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  • Ian Martin
    Ian Martin

    All truck brands are good but ram is the best

  • YuTse음모

    r/MIF r/Mildlyinfuriating

  • Brandon Kleppert
    Brandon Kleppert

    Me: [ *loads Nerf gun with malicious intent* ]

  • Mason P
    Mason P

    My dog died :( (their dog didn't actually die) 1 like = 1 prayer (begging for likes)

  • Roadent1241

    I get "This accessory may not be supported" on OFFICIAL apple chargers. OFFICIAL. Portable battery pack thingys, I understand its hesitance, but.....! Is the charging port the thing that's screwing up? Also - Yes to the mask thing. I want these anti's level of psychosis. Because they obviously have it worse than I do. And they're not stressing. I don't want to stress, so I want mine to develop to be that bad.

  • Super Cool Tutorials
    Super Cool Tutorials

    My text stayed for a year

  • Snowy The Cute Wolf
    Snowy The Cute Wolf

    6:19 OMG IM DYING 😂😂😂

  • gamingwithdrake

    The ice plasmit is the reason that you have no ice cream

  • Funny Stuff
    Funny Stuff

    I don't understand why America have that thing so u give tips on restaurants like why

  • Club of the Broken
    Club of the Broken

    r/Hmmm r/Crappydesign

  • Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    7:47, take a look at the "Apple" folder... what the actual fu*k? 12:07, even the damn toilet is wrapped in carpet...

  • Fabiano Lopes
    Fabiano Lopes


  • catto boi Livingston
    catto boi Livingston

    Where is damien

  • Zenythar

    9:47 there actually exists a type of katana with no guard. It's called Shirasaya. It was basically designed with concealment in mind, to make it look like a piece of wood, henceforth the hilt and the sheathe are both pure wood, no garments or decoration, and there was no guard.

  • Feeling Healing
    Feeling Healing

    TO SAVE ANYONE THE TROUBLE: CtrlshiftI (the else if one) is a comedian making this kinda stuff on purpose.

  • Zoey Pink 53
    Zoey Pink 53

    6:52-6:54 And people WONDER why I don't like McDonald's anymore... :/

  • Aelvir

    4:35 I feel like I’m missing the point with that one

  • Athena Louise3120
    Athena Louise3120

    9:34 I remember this, i think it said that this is a singular chopstick drawer

  • Mox Stolpe
    Mox Stolpe

    5:30 the finnish shall help our friends (sweden)

  • Ian

    Okay, he got mad at the Insanely high buffer space of the truck at the end... but failed to notice the absolutely horrible parking job... I think he might have popped a blood vessel if he had noticed.

  • Kathrin Hirsch
    Kathrin Hirsch

    the protets wasn't in Berlin there was in Leibzig

  • Losasha

    Why does he sound like John mulaney’s twin??

  • UR29-ILTK30 -iliketrainskid30-
    UR29-ILTK30 -iliketrainskid30-

    15:09 thats happened to me and less than a month ago too

  • tacdliw 2004
    tacdliw 2004

    Dude that was a unvaxanated key board

    • renamon luv you
      renamon luv you

      Spelling 100

  • bendy sans
    bendy sans

    13:02 hopefully no one is named Karen sees this

  • bendy sans
    bendy sans

    12:20 there is a trick i use for this i watch one ad (unless your forced to watch 2) then i skip in the video to cancel the other ads i then go back to the spot i left off and watch it from there


    the fact your glasses fog up should tell you your mask does nothing, if the water particles in your breath are not being trapped by the mask then neither is covid 19 get a new mask budd

  • Mrscippy


  • Charles Huyck
    Charles Huyck

    Mk are u really colorblind bc I am

  • Edvin Eriksson
    Edvin Eriksson

    5:29 well time to get my weapon to defend myself. Im a swede

  • Jamber_Wolf

    15:38 i dont see anything wrong

  • what just happend?
    what just happend?

    10:28 just flipp the book?!?

  • Lukas Patrickson
    Lukas Patrickson

    6:04 What the fuck does that say?

  • bruchpilot747

    mod... it exists for a reason... you learnt it in preschool before you learnt that you could have decimals. so use it god damnit.

    • Nathan Kurtz
      Nathan Kurtz

      I think that the person knew exactly what they were doing and were either joking or trolling.

  • Gulpy The Cramorant
    Gulpy The Cramorant

    The fact people don’t wear mask cuz they “can’t breathe”, then there are people with glasses who wear masks to stay healthy but can’t see shows how dumb some people are.

  • Lanes

    The only mildly infuriating thing in this video is his voice

  • DaRealCatStar XD
    DaRealCatStar XD


  • pardotkynes1

    I popped in to see a video titled images that make you scream, well congratulations I'm ready to scream. but not at the pics them selves . but who ever edited this crap needs to get the vibrator out his butt. I didn't get to see half of them for the constant vibrating of the image. And when he refrained from that peace of stupid, he was covering it in fire, zooming in and out, angling it one way or the other, or just putting the images out of order, I mean the comment about the cat standing on the pie was placed 3 pics before the pic of the cherry pie the cat stood on. this video should have bean titled editing that will make you scream.

  • pardotkynes1

    duuuuuudee why show the pic if your going to only show it 3 seconds and vibrate it so it cant be seen for 2 of them COMMMMON AREADY

  • Anntallex Gamer
    Anntallex Gamer

    7:38 someone has a lot of mesages XD

  • Michael

    12:02 Hey Look. It’s Robin’s Trigger Point

  • worldsyoungestmermaid in training
    worldsyoungestmermaid in training

    3:51 it is always the beltloop

  • Llxtrel_ Bxtc
    Llxtrel_ Bxtc

    Hey, where’s Demian? :(

  • iMentula

    Can someone please explain 15:40? The rainbow bottles one?

  • Physic

    i think he missed the 213k notifications on this one 7:32

  • Harrison Gardner
    Harrison Gardner

    Sorry I was meant for skewers

  • Lord Tyr
    Lord Tyr

    The only problem I have with a mask is that I have to constantly go in and out of a freezer at work lots of boxes on a cart and wear glasses it’s not fun


    Fun fact: almost no one here gets told to kill themselves bc they work

  • Skyler Haun
    Skyler Haun

    I'm from Iowa and I can saw that the county map thing is 100% true. And it is infuriating

  • Josh Veer
    Josh Veer

    15:40 I'm not seeing it.

  • Ashlyn Hicks
    Ashlyn Hicks

    i had a message that kept trying for 400+ days lol

  • BootsDotEXE

    7:33 213.000 NOTIFICATIONS??? Apple users please tell me that's not normal

  • Yobumaga

    Robin: it wasn't funny the 50th time Robin the 49th time: W H E E Z E

  • Alexander Pritchett
    Alexander Pritchett

    Hey, why don't people throw the used match in the fire they make with the match? Also HOW is KAREN a racist and sexist slur, I'm losing faith in life, existence, people, and the entire universe.

  • Logan Hamilton
    Logan Hamilton

    If you take this as an insult it isn't. I think he sounds like Thomas Sanders

  • pandansfru


  • fetus chewer
    fetus chewer

    Yeees yes It does

  • Platinum Wolf
    Platinum Wolf

    Fun Fact: The first person that is always first is the poster.

  • Waluigi’s Perfect Potato
    Waluigi’s Perfect Potato

    Right after the Wall Street journal post came up, I literally got an ad advertising the Wall Street journal. Now that’s mildly infuriating.

  • Dan Auren Camua
    Dan Auren Camua

    fun fact: the more robin keep hating people who doesnt wear mask , i get more to think i hate him ,guys call me a child boomer if i may say so myself

  • Cherry Berry
    Cherry Berry

    Is it wrong that I laughed at them all?

  • Bair Foley
    Bair Foley

    16:02 my dad does this and his reasoning is because he doesn’t what people parking next to him for”there sake”

  • Matthew Gulledge
    Matthew Gulledge

    I get that guys parking was bad.... nice truck tho😅

  • Frankie Porter
    Frankie Porter

    Missouri has less than 20 deaths a month, according to Google.

  • joaquin contreras
    joaquin contreras

    Fun fact: me

  • Chalice Liam Capistrano
    Chalice Liam Capistrano

    yep we're screwed

  • Toneko

    The headphone adapter that came with my phone isn’t supported on the phone

  • Christian Wilkins
    Christian Wilkins

    15:40 i don't get it

  • János Aczél-Szabó
    János Aczél-Szabó

    7:33 did anyone see the 200000 notifications?!??!

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    My favorite frickin part of this vid is when you totally said the absolute truth about ram!!! Ram sucks!!

  • Zoe

    why does robin actually sound like a talking robin i imagined it would sound like? hmmmmmm...

  • Chossen

    Im going to that anti mask subreddit and comment your all going to die just to spite them

  • GHOST OPERATIONS with Cheuk Guan Ting
    GHOST OPERATIONS with Cheuk Guan Ting

    12:02 well bois we ride together we die together happy 2020 nice knowing u all

  • Eternal_Truth

    7:34 213356 notifications

  • Tenya Iida
    Tenya Iida

    You know the melted popsicle on the paper towels? Why is the TOASTER IN THE CABANET

  • #20, DESIDERIO, Frances Martheena V.
    #20, DESIDERIO, Frances Martheena V.

    There are no protest in our country cause PEOPLE AREN'T FRICKIN' STUPID

  • Survival Extraordinaire
    Survival Extraordinaire

    here is the solution to that coding post because that pissed me off tremendously and an explanation below it just in case anyone reads this who doesn't understand coding: private bool IsEven(int number){ if (number % 2 == 0) return true; else return false; } for anyone who doesn't understand coding jargon this program tests to see if a number is even by checking the remainder of an integer input (whole numbers not decimals). If the number is even it will output a remainder of 0 when you divide by 2 and output 1 if it's odd. and if the test outputs 0 or 1 the stat of "evenness" will be outputted true or false respectively. The % symbol in code (at least for python, c++ and java to my knowledge) divides numbers by the value that follows it (whether its a whole number or decimal) and provides the remainder. Hope the explanation helps if it wasn't obvious.

  • AetheralMeowstic

    9:18 By law, fruit stickers are required to be edible. They're printed on rice paper with soy ink and adhered to the fruit with rice glue.

  • AetheralMeowstic

    7:53 Oh, look, a couple of D R I V E S C R E W E R S

  • AetheralMeowstic

    7:02 This is why we need AI-based parking lot camera systems that can detect a**hole parking and automatically report it to the nearest tow company.

  • AetheralMeowstic

    6:33 Wait... *AREN'T ANCIENT PICTOGRAPHS PROTECTED BY LAW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!*

  • AetheralMeowstic

    If I ran a postal company, each piece of mail would be marked with a multicolor barcode unique to the employee delivering it. I'd have them loaded into a database, so that way I could run them through image recognition to find out exactly who violates the instructions on packaging. Three offenses (or one offense with an item worth $100.00 or more) and they're fired.

  • skeppy's jif
    skeppy's jif

    The "This accessory may not be supported." thing literally happened to me today

  • Discbreaker Chanel
    Discbreaker Chanel


  • Foxy wars
    Foxy wars

    r/TIHI when someone goes: masksksksks also pickup trucks now vs like 10 years ago Now: i can drive My dad's 2000 dodge ram: i can pull two houses, 5 semi trailers, and about three 36ft trailer and go about 64 mp/h

  • skybot avelo
    skybot avelo

    I have a tasty recipe with Powerade

  • TOBIÁŠ jošt
    TOBIÁŠ jošt

    I too use only folders on my mobile but I have all apps in 3 folders

  • Danae Kelly
    Danae Kelly

    Glasses? Mildly?? I legit go without my glasses most places I need a mask even though I get a headache because I'm sick of them fogging up all the time

  • Kyleigh Bruner
    Kyleigh Bruner

    6:09 it says limit less

  • L Davis
    L Davis

    I love the accent, I also love the fact that my mind is doing very advanced yoga right now.

    • L Davis
      L Davis

      And that I’m not burning my laptop right now.

  • Miranda Bryant
    Miranda Bryant

    Since he says at the beginning of this video he says a word earlier in the video *STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH W A L L*

  • G H
    G H

    15:10 That has happened to me.

  • Roos Pronk
    Roos Pronk

    My friend said: "I don't watch emkay..." Worse all the r/mildlyinfuriating stuff

  • Maddie GL
    Maddie GL


  • Snow Assassin217
    Snow Assassin217

    8:34 Yes! Oh my god! I feel this! I work in food service in a college town with a mask rule in place. My workplace put it into place in March. So football games are going on with two large home games to start it off. This last Saturday, I was up front with the people cause no one else wanted to at the moment. A large groups start coming in so I get orders, names and sell our Premake stuff.

  • OG clipz
    OG clipz

    12:22 I think there is a video in your ad

  • KittGamer

    313 days? pfft Mine has been trying to send a message 1374 days

  • Nguyen Tuan Kiet
    Nguyen Tuan Kiet

    Has anyone spotted the difference at 15:40?

  • The voice Of reason
    The voice Of reason

    I’m not a truck guy but with the lift rims tires and I think level it is definitely more than 60k

  • Drakorex

    Robin's an anti-American piece of trash