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  • Revlis Night
    Revlis Night

    He said snek in a hat and all I could think of was Janus.

  • jusee

    what happened to his voice. why is it high pitched and not so raspy now?

  • Liggliluff

    (9:45) But this assumes everyone has pet fish, which isn't always the case.

  • Liggliluff

    (6:00) Technically it's "27 £" It's really depending on what regional variant you use. The currency symbol is not determined by the currency, but by the language.

  • I’m A Frekin _
    I’m A Frekin _

    Carson’s got me wheezing

  • I’m A Frekin _
    I’m A Frekin _


  • The Sleepinmokey
    The Sleepinmokey

    5:12 That fucking smile man.

  • NS777

    No way, it's Zombie Cleo!

  • Daniel Casas
    Daniel Casas

    3:35 did he just said "kwesadiya"? EXCUSE ME??!!

  • Lumbow

    Alternative title: making phsmophobia in Minecraft

  • Devlin Madden
    Devlin Madden

    10:45 has nobody noticed that the subscribe button is red when your not subscribed and is gray when you are?

  • Directorren 13
    Directorren 13

    3:43 Man Carson, you gonna share some of that, I’m kinda hungry at the moment and wouldn’t mind some taco bell

  • Kalen Martin
    Kalen Martin

    The real way to trick people to believing a fake tunnel is real is building only half of the tunnel and painting the rest.

  • nightmare fredbear
    nightmare fredbear

    11:53 its called a depreeso

  • Z. B. Oakley
    Z. B. Oakley

    9:02 Because yes, we get saltwater sharks in the Great Lakes as well.

  • Deep Crawl
    Deep Crawl

    The Opening XD

  • DEV I LeSnake
    DEV I LeSnake

    6:36 good work, 47! Your Payment has been transferred to your account.

  • RemT

    What happened to Damien?

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    In the sniper story, he did go into the VERY think forest because that’s where snipers would normally hid

  • Emma Drew
    Emma Drew

    Okay so some things for Jack to open with (My brother is named Jack). 1. Jack attack/I’m Jack you’re not under attack/etc. 2. Jack but i don’t know any Daniels 3. I’m Jacked for this video 4. Hi Jack’s son I’m Dad, Jack. 5. It’s Jack and I’m ready to get jumping into this video 6. I’m Jack but I’m not Ripped. Or Jacked. Or a ripper. So stop asking. 7. I’m Jack. The superior snack the smiles back. (have an actual physical list written in crayons that spans several pages of all words containing Jack, and all the words that rhyme with it too I made with my grandma as a child. Idk where it is tho lol).

  • Marleen Van de Graaf
    Marleen Van de Graaf

    *_Snek with hat does it again_*

  • JacePlays Star
    JacePlays Star

    Hi Cleo, how's hermitcraft? 9:34

  • OreNN1

    I like Robin

  • pelle frederiks
    pelle frederiks

    and then you have captian crunch with vodka called captian drunk

  • The O!
    The O!

    When you see two hermits in this episode: Visible happiness

  • Stan The Lemonaid Man :D
    Stan The Lemonaid Man :D

    3:38 This gave me a heart attack I thought my headphones were broken

  • Hamzah Al Hinai
    Hamzah Al Hinai

    800 commenter

  • Mr Sprite
    Mr Sprite

    Similar thing happened on my Kahoot, after the game was created 100’s of ppl joined the Kahoot

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    I remember last year on Halloween in the eighth grade we were able to wear costumes but the school wouldn't let us wear masks or makeup, so a kid wore an inflatable dinosaur costume.

  • Violent Kisses
    Violent Kisses

    Underage smelling exists Joe Biden: 👁 👁 That's an issue I can get behind!

  • Gaming. exe
    Gaming. exe

    6:27 You can find a video about this guy on the Simple History UZload channel btw

  • Gamen Snootdroop
    Gamen Snootdroop

    Ninja can't say shit about abuse lmao

  • adam naval
    adam naval


  • imbicthboi

    3:58 have u seen some of that shit? that's not madlad that's like terrorism ppl could die

  • imbicthboi

    3:10 this is why jack is my least favorite

  • Skx5


  • Bryan Findlay
    Bryan Findlay

    10:12 im pretty sure thats not youtube.....

  • Manlypineapple1

    Hi Jack

  • Mystic Deadman
    Mystic Deadman

    The Mark Cuban one is a madlad act. He said it unintentionally, was informed that he was being fined, then said it again because the fines were being donated to charity. He donated $30,000 just by saying fuck twice.

  • Mason Walter
    Mason Walter

    My name’s Jack and I wish I was black.

  • Some Potato
    Some Potato

    9:20 I was that kid

  • Nevy Sky
    Nevy Sky

    right after he said "please leave us 5 star reviews thank you" a netflix ad started, i literally thought that the message was from the ad

  • Nicole Key
    Nicole Key

    EmKay: please rate five stars Fans:stars 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I would recommend

  • Jonny Kilvington
    Jonny Kilvington

    Watched the whole damn video for the thumbnail... And it was just click bait

  • Nexar gaming
    Nexar gaming

    10:13 That is *NOT* UZload

  • marc de chavez
    marc de chavez

    9:24 who knows cleo from HERMITCRAFT!!??!?!!

  • Hong Seop Shim
    Hong Seop Shim

    Madlads is just Passive agressive cursed comments

  • King Kiddo
    King Kiddo

    Hmmmmmmmm⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star not enthusiastic enough

  • Volt The Assassin 05
    Volt The Assassin 05

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The memes here is great keep it up all narators

  • METALITE tail
    METALITE tail

    I miss damien

  • Mike Kazz
    Mike Kazz

    5:45 yes and a bunch of adults realizing that they didn't actually have a wireless SNES/Genesis controller. There's also a time where your Dad, Mom, Uncle or older sibling played hard so you can feel like you got the beat a game.

  • Trainosaurous Rex
    Trainosaurous Rex

    I’m not Kaneki anymore....I am Kan-edgy

  • Len Bernal
    Len Bernal

    You guys suck

  • Joey Kominek
    Joey Kominek

    10:13 Surprisingly that’s not UZload but something much worse

  • Shrinker

    My brother used to give me an unplugged controller when I was little. I found out and hit him in the head with the controller. I immediately ran to mom afterwards...

  • Joey Kominek
    Joey Kominek

    6:15 The guy looks like the Sniper from TF2

  • Mathu Dazai
    Mathu Dazai

    3.30 I thought my headphones were damaged lol😂

  • Donovan Weideman
    Donovan Weideman

    lets not change the flag and anthem, especially if its THAT flag.

  • Mr. Werewolf AKA TechRaptorr
    Mr. Werewolf AKA TechRaptorr

    Jack,can i have some of those *crackers* pls im kinda hungry rn

  • Shadow Fan206
    Shadow Fan206

    Silence wench. I just want the og emkay back

  • İmam Efendi
    İmam Efendi

    1:16 turks did actualy get around it and raided some places sieged the main castle to scare the emparor then go back to their home

  • V!!King

    Jack is my favourite narrator with all of his a capella sound effects

  • Squaxy 1
    Squaxy 1

    I was so confused when he mentioned sad coffee before the fanart

  • CC 1004
    CC 1004

    Day one of asking emkay to make a r/gachalivecringe video

  • PropsMovv

    genz who use tiktok: boomers cant game gamer grandpa:

  • NDR Gaming
    NDR Gaming

    0:59 make me president and I’d be better than our current one. I may be only twelve but I stand by my point

  • Pain


  • *S i r S t o n k s*
    *S i r S t o n k s*

    de laddmadd

  • Mackenzie Glidden
    Mackenzie Glidden

    I remember seeing image of hot bunny girl asking I'll do anything you want and guy said I want my movie and it was Jurassic world Dominion

  • Justin Haltom
    Justin Haltom

    Can non-Americans stay out of American business.

  • Shelby the frostdragon
    Shelby the frostdragon

    I'm Actually a plague doctor for Halloween... It's the pandemic so....

  • Angus Gamble
    Angus Gamble

    5 Stars I like the narrator. He's funny

  • ImpaledBerrys

    5/5 stars Emkay told me to rate 5/5 help I'm being held hostage

  • brankee with no yim
    brankee with no yim


  • DeRoxasRaxba

    Old gamers be like

  • Sangeen Taimur
    Sangeen Taimur

    Jack's a simp

  • Dylan Calder Keen
    Dylan Calder Keen

    5:03 feel like the gay joke wasn't that funny...

  • I'm F2P so, teach me How 2P
    I'm F2P so, teach me How 2P

    6:37 Is that just me, or that guy actually looks like the TF2 sniper? Also their guns are very similar.

  • Connor Haroldson
    Connor Haroldson

    7:30 Oh look, everyone! It’s Anti-Cupid! Known only as... *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K* *K*

  • DK1440Hp YT
    DK1440Hp YT

    I miss Damien

  • Cheryl Bell
    Cheryl Bell

    Who saw spzombie Cleo and laughed because they whached hermitcraft

  • Dr. Badtimes
    Dr. Badtimes

    1:30 Geneva Convention? More like Geneva Suggestion

  • Murgu Talent
    Murgu Talent

    03:18 bruh she's flatter than her shadow

  • bloody

    That kid who smells the beer is now 11

  • jose cadubla
    jose cadubla

    That wasnt youtube

  • Jesus Arante
    Jesus Arante

    Wait tf did the narrator really think the hand was a painting?

  • ᪶ ᪶
    ᪶ ᪶

    SoêΈé¬Tè¿ER£±|¤”CÞrÁíϏ^œ‘*b9eþãTu€dÀãÍÌýØòŸVƂåِON/Þ''Ëýí1bÉ¡†?}f¿ÅÀŒ_A:àÃñC/kÂVûûþ~,¨ æ‡i&EäÑ+¥bR“À–&—kÈz¯p$ ©œ.þòâ½[ñÖd%*$íåZçO/«©[«û|HK5ØÂi&’\«ÜܜÔߓS>SÉ@ºŠQ?E'ÈP•Ü†ƒ'îºÆŸ1B€^t\îsJiPÏ [#"G †28ÉæšÃªn`”š ŒlByÜÐÑÕ䧂Qp ¢šÚN… ¹þØü¡ÕYa2e×ÁÑQÈÁ`âtYªp©ù:SŒê{}²uìGîÒ®r®šûè®ú¬SLw“R¥¦Ë—*Eäè…U¥°Xð¦[uA >5£ƒG E„3¹€:NZ0‡½èŸ°n"/Â+m—%o#à"×A¯¢-áH5‹ÍŸ

    • ᪶ ᪶
      ᪶ ᪶

      SoêΈé¬Tè¿ER£±|¤”CÞrÁíϏ^œ‘*b9eþãTu€dÀãÍÌýØòŸVƂåِON/Þ''Ëýí1bÉ¡†?}f¿ÅÀŒ_A:àÃñC/kÂVûûþ~,¨ æ‡i&EäÑ+¥bR“À–&—kÈz¯p$ ©œ.þòâ½[ñÖd%*$íåZçO/«©[«û|HK5ØÂi&’\«ÜܜÔߓS>SÉ@ºŠQ?E'ÈP•Ü†ƒ'îºÆŸ1B€^t\îsJiPÏ [#"G †28ÉæšÃªn`”š ŒlByÜÐÑÕ䧂Qp ¢šÚN… ¹þØü¡ÕYa2e×ÁÑQÈÁ`âtYªp©ù:SŒê{}²uìGîÒ®r®šûè®ú¬SLw“R¥¦Ë—*Eäè…U¥°Xð¦[uA >5£ƒG E„3¹€:NZ0‡½èŸ°n"/Â+m—%o#à"×A¯¢-áH5‹ÍŸ

  • WhyNikExist


  • Cole Cumbie
    Cole Cumbie

    Who every says yeah and me to I will personally look at u

  • Friendly Gamers
    Friendly Gamers

    Robin's voice changer has stopped working.


    Don’t read my name

  • A man from the internet
    A man from the internet

    6:08 - Thanks bites the dust.

  • Arsh


  • Yukey_Corruption

    ok, i know barely anyone will see this but, to anyone who is watching this late at night...... *_SLEEP YOU UNSALTED PEANUT_*

  • Pravin Trimbake
    Pravin Trimbake

    9:24 didn't expect cleo lol

  • Kent Carl Benjo Gener
    Kent Carl Benjo Gener

    0:35 I love it when two degenerates talk trash to one another

  • Beta Maxis
    Beta Maxis

    Have you seen the clown that hides from gay people? Me: Yes, and I want to know if you have to hide from yourself by constantly dissociating.

  • Jiddd

    I kinda wish it was a teenager that was playing pokemon in the thumbnail. I feel like an old man doing it looks kinda pathetic no offence. But hey its never to late to be a kid again lol

  • Dloin

    Imagine doing this as a soldier and still lose the war and most your buddies. Good Job America. You

  • BlizzBall

    Yknow Jack, I wish you’d share your crack er.