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  • Lucy Brimstone
    Lucy Brimstone

    Li Lexi! I got a perfect score on my introduction to Logic final today!

  • Sly Fox
    Sly Fox

    imagine not knowing sonic x existed.

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    Okay; I think this will become the least-viewed EmKay video. It's a shame, really. Why is it that Made Me Smile and wholesome memes get much less views than cursed comments and memes?

    • AwesomeStyles [GD]
      AwesomeStyles [GD]

      @Coolman Me, neither. I mean, they're all great (well... memes is sometimes sub-par), but it's unfair. :/

    • Coolman

      I have no idea

  • Taj Callender
    Taj Callender

    I am the 100,000th view exactly.

  • Nalia Wolfie
    Nalia Wolfie

    I love your catchphrase with a PASSION!!

  • Fredrick The Alien
    Fredrick The Alien

    I am just getting over some crying from watching coco never take your family for granted I miss my grandmas Please love your family never forget them

  • callac

    6:20 ted i love ted ted is a good boy thank you emkay

  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson

    Hey Lexi I'm sexy ;)

  • MC NightShade
    MC NightShade

    Lexi's comment at the start always makes me smile, even on the worst day 😊

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee

    Yea my kids school staff did that and it upsets me. In a special needs SCHOOL you should really try to have other arrangements in place BEFORE you say fuck it and petition 3/4 of your staff to leave

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee

    No shit she won you think anyone was about to pass any member of the royal party?

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee

    4:06 well it got even more 'awe'

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee

    Whats up Lexi, I'm sexy I've tried to say this every time you post but I'm not sexy and pride myself on not being a liar. But I just can't fight the urge today so What's up Lexi? I'm sexy! I hope you have a day as great as you are!

  • Nathan Plunkett
    Nathan Plunkett

    Covid 19 will hopefully be the catalyst for more parents switching to homeschooling.

  • Nathan Plunkett
    Nathan Plunkett

    I hit the like button so many times....

  • Anime Raven
    Anime Raven

    This polish one really made me smile :) I'm from poland and it's cool to hear that there are still some good people in this country ✌

    • Snajder Animations
      Snajder Animations

      i thought there is no one who watches emkay and is from Poland as i'm person from Poland too and i have no idea why i'm writing this bc i don't care where are people from and also why i'm writing this in polish

  • Raskel

    the first clip is mildlyinfuriating because her ex was just wondering if she was married or not and she had to go ahead a be an arrogant prick about it.

  • Scribbl Z Studios
    Scribbl Z Studios

    I have autism spectrum disorder and i dont understand what people mean by where they say autistic people cant speak like i dont understand i can speak they probally dumb dumb fart heads :V

  • Crazy Geek
    Crazy Geek

    9:40 that's sooooo my mom i love her

  • Lilly The Skeleton
    Lilly The Skeleton

    hearing lexi narrate always makes my day better.

  • Imaturtle Imaturtle
    Imaturtle Imaturtle

    7:57 fucl the light hurt my eyes

  • Sammy Kane
    Sammy Kane

    Every video Lexi narrates is r/MadeMeSmile

  • Add It 7451
    Add It 7451

    the HELLO SEXY IM LEXI already made me smile

  • melonking8

    4:53 I finally found where this image came from

  • jane woodard
    jane woodard

    I don’t have depression anymore thanks Emkey

  • Lefty Likes to Draw
    Lefty Likes to Draw

    I love Lexi, I love (pronouns) so HECKIN much!!!! On an unrelated note what are lexis pronouns?

  • Slippy Butter
    Slippy Butter

    4:31 made my day.

  • Werty 809
    Werty 809

    How come Lexi gets all the good ones, I mean good for her but jack and robin seem to be suffering an awful lot over there

  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans

    Bruh why isn’t emkay on this subreddit

  • Adrian

    I'm not crying, my eyesare just sweating.

  • Seanharristv

    Awsome hair dude! 0:33 (Using dude as a gender-neutral term)

  • Ull's Arrow
    Ull's Arrow

    1:48 y’know what? Santa IS real. There are just many of them around the world.

  • Keadon Boze
    Keadon Boze

    Okay so I guess Lexi just reads the r/wholesomememes and mademesmile. I do not have a problem and it’s great that she’s having a good time.

  • Fire Lord Zuko
    Fire Lord Zuko

    This will make you smile no guarantee I am not a bot uzload.info/fun/n5SAh3bXtnur15M/video

    • Fire Lord Zuko
      Fire Lord Zuko

      I am Zuko

  • M0ZZ1E33

    10:05not a promise you should make lol. ive learnt if i have to make the promise then the outcome is already inevitable

  • Josh Koster
    Josh Koster

    Why the new upload pattern?

  • You’re Editor
    You’re Editor

    Whats up world I’m sad and today i tried jumping off a building Well then it hurts when my lego ground kept poking me but i am not dead😞

  • Totally Original
    Totally Original

    This subreddit makes me smile on the bad days I’ve been having recently. I love this subreddit

  • Grimlock

    Anyone else hear “hey there lexi I’m sexy” or is that just me

  • Poopy Butthole
    Poopy Butthole

    that post where she says her dad died of cancer when she was 16, made me cry. I couldn't imagine losing my parents.

  • Abdin boni
    Abdin boni

    sounds like a soy boy

  • justanotherwriter

    YOU made me smile - clicked on the video on a whim, heard your voice and there I was, grinning like a lunatic :) I've now been awake (and in near constant pain, thanks, biology) for a total of 6 1/2 hours now (since 4:30am), more than a little grumpy, but YOU always manage to cheer me up. So, THANK YOU.

  • kowanzZz

    I wish my dad complimented me.We would do it to my sister so i’m at a point where i just were baggy pants and Jackets

  • VaBeach Beach
    VaBeach Beach

    My son is 15 and has autism while he can say basically any word you ask him getting him to speak on his own without prompting him is difficult. I make sure I say I love you multiple times a day and I continue to say it until he says it back. Usually only takes one or two repeats of me saying it until he does but most times he says it right away. I used to get really sad thinking I would never hear him say that or know what his voice sounded like but I’m not worried about that anymore.

  • Scott O Mahony
    Scott O Mahony

    I have a Robin at the gaa pitch who human watches weird but cute when I see him

    • Scott O Mahony
      Scott O Mahony

      Time stamp

    • Scott O Mahony
      Scott O Mahony


  • the guy
    the guy

    I get a fox to day he on my home

  • NickSucksAtRoblox

    Hell hey fucking 4K on a reddit video

  • Dougie26200 2
    Dougie26200 2

    Lexi is my fave.

  • Speedmaster07

    Oh so you like reddit? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ Name every award

  • Larry pual
    Larry pual

    Ngl emkay kinda sounds like I'm gay who else thinks that

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    Hello there.

  • T-posing Jolibee
    T-posing Jolibee

    you guys arent posting that much, im not complaining it makes me smile that you guys are still trying to make your fans happy. Keep making this dark world better in your own way

  • Victoria Flanders
    Victoria Flanders

    How is Lexi so energetic. Does she wake up rested or is her energy the result of 37 cups of coffee. Every video she appears in somehow makes me happier than I was before


    at 5:38 i have a similar scar on my head as this little girl. i got in a car accident when i was 6 with my mom and her now ex boyfriend! it may seem sad to see kids with scars like this but it makes us stronger im now 16 and living my best life despite having a huge scar that runs across my head from ear to ear and slightly corroded eyes and broken teeth (all the details aren't necessary but idk) i stay strong and so can you!

  • Pumpkin Boyo
    Pumpkin Boyo

    I'm a trans dude, and days get rough a lot of the time dealing with the struggles of dysphoria and other stuff, but Lexi and her happy attitude remind me things will work out! Thank you Lexi for being amazing!

  • eLight

    Is the intro the king dice theme song from cuphead? Instrumental?

  • lex lil chip
    lex lil chip

    That intro made me smile

  • Itsame_ red_error
    Itsame_ red_error

    EmKay Doctors: Don't worry, pin begger don't exsi- That quiet kid: PLZZZ PIN MEEEEE

  • The switcher
    The switcher

    so today i was playing a game in roblox called K.A.T and i meet a father and son playing and i was thougthful enough to buy them a vip ticket and trade it with the father the father was nice to me and i was nice to both of them and i liked them and that is the first time i meet a father and son in roblox ever :D

  • Negmie

    Can we just agree that r/mademesmile and r/wholesome should just be renamed to: Thanks I love it

  • Airiles Yankovic
    Airiles Yankovic

    I love your dog

  • Universesfacts Galaxy
    Universesfacts Galaxy

    Why do we call the USA america. Should i call Mexico and Canada america too

  • Jesse

    Am I the only one that think his voice is the best and he should be a voice actor?

    • Jesse

      @McJoe yes

    • McJoe

      Lexi's pronouns are she/her

  • Dylan Passmore
    Dylan Passmore

    Lexi sounds like a boy

  • Yuu Yakitori
    Yuu Yakitori

    *When I find a another trans that is way older than me* Me: you are my mother/father now

  • Iced Vanilla Flavor
    Iced Vanilla Flavor

    Narrator fight The last one stands wins.

  • CheeZ

    I don’t get the first one

  • comment section citizen
    comment section citizen

    Guys, idk about you but. This made me smile.

  • Cheese

    Freyja is the Nordic goddess of beauty

  • Daniel Friend
    Daniel Friend

    Me wondering why there isn't more puppy, cats, and other pets.

  • An idiot that exists but probably shouldn't
    An idiot that exists but probably shouldn't

    You mean Lumiere?

    • An idiot that exists but probably shouldn't
      An idiot that exists but probably shouldn't

      The one legged guys costume to the right

    • Cheese


  • Hendy Allen
    Hendy Allen

    Imagine a man in the first one I ran into my ex and she asked me if I was married or single I told her I was a doctor She then said " welp I guess you are still single because you haven't learned how to communicate "

    • Hendy Allen
      Hendy Allen

      @Alchemy Saga first off this is fake. I've been seeing so many of these stories used by women, literally since the 90s. The reason why I made my comment is that I'm tired of the false narrative. Second, even if it were not fake, would you want to work with a doctor, whether MD, PHD, or DOD, who fails to understand questions being asked within social norms? I know that I wouldn't.

    • Alchemy Saga
      Alchemy Saga

      ...Because men's value isn't primarily tied to their marriage status to the point that it became an integral part of titles within the English language. If he wanted to be polite about it, he would have asked specifically if she was married or still single. Or if she was seeing anyone. More than that, chances are that he knew she was pursuing a degree and assumed that she wouldn't pursue it, let alone actually get it.

  • Madam Red smoke
    Madam Red smoke

    From now on, every episode, I will post a good song I think will help you or you think it pretty cool. Next episode, get ready! ♡

  • KidzDream

    I just realized that your intro music is the beginning of “Die House” from Cuphead

  • RuN aWaY
    RuN aWaY


  • Someone of Someones
    Someone of Someones

    0:29 if only.

  • The WAH! Channel
    The WAH! Channel

    hey emkay my birthday was the 19 mind shouting me out?

  • T a f f y - L a s s i e
    T a f f y - L a s s i e

    Who is everyone’s favorite narrator? Mine is Lexi

  • • Abyss The hybrid •
    • Abyss The hybrid •

    "Whats up sexy, I'm Lexi!" And it was a good day.

  • Tristan Shaw
    Tristan Shaw

    so EmKay, can you plz make a new sub reddit called WAT ( stands for Who Approved This )

  • DeltaDex

    6:45 inverse color freya

  • Lost_ friend
    Lost_ friend

    9:18 I'm from Poland and remember this being big news. Sending love to you!

  • Lysander Lanning
    Lysander Lanning

    What’s up sexy I,m Lexi

  • Slicz

    I watched this vid when it reached 69420 ;)

  • Denise R
    Denise R

    My golden lab’s name is Freya so every time she mentions her dog I do a double take

  • TheBlackDragon 2048
    TheBlackDragon 2048

    Here is some wholesome if you need more: me and my three friends have our own server. My one friend who will stay anonymous has recently gotten professionaly diagnosed with depression, so I have made a Wholesome channel where I post only the most wholesome pictures I can find, in hopes of making their day a little better. Also, I do not know who you are, it where you live, but I hope you have a good day and if not, give yourself time to replenish and become the best you. You are awesome, keep being amazing.


    like bitch he was asking if u married, what?

  • Possum

    I feel so blessed to share a name lexis pet!

  • kacchan bakugou
    kacchan bakugou

    Dear Lexi (I think that's how you spell your name) Thank you for saying that I look good every time I watch one of your videos. I am self-conscious about my images says thank you very much for giving me enough confidence everyday Sincerely, A loyal viewer.

  • Sirius Aegislink
    Sirius Aegislink


  • Pelle Engdell
    Pelle Engdell

    you shud be the only thing on this sub reddit becus you make me smile :)

  • Molly Rowells
    Molly Rowells

    I’ve always wondered this but why does Emkay use the cup head Im Mr. King dice song

  • MistyBlue094

    Who else wants some r/undertale?

    • Rodrigo Faro
      Rodrigo Faro

      Aneone undertale is shite

  • Matthew Berry
    Matthew Berry

    Have any of you noticed that no matter who narrates, their commentary always cuts off at the last 2-3 seconds?

  • Unicorn Princess
    Unicorn Princess

    R/mademecry as Lexi always does lol

  • Alchem

    00:32 honestly I would never believe that guy was once a guy unless you showed me a picture. Damn. Also congratulations to all the trans people out there that finally said they were trans.

  • Pinatamaster9000

    Is anybody gonna talk about the fact that they use the king dice music from cuphead as their intro and background music?

  • Ghøst

    700th comment :D

  • The Only Ash On The Internet
    The Only Ash On The Internet

    Lexi makes my day. 😌

  • Harvey Quest
    Harvey Quest

    Love you lexi