curl Roblox
    Curl Roblox

    imagine finally getting all the money to buy the newest laptop sending it to home and using it but your little dumb brother dumps water on it thinking its a toy

  • Parker Guerrero-Spencer
    Parker Guerrero-Spencer

    its funny because there is a actual movie called 9

  • Margaret George
    Margaret George

    !o! Oh no I hate all of this cuz OH NO

  • Jitka Kratochvilova
    Jitka Kratochvilova

    15:06 Oh...OK 15:10 BUT YOURE SUBSCRIBED! Faker!

  • ꧁The Troop꧂
    ꧁The Troop꧂

    ሃዐሁዪ ልጠልጊጎክኗ If yiu read this then yiu know what it says! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Alien Weeb
    Alien Weeb

    Homie says merdly infuriating

  • Strawburry Milk
    Strawburry Milk

    Dear anti mask Karen’s School kids wear masks 6-8 hours straight, sometimes through gym, shut up

  • Silk

    The one with the two star rating is basically people who say "first dislike' like what?

  • Richie

    Is it just me or is it mildly infuriating that the background isn’t even white

  • Pikachu Plays
    Pikachu Plays

    3:34 Elmo looks so traumatized

  • Talia/tetriQuinn

    2:10 BRUH FR WHY IS THAT THERE The amount of times I've "plugged in" my Switch like that

  • luis castillo
    luis castillo

    𝓁ℴ𝓁 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓇ℯ𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓏ℯ 𝒶𝒷ℴ𝓊𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝓇 ℊ

  • Bakugo Katsuki
    Bakugo Katsuki


  • George Rice
    George Rice

    The title is mildly infuriating in my opinion

  • lol wut
    lol wut

    4:40 that is actually the incorrect answer, it’s not a number value / decimal / fraction, the 1/2 is the direction a line is going, forward once and up twice. 0.5 isn’t correct.

  • Tawain

    About the thumbnail: It may not be my favorite movies but it's one of my favorites: 9! It's underated and I love it

  • Mythical Titan
    Mythical Titan


  • Zackery Draws
    Zackery Draws


  • Gaster

    UZload on my TV forced me to update BUT THERE IS NO UPDATE BUTTON Thanks UZload! Very cool! Edit: hmm maybe I should post it on r/mildlyinfuriating Edit2: nah It's 2 AM I need to sleep

  • Space Whales Draws
    Space Whales Draws

    9 is an actual movie it’s creepy as fuck

  • Thomas Mcdaniel
    Thomas Mcdaniel

    Hey no hate but 7:49 they give the height in inches but they also put iteams , all be it guitars are a questionable choice but iteams that’s lots know the general height like when you here 17.5 inches you won’t install know what that height is but three cans you would know the basic height that is all oh and also your three percent of a foot ball field is fucking stupid just saying because no one has ever known that and lots of people guess what know the basic size of a foot ball field now that is all

  • Cherry Limeade
    Cherry Limeade

    “What’s your favorite movie? Must be a number” 1917, doesn’t matter if it isn’t your favorite, it’ll get you through the question

    • yumiko_ izuki75
      yumiko_ izuki75

      There's also a movie called "9"

  • RageDasher

    For Google's defense, it's actually because that's a symbol that they aren't perfect, despite being 99.999% correct.

  • *insert username*
    *insert username*


  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee

    Lol can we talk about that amazing intro?

  • TheHypnoses

    4:40 Thats how it is supposed to be, its supposed to be the number of steps it goes up over the number it goes right so a decimal wouldnt make any sense

    • TheHypnoses

      Its not -one half its -1 over 2

  • Manju-el Variador
    Manju-el Variador

    Joke's on you, my favourite movie is 300

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones

    3:34 they wanted it to look like like someone else so the children wouldnt realize there eating there favorite childhood friend

  • Shorse

    I don’t mean to bring sadness on anyone with such a great video but I’d like to bring attention to the sick freak that’s posting dead cats on his UZload channel and killing them acting like it’s ok here is his disgusting channel spread the word uzload.info/wiki/VLL7iMnc9qMPnmvkP4uZJg

  • person

    Maybe 007 will work.

  • Alyssas World
    Alyssas World

    The intro makes me miss Damien more

    • Alyssas World
      Alyssas World

      @Mole. CHR I know that! I subscribed to him like 9 months ago I just miss him on Emkay

    • Mole. CHR
      Mole. CHR

      He has his own channel Damien lee

  • BluLite Animations
    BluLite Animations

    3:52 that’s kind of smart actually, to prevent people from running in the halls

  • CommentBot

    That hallway would be cool to walk in though

  • Rob Walsh
    Rob Walsh

    Robin go full out rage mode next time cause I laughed really hard when u said god damn it

  • unusual chaos
    unusual chaos

    1:11 "Does that Moderator have stupid?"

  • MadaraThe4th Uchiha
    MadaraThe4th Uchiha

    _im mr king dice, im the greatest in the land_ ~ Literally all of EmKays videos in the background

  • ilikemetroidvanias

    4:39 To be fair, slope equations are usually written in fractions to help people understand them easier. Yknow, the whole “rise over run thing.” It should still count though...

  • ilikemetroidvanias

    There’s a charger by my desk that just BARELY covers 3 outlets. There’s about half a centimeter that covers it and I just can’t quite put anything in that outlet i guess

  • SignalToGround

    ngl the intro music is a STRAIGHT BANGER

  • xPearl_Heartx

    4:31 Why is the phrase “negative one half” so goddamn funny to my stupid mind? I spent a good 2 minutes laughing at it Clearly more than I should.

  • PlayerCraft

    My favorite movie is 9

  • Madelyn Sword
    Madelyn Sword

    Did anyone else notice that there was a typo in the intro part? Instead of it saying r/mildlyinfuriating it said r/merdlyinfariating.

  • Yume does StorieZ
    Yume does StorieZ

    “Merldy Infuriating” ...You got me there.

  • • KinnuKaii •
    • KinnuKaii •

    That was so merldly infariating

  • Possibly Dell Honne
    Possibly Dell Honne

    the "I'm gonna kill your brother" was so desperate and genuine

  • ARC the Cartoon Master
    ARC the Cartoon Master

    2:00 Wait... did you say the esophagus? The food pipe? So... do you swallow oxygen? 3:41 Oh hey, it's expected on my -22nd birthday! :)

  • Minecraft 36
    Minecraft 36

    Breath and breathe- “I took a breath” and “I can breathe”

  • TheD1fficult

    "they are paid to do it" mentally dies with the boomers.