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  • Mary beth
    Mary beth

    The pigeon one is so me

  • Kevin Lor
    Kevin Lor

    You can flavor the water it called mio I'm not saying it in a mean way I'm saying it in a nice way

  • Spicy Lemon
    Spicy Lemon

    He called the pizza man Swedish and said ikea. *Cries in Italian*

  • Killer Sans
    Killer Sans


  • James Garnett
    James Garnett

    Everyone remind me in 5 years to make the chicken game when I hopefully learn to code

  • Denied Games
    Denied Games

    Wait people had 40 minute classes. I'm not sure about anyone else here but my school had 65 minute classes. It was horrible.

  • A p p l e J u i c e
    A p p l e J u i c e

    I love Lexi so much, shes so funny, il her sm

  • FrozenStarlight

    crunchy lethargic meat sandwich lol

  • _† K e v i n W h i t e †_
    _† K e v i n W h i t e †_


  • GothicSlytherin

    I’m a major introvert and complete smart ass so at roll call i would say unfortunately instead of here yeah my teachers hated me JOKES ON THEM CAUSE NOW IM A HISTORY TEACHER AND ALL MY STUDENTS LOVE ME!

  • Noob Roblox player
    Noob Roblox player

    Lexi : what’s up sexy I’m Lexi Me : awwwwwww thanks

  • Homie

    Wait if our gut microbiome influences our brain is that the reason we always have debates in our heads


    ha ha data go brr brr

  • Mike KSP
    Mike KSP

    11:35 Thats actually an inerzial navigation system

  • Moobloom Bees moobloom
    Moobloom Bees moobloom

    15:58 sir it’s a pikmin costume

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    Lexi is me, but older and female

    • Hello World
      Hello World

      And a less dark sense of humor

  • this is my channel hi
    this is my channel hi

    My name is before Aaron in alphabetical order, suffer, aarons.

  • Holdmy M4
    Holdmy M4

    17:52 In Mexico we say "Ven pa ka che gato!"

  • Cameron Merchlinsky
    Cameron Merchlinsky

    I have adhd

  • Sol2210


  • Lengewene The green man
    Lengewene The green man

    18:14 this can technically go on infinitely because that meme is gen z humor

  • Choose Freedom
    Choose Freedom

    you realize New Zealand actually lock people up in 'quarantine camps' until you submit for a test and wait 14 days?

  • Tratt Skaft
    Tratt Skaft

    Im swedish and my name is Aron

  • Glitched Gaming&music13
    Glitched Gaming&music13

    i can still sleep in the car, especially while driving

  • Aneuri Rodriguez
    Aneuri Rodriguez

    It’s a musket

  • Idk Lumity I guess?
    Idk Lumity I guess?

    My favorite small bean girl

  • Egg Dude
    Egg Dude

    12:07 and have a plan to kill everyone you meet

  • Metro_Mutt

    0:30 me with this channel, i miss damien

  • Timothy Bliss
    Timothy Bliss

    Wimp I wake up at 1am

  • vw voidwave
    vw voidwave

    12:43 I'm gonna beat that

  • Matthew _
    Matthew _

    Lexi is amazing but what happened to Damien

  • Zelo The Hyena
    Zelo The Hyena

    I love how Lexi talks to themself in third person. Like- Just post them on r/MeIrl and I mean-you got me down- how many other people we got? XD

  • Odyssey


  • Mochi

    9:15 this us the most wholesome voice ever and you cannot tell me otherwise

  • Daedric Ender
    Daedric Ender

    9:33 ..... I feel called out....

  • Monkey

    Hold on 9 melons equals one SQUARE block of melon but in the other picture the melon is round

  • Parker Whitbeck
    Parker Whitbeck

    Did you roll a natural 1 on a dnd roll n your dungeon master gave you the stewie bee n it rocked your shit with fashion

  • Alfred Levin
    Alfred Levin


  • King Ammonite
    King Ammonite

    Dreams are Narnia: you can enter them and experience an entire life time, the return and only a few seconds have passed.


    That intro that said r/meirl without a "_" is r/mildlyinfuriating

  • kid Berda
    kid Berda

    Ok he recorded him self saying adapt and played it over and over again change my mind

  • Mirela Miljak
    Mirela Miljak

    Actually takes 8 wattermelon slices to make a watermellon

  • HuffThePuff

    I sleep looking at the wall I'd rather die and not see a boogyman than see a boogyman and die

  • Drifting Zoomer
    Drifting Zoomer

    Was that adhd supposed to be funny or no because I’m adhd



  • Hyphen

    Lexi i listen to your videos during online class and end up not writing stuff i have to write because i pay attention more to the subreddits

  • pigeon.

    0:04 Percrabs

  • Ink and Error
    Ink and Error

    omg lexi youre FUCKING ADORABLE

  • I Made A Thing
    I Made A Thing

    12:17, I dunno... Seeing something from CNN isn't one of the best methods for facts.

  • Randuem Games
    Randuem Games

    I started watching Emkay dering school and now I want to be the person reading the memes

  • Roque Crafter
    Roque Crafter

    Oh. Today is 4 November and I saw 4 October and thought it was today... "Why didn't the notifications warn me about a new video?!" I feel so dumb right now....

  • Marshmallow the existential
    Marshmallow the existential

    9:32 I feel called out

  • Shiinoxi - Chawn
    Shiinoxi - Chawn

    17:51 as a Scottish girl I can say that this is 100% true

  • Soft_Box

    I thought lexi was a boy Huh.

  • Ethan Collard
    Ethan Collard

    I too make friends with everyones pets. I don’t know why, and i don’t know how. Im just happy i get to cuddle them :)

  • mothman

    10:10 *laughs in Detroit*

  • CaptainCheezee121

    The thing is with the boogeyman one, it so much more comfortable when not facing the door, but if you cover you head up so you only have a nose hole for breathing, it’s so good

  • money6750

    9:27 am I the only one to get overly annoyed at them changing the "has been" to "was"?

  • FieldApollo

    I am so happy some one I (know) also says piss off

  • Greely Playz
    Greely Playz

    "I would probably be a computer desk with a shotgun" Well that's how you know Lexi is American

    • Greely Playz
      Greely Playz

      I would be a tote box with a jackhammer ngl

  • woew oki
    woew oki

    9:34 I feel targeted

  • ApplePigGuy

    Incorrect or not the USA is the worst game in America for now but the glitter of this game so much better for a long weekend is the worst game ever and the game has to go 8.30pm with it for the next two years so that it is free to take a look and let the player know what it was for and it is a very exciting time to Autocorrect

  • Soul Slayer
    Soul Slayer

    The adapt part made me really uncomfortable.

  • Felinator 42
    Felinator 42

    18:28 hadnt the pain with this video tho ;) love your videos :D

  • Harry Trg
    Harry Trg

    I’m so confused Is he a he or a she?

  • shady piglet
    shady piglet

    ARRRGG!! i love listening is to Lexi talk!!!!!!! HOW DO I BECOME LEXI!?!?

  • The House
    The House

    9:01 this would be amazing homeless people can get houses not only that you could download plants and water and food and water would be no longer a problem not only that put you could download grass and ice to fix global warming and with the grass and dirt and whatever else is under ground to make your very own island maybe even copy a plant this could be legendary

  • The Cloudy Circus
    The Cloudy Circus

    11:59 crap we gotta reboot him he’s glitching again

  • Trina Thornton
    Trina Thornton

    My younger brother one time swab mask like kid in his grade at school.

  • Ashley Lok
    Ashley Lok

    Slap a gas car.

  • Yukari Glenway
    Yukari Glenway

    Lexis voice is epik it sounds like my boyfriends voice

  • I LIke Tater Tots
    I LIke Tater Tots

    10:57 is probably my fave mission in NV

  • Roobum _
    Roobum _

    It’s 1:27 in the morning and I read ‘me_irl’ as meirl and said aloud ‘who’s mertyl?’

  • Aaron Keith
    Aaron Keith

    one of the reasons i like lexi the most is just bec of the sounds she makes: 12:51

  • Flame Pig 06
    Flame Pig 06


  • Flame Pig 06
    Flame Pig 06


  • literally_trash

    18:23 i watch this while eating dinner so this is a good vid to watch while you eat

  • ivan Philip
    ivan Philip

    4:46 you can get flavoured water lexi,it's called soda

  • pink Mt. Everest
    pink Mt. Everest

    I use to like robbin and damien but now i like you

  • xGacha_ kittyx
    xGacha_ kittyx

    I was cleaning and i heard tis vid

  • Lila Rat
    Lila Rat

    Ugh LEXI YOU BEAUTIFUL BI- (no but seriously she's my favorite)

  • Baylea Bug2001
    Baylea Bug2001

    12:43 that's 14 days

  • {saru chan yt}
    {saru chan yt}

    Me : does anything My girlfriend : 12:51

  • Marcus Sanchez
    Marcus Sanchez

    7:59 i belive your in the wrong place. Here let me guide you to r/ihadastroke

  • Female Octoling
    Female Octoling

    At least someone thinks im sexy.

  • Jack

    my phone has no colour it is depressed

  • Otto Kalsbeek
    Otto Kalsbeek

    11:45 that's why i don't add stuff in slowly i just throw the stuff into the sink

  • Alexander Lund GRF
    Alexander Lund GRF

    I am happy to be a gen-z

  • Sana Can Kinda Draw
    Sana Can Kinda Draw

    I wanna be like Lexi when I grow up she actually does her laundry dam

  • Hrönn Egilsdottir
    Hrönn Egilsdottir

    when you’ve watched food wars so the turtle burger joke just makes you sad

  • Agne Kitovaite
    Agne Kitovaite

    karens in 2092 be like: The government is controlling us with microchips in our water! I say we start drinking natural, ocean water as the gov doesnt need to vontrol us like this anymore!

  • Blaze Honeycutt
    Blaze Honeycutt

    Post:no no i don't think I will me:hey I'm in that post

  • Cloud does Stuff
    Cloud does Stuff

    Just gotta make through 1 minute 40 times

  • Callum Coombs
    Callum Coombs

    12:53 it’s obviously not you, it’s Dave the goblin who steals and hides things from you. Missing one sock in a pair of socks, that was him.

  • KitKat Koo
    KitKat Koo

    Yea it's Sunday and I went awake at 6: 23

  • Shion Tweed
    Shion Tweed

    0:34 Replace “consoling” with “murdering” and it still could probably work

  • Dexter Lim
    Dexter Lim

    Imagine being a bold cinnamon roll, that is how the Lexi do.

  • KAØS Yt
    KAØS Yt

    I would trust the guy at 4:33 with my life.

  • dontenglish

    18:29 they realy got to call me out right now jeez

  • duck god
    duck god

    I don't say here, I put on can't touch this at full, volume and make everyone go "wtf lol"