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  • Justanotherderp :P
    Justanotherderp :P

    r/Crappydesign in a nutshell: uzload.info/fun/p6Num6ffzJOLraM/video

  • Ninja Girl
    Ninja Girl

    6:18 that looks like something from the tiny house challenge in the sims, but irl

  • God of flames
    God of flames

    Hmm. And I though just Minecraft players were stupid. (1:33)

  • iR75c22 - 46xCc
    iR75c22 - 46xCc

    Cukornanae-Atecet “connect create”

  • Č Hödglet
    Č Hödglet

    1:30 ....but....I have that barbecue.....is that not normal?

  • C M
    C M

    The house in the thumbnail looks like RTGames sims house

  • Ayla Shirley
    Ayla Shirley

    The building at 9:06 is in my city in Canada....I go by it every day after work...we still don't know what's going on with it....

  • Keaton P gaming!
    Keaton P gaming!

    Father salamander meets mommy fire What will the baby be? Charmander!

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    10:40 Pretzels are just toasted bread You make the bread batter or whatever it's called because I have the memory which is like 2 seconds right? Anyway you just make it into that shape before you harden it

  • TSW /theshadowwolf
    TSW /theshadowwolf

    How dare you bring nina up we don't speak of her

  • Mÿstic Møøn
    Mÿstic Møøn

    *Change my mind* Signs in R/crappydesign signs are R/Ihadastroke on signs

  • Cherry Rose Studios
    Cherry Rose Studios

    You Don’t Matter Give up.

  • Orbit The Galaxy
    Orbit The Galaxy

    12:25 heeyyy ! Pin head Larry !! What’s up?!

  • kumori

    my country has a crappy design we were named after food.

  • Andystarz

    6:57 I see nothing wrong here.

  • rockstar sakib
    rockstar sakib


  • Taylor Bolding
    Taylor Bolding

    "Ba-da-bum-bah-ba! I'M MAKING NUGGETS OUT OF THIS ONE." - Jack 2020

  • Duck The Carno
    Duck The Carno


  • CommentBot

    You're not missing much by not watching Hereditary. It drags on and is slow. Idc if its intentional its boring.

  • CommentBot

    1:20 remember back in like 2013 when headphones went in the top

  • P.O.N.

    8:48 I read this completely fine

  • Flashlight237

    13:12 And cue Vinesauce Joel impression.

  • Flashlight237

    12:26 That tonuge's actually from a cursed commercial. I dunno if I saw it on Chadtronic or Mattshea's channel, but I know it's actually a cursed commercial.

  • GyroLeZepelli

    this channel is what inspires me to wake up in the mornings ngl

  • lordodin92 dietrying
    lordodin92 dietrying

    Ok so the Victorian rocking chair was designed that way because Victorians believed it would help the child to actually go . Can't fault the designs of people who didn't know better



  • Francisco Risso-Hemstreet
    Francisco Risso-Hemstreet

    Woah! I didn't expect to my senses be Brutally assaulted in the first few seconds of the video.

  • Fenix Kern
    Fenix Kern

    9:06 The Cursed Stakataka Legs.

  • Netti Kecskes
    Netti Kecskes

    2:08 but why is it a venn diagram???? What's the overlapping part? Is it yes or no?

  • Sylvir Giomanach
    Sylvir Giomanach

    Chickens will eat anything. Including other chickens.

  • Mika Elendil
    Mika Elendil

    Pretty sure the tongue is from an old British advert for a type of crisps called Skips

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat

    3:06 3:06 3:06 3:06 3:06 3:06 Don't mind me just tryna keep repeating my favorite part

  • Caleborg

    11:46 Captain clarity? you're just a copycat of captain disillusion!

  • Emiri Bakugo
    Emiri Bakugo


  • charlotte hill
    charlotte hill

    “Hey guys, I’m jack, the snack that smiles back,”

  • snow flake
    snow flake

    8:26 i dont see anything wrong you just with dirty brains 😒

  • lin the pen
    lin the pen

    (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)

  • PursuantRelic 75
    PursuantRelic 75

    The thumbnail is the house I used to draw as a kid. Hmm... guess my crappy drawings did pay off

  • ROB BOT 27
    ROB BOT 27

    2:42 + thats the door for the kitchen (cucina is kitchen in italian)

  • svendotexe

    9:42: this is why you aren't allowed in Chernobyl...

  • A.W. 56
    A.W. 56

    Wait, hold up, you have a skin suit? Where can I get one?

  • Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber
    Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber

    5:14 that house exists in gta 5 also REE

  • crazy crab31
    crazy crab31

    Bro I have the same thing 4:38

  • TheRealRigel

    My charger is from the top

  • fredimations drawing
    fredimations drawing

    Anny one who gets that joke is freaking out now 4:50

  • Casual Mox
    Casual Mox

    I am so confused of that intro

  • masterlol 2009
    masterlol 2009

    momomomomomomomomomomomoommomomomomomomomo no reason was just bored

  • Klara

    Idk if someone already said that but 6:43 I actually think this is from Germany because Florida is the name of an ice cream brand we sell in the store I work at

  • Ashardalon Dragnipurake
    Ashardalon Dragnipurake

    chickens are cannibals if you give them the chance so honestly the chicken mascot at the fried chicken place makes sense

  • CyberGamez Da1st
    CyberGamez Da1st

    I actually watched hereditary and I gotta say *i t s s u p e r f o o k I n g b o r I n g*

  • Spenoe Scherer
    Spenoe Scherer

    The thumbnail looks like a noob's sims 4 house

  • Melody

    Ok one last comment. Elevators with rear doors have to have two door open buttons one for the front and one for the back.

  • Melody

    There WAS a time a long time ago when smartphones had plugs on top...

  • ye mum
    ye mum

    *HE IS??*

  • Holy priest
    Holy priest

    To make it more creepy exchange the eye with we

  • Not A Boomer Tree
    Not A Boomer Tree

    the poison ivy doesnt even equal 100

  • HeH

    I A M W A T C H I N G Y O U

  • Comit Crispy
    Comit Crispy

    9:06 it looks like an optical illusion to me

  • Speed Pretzel
    Speed Pretzel

    "For all line star star star" - emkay

  • the pillar Men song starts
    the pillar Men song starts

    apparently some point in the video his name was taken

  • Raged Grunt
    Raged Grunt

    The full metal alchemist joke honestly made me sad

  • Rebecca Holloway
    Rebecca Holloway

    The ballerina one is awful bc I work at PetSmart and I had to watch people buy those for their dogs

  • TheAlmightyBipper

    The thumbnail looks like my Sim houses...

  • Stephen Kaminski
    Stephen Kaminski

    13:43 what is it?

  • Sabbastian Hills
    Sabbastian Hills

    Respect the Ø ß Ä M ∆ Ş ¶ ]~[ £ ® 3 .

    • Sabbastian Hills
      Sabbastian Hills

      Edit: Feel free to dislike. Obamasphere probably isn't that funny anymore.

  • Sabbastian Hills
    Sabbastian Hills

    Imagine giving your child 7 names... "Let's name him Jack The Voice Who Does The Thing." My parents just called me Disappointment.

  • Maximo Lleras
    Maximo Lleras

    hey your channel has helped me but i dont think i can do it anymore

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    1:28 when you said "im making nuggets out of this one" the first thing I thought is I wonder what kids would taste like and I feel like the would taste like fish 🐟 🤔

  • Maximums Phoenix
    Maximums Phoenix

    I recently heard that trump comes from Florida now he makes sense

  • DiamondJolt

    For anyone wondering, Chattanooga is in Tennessee

  • Indominus Gaming
    Indominus Gaming

    Nobody: Jack: hello you succulent salamanders

  • Ethan the Minecraft Pro
    Ethan the Minecraft Pro

    2:30 make that 27.01% because I have also never had poison ivy

  • KilleROfficial

    ''What's McDonalds doing in other countries?" -Jack 2020

  • SeBa

    4:50 Edd... ward Nice referece i actually laughed at this XD

    • SeBa

      @Christian Jude Berbano Fuse the b*tch to protect the peach

    • Christian Jude Berbano
      Christian Jude Berbano

      Thats a fullmetal alchemist brotherhood reference where a little girl is fused with a dog

  • Michael J
    Michael J

    me: dude the pac man is 2/3 of a pie chart Jack: Can we just take some time to realize the lack of commitment put into this me: ...VIDEO

  • PhanderWasTaken

    My sister asked me who was singing and I said "Jack, I think." It is and now she's confused, because she has no idea who it is.

  • Owl

    1:12 this is not a crappy design in my opinion, the newer phones dont have those types of headphone plug in things, they only have the type that look like phone chargers, someone link me to where i can get one because frankly i need it

  • Gabriel Aubry
    Gabriel Aubry

    Jack the Voice: "Hello you succulent Salamanders..." Chapter Master Tu'shan: "Oh, stop it, you rascally rascal." X3c

  • Brandon Vause
    Brandon Vause

    That fullmetal alchemist brotherhood reference is still cursed to this day.

  • Big Noob 500
    Big Noob 500


  • Coobymatics


  • zach gaines
    zach gaines

    I had a shitty walmart phone with the lock button on the back by the camera

  • Yiğit Aru
    Yiğit Aru

    the chicken or turkey has a big left niple

  • Achilles Radio
    Achilles Radio

    I hope hey cover r/IhadAstroke again sometime soon

  • RevelryInTheDark _
    RevelryInTheDark _

    4:50 That’s a Nina joke isn’t it.

  • The Random Llama
    The Random Llama

    Anyone want to talk about 3:06

  • Allmune Rose
    Allmune Rose

    chickens eat chicken

  • TheGlassDiamond

    help me my keyboard is almost broken from smashing my head into it

  • Basheyo Creativity
    Basheyo Creativity

    The darumaka is the stupid one with bad attack .

  • Pointless Points
    Pointless Points

    There are two open door buttons because that elevator has two doors on each side

  • Mother of Weebs
    Mother of Weebs

    "Sexy Salamanders" Yagami Yato needs to hire you.

  • George Bisby
    George Bisby

    Ah look the ros Bob Household

  • Supereffective Fireblast
    Supereffective Fireblast

    What's the percent of yes and no crossover in the venn of people who've had and have not had poison ivy then

  • Future Knight
    Future Knight

    4:50 Is this a Full metal alchemist reference?

  • that girl
    that girl

    73% said yes. Smaller circle. 27% said no. Bigger circle. Mhmm… Okay… I can see how that can be crappy design… But… Uh… I got another one for you… Why are the circles overlapping? How does one both previously have had and not had poison ivy?

  • *Fangirl screams*
    *Fangirl screams*

    Jack in the intro: Singing [Everyone liked that.]

  • oguz emre tektas
    oguz emre tektas

    5:27 no no it actually says half the price tag on top

  • Spotty Saber
    Spotty Saber

    The title was so passive aggressive that I felt fear

  • fad kml
    fad kml

    i really wanna submit a fanart in but uh i forgot that one video where all of the speakers were seen qq

  • 𝓦𝓸𝓵𝓯𝓲𝓮・𝓰𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓪

    funniest thing about the pledge is most school will look down on you/be disappointed in you if you don't stand for it even though some people (like myself) aren't even Christian 😃✨