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  • Akäri Chän
    Akäri Chän

    Thanks I could not stop crying and this made me happyer

  • VanillaBeanJr

    15:40 My name is Paige and my dear sir i hate this

  • Erdmännelchen

    9:10 was that a stomach grumble?

  • Ari M
    Ari M

    wow, this really made me smile! i had been scratching my legs all night, and i kept having dreams about the new zelda game? probably because i kept watching my brother play. hes on chapter 7! even worse, i had to rip off a band aid that i put on after i fell off my bike. but then, i continued watching these wholesome memes that i started watching last night! just before i went to bed. then, my mother made pancakes! i made a pancake sandwich and a pancake taco. i know, childish of me, right? haha. i feel much better now, thanks to you! and ill also treat my legs. thank you for making videos!

  • Miauztra the kitty
    Miauztra the kitty

    Me finding dias before iron* 🤔 My friends: How just How?! 😱

    • Miauztra the kitty
      Miauztra the kitty

      (8 dias lul)

  • [GD] SpeedyFox
    [GD] SpeedyFox

    17:36 Sweats: Im gonna pretend I didnt see that

  • Joaquin Martinez
    Joaquin Martinez

    11:28 games are supposed to be fun not stressful. doom: Heavy metal intensifies.

  • Voided Soul
    Voided Soul

    My phone is immortal its been on 2% for 30 mind

  • Bucky Jones
    Bucky Jones

    Me: My grandma has never made cookies but she is still the best.

  • Olivia

    5:42 Me, who has a cat:

  • A Person Yt
    A Person Yt

    3:06 well I love this but my dad helped my get into somethings like video games when I was little and we used to watch anime together so he knows my interests and I’m glad that he is able to understand what I like

  • T a f f y - L a s s i e
    T a f f y - L a s s i e

    Who else is sad they didn’t use the gun kill animation for the “Always has been” meme?

  • Tiger Minnie
    Tiger Minnie

    the mother one hit home way too hard.

  • The_Lemon_Dragon

    12:57 Aww, I love that one so much.Crows are always thought of as a bad omen, but they're really smart little fluff creatures

  • the fox trotter 01
    the fox trotter 01

    That dog has two wishes thing he has two wishes the dog has three

  • Christian Vazquez
    Christian Vazquez

    how can you convince your parents into getting a golden retriever but you have a cat and are allergic to any dog that shed? do what the alien did

  • undefined trash
    undefined trash

    My dad tries so hard to understand how to talk like people do today. He thinks using “lit” and other weird slang words will make him cool, and I enjoy him trying to explain why he chose those words. He tries his best and I love it.

  • TONUBEE moved
    TONUBEE moved

    last wholesome meme of the day: whoever is reading this you are awesome

  • Cassandra Wrenn
    Cassandra Wrenn

    god help, it will not load

  • Cassandra Wrenn
    Cassandra Wrenn

    spanish or vanish

  • Awesome Potato
    Awesome Potato

    Ignore my eyes sweating

  • Mistwith Wings
    Mistwith Wings

    3:06 hmmmm... Yes, he tries to understand my interests. I like this show named Eddsworld, and I daily talk about it. He said it's alright. Than two weeks later he learned four of the characters and I see that he is listening when I go all about it. Thanks dad, for understanding how I cried when Jon died.

  • Mopru Memed
    Mopru Memed

    Would he hug a blobfish?

  • Sarah Lange
    Sarah Lange

    To everyone out there: I hope y'all have a good day, please don't think about something negative. I love you! 😚😚😚

  • Lenemus

    13:58-14:13 Thank you for that. What you said should be posted everywhere on the internet. Twice.

  • iDon'tKnow

    thought this true story of me was appropriate for this video So one day in year 1 I was mad at my mum (I can't remember why) and so I didn't give her a kiss when I walked into school. I instantly regretted it but kept walking until I reached my classroom. once I got there, started crying because I felt so bad and was so worried that I'd hurt my mum's feelings. I ran back up to the school entrance, hoping that my mum hadn't driven off yet but I couldn't see her car. as I walked back in, crying heavier, my friend's mum asked me what was wrong and so I told her. she told me that my mum was side ready to help out for reading groups. i thanked her and an in and gave my mum a kiss when I found her, she smiled and told me that she loved me even when I didn't kiss her because she knew that I still loved her.

  • G. S.
    G. S.

    why are wholesome memes making me ugly cry...? ^^;

  • risa adyatmika
    risa adyatmika

    Jack: i donated 3$ ..... is that makes me a good person? Me: yes jack you're a good person, a good person.

  • Foxythetimepierat 109
    Foxythetimepierat 109

    In my next video recommendations for this video I have r/wholesomememes and f/blessedimages and I can't decide!

  • Cristofer Flores
    Cristofer Flores

    Wait rhinos are blind

  • Isaac Newhart
    Isaac Newhart

    This is blessed but jack makes it blursed

  • Ketchup chipz
    Ketchup chipz

    17:58 wait i just realised that picture is my pfp-

  • Melissa Poirier
    Melissa Poirier

    I have a cat

  • Erika Guess
    Erika Guess


  • Wambaly Kitten
    Wambaly Kitten

    14:44 i got so friken happy

  • {Gacha Checkmate}
    {Gacha Checkmate}

    Ok, ignore this, but you sound like VOAdam

  • QAK

    Him why don’t you just have pets me with 12 pets what the frick do you want from me I’ve got 5 cats, 4 horses, 2 dogs, and 1 Gunnia pigs

  • TheMemeLords

    About 1 minute in I plan to help my family when I become a doctor or some other crap, imma smart boy ;D

  • shady piglet
    shady piglet

    I’LL ADMIT IT!!!! I PLAY GAMES ON THE EASIEST DIFFICULTY!!!!!! thank you for noticing me XD

  • Conner V
    Conner V


  • Royale Lisa
    Royale Lisa

    3:06 *flexes both my parents know real memes and uses reddit daily* *and that there both happily maried and are both epic gamers*

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse

    That security guard asking kids for their signature 😩😭 soooo cute

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse

    Getting my dog is the best thing I ever did... and I have children

  • Siopao17


  • Josu-draws

    you know, i really love these videos. cuz right now in 2020 everything has been awful and it feels like im just stuck in this sad ditch, but these videos are like rungs on a ladder out of that ditch. putting it simply, when i feel like im losing hope i watch these videos to remind myself that it isnt all bad and it wont stay bad

  • Cheese It
    Cheese It

    At 8:19 this makes me think thoughts that don't belong here. And thanks editor for censoring the the kissing part

  • Andy Lin
    Andy Lin

    I find pennies in my room because it’s good luck

  • steve hayes
    steve hayes

    nah his head looks like a toeless foot with hair. 6:55

  • Natalie Noyes
    Natalie Noyes

    13:42 that is actually in Pokémon sun and moon. It’s pretty late in the series though.

  • MacTdm

    A list of all of the EmKay people (that I know of): Slazzo Damian Zach Jack Robin Lexi Who else actually remembers Slazzo?

  • Ashton Miller
    Ashton Miller

    Ok I'm trying to beg my parents to bye me a dog cause my old dog was killed by a drunk driver

  • GalaxyLFox _
    GalaxyLFox _

    I love playing a game on the easiest difficulty and slowly go to a harder difficulty and I love seeing me get better at the game

  • JCArules13

    As someone who needs to use a cane, it depends on the cane, but they can be very helpful in many ways!

  • Wasteful XE
    Wasteful XE

    That grandma one hit different bc mine recently passed 3days before my birthday. But I can’t be upset bc although she may not be here right now at she she is finally reunited with her husband. I can respect that whole heartily, and I will forever cherish all the memories. Thanks for reminding me of her EmKay. :)

  • Sophie Frankis
    Sophie Frankis

    I used to do that. Even if I was really late for college, I had to kiss my little Wesite goodbye. RIP Jock-Jock.

  • yellow

    m y d o g i s p r o b a b l y c u t e r t h e n y o u r s s e n d m e d o g p i c s t h i s i s n o t a s c a m j u s t t o g e t a s t a s h o f c u t e d o g g o p i c s

  • Stardusted_Llamas013

    EmKay Creators: My name is Felix. I’m a 15 year old living in Canada, and recently I’ve had serious suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Tonight I was contemplating death when I pulled up your videos as a distraction. Your videos stopped my thoughts, if only temporarily. It wasn’t the first time, it won’t be the last. Thank you.

  • wannabe laurens
    wannabe laurens

    Watchin wholesome memes while doin makeup work ✨✨

  • GlichyMaple

    17:20 Me, who has a terraria masters playthrough on my channel; Are you challenging me?

  • Lender Lender
    Lender Lender

    I am gonna get a dog

  • Jethilius Avalar
    Jethilius Avalar

    Because of the way it's edited, I had to take pics of each individual panel, but that's ok cuz I'm sending the ones I like to my mama :)

  • Sting-Ray blah
    Sting-Ray blah

    me for 100000% of this video VISIBLE HAPPINESS

  • •Al’s Gaming•
    •Al’s Gaming•

    9:42 is just too wholesome, anyone agree?

  • Selena Gnomes
    Selena Gnomes

    "Not all girls like chiseled abs, they're not comfy to sleep on." .... You have experience? :>

  • Jønah Merlin Dalke 666
    Jønah Merlin Dalke 666

    11:58 German for have a good day

  • Acekhan830

    You see the problem with having pets is some of us are allergics

  • Leon Mathers
    Leon Mathers

    it takes years for a baby to learn to speak you think your do can learn it in one day? ryan george would like to know your location

  • Skull Bird
    Skull Bird

    At 0:41 this is how I feel when some one complements my art I don’t know what to do.

  • Celia Craft
    Celia Craft

    12:32 Everybody Google giant North American millipede face front view. It's the most adorable thing in the world.

  • Marie Law
    Marie Law

    This was the "Genie" Edition of EmKay...Therefore, Genies = Wholesome

  • Hazza Jamez
    Hazza Jamez

    1:25 its not just you

    • ZarBloxPlayz MC
      ZarBloxPlayz MC

      y e s

  • AngelCraftGaming

    17:31 minecraft should not be played in peaceful survival its too peaceful hard mode ia not that hard its like peaceful is easy++ easy is easy+ and normal is easy and hard is medium and hardcore is hard

  • smol babey
    smol babey

    Why does it sound like Lexi read 2:56 ahhh Maybe i just love her oops

  • Teresa Sizemore
    Teresa Sizemore

    'I'm a pasty white good boy' and yet I love him anyway \o/ and this channel, always brightening my day. Thank you EmKay~!

  • advu

    if i don't succeed, you still will

  • snek man21
    snek man21

    My entire family does memes even my nan it's awesome

  • Helena Kadaja
    Helena Kadaja

    2:43 That was what my parent's did!

  • Helena Kadaja
    Helena Kadaja

    2:43 That was what my parent's did!

  • Epic Sans
    Epic Sans

    Honestly men who push themselves to their physical limits will be stronger (physically) than women who do the same because biology men’s bodies are built to handle more muscle mass which increases max strength now mentally both genders are equal we both can learn and improve our knowledge of everything we need or don’t need also the average men and the average women are equally strong physically and everyone is equally strong emotionally don’t bother trying to convince me otherwise because no matter what you say you can’t successfully argue with facts

  • Gon Gon
    Gon Gon

    Jack:I loved thomas as a kid me:ah i see you are a man of culture as well

  • AliffKal Tilted
    AliffKal Tilted

    4:25 "I muted this to save you the horror" My brain who already figured out the sound: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • A person in the Noahnoah’s army
    A person in the Noahnoah’s army

    Oh no no

  • jet Dinelt
    jet Dinelt

    Dogs and cats anti depreso

  • Maria Edwards
    Maria Edwards

    10:01 HEY WHY YU GOT MY TARDIS I mean dogs are different but still *Please continue to include doctor who stuff in your videos it gives me life* And all the other time machines they could a chosen, yet they chose the best one- And that Doctor drawing is amazing

  • Colton loves Chevy trucks
    Colton loves Chevy trucks


  • Colton loves Chevy trucks
    Colton loves Chevy trucks

    1:01 did you have to ruin it

  • Nate Grettenberger
    Nate Grettenberger

    weird, usually the bad thoughts and vibes only leave me when im pooping

  • InsanoOrange

    I don't like "WHATS UP SEXY I'M LEXY" i like Jack better

  • S H I B E
    S H I B E

    Finally...a Meow Meow meme-

  • xXDream WerdoXx
    xXDream WerdoXx

    4:00 what's the name of the cartoon, I remember I watched it but I forgot about it and now I wanna now it so I can watch it again.....

  • Sasuke Knife Duck
    Sasuke Knife Duck

    What if he should do a r/ with Pmseymour!

  • The ToastA
    The ToastA

    I was doing my homework. My brother texted me "stop using my credit card!". It made me sad because he is literally gonna kill me. This made my dad man :( still kinda sad because im 12 and need to find a job because i want to give him back his money he worked for :(

  • bruh blue
    bruh blue

    18:86 made me drop a tear


    Look at the cats eyes at 2:55, it's seen some stuff, it's hiding something dark.

  • MSP JoyFulArt
    MSP JoyFulArt

    why i dont have a dog anymore she died recently from cutting a main artery when chasing a cat, thank you a good night.

  • Fret N
    Fret N


  • Grusio *
    Grusio *

    0:30 "Relax" "Enjoy yourself" *unsips*

  • Siobhan McArdle
    Siobhan McArdle

    Hazbin hotel art

  • Tabjay Storm-Claw
    Tabjay Storm-Claw

    Every game when you lose should say 'you lost but you tried your best' It could make someone's day better

  • What's Kraken?
    What's Kraken?

    god this is cringe