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  • Just Sam
    Just Sam

    pilk looks like chocolte milk

  • Adam aj Lane
    Adam aj Lane

    I will sniff your ear

  • Oliverwasfound

    “yeah she’s trans!” Made my day as a FtM.

  • Elliott Rose
    Elliott Rose

    YOU HOW DARE YOU THAT IS TEETH CANDY NOT DENCHERS also that’s is a hedgehog cake I know it dosent look like it but I recanize it as a bastergisashion from the cake book I had as a kid

  • Warsown

    Don’t mess with that cake, I made one and it caught on fire opening a portal to hell and started speaking in some evil backwards devil talk, than my friend suggested we destroy it, than it started in speaking in his grandmothers voice to trick him and drag him to hell. Long story short, I won a competition with it

  • OutspokenYuri

    Hi Lexi! Sounding beautiful as ever today.

  • Dez Brown
    Dez Brown

    Imagine seeing that weird spider human taking you in the dark alleyway

  • Mubashir Mahi
    Mubashir Mahi

    3:03 That's a sonic the hedgehog cake baked by Eddie Murphy's character in a Saturday Night Live skit.

  • Alfred the little M.U.T.O
    Alfred the little M.U.T.O

    2:18 rise my glorius creation rise you beatiful being

  • Jeff SDS
    Jeff SDS

    Hippieady hopperty your lungs are my property

  • shy team
    shy team

    Unsettling fret I will peel off your toenails

  • Elaine Godney
    Elaine Godney

    Me to everyone who wears socks in the pool :kill them kill them now

  • Bacon8t0r

    Lexi's sass makes this subreddit WAY more bearable (She's adorable)

  • Sour Skittles
    Sour Skittles

    Ok, so basically one of my friend groups has a huge thing with unsettling threats and the current most common is "I will slice your jugular with a pen nib i found in your aunt's tangerine upside down cake"

  • ぢお!

    Lexi(e)/ Lexy/ however she likes it spelled is a trans queen no lie👑

  • phillip cleaves
    phillip cleaves

    3:12 it’s hedgehog cake

  • Anne Washburn
    Anne Washburn

    Unsettling threats: I will make bowls out of your bowels I'm going to use your femur to make chop sticks No one will know if I put your ashes in their coffee

  • fish 2
    fish 2

    I did not chomp the dog

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    i had to convince my dad i remembered a funny meme and wasnt watching yt during at home school work

  • Brianna Romano
    Brianna Romano

    Unsettling quote: "I will disinigrate your teeth with sand paper, then put the powder in water and feed it to you."

  • Dan ATM
    Dan ATM

    I will pick my teeth with your tendons Im going to tickle your lungs with my teeth I will will invert your knee caps Im going to make a couch from your bones Ill slurp your nervous system like spaghetti ill invert your skin

  • lorena costa
    lorena costa

    Them : America is gay?! Me who is in country humans : no s*** the whole entire fandom knew that he is a bottom and the even his innocent brother could still do that to him my sister who is right next to me : ...... 2020....... Someone Save Me

    • lorena costa
      lorena costa

      Can I still have this cringy profile pic and I'm keeping it to show why you should never keep too much of the same f****** color

    • lorena costa
      lorena costa

      I move to fandoms well other fandoms every single once in awhile at first I was in gacha then I wasn't countryhumans and then I was in my hair today me up but then they were all getting toxic so that I left well I'm not sure about countryhumans so that's the only one that I'm in right now

  • Beto Theaswome
    Beto Theaswome

    Your voice is more high then then three abused high schoolers on a Friday night in a junk yard

  • Gacha_Devil Queen
    Gacha_Devil Queen

    Me:*Looks at thumbnail* Also Me:”ThanksIAteIt”

  • argonian

    Unsettling quote: "i will break your bones and lick the marrow"

  • cocoduck

    I will make you wear sandpaper underwear

  • Mia Hospel
    Mia Hospel

    2:12 I once cropped this and made it my home screen and lock screen

  • noodlebaby5000

    Unsettling threat: “I will steal your fingers and eat them like carrots”

  • Lunexzs

    3:14 really took me awhile to realize wtf was making those up

  • Cramberry-leemon Cola
    Cramberry-leemon Cola

    1:36 I’m waiting for it to break into song

  • Josiah Medina
    Josiah Medina

    i will eat your ears to your knee caps

  • Leon White
    Leon White

    I love lexi

    • Leon White
      Leon White

      Please add corrections as to what threats I should use.

    • Leon White
      Leon White

      I'm non-binary and pan so I appreciate her and love her so much. I will kill anyone who even looks at her the wrong way I swear to god.

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    hey y’all want a glass of *pilk*

  • Detective Bigweld / A Meme God And Simp Detective
    Detective Bigweld / A Meme God And Simp Detective

    Who let Hedonist out of my basement

  • Ultra Animations
    Ultra Animations

    i will make you scream in my computer f o r e v e r

  • Dat1 Elite
    Dat1 Elite

    6:02 either maracas or... Bead shooter. YT/cursedcomments

  • Just Trash
    Just Trash

    3:55 omg i have those exact socks

  • Kevin The guide
    Kevin The guide

    unsettling threat: I will melt your bones into milk

  • Piebald

    I will bite your elbow

  • Ghosty

    Wtf am I doing here ?


    10:16 *:POG:*

  • lavaboyplayzz LAVA
    lavaboyplayzz LAVA

    i will hammer your toes

  • Sour Melon
    Sour Melon

    If we're going by their colour, wouldn't strawberry brownies be called pinkies?

  • Christian Vazquez
    Christian Vazquez

    lexi you have the most rememberable intro jack is a runner up lexi's introduction: what up sexy its lexy jack from that one cursed comments video: hey its jack the snack that smiles back me everytime when i want to watch that video again: the jack the made me cringe, help me

  • ZeroTwo Profile picture
    ZeroTwo Profile picture

    unsettling quote: "I will slurp your toe-nails like noodles."

    • Yosef Sts
      Yosef Sts

      I dont mind. Would you??

  • jayive34

    4:42 These only works if your employees work sitting. Because I can guarantee that sitting on one of those is better than walking and standing.

  • ILikeCarpetsSoIAteThem

    I will shove beans up your nose.


    WAIT I ACTUALLY DID NOT KNOW LEXI WAS TRANS I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST A NAME Hi! I'm Zoey/Zack and I'm pangender, meaning I'm kinda a mix of all genders!

  • Dragoon EOC
    Dragoon EOC

    Another threat "I will burn your house down with lemons"

  • corbeq

    1:18 its the shoes from portal,

  • Killer Of The Night
    Killer Of The Night

    I'm mister king dice is the background song XD

  • Nay

    Lexi radiates pure fabulous and sass

  • Allison Ayotte
    Allison Ayotte

    They’re *pinkies*

  • Not Yeyo
    Not Yeyo

    2:07 alabamian kids be like

  • Skitto Gaming
    Skitto Gaming

    oh my god yes

  • Théorghal Bodin
    Théorghal Bodin

    Idea for unsettling threats: - I'm gonna make you drink your tears until you piss salt

    • lord lasagna with cheese
      lord lasagna with cheese

      I’m gonna make you drink your piss salt until you piss tears

  • Octorose

    I will put paint in your eyes

  • A Dank Meme
    A Dank Meme

    11:17 hobob Ho-bob Ho bob Hoe bob

  • TFS_ Nugget
    TFS_ Nugget

    I saw the meat baby before and I started laughing so hard

  • Caro SalazarL
    Caro SalazarL

    Lexi:let's see what subreddit we ha- OH NO

  • vw voidwave
    vw voidwave

    I will plant ants In your eyes

  • Eçhø Šhêmø
    Eçhø Šhêmø

    Any advice for coming out to my homophobic parents?


    Snow White did not have an extra leg, that was dwarf down there having fun.

  • Marcos Miguel Fernandez
    Marcos Miguel Fernandez

    After this video I placed this comment then went to pinterest to look at pictures yan shu-chi senpai's cuteness.

  • Bas Hendriks
    Bas Hendriks

    can anyone give me the Reddit link for 13:52? I need it for research. don't ask why.

  • Take The Estus
    Take The Estus

    what in the world is that thing at 1:08

  • Kadi Quiggins
    Kadi Quiggins

    Obama be out here stealing Sokka's hairstyle, and getting away with it...

  • Celebrimbor 369
    Celebrimbor 369

    The guys with the haircuts that looks like a face looks like a enemy from kid icarus: uprising. I want another kid icarus game

  • Bull rider 67
    Bull rider 67

    “TIHI” it’s pronounced “tee-hee”

  • Alexander Howard
    Alexander Howard

    2:11 looks like an scp flesh spider

  • Calen Eldridge
    Calen Eldridge

    Unsettling quote “ I will turn your knee caps into teeth

  • [insert cringy Name here]
    [insert cringy Name here]

    1:59 obama kinda looks like sokka

  • Exrextex

    10:40 honestly looks like smiling jack if you remember that creepy pasta

  • Child Of Tragedy
    Child Of Tragedy

    9:46 •"i will remove your esophagus and use it a flute" •"I will grind your bones into a fine powder and snort it"

  • Mr Exists
    Mr Exists

    2:14 can't you tell? it's the friendly neighborhood manspider!

  • bendy sans
    bendy sans

    6:28 Why do i want this mug

  • Door Frame
    Door Frame

    1:08 this is an invasive species that lives in the bottom of the lake of ambassador bridge in Michigan. (I live near there) Not sure if they are anywhere else or not but they attach their teeth to a fish a stick their tongue inside the fish and drain it’s blood. They don’t live long but they have thousands of babies.

  • Courtney Woodbury
    Courtney Woodbury

    "I will harvest your toes." **Tokyo Ghoul flashbacks**



  • NaakRBLX

    i hate thus

  • Otavio Almeida
    Otavio Almeida

    Unsetling quote:"i will bang your forearm"

  • Fireishot

    its the long dog friendly long dog 0:51

  • Fading Stars 14
    Fading Stars 14

    I will invert your lungs

  • NameLessKid

    An unsettling quote I use is "I'll bite your kneecaps off", and in specific cases, when someone has braces I'll say "I'll rip your teeth off like opening a zipper"

  • Noah Aguila
    Noah Aguila

    u missed it

  • Final starman
    Final starman


  • David Burns
    David Burns

    7:37 there could be another use for the tongue brush 😏


    I saw the beginning of this while eating

  • water boi
    water boi

    1:36 P L A N T E R A

  • regular fleshy mamal
    regular fleshy mamal

    In soviet Russia fish chomps you!

  • EeveePoh

    Wouldn't strawberry brownies be called pinkies?

  • Julia G
    Julia G

    “While you sleep I will replace your spleen with a bagpipe” I’m really proud of this one


    0:51 who else thought of Long Horse when they saw this

  • Baby ze geek
    Baby ze geek

    7:08 Wait, but with that knowledge... Does that mean we're all imposters-


    11:00 Made 100% real eyeballs!

  • Cooper Finney
    Cooper Finney

    what if you braided your fingers to the point of them falling of and caused yourself to not be able to upload this

  • Fish

    mmm tasty

  • Ryhan Shaffiq
    Ryhan Shaffiq

    Adding to the unsettling threats I will turn you spring into a hola Hoop when it’s still in you skin


    The first one should be in r/technically the truth

  • Jole Nichols
    Jole Nichols