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  • Ethan Basil
    Ethan Basil

    15:53 I'm sorry, W H A T

  • taco cat
    taco cat

    Secret Soviet spies huh? The KGB makes a return

  • Spookii Cat
    Spookii Cat

    I remember having the crucified mickey mouse as my school computer wallpaper

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    In the outro after he said "My name has been Jack" I thought he was going to say "You were a nice fracking snack"

  • Darth Vader Gamer
    Darth Vader Gamer

    That macintosh plus In today's standards actually does go for a lot, after all the original in 1984 cost around 2,500 as an average

  • Lance Mcclain
    Lance Mcclain

    how does this video have any dislikes and only 11k likes wtf. i get its new but damn, deserves so much more

  • Slppry Wen Wet
    Slppry Wen Wet

    I have actual vintage stuff if they need to see what vintage is

  • Zagi Productions
    Zagi Productions

    2:34 sign me up😂

  • Mr Burrito
    Mr Burrito

    Is it bad that I actually want that 7.43

  • hugh hogan
    hugh hogan

    Like wine old baby only gets better with age

  • The Weapon Collection
    The Weapon Collection

    1:17 2000 dollar for a model A sedan is a pretty good deal... You obviously don't know your classic cars.

  • RatG0blin _
    RatG0blin _

    man really just said BAGGLES

  • Spencer Dosh
    Spencer Dosh

    That Ford "escape" is actually a Model A, and if that body is all steel (which it evidently is) that thing could be worth some real money to a hot rodder, or someone looking to build a rat rod

  • Weeb Stream
    Weeb Stream

    HAHA NEW ANIMATION GO BRRRRRRRR' seriously the new animation is great!


    The Ford Model A body was a bargain at $2000. In Australia that would go for about $6000.

  • Tom Stevens
    Tom Stevens

    Love the vids but I watched 12 adverts 😡 😤

  • Emmanuel Vella
    Emmanuel Vella

    Hey waiter can i get a old baby please

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad

    lmao that old ford is well worth 2 grand

  • Lindzee Burnett
    Lindzee Burnett


  • Fox Tail
    Fox Tail

    I kind of want to draw Jack as Handsome Jack from borderlands

  • Carl Noble
    Carl Noble

    15:05 Sorry, it's agaisn't the Masquerade. No vampire will come for you.

  • NO OA
    NO OA

    Am I the only one who saw the thumbnail and for a couple of minutes stared at it thinking it was a weird strawberry shape carved in a cutting board? Oh I am? Okay

  • Korri *****
    Korri *****


  • XXassassinXPR

    I think the fbi is on to me after searching for thermonuclear bombs on eBay

  • Liam Dawber
    Liam Dawber

    Jack: welcome soviet spies My dad who was a Soviet spy: “so they knew all this time?...😮”

  • very very cool cool egg egg
    very very cool cool egg egg

    5:51 in stead of candy in the egg we got unborn children in the eggs

  • R3D artz
    R3D artz

    I was smiling and laughing through the video thEN BOOM! 5:51

  • SiGravity World
    SiGravity World

    What will people do with a 1$ if someone buys there half teen food

  • alex atkinson
    alex atkinson

    Vegans be like: 8:35

  • Melody

    Soft and hard are sling terms for cocaine and crack respectively. It wasn't just speaking nonsense, that's what he meant.

  • Abrams army
    Abrams army

    There was no ford explorer in 1927 they were created in the 1990s.

  • Não Sei 2.0
    Não Sei 2.0


  • Great Man, Who Is a Man of Deeds
    Great Man, Who Is a Man of Deeds

    These are indeed funny but it's not funny anymore when everyone just copies and pastes all these posts and uploads them on legitimate selling platforms.

  • Midaysnack



    How he said bagels should be on r/mildlyinfuriating

  • Ghost Pebble
    Ghost Pebble

    9:45 I have like, HALF of those beanie babies, probably more. They wouldn't sell for THAT MUCH. at most 2,000 since there's so many and that pink cockatoo is a bit rare, But I've seen expensive beanies, that ain't it chief.. that ain't it...

  • Zumpaka

    Привет Эм-Кей от русских шпионов-комрадов!)

  • Stanley knight
    Stanley knight

    2:12 it has my name good deal

  • Damien Coldt
    Damien Coldt

    I fcuking love pizza crust

  • Mairead Elshaug-Betson
    Mairead Elshaug-Betson

    Bruh, who says bagels like that?

  • Dusty_Bun

    Me coming from the UNUS ANNUS live stream 😞

  • Pixelated1

    11:11 Give him a bottle of piss

  • Mr. Suspicious
    Mr. Suspicious

    10:54 I think this guy was trying to do that Ted talk of trading a paper clip for a house

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl

    Human with no skin ($273,867)

  • Olıver

    Why am i starting to simp for Jack- his voice is so amazing-

  • Supersonic Man
    Supersonic Man

    me when im called an amazing person:🥺🥺✨✨✨

  • Boo Crimson
    Boo Crimson

    not gonna lie that paper clip offer sounds like something I'd be into cause that's how you start a bargaining adventure. In fact I think there are literal stories on people trading up to like hundreds of dollar valued objects from a paperclip. and whether i'm the merchant or the customer I enjoy the idea tbh, plus I like paperclips. I also like the knife switch, but for me because I carry that thing across the driveway in my hands at 1am and am paranoid

  • Nisha

    0:15 gasp scatter Comrades !

  • HalftuberWasTaken

    0:40 moldy b a g a l s

  • The True GunGinGinGa • 29 Years Ago
    The True GunGinGinGa • 29 Years Ago

    To everyone wanting to read the Old baby price but couldn't pause quick enough It says old baby $1,154.60 Etsy Free shipping

  • Level 100
    Level 100

    14:49 an automatic transmission is worse than a manual

  • Level 100
    Level 100

    Yeah, I would pay less if a phone had fornite on it.

  • SovietMapper

    Am sovieт spy

  • Thejeff 8
    Thejeff 8

    im pretty sure if you used that "forkscratcher" your back would be bleeding after you use it

  • Julian Oreo
    Julian Oreo

    Day 2 of asking for "My name is Jack, I wish Damien would come back."

  • Paola


  • Luke gleave ijebor
    Luke gleave ijebor

    The paper clip one is copying the ted paper clip trade up adventure. There is a website where a guy, over the course of a year or more, teades items (starting with a paper clip), and eve actually got all the way to a house

  • XxerrorxX lol
    XxerrorxX lol

    The ford escape is not bad through a v8 in it and it will rip btw do not do it without harnesses

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel

    15:47 me: 😳

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel

    5:17 wait, what?

  • Madison WEAVER
    Madison WEAVER

    can i eat the first baby

  • RedFoxSkull2001

    Yeah that DS for sale was definitely stolen from some poor kid

  • Candyo_oWolf

    My dumba*s was looking at the thumbnail and thinking there was a strawberry shape cut into the cutting board “It took me 15 hole fu*k*ng minuets to realize it was 3-D and the skin was peel even tho it said it on the thumbnail......”

  • Austin Plays Games
    Austin Plays Games

    3:55 now way, thats my home town!

  • Zachary Marquez
    Zachary Marquez

    1:08 he is right

  • MatchStick Animations
    MatchStick Animations

    05:51 my jaw actually dropped I was not expecting that

  • M Ξ P i K
    M Ξ P i K

    okay okay sooo how about all emkay crew doing 1 hour episode together, their humor mixed together will bd great :P :D Just imagine those conversation :D

  • Big boi Man
    Big boi Man

    Were can i buy the peeled strawberry

  • Penguin :D
    Penguin :D

    11:03 my virginity

  • 180Kek

    1:20 it's a rat rod, just needs an engine and it drives like that

  • A random Account
    A random Account

    Day 1 of asking emkay to read everything in Donald duck voice for 1 vid or try mickey mouse if Donald too hard

  • ferit Perliare
    ferit Perliare

    The last one so close to being ok and than "vaginal yeast"

  • STALKER Bandit
    STALKER Bandit

    I thought the thumbnail was a piece of skin that was cut off I was in fact terrified

  • 615reeegiiz Jeeeg
    615reeegiiz Jeeeg

    That coke looked 100% pure

  • Emil Ostin
    Emil Ostin

    7:47 I kinda want that

  • Demonslayer20111

    11:00 ya havent heard about the person who started with a paperclip and bartered their way up to a house have you?

  • Demonslayer20111

    Yeah about the 27 ford... Thats a fair price for that.

  • Chelsea dreadlocks Travers
    Chelsea dreadlocks Travers

    @3:03 think Jack had a wooosh moment.

  • nnn reddie
    nnn reddie

    1957 is after 1945

  • Trisquele

    USSR U - United S - Slav S - Slaves of R - Russia

  • Local Dissapoinment
    Local Dissapoinment

    "Old baby"

  • st0len_username

    i will have ptsd from the fetus

  • MarioRLZ

    The thumbnail looks like a murdered strawberry

  • Burning mayonnaise
    Burning mayonnaise

    the amount of comments is currently 699

  • Royal Frog
    Royal Frog


  • Magic Mad House
    Magic Mad House

    I would pay 5 k for that car because the body doesn’t seem to have much damage, FYI this is not an offer. Lol, the first one.

  • Rae Rae
    Rae Rae

    зачем ты им сказал?

    • Rae Rae
      Rae Rae

      I'm not russian sorry if this makes no sense (I'm learning russian tho)

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    5:16 - 5:21 If someone can explain to me what happened here with the audio (specifically what was said and why the editing happened that way) I would appreciate it.

  • OkJade

    Jack: "Welcome my secret Soviet Spys" Me: How did he know HOW DID HE KNOW

  • Glitch B*tch
    Glitch B*tch

    why are people dumb??????????

  • guardiano delle nuvole
    guardiano delle nuvole

    6:20 Plot twist.. he doesn't have a girlfriend He is the girlfriend

  • conner caron
    conner caron

    1:20 that’s actually a good price for that car lmao

  • Communist Plague Doctor
    Communist Plague Doctor

    I come bearing enemy intelligence

  • Rose Adelaide
    Rose Adelaide

    Why is the 2005 Dodge Caravan in better shape than me and we are the same age...

  • Sebastian Delio
    Sebastian Delio

    ok the last one got me rolling on the floor *send help*

  • Tiger H1
    Tiger H1


  • KameMelodic

    0:39 So, is Jack Britta, orrrrrr?

  • Paul McMaster
    Paul McMaster

    Vaginal yeast... yeah, I would've called it a day after that one too! 🤮

  • Perry the Blyatapus
    Perry the Blyatapus


  • Michael Haggart
    Michael Haggart

    Why did you have to give us away as spies jack?