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  • Mangowl Draws
    Mangowl Draws

    That girl sleep over thing 100% correct

  • Sophia Kalenza
    Sophia Kalenza

    “I never know what to expect with this one” You expect the unexpected

  • Charlotte_ Dagenheart
    Charlotte_ Dagenheart

    Regular girl sleepover: food, makeup, taking to each other My girls sleepover: being ignored by everyone despite being the one who hosted it

  • Mayadot

    7:00 Didn't expect that from someone with a Kaede icon- 8:45 Edit: Speaking of Kaede this is legit what happened to her lol

  • John Bewley
    John Bewley

    Difference between girls and boys sleepovers: girls sleepovers exist.

  • Stella Thivierge
    Stella Thivierge

    Girls sleepovers: Food, screaming, forts, truth or dare, trying to sleep and then getting back up just to do more dumb stuff.

  • wOo WoO
    wOo WoO

    My friends hosting sleepovers: Crying Arguing Being moody A little bit of food Ignoring me When I host them: Sleep and you *dįę* A *lOt* of food *Mįñęçråft* A little ✨drama✨ Harassing my brother Annoying my dä *d* :)

  • Chibo- chan
    Chibo- chan

    14:34 ngl. I bet that most of us here can truly relate to that--

  • ordinary dreams
    ordinary dreams

    did i see kaede

  • Remy The spicy rat
    Remy The spicy rat

    Me and my friends actually tried to summon a demon with ribbon and Cheeto puffs once

  • Shoray

    Never been on a sleepoever so i don't know

  • brandon storer
    brandon storer

    My sleep overs are like breaking shit jumping kids and busting open doors and robbing

  • Angie

    Nah,usually I just divided myself into pieces and talk to myself and call it a slumber party

  • Sophia Williams
    Sophia Williams

    woman sleep overs are ever scarier than you can imagine

  • PorzioKnight 15
    PorzioKnight 15

    0:08 Chase your dreams? More than like, fly with your dreams

  • atropa

    Gals, you're forgetting... we smoke an extremely gargantuan amount of weed that was supposed to kill us but it didn't.

  • { Galaxy Gacha Bun}
    { Galaxy Gacha Bun}

    Me at 6 years old: hello. Me is Trans ( im a woman) :] Person: wot is dis 'trans' you speak of?

  • _Dont Ask_
    _Dont Ask_


  • Fin Infinite
    Fin Infinite

    For some reason the advertisements currently have me pegged as a mother of at least one baby who needs diapers and loves (women's) perfume. I'm a man who *definitely* has no children and my wife and I are not planning on having any for a while, so, UZload, please stop sending me diaper ads. And also, please only send me cologne ads lol

  • Joseph Watson
    Joseph Watson

    10:47 I have done that I put it in perfectly

  • Leilani Reddy
    Leilani Reddy

    At a real girl sleep over: Eat everything Play video games Annoy the people who wanna sleep Art Music Be bored

  • Roope Männistö
    Roope Männistö

    Helsinki is in finland so welcome To finland

  • animal awesomeness
    animal awesomeness

    i feel like i stay to the end of your videos just so i can feel good about staying here

  • Almighty Tries
    Almighty Tries

    3:08 *yes*

  • Anonymous

    11:50 Whos we? Who the fuck is we?

  • Your Asscheek Hair
    Your Asscheek Hair

    My girl sleepover we put maxi pads on my wall and we poured red gatorade on it

  • Perhe Räsänen
    Perhe Räsänen

    17:32 GO TO GOOGLE TRANSLATE it is not pronounced like that and it hurts my Finnish brain

  • Lazuras Fernandez
    Lazuras Fernandez

    Like my comment so we can do the *I edited my comment so you donr know why I got so much likes* plz

  • Virtual Vespi
    Virtual Vespi

    15:40 hey if you stylized the letters like graffiti it actually looks great.

  • Joshua Sudarsono
    Joshua Sudarsono

    10:48 astrotrain in transformers being able to fit like 100x his size

  • MegaEXMax

    14:42 can 100% relate. As a kid who stays up late at 1am to grab his father's laptop to play roblox because parents said no to gaming until holidays. Yes can totally relate.

  • Keira Etchison
    Keira Etchison

    5:30 This is pretty much accurate, except they left out the part where we chant "Satan is DADDY!" and then run around wildly while God repeatedly tries to strike us down.


    14:42 why am I able to do all those things

  • Potato Person
    Potato Person

    The sleepover is correct

  • Marit RiceBarr
    Marit RiceBarr

    15:33:HAHA jokes on you im in Bed!

  • Little Cookie
    Little Cookie

    I never had a sleepover so idk

  • First name last name
    First name last name

    Hey I wanna argue anyone up for it

  • Finding Happiness
    Finding Happiness

    The only time I use a sticker the same day I buy it is when I knew what I wanted to do with it before I got it, after weeks of debating rather or not I want to do it

  • Dragonballgamer _ninja
    Dragonballgamer _ninja

    4:26 Police officer: mam I must bring the bad news that everyone is dead Lady: oh no wha- wait how are u al- Bang Lady: oh

  • Samuel Aguilar
    Samuel Aguilar

    6:53 dang kaede you actually thought of that while playing the piano? Damn

  • PrincessPrecure459

    8:42 Me: *Danganronpa V3 flashbacks*

  • AndyTheDandyGamer

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To use his RPG on the assholes who killed his brother.

  • Charmy

    girl sleepover: a bunch of drunk toddlers that fall asleep at 3 am.

  • stranzor

    Ur awesome emkay

  • Pxqqa

    8:41 Danganronpa V3: *a r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t* *?*

  • OilRig

    Meirl. Thats a word now.

  • the potato gamer
    the potato gamer

    man i don't know what kinda sleep overs girls have or shit but my favorite thing to do is summon Cthulu from the depths of the sea

  • Lady Lyana
    Lady Lyana

    I just realized this vid is posted on my birthday

  • Tundra Flower
    Tundra Flower

    *_5:35_**_-It's usually just with my best friend. We say "bro" and "dude" alot, we talk to each other about our personal problems, crushes who are too clueless to like us back, anime, hot women, and we eat some food. We also get the snacks we stashed up and the chicken nuggets + fried my mom makes. I make sure to get her a soda as soon as she walks in the door. My mom gets her to talk about her home/family issues and gives her advice (my best friend wishes my mom was her mom, and she calls her "Mom 2.O" because her own mom sucks). We tell each other about the anime merch we have saved on Amazon, Holiday/Birthday gifts in the future, and literally anything else we find interesting. I really enjoy it._*

  • Leo The Friendly Creeper
    Leo The Friendly Creeper


  • Daniel Waters
    Daniel Waters

    I am on an office chair at the lowest setting, w/ my torso on the seat, my phone on the floor. So my back Is very much straight.

  • agent zero
    agent zero

    call me carsins

  • Frank Von Piechowski
    Frank Von Piechowski

    I love masks I wear them the whole day( not my house included) because I don't want anyone to see my face.

  • PugPowerPlayz

    12:44 I’m in this meme and I don’t like it


    due today ... H I I A M T H E H A R D E S T

  • Just A Random Person
    Just A Random Person

    12:08 IM NOT ALONE HOLY-

  • Just A Brazilian Dragonborn
    Just A Brazilian Dragonborn

    8:40 *JoJo part 1: ...*

  • Gradey the Savage 12345678910100
    Gradey the Savage 12345678910100

    4:00 the three horsemen prv

  • Spas Spasov
    Spas Spasov

    “Believe you me” 4:28

  • Airidas Lukosius
    Airidas Lukosius

    Introvert sleep over : anxiety , anxiety, anxiety , anxiety, anxiety.

  • ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ
    ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ

    female sleepovers: must summon a demon (w my friend group we like to call melissa), talk abt our problems, maybe create voodoo dolls for the people we hate, listen to music together, stay up til 5 am having mental breakdowns together

    • ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ
      ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ

      did i mention eat, eat, walk through a forest at 1 am, eat, summon a ghost an relate w its problems, did I say eat

  • Samantha Kawelmacher
    Samantha Kawelmacher

    I was in theater club and once our club president hosted a sleep over...... I'm sure you can guess what kind OF witchcraft we did on the principal......

  • Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore

    14:14 even if you try to use “stuart has a car and plane and a cat”, remy has a friggin rat army and a human, so yea, remy is gonna win no matter what

  • Blackspace

    1:05 thats how i feel about serial killers

  • Ryan Spikowski
    Ryan Spikowski

    Let’s just make this clear that covid is going to be free and it’s the most unlikely deadly virus. Save your friends with knowledge please :)

  • Denied Games
    Denied Games

    Fuck Vesuvios. Yellowstone could take out the entirety of America. and could even reach japan.

  • •Tae - licious•
    •Tae - licious•

    15:43 they didn’t have to diss hyori lee like that tho

  • •Tae - licious•
    •Tae - licious•

    8:29 the comic is called Bluechair and you can read it on WEBTOON I suggest reading his comics because they’re funny and relatable :) I would appreciate if u could check it out. You don’t have to though. Ok hope you guys have a nice day 😊✨

  • SenciLily :3
    SenciLily :3

    11:52 Robin, ur not human human then :O

  • BrokenBoys - Marlboroso
    BrokenBoys - Marlboroso

    Depressed depression is a real thing, happens to me all the time

  • Quack

    8:47 I just did 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, and 150 20 pound weight curls, and 100 jumping jacks. If that’s not random motivation at 2am Idk what is

  • nightmare dan
    nightmare dan

    What is so different about times new roman? I looked it up and it looks the same apart from 1 or 2 dots anove like 3 other letters. So i dont feel different

  • Modern Combat
    Modern Combat

    I mean at my sleepovers if you tried to move me when I was asleep I would punch you in my sleep

  • P3 Double EH
    P3 Double EH

    14:56 wtf i was born in october of 2007. hmmm🧐

  • Lavender Gacha
    Lavender Gacha

    Girl sleepovers: talk about random stuff, school, people we think are annoying, and curse

  • Saoirse the siren dragon
    Saoirse the siren dragon

    other girl sleepovers: makeup, gossip, photos, social media, other girly things my seep overs: Teaching my friends how to box, Minecraft, challenge to see who can stay up the longest, and talking about fanfic

  • Sergal Eclipse
    Sergal Eclipse

    Where's the f****** deity mate I've done it 50 times I've put my stinking sleeping bag in back in its sleep in the sleeping bag bag 50 times

  • mad card collector
    mad card collector

    I've never had a problem getting a sleeping bag back in the sleeping bag bag. IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!!

  • Da last odd weeb
    Da last odd weeb

    Oh uhh we i was so close to killing my bff since we were doing a ritual and we ate human flesh for the....ritual

  • *Cottencandy_ Sugar*
    *Cottencandy_ Sugar*

    For the girls sleepovers well I can’t tell you anything I know cause nobody invites to there Parties TvT

  • Catty Purple
    Catty Purple

    "maybe on your toilet yeah accessorize your toilet they're always boring white or eggshell"

  • Aria Saito
    Aria Saito


  • Never Right
    Never Right

    I know why Daniel wants to get carried away by owls. HE WANTS TO GO TO HOGWARTS. You go Daniel.

  • Zaldatil zaldatill
    Zaldatil zaldatill

    4:27 Well it's a zombie Comming for the last human ecouse every one is dead. Wait then ur also dead

  • Thijs Pluis
    Thijs Pluis

    2 things. 1: bonless chicken wings arent wings. And 2: chicken nugets arent bineless

  • Addie caldwell
    Addie caldwell

    I’m so dyslexic I read me irl as Meril

  • Jocelyn Barr
    Jocelyn Barr

    girls sleepovers are all of that but with more pentagrams carved in the backyard and crying about our problems so its basically just a sadistic therapy session

  • Just a Giraffe
    Just a Giraffe

    1:08 can confirm

  • chocolate pudding
    chocolate pudding

    During school me and my friends tried to summon demons

  • A̶N̶X̶I̶O̶U̶S̶ a r t e e s t TM
    A̶N̶X̶I̶O̶U̶S̶ a r t e e s t TM

    4:02 man that was like targeted at me......༎ຶ‿༎ຶ I made my anxious for a reason.

  • lilie. emiri
    lilie. emiri

    5:54 *and yet, the feeling of deleting them is excruciating*

  • I'm ÇrÀzY
    I'm ÇrÀzY

    I'm friends with gamer and weeb girls, so all we do is fangirl over ships and play video games

  • Jordan Beath
    Jordan Beath

    B-...... bing?!

  • I put the stupid in stupendous
    I put the stupid in stupendous

    Girl sleepover for me: 1. Only have 1 other person with me. 2. Binge watch every movie we can find. 3. Get up in the middle of the night for food. 4. Try to summon a demon 5. Brainstorm random ideas and start to get way too serious about one of them. 6. Simp for a fictional character 7. Get way too serious about a pillow fight 8. Discuss life 9. Go to sleep 10. Just kidding we don't sleep we simply ascend to the heavens and fight historical figures lol

  • Gacha Life honey
    Gacha Life honey

    5:35 they know to much

  • Cameron Muniz
    Cameron Muniz

    I'm 12 and I dont understand kids my age lol

  • Eppier

    So i nearly had a heartattack watching this video, at exactly 3:26 (dont click if the faint of heart) you said "Boo" AHHhh, just typing it makes me feel weird, please refrain from saying boo in the future, thank you

  • luckygamer621

    Me orders same day delivery at 11:59:59

  • Happy Otter Man
    Happy Otter Man

    I hate how the US is one of the smartest and one of the dumbest

  • thememedoggo

    1:19 hot wheels exclusive amazon van Warning: wheels are actually hot because it goes 300 mph depending when order time, and do not stand in front of you when going high speeds