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  • KDYA

    5:50 its about the manhwa UnOrdinary

  • NotConsti

    6:00 its a Webtoon

  • Janette Mendez
    Janette Mendez

    Unless people still do not understand, Un-Ordinary is a webtoon published on a app called Webtoon.

  • Ninja Girl
    Ninja Girl


  • I gotta kill something
    I gotta kill something

    If I went back in time to have s*x with someone. I would go back in time to frick a fish... So, I can give it legs, and evolve into man kind faster.

  • Digspig

    I’m so used to seeing Mike with Sully’s face in memes that I had to watch that bit 3 times to understand what was wrong

  • The lego Star Wars man
    The lego Star Wars man

    I’ve been on reddit to long I had to go back to mike wazowski 5 times until I eventually seen what was wrong with it 🤦‍♂️

  • Christoffer farstad
    Christoffer farstad

    You got Henrik Ibsen right just need to roll the R :) good job

  • Sara Moody
    Sara Moody

    My friend this is why because why not

  • Bagbenkicked

    7:24 you sound like that fox that when he he

  • Nuwfil Zihan
    Nuwfil Zihan

    6:00 that's a subreddit about a south Korean manhwa(similar to manga but colorful) named unordinary and protagonist name is John

  • fathur Rahman
    fathur Rahman

    That jumbo billboard is real i was there when the police cut the elctricity of the jumbo billboard

  • 24% Done
    24% Done

    Hey robin can you reply to this comment so I can brag to everyone

  • cropro viktor
    cropro viktor

    Hey Robin! Cen you reply to my comment so i cen brag about it??

  • Conner/67’

    When I told my dad I was bi he said “so if u don’t get a partner u are bi standing”

  • DLeustraGaming

    Hey EmKay/Robin can you comment on this comment so then I can brag to all my friends?... EmKay:

  • Fellow Weeb
    Fellow Weeb

    5:55 It’s a Comic About superpowers on webtoon

  • Normal Anime Weeb
    Normal Anime Weeb

    no one Literally no one Me: Dont say anything bad about John! If you dont know UnOrdnariy is a web comic about a guy who doesn't have powers with people who have powers and we all love John

  • Llogyn Defrancia
    Llogyn Defrancia

    Hey robin can you comment on my comment so i can brag

  • Mr. Hunter
    Mr. Hunter

    Robbin: those climbing jobs do pay VERY well. It's considered a Hazardous Job, and, although they only work about 4 days out of the year, they make about $160,000 a year

  • 2016 Doomslayer
    2016 Doomslayer

    Omg........... I though I was the only Irishman!!!

  • Mr. Hunter
    Mr. Hunter

    Mick Gordon is the best music producer right now. Bethesda took down all Official versions of the Doom Eternal soundtrack, and now Mick is going around and commenting on every music video that is of Doom Eternal's soundtrack

  • loserspride

    5:56 unOrdinary is an supernatural webtoon and john is the main character

  • John Board
    John Board

    5:16 definitely uk you can tell by the pint

  • Megapugman 12
    Megapugman 12

    5:50 John is the main character of unOrdinary which is an web comic on an app called WEBTOON

  • Tanpa Nama
    Tanpa Nama

    Indonesian is always like that. one time my freind watch pron when class started until the teacher come cuz there didnt notice based on true story

  • Ines Jozić
    Ines Jozić

    Im not into unOrdinary fandom but i get what 5:58 is talking about, but, he couldnt think of any better example?? Like "Good thing Castiel died" and "thank god Supernatural is finishing, that show is so stupid" Bonus: i dont mean it, its just a joke. Just a joke.

  • Duck The Carno
    Duck The Carno

    T-there’s an un-ordinary sub??? O h b o y

  • Hive Mind
    Hive Mind

    Unordinary is a web comic on Webtoon, John is the main character... check it out it's a excellent good read and has fantastic art.

  • -Lemon

    Hey it’s xycron

  • Dah_Bologna_artist 936
    Dah_Bologna_artist 936

    5:59 UnOrdinary is a webcomic on webtoon. It’s pretty good

  • ShockTastic Animations
    ShockTastic Animations

    Me watching anoher meme youtuber thinking its emkay, then i cick this video Me: wait... ._.

  • TheHybrid45

    Let's be honest, most of the swears were from wade

  • Goober the Spooker
    Goober the Spooker

    In fifth grade last year I had no brain at a moment and put in toad sings never gonna give you up as a party song and after the zoom finished I realized I technically RickRolled them

  • BluTagg63

    3:25 John what kinda girls do you like "My wife" George what kinda girls do you like "Johns wife"

  • Dumpster Fire
    Dumpster Fire

    12:29 ...my school blocked the word “blonde” ....So whenever I was doing a project that called for something specific, or I was looking for a picture of someone with blonde hair for something it was blocked..LIKE I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO LOOK UP THE WORD BLONDE! IM BLONDE! I WANT TO SEE THE COLOR! I WANT TO BE ABLE TO PUT A PICTURE OF SOMEONE WITH BLONDE HAIR IN A PROJECT BUT NOOOO BLONDE IS INAPPROPRIATE BUT WHEN SOMEONE PLAYED PORN OVER THE LOUD SPEAKERS, EVERYONE IGNORED IT

  • Gamespluschallenges

    Reread this this sentence Why do we miss the the second the?

  • Shark guy
    Shark guy

    8:27 Me: Sees that on the news Also me: oop must be Florida

  • i_like_axolotls

    sorry too say this but... 14:19 robin you can't say that

  • Wassup Pika chu
    Wassup Pika chu

    *You Said What*

  • Kian Sumitsu
    Kian Sumitsu


  • { B Ę Ę L I E S }
    { B Ę Ę L I E S }

    On 6:15 actually yes they do pay them well. We actually passed a person doing that while it was lightning, I just said to myself “dang they getting paid very well” and as i said that my mother read my mind and said “ I think they only do that twice before retirement and then there set for life” man I asked if I could do that and my mother gave the death eye yeah guess I’m not doing it Oʀ ᴀᴍ ɪ? Dᴜɴ ᴅᴜɴ ᴅᴜɴ

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Robin is really funny

  • Lord Oblivion
    Lord Oblivion

    Rookie numbers? Is that Jacksepticeye? If so, that's a new record!

  • W0wz3

    he doesnt know wut unordinary is ban him mods

  • NoName Worm
    NoName Worm

    7:35 There is a realy old moovie with this as a plot It's realy good actualy..

  • AG_NY MA_____R
    AG_NY MA_____R

    Hello... type check 1..,2..,3....

  • Tobias Portman
    Tobias Portman

    Hey robin can I have a reply so I can brag to my friend about it?

  • Januz Gigollaj
    Januz Gigollaj

    Who is they and why have thry not fired you yet

  • Reach JEX
    Reach JEX

    UnOrdinary is a Webtoon and the main character is named John. It's actually not that bad.

  • Family Wald
    Family Wald

    Hey robin can you comment on this comment to brag to my friends

  • Minty

    You make me laugh every video 😂

  • GoodPoopPastor

    The top comments in this comment section are weird. As if they were written by an AI or some lizard people. And what the fuck is this unOrdinary? I've never even heard of that. Am I getting too old? It seems as if the confines of my simulation are slowly melting away and the other, weird side starts to shine in through the cracks.

  • galaxy dragon
    galaxy dragon

    3:01 Teacher:hey daddy what is the answer to 1+1=?? Me(if I was them):1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 0 I don't mind either one ;) if you know what I mean (Creepypasta,if you don't know him you can search him up)offenderman: *laughing his a$$ off* Me: he gets the joke!

  • Luke Stringer
    Luke Stringer

    Actually, having Tenure doesn't mean he can't be fire. Just means that they must provide proof the professor is in complement or unprofessional; I say his message fulls under unprofessional, also belittling students who choose to attend his class, saying they're only looking for easy A's. Yeah, I know it was a joke, but I have to be an asshole :) also, they can claim financial issues as a reason to fire someone with tenure, such as poor attendance/future enrollment due to home studies; yeah, it's a bad reason but could be used in this case to fire him/her.

  • Himariya Belayneh
    Himariya Belayneh

    This channels energy gives me a tone of friendship that I want to be one of the narrator n be friends with everyone

  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon
    Robert E. O. Speedwagon

    6:01 just a webtoon based post

  • o_bomb

    5:59 it’s a webtoon series. It’s really good and a dude named john pretends to be weak but then it backfires and then *spoilers* it’s really good.

  • KennyRoger5

    6:00 It’s called WEBTOON

  • Gonzalo Cid gomez
    Gonzalo Cid gomez

    Emkay can you respond to this comment so that I can brag about it

  • mesafull king
    mesafull king

    But where is damien

  • BluTagg63

    I'm. Back

    • BluTagg63


  • Totally not a lizard man
    Totally not a lizard man

    Hey Robin can you reply to this comment so I can brag about it?

  • CyberFlavor

    0:17 don't do that. don't give me hope

  • Stefi Stancu
    Stefi Stancu

    Happy do see finally sb who's phone is set on Romanian at 4:44!

  • J verse
    J verse

    unordinary is a webtoon

  • fluffle puff is amazing
    fluffle puff is amazing

    6:30 lol

  • B.E.M. Universe
    B.E.M. Universe

    You ever just.. look at UZload and see the usual YT format. Then you look away for a second And come back And some FUCKING how it changed on you?!

  • flame the wolf
    flame the wolf

    my question is how. it was phones, then fridges, and now a covid test kit? how does that even work?

  • Alexander Reeve
    Alexander Reeve

    UnOrdinary is a webcomic on the webtoon app. Its pretty good too

  • Lily J18
    Lily J18

    5:57 for anyone who was madly confuzzled, "unOrdinary" is a story featured on Line Webtoon and it is a comic about people with super powers/abilities and stuff, John was born a 'cripple' meaning he had no powers bit eventually he gained them and became really strong and then had a huge grudge about people who had bullied him and whatnot

  • FlameCentralYT

    I’d be the guy to say they need to show some skin when they start selling potatoes skins I’d go in every day to get some and say “exactly what I wanted

  • Jude teich
    Jude teich

    can u reply to this comment so i have something that my friends cant make fun of me about....

    • Landon Kodakin-Scott
      Landon Kodakin-Scott

      U r gay

  • Zach Mann
    Zach Mann


  • Tanieny

    oh yeah the unordinary thing is a popular webtoon thing also John is one of the main character

  • Tom

    I think the michelangelo thing Is wrong , got told in school he participated in a contest to reproduce the at the time lost arm of the statue called Laoconte , he's versione of the arm was not chosen at the time but later when the original arm was found it was near identical to michelangelo's version.

  • Alfonso Galgana
    Alfonso Galgana


  • ULTRAfire24 7
    ULTRAfire24 7

    yoo I'm watchin UZload at 1: 18

  • furry boi
    furry boi

    Ahhh on web toon there is a comic called unodanary one of the main chartered is John you would have to read it to learn more

  • Neel Pant
    Neel Pant

    Robin: What the hell is unordinary? Me a guy who reads the webtoon as well as like 14 others: Uhhhhhhh I won't say but let's leave it at high school trauma.

  • Itz _ Olympia
    Itz _ Olympia

    Since you could call a boy a lad, then when any boy is angry, they would technically be a madlad.

  • Trygaming

    Popo is ded for power

  • Liam Drummond
    Liam Drummond

    the unOrdinary sub is a bloodbath when discussing john i swear

  • Arterexius

    "Libyan president" yeah sounds about right

  • intensescreeching

    12:22 My school blocked their own home page.

  • Baghyz Razzaq
    Baghyz Razzaq

    Im proud to be an Indonesia n right now

  • xen


  • Ok._.Avocado

    Unordinary is a comic on the app webtoon

  • The GamingSmith Official
    The GamingSmith Official

    Over time, Robin has overtaken the spot of Favorite EmKay Narrator. (Previous was Damien)

  • Raw Toast
    Raw Toast

    If you have unblocked blocked on school computers, oh boy, I have Google blocked on my computers.

  • Payton Goodwin
    Payton Goodwin

    Me: *reads the ultimate lay* Me: HITLER I WANT HIM YESH

  • big the cat
    big the cat

    UnOrdinary is a book/comic on webtoon it really good

  • nam pham
    nam pham


  • Jaded SilverLining
    Jaded SilverLining

    To clear things up, unOrdinary is a webcomic about MHA but people without powers are literally second-class citizens.

  • Tanya Minardo
    Tanya Minardo

    I’m 8 and 4.7

  • james smith
    james smith

    Unordinary is a comic book series

  • Nicky Gamez
    Nicky Gamez

    I hate this just because he doesn’t know who John is or what unordinary is

  • Ahmet Göktuğ Göver
    Ahmet Göktuğ Göver

    5:58 It's a Webtoon called Unordinary main character is named John

  • Zain Satti
    Zain Satti

    4:49 when you see this comment twice.

  • Zain Satti
    Zain Satti

    4:49 when you see this comment twice.