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  • Stefchap

    "Power ranger me" oho man, you are about to get so many angry kamen rider fanboys on your ass XD

  • A Random Wolfman From Darkwood
    A Random Wolfman From Darkwood

    Why is this age restricted?

  • SuperChez

    Why was this made age restricted?

  • Tundra Flower
    Tundra Flower

    *_9:44_**_- I hate puns. They're always sticking in my head._*

  • Tundra Flower
    Tundra Flower

    *4:36**- Me: Say battle Ax...Say battle Ax...SAY BATTLE AX-* *_4:40_**_- Me: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH>:D_*

  • Kreon

    Ofc, ofc this vid is age restricted

  • Sophia Bui
    Sophia Bui

    why is it age restricted 👀👄👀

  • RedKaboom

    lmao this video became Age-restricted

  • G Menoś
    G Menoś

    Ok, why this video is age restricted?

  • JoseLopez64

    4:03 *He do be lookin kinda fresh tho* 😳

  • Robriel King
    Robriel King

    Finally got my high cat to go to sleep. Make another shes waking up-

  • Chilled ReCoded
    Chilled ReCoded

    I'm pissed he called that a power ranger.

  • My singing monsters Gamer
    My singing monsters Gamer



    2:25 that is not power ranger

  • Cheryl Coffman
    Cheryl Coffman

    3:40 Cats don't really exist, they are really demons that eat and take the skin of very hairy baby monkeys. Edit 1: Also could be very hairy baby dogs that they eat. Edit 2: I have proof 6:35

  • Rouxls Kaard
    Rouxls Kaard

    The thumbnail belongs in r/TIHI and r/cursedimages

  • Space :3
    Space :3

    I have completed memes ._.

  • quintainz z
    quintainz z

    4:33 me, faintly:" oh no.. they're coming..." The bronies:" SO YOU SEE-"

  • Creator -Exe Mila
    Creator -Exe Mila

    Beggining of video: me: i already like the guy! He seems nice!

  • Reinhard Storm
    Reinhard Storm

    Oh my gosh!!!! How did he knew that I was going to click off the video damn...

  • Galaxy Potato
    Galaxy Potato


  • mohamed elsheikh
    mohamed elsheikh


  • migiboo does things
    migiboo does things

    the thumbnail scared me into watching the video

  • Handy Handasprite
    Handy Handasprite

    1:53 those are the eyes of Tom Nook

  • X Destroyer Animations
    X Destroyer Animations

    2:33 Kamen rider I think?

  • Jadian Radiator
    Jadian Radiator

    3:24 Netflix isn't the only company to have their own live action Death Note on Netflix. There's a live action Death Note movie series on Netflix. Not as good as the anime/manga. But a whole hell of a lot better than Netflix's garbage fire.

  • Riley Robinson
    Riley Robinson

    I was drinking my hot sauce in peace until that cockroach image

  • Error!Sans

    Buy someone those Log Sneakers, and push them into a deep Bodie of water,

  • Eric Salvesen
    Eric Salvesen

    9:39 Wooden it be funny run in his shoes😂

  • lightningbolt1423

    4:32 I am an mlp fan and I can say that none of us know either we just accepted it and stopped asking questions

  • Smart Art!
    Smart Art!

    “Oh the cleanse is today?” Me: **chimp noises** *hazbin hotel?*

  • History_Recast_Frisk_Trocity

    1:21 uzload.info/fun/YpyZnpqu3GaAlXE/video

  • Disobedient

    Eye hated that thumbnail with a passion.

  • Not Jacky at all
    Not Jacky at all

    10:35 nah chief that's a texas instruments calculator cover

  • BirbCo

    wow this was uploaded on my birthday

  • Pester Master
    Pester Master

    1:20 I've actualy played that before, IT was very buggy and laggy, and I was unable to do anything, but it existed indeed

  • glitch dragon101
    glitch dragon101

    Gay Jesus

  • Seth Grenzig
    Seth Grenzig

    jack is now, in fact, my snack.

  • GreenNinjaIH YT
    GreenNinjaIH YT

    1:15 is that one guy in ark survival evolved. If you play it, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, basically, there’s always that one guy who turns some of his character’s body proportions maximum and some to minimum and the human always ends up looking super weird.

  • Dove Wing
    Dove Wing

    6:03 my brother puts his ball pythons in his girlfriend's bun too, and sadly they can no longer do this because his pythons are huge now.

  • Rio Ashbreeze
    Rio Ashbreeze

    Umm the last bit I didn’t click off despite being completely ready to do it

  • Fabiano Madeira
    Fabiano Madeira

    7:00 here in brazil is like that

  • D R A Y W I Z A R D E
    D R A Y W I Z A R D E

    Emmmm... Kay!

  • Muper Duper
    Muper Duper

    its not a power-ranger its a superhero from an old tv-show

  • Lucario

    0:54 hmmm should I be scared given the fact I was doing some research before I came here ;-;

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    You never saw this comment👁👄👁

    • D R A Y W I Z A R D E
      D R A Y W I Z A R D E

      What comment?

  • That80sGuy1972

    I've actually seen the chair-staircase things when I was a kid. But, they were not modified lawn chairs. They were built like park furniture, built into the staircase. It was part of an alternative staircase which was that, the other side being a rail, with a ramp on the other side of the rail with another rail after that. Forgive me if the description makes no sense. I'm kind of bad at descriptions. The alternative staircase was for wheelchair people and people who needed to rest because of leg pain before the staircase was over. That building also had lifts (small specialized elevators). And, yes, a lot of seniors lived there. I only knew about the place because that's where one of my exes lived (girlfriend at the time). Her and her mother had leg problems because of a car crash. Well, her mom's was that she could not use her legs. Meh... I'm ranting.

  • Lemonade Gaming
    Lemonade Gaming

    11:15 jack that's just wear from people touching it and slowly rubbing the metal off. The black layer is oxidized brass. The shiny brass is just wear over time :) the more you know

  • Lol no
    Lol no

    Imagine the Eye on the thumbnail opens up and eats the snail

  • TheRhuen

    Imps are scaly cats that can turn invisible.

  • Fox Lord
    Fox Lord

    Homer speaks: mmmmmmmm toilet berry's 🤤🤤🤤

  • rm iraq
    rm iraq

    Thats why thumbnails shouldent exist

  • ECHO 2020
    ECHO 2020

    3:55 r/cursed comments

  • Wood Knight9 LR
    Wood Knight9 LR

    Battle toads

  • Fermin Reyes
    Fermin Reyes

    7:27 When a couple keep going at it every day, but never use protection. The guy who keeps on doing it: So umm yeah, umm do you want my children?

  • CrotchRoach

    Give me cheetos.

  • Brick Pictures
    Brick Pictures

    9:58 that dog is the imposter


    but wait i thought i was the only one who escaped

  • NoName Worm
    NoName Worm

    20:25 I did...

  • Z x
    Z x

    I think you traumatized from the thumbnail

  • Robin Gacha
    Robin Gacha

    I think my screen is broken he said there was a pretty thing but i only saw a terrifying hand thing (No offense to the artist or EmKay this is for satire and comedy)

  • KKyliebunz Games
    KKyliebunz Games

    *e y e s n a i l*

  • Rey Rex
    Rey Rex

    The thumbnail is even more unsettling when you know anything about snails, they have teeth, and it’s teeth are a raking comb of razors and it’s the hardest known biological material so it being on your eye? Yeah no

  • Cian Smith
    Cian Smith

    4:52 my friend does that

  • Night Messana Chan SyamsuriadiUwU
    Night Messana Chan SyamsuriadiUwU


  • cute mess
    cute mess

    12:19 is preparing for the 2020 director’s cut version of yule. It lasts 12 years instead of 12 days.

  • ItzCyph

    the pony thing is cursed

  • TheMysteriousOA

    5:04 Plot twist: The cat is actually in a human Mecha Suit!

  • August_ Mellow
    August_ Mellow

    See, I love snails, but thissssss no thx

  • Madman

    Is that dog going up or down? Y E S

  • a hot dog cat
    a hot dog cat

    ane one else notis that the sord was croked

  • Majestic Lemon
    Majestic Lemon

    For a second I read this as: Mmmm, eye snail

    • Chris Sheeran
      Chris Sheeran

      Same but I read mmmm cry snail

  • 21 123
    21 123

    2:35 It's not a power ranger Reeeeeeeee

  • Commander3838

    11:06 He sounds like he is Yugi saying duel

  • Toby Backscratcher
    Toby Backscratcher

    I was watching a show taking place during the moon rocket building and there are three women and one of the women was getting hit on by a man and he slipped and almost said something sexist and she said “I was one of the first women into (said school here) and nasa did not hire us for our skirts they hired us for our glasses” and this had nothing to do with the video I was just saying

  • music Studio
    music Studio


  • the noob kid -__- !?
    the noob kid -__- !?


  • Numbers Guy
    Numbers Guy

    8:19 reminds me of when a friend bought 109 Arizona sweet teas correction: MULTIPLE times

  • Gabriel Kimball
    Gabriel Kimball

    The thumb nail should be r/thanksIhateit

  • Cuber1254

    6:13 That's his STEP-CHILD!

  • TheCalicoNinja


  • Afro - sisco
    Afro - sisco

    5:34 I could use shoes that size

  • Afro - sisco
    Afro - sisco

    2:39 I would buy this just because my feet look bad. Also if anyone knows where I can get these it would be greatly appreciated

  • Sharon Wade Brannen
    Sharon Wade Brannen

    Noooooooooooooooooo sorry but it is Kamen rider 😢😢

  • Vili gacha
    Vili gacha

    Me: about to click off the video Jack: Don’t click off the video. DON’T DO IT

  • Aimee lé cat
    Aimee lé cat

    Snails are my second favourite animals

  • Claire Gagin
    Claire Gagin

    Oh god I hate the thumbnail

  • NukedGames

    By the way I forget what happened to Damein

  • Dani D
    Dani D

    I'm upset he didn't use the opportunity to call it a pork katsu

  • Luke Funderburk
    Luke Funderburk

    "eye snail, how's the nightmare?"

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    10:23 Jack, are you implying you have a pet lizard?

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    9:29 Good video for the most part, but THANKS SO MUCH for not showing the entire picture! Now I don't even know what that is, let alone what muffled words Jack said. Love that.

  • Peter Estabrook
    Peter Estabrook


  • Arcanine-Espeon

    4:28 MLP fan here, I don't have an explanation for the hoof hands thing. AFAIK in the actually good iteration of the show, the ponies never held anything with their hooves, just their teeth and the unicorns levitated stuff with their horns. IIRC the animators for the most part avoided showing pegasi and earth ponies actually eating at tables. That sounds pretty difficult even as I type it out so feel free to correct my if I'm wrong.

  • Sakura Emerald
    Sakura Emerald

    4:57 “This is soup for my family,”

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    2:58 I didn't know PeanutButterGamer had a more awkward clone...

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    1:37 Jack's voiceover got me so much that I have to screenshot this image and hope I remember his verbal caption.

  • Thediffrentoneyt _
    Thediffrentoneyt _


  • Donovan Weaver
    Donovan Weaver


  • darkederp2018

    Seeing the thumbnail made me spit my ramen out of my nose. Like no joke