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  • Next1179

    (Probably said before but) 5:04 Video Malone

  • Ben

    i swear everyone sounds the same on this channel but just with higher and lower pitches

  • miles morales
    miles morales

    Did anyone else realize that Squidward had scribble marks on his sleeve. 7:01

  • Tommy Boom Gwaltney
    Tommy Boom Gwaltney

    Yes we would ha e those s’s drawn on all. White boards I live in Ohio

  • ChipBugz

    we all become mary sues at night, no weakness. cant get tired.


    EmKay: “Am i the only person that sees these npc people as Marzia and Felix (Pewdiepie)? Me: n o

  • Ghosty

    I am Malone

  • AstralChromE


  • Spookims Digimon
    Spookims Digimon

    First meme: yeah that happened to me

  • jsl151850b

    Two am here now.

  • Sakura Chan
    Sakura Chan

    video malone

  • Aaron Reynolds
    Aaron Reynolds

    I didn't appreciate that first meme ...

  • Jamber_Wolf

    4:54 - 5:03 cant stop looping this XD LOL

  • Darthcookie 32
    Darthcookie 32

    Any one else like the egg travels music he sang

  • GostMystery

    3:15 I’m eleven I just want it to be known I GET IT

  • GostMystery

    0:06 this is basically what Llorumi is If you know what that is

  • Risviltsov

    You live in Australia. Your government is censoring everything they find offensive. Lockdown isn't a big worry.

  • Ginger

    11:07 is.... is his name spelled Jacque??????

  • Picture Perfect Craftsman
    Picture Perfect Craftsman

    No one knows where the cool S came from even when you go looking for it you will turn up empty. Here's a video that looks into the universal symbol but still we will never know. uzload.info/fun/h4Saq3nPlpiE25M/video

  • Good Hire
    Good Hire

    Hey Jack I’m hungry

  • Creative 8D
    Creative 8D

    EmKay: EmKay Me: Mk

  • someguy 59
    someguy 59

    1:23 it's called ASMR, ever tried it?

  • Danyelle Coded
    Danyelle Coded

    Jack: i'm the snack that smiles back Me: ... Sounds Dirty.....

  • Lil apex gaming
    Lil apex gaming

    Eeeeeeeeeee is tonight its

  • Mim F
    Mim F

    sleeping in the winter be like: 1 layer: freezing 2 layers: overheating

  • GH057

    Thomas Jefferson part: acting awkwardly in front of a girl the night before. Headaches the morning after.... 🤔 sounds like a hangover to me lmfao.

  • Matthew Keen
    Matthew Keen


  • Mim F
    Mim F

    oh...oH... yup accurate description of my dreams...

  • K. Schmid
    K. Schmid

    you know 95% of the people watching your stuff are boomers.

  • co do
    co do

    9:48 For some odd reason I thought I heard deku' s voice . It's just only me right?

  • Bread Lord
    Bread Lord

    Snap that childs back, Jack. Cause of the intro? Yeah I know, I'm not funny

  • BlueEngland

    5:05 Wow! This does not apply to me as my laptop is forced to be awake 24/7/28,30,31/365

  • Purple

    9:13 𝚖𝚊𝚍𝚎 𝚖𝚎 𝚊 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚛𝚢 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚊𝚌𝚝 𝚑𝚎 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜𝚗'𝚝 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙱𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚌𝚒𝚙𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚜𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎

  • Watticus J.R.
    Watticus J.R.

    The snack that’s made of crack Goldfish

  • MelPlayz Gacha
    MelPlayz Gacha

    Hi I used to watch so many of your vids but I only remember everyone’s names has anyone of the three left? Damian (I cant spell) robin and... jack but obviously your still posting :)

  • Dice Boy
    Dice Boy

    10:26 Actually my ears stop doing that noise when heart dies around the beginning of 2020 It usually happens around three times a month but since 2020 it stopped and I'm actually scared that my hearing is going bad lol Or it's my heart finally shutting up

  • Saxophone

    Ears at night when you try to sleep:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Evan Clarke
    Evan Clarke

    Lol at 4:59 as soon that ended I got an ad with Post Malone in it.

  • ꧁Denki꧂

    I was practicing my Japanese whenever he said ‘baka’ and I was like: aw yes I understand XD

  • Tineke Louw
    Tineke Louw

    11:06 Hermitcraft reference! In hermitcraft it is Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo and here it is Lockdown 2: Corona Boogaloo

  • Fay Anne Aura Arts
    Fay Anne Aura Arts

    5:03 Ho Malone

  • Adams Waterson
    Adams Waterson

    9:11 /9:12 me 2....İ can relate to this meme.

  • Aloura Turpen
    Aloura Turpen

    No the eeeeeeeeeeee sound is the sound of the heart monitor going blank 😁❤

  • Peachi

    Is it weird that I am now really good at speaking French because I play a game that most of the population is France

  • Matias Optiz
    Matias Optiz

    6:34 if they needed ketchup how he put ketchup it in?...

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    good thing I’m not the only one that doesn’t hear a long EEEEEEEEEEEEE like a bomb just went off and the shockwave just hit me

  • Jayden G
    Jayden G

    whenever I see the gordan ramsey Masterclasses a always watch it because him saying fuck yea is the funniest thing Ive ever heard.

  • boo yeah
    boo yeah

    Well we now know you don't live in Victoria lol

  • Salt Apple
    Salt Apple

    I had a popcorn kurnel that was so burnt it tasted like a goldfish cracker in a way when you said I'm the snack that smiles back

  • Aseng Is Yes
    Aseng Is Yes

    Fuck yeah it's the 6th typhoon entering our country this month ALL CATEGORY 3

  • DJ Electrohead [Un]Official
    DJ Electrohead [Un]Official

    actually i dont hate myself i'm epic and amazing

  • neca XD
    neca XD

    9:02 its going with the generations

  • small bean
    small bean

    4:59 video malone

  • XimonMC

    5:42 There is No camera.

  • Epok97

    That was a pretty good Iroh impression.

  • Reee logic
    Reee logic

    when you comment on a video but your comment is about commenting on a video and your comment is about your comment being about commenting on a video and your comment is also about commenting on a video about how your comment is about you commenting on a video

  • Mia Bijelić
    Mia Bijelić

    I just love the editors 😂


    Those S’s were everywhere😂 Also... who the hell started and _how_ is it so popular?


    2:25 is how I imagined Guy Fieri’s bathroom would look like


    1:58 bruh FAX😂 I’d have that outfit ironed to perfection

  • BvrntSmvres

    it made me so happy that he just called us stupid in japanese

  • Sharanya Ganesh
    Sharanya Ganesh

    youre right, they do loook like pewdiepie and marzia! how any times i have seen that meme but not once have i noticed that....

  • Wilde Kougan
    Wilde Kougan

    Nurse and doctor exam multiple choices are like: How do tell a spouse their husband has died?: A.) Your husband has died. B.) Your husband has passed away. C.) Your husband has deceased. D.) Your husband is dead.

    • ea tea
      ea tea

      I guess he died.

  • Poker DG
    Poker DG

    3:18 Hell im only 14 im i know why

  • patch 357
    patch 357

    2:36 Broo this sounds like the fucking opening to the musical version of the War of the worlds

  • Zack Williams
    Zack Williams

    Technically a cheeseburger is a hamburger, but with a piece of cheese

  • Spider nation
    Spider nation

    i have fucked up my sleep schedule and cant sleep plz help me.

  • JustADepressedCantaloupe WithInternetAccess
    JustADepressedCantaloupe WithInternetAccess

    What snack are you jack? Because if you bite back I mine as well know what your are *snack*

  • Lux Deitine
    Lux Deitine

    Be the life of the party, and when we say that, we mean be the only survivor.

  • Holy Cookies
    Holy Cookies

    10:13 nope theres nothing wrong with their hearing, it happens to me too. its just the ears trying to fill in the sound of the music/audio you're listening to with headphones, especially if you use them constantly, which happens in 2020. took a test at the doctor and my hearing was fine, just my ears were screeching. hope this helped (at least someone!)

  • Shannon Hernandez
    Shannon Hernandez

    9:18 My life in a nutshell

  • Shannon Hernandez
    Shannon Hernandez

    5:04 Video Malone

  • Filippo Zanuso
    Filippo Zanuso

    Ah, so you want to learn Italian. I see you're a man of culture as well. A common Italian

  • Fandom Female Potatao
    Fandom Female Potatao

    Jack, you can't be the snack that smiles back. The snack that smiles back, *cHiLdReN* !!!

  • Nathan Naudts
    Nathan Naudts

    Be the life of the party while your friends lose theirs

  • PokeMinecraftGaming

    5:37 James from Throttle House lol

  • Raptorex 03
    Raptorex 03

    The image of the "Testicle-Nosed-Hippo" will be forever burnt into my brain.


    there is a another malone it is Im alone

  • Nobody.

    6:40 Dude, I was in this thing while in like 6th grade, we did that DAMN criss cross-apple sauce junk, my leg got so bad I got up and moved and I swear to god I nearly booted someone in the face with my snow-boot.

  • miy25502312

    jack is the snack that smiles back?? how???

  • TyMac

    Kinda mad he said aww instead of Raww

  • Corny Bram
    Corny Bram

    Y’all, my lockdown goal was literally to start playing more video games, and I haven’t even been able to do that. :)

  • Spring Freddy
    Spring Freddy

    Im gonna do it and i definitely know why

  • Wynn Thor
    Wynn Thor

    "i'm the snack that smiles back" so..... goldfish? which goldfish color/flavor? if it's pretzel then im gonna stay far away

  • killmepleaseibeg

    1000th comment

  • killmepleaseibeg

    999th comment

  • BruhBroDude

    10:35 wrong, I started guitar then. (no one cares)

  • Platinum_pangolin

    I have a friend who does karate in his sleep too He also has unbearable snoring lmao

  • Smirk Angel dust
    Smirk Angel dust

    Hey jack what’s up sexy I’m Lexi

  • Gay DK
    Gay DK

    Be the life of the party while your friends lose their lives

  • Lee Le
    Lee Le

    Watch malone

  • Gen Dawg
    Gen Dawg

    I thought the meme originated because of pewds reddit?

  • Grace Williamson
    Grace Williamson

    Can jack and robin give lexi pick up lines

  • Tyler Lake
    Tyler Lake


  • Ryan Molstad
    Ryan Molstad

    I malone : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : (

  • ꧁s k i꧂
    ꧁s k i꧂

    Don’t waste your money, the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is called tinnitus

  • Henrik Rabanes
    Henrik Rabanes

    Which state of australia are you currently in?

  • Goose

    Does anyone else’s dreams always finish with a random song that whirls around in your brain for the rest of the day?

  • Big Sad Man
    Big Sad Man

    New emkay is garbage. I miss when it was just Damien and Zach

  • Satchel Hogan
    Satchel Hogan

    Jack narrated but has Robin's twitter link in the description?

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