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  • Rental Snowman
    Rental Snowman

    His joker voice was really damn good!

  • Lemon pocky Studios
    Lemon pocky Studios


  • Kajetan T
    Kajetan T

    11:57 wait hold up

  • Memerath


  • Marlyjade

    I low-key hate that I, a woman, nerd to the core and lover of anime and retro hardware and video games, have actually dated a man just like this (aside from the homophobia as he was bi himself) Yes... They are as bad as they look. Yes he was pretentious as fuck. Yes he believed firmly that because I got nintendo music mixed up between games and didn't own any consoles because I didn't live on mom's money, that I wasn't into games. And what's worse is that he had a weird, almost Homelander level mommy fetish, firmly believing I can get my breasts large like an anime girl without surgery, and even told me he didn't like ddlg/mdlg because the incest insinuation... In the same sentence as he called me mother... I think it's because the only really nice person in his house was his mother, and he had a brother with downs. Mans literally have his brother shit for kissing me on the cheek because... Oh Idk... I'm good with kids and his brother was actually really sweet and cute for a 12 year old.... I dated this guy for 2 years and was friends with him for 2 more until he started to randomly gaslight me for random bull (he was ignoring me when I tried to talk to him) At least now I am dating the sweetest man I've ever met and he isn't just into Jojo's bizarre adventure when it comes to his taste in anime. (My ex just watched that and hentai... My current bf likes hentai but he has actual taste thank God) Also current bf isn't a drama queen about my severe anxiety and autism, understanding that people like my ex are the reason it flares up around certain men. And people think that whenever we make fun of folks like this it's unreasonable. Sometimes I think it can be because I happen to be a really weird chick who has odd taste in media, (I don't mean it in the nice girl sense btw. I mean it in the, I have mental issues and latch on to things unexpected of my gender) But then I remember why being a "gamer girl" is like crawling through a minefield. You play tf2 once as 12 year old girl in 2011 and you develop a life long aversion to fps pvp multiplayer games, and the one time you try playing overwatch, people like this, including the guy you are dating, berate you because you're not good a it. Seriously. We make fun of people like this because, while it's funny as an adult, imagine being an autistic, socially anxious 12 year old girl who is just playing videogames and they are her major coping media. Imagine being both bullied and sexualized by guys both minor and adult because you have a vagina and enjoy minecraft and pokemon and anime. Imagine later in life you date one of these people and then you remember why your media of choice literally made you scared of some men... And then that man calls you mommy, requesting that he sucks your tits. And when you give him shit for disgusting behavior, he tries to pin it on you, degrades himself to make you feel guilty (gaslighting), and then says to others who witnessed this, that you aren't friends because you aren't as much of a gaming nerd even though, you literally can spout almost the entire history of Nintendo off the top of your head and he doesn't even know what "battery-save" means and can't play a single fighting game skillfully even though he claims that he can win, and then gets physically angry when he loses to you in the only genre of game you are decent in. But no... He gets mad because you forgot that one legendary's name in Pokemon Black 2 or that you got zelda music mixed up with another videogame's. And don't give me the ratings bullshit, little kids don't listen to that kind of bull and tf2 is free on steam, of course I am going to play it. Did I mention my ex never showered and would blast my ass with BO while playing games as if he was a stink bomb dropping on hiroshima? Tldr: neck beards are as bad as they often smell. I used to date one for two years so I should know

  • Jelly Wolfi
    Jelly Wolfi


  • Chance Welsh
    Chance Welsh

    Can y'all not show the word bronies or what? That is what was censored wasn't it?

  • Chance Welsh
    Chance Welsh

    That cowboy hat is way too small on that big boy.

  • Chance Welsh
    Chance Welsh

    I would love to try that Cheeto Mac & Cheese. I swear I don't have a neck beard!

  • glorpnorph 3
    glorpnorph 3

    5:10 Crap I guess that I automatically now desire my best and closest friend for 5 years koochie Thanks a lot random person

  • DIO the head
    DIO the head

    Neck beard did you mean horny cheeto dew man

  • fritzkrieg 23
    fritzkrieg 23

    crossing the streams is bad.

  • Mr Pokèmon
    Mr Pokèmon

    I don't care what you say Hentai is an art😏😎😎😎

  • country doge
    country doge

    Thank god that annoying fuck Daniel is gone , more jack please! luv ya jack.

  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis


  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis

    13:20 my dude calling out subs as a “dom” and wearing a massive sub collar.

  • Olivia Fairchild
    Olivia Fairchild

    the ochako shrine is creepy but once i jokingly made a draco malfoy shrie. shines aren't just a bunch of stuff of that person its candles, nicely scented objects, and gifts. this this is just sad

  • Kiulani Kipduif
    Kiulani Kipduif

    Watching this and the word "neckbeard" caused all my ads to be Gilette shaving supplies

  • kaisher

    do you need punished?

  • RoboLoco

    That last one was a Filthy Frank reference. bless

  • Thomas The Dank Engine
    Thomas The Dank Engine

    Hold up fam, i'm not gonna just let her get away with dissin McDonald's as a dating destination

  • Jojo I
    Jojo I

    That was a pretty sick Joker voice.

  • Ethan Atkins
    Ethan Atkins

    I have a neck beard at the age of 15, and I never plan on being the basic stereotype of being a neck beard, I only act like them cause my friends ask me to

  • Yokiono


  • Douglas Loiola
    Douglas Loiola

    I didn't get the Ben Shapiro's one

  • friedrich gerster
    friedrich gerster

    XD still dont get that point..and who cares?

  • Jashonn Reese
    Jashonn Reese

    13:20 We don't even know you!

  • orion ar
    orion ar


  • Literally just a Kobold
    Literally just a Kobold

    I really despise neckbeards. Like...if a guy is on the heavier side and whatnot that's fine. I'm no petite lady myself(weightlifter and enjoy my sweets... BUT JESUS CHRIST, PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME, THESE GUYS ARE RIDICULOUS. Don't be a creep. You aren't cool for thinking you're evil. You're just being an edgelord. Women aren't made for you, and men aren't made for women. Sorry for ranting, I just have met these guys and even dated 2 of them as exes(I was in a really bad place) so these kind of people really grind my gears.

  • Dr0p _b34r_09
    Dr0p _b34r_09

    Ppl like this make me feel so good about myself whenever I feel like a bad person. Bc I’m not like that thank god 😂

  • CivicCritical

    Just to clarify, Reddit is for normies.

  • Kaiser 36
    Kaiser 36

    Dafuq as i German i distance myself from the Shop selling german fedora's

  • Kaiser 36
    Kaiser 36

    Thx for the light orange touch on the videos so my eyes don't die

  • FiveNightsAtFreDDh

    5:39 my sister has entered the chat She has a lot of guy friends lol

  • Ryan Sardjoe
    Ryan Sardjoe

    Microwave gooo hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Gyvern

    6:04 he sounds like one of those aliens from the mini comics where they do normal things but describe them in exaggerated detail..

  • Noa Fir
    Noa Fir


  • BlocksTheName

    Thank you for enlightening me on what percent of me is a neckbeard I must burn

  • JCR Jryan
    JCR Jryan

    16:16 hold up DRILL??

  • Dominic Gallegos
    Dominic Gallegos

    That was no "bootleg impression" that was straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • kitten xD
    kitten xD

    Hello, and welcome to my comment. Enjoy your stay. Today,ill show you how Neckbeards should change by my oc, tyler MANiac. Enjoy watching his posts and desc! Tyler MANiac 45 Joined in April 5 2025 Desc: Hi wassup? Name's Tyler. Tyler Carlz. I am an transsexual 25 year old,i am consired as an example of how future neckbears should be,haha. I luuuv compliments but im not christian but i respect! :3 i live in florida and my fave food is Spaghetti 😙 i don't like emojies so much and i don't think this emoji 🥺 is an beanie. My fave drink is Red Tea. 😆 You could call me an girl since i am trans buuuut i honestly like boys. Does that make me gay and trans at the same time??? xD here's my goals: 10 subs: ❎ 20 subs: ❎ 30 subs: ❎ 40 subs: ❎ 50 subs: ❎ I call myself Cyril for some reason i always loooved that name! And i think it fits with Tyler(my actual name.) I speak English,Chinese and Spanish. I am learning Japanese and ill make an QnA at 15 subs lol. Posts: Video number 1: Title: My first video(Forest @ midnight 😳) Desc: Forest at midnight! What an adventure. 😆 🥛 Uploaded: July 26 2025 Video: Wwwassup bois today we will be going to the forest at midnight guys this is insane! I luv forests and midnight so why not mix them up? Lol. I just heard something Oh my goodness- oh just my sister Tiffany. *Tiffany laughs* *Tiff_vlugzzz* So you brought an fla-flashri-flashlight. Yup yup. Jeez i found an cave *After going inside* Ok guys so rn we're outside of the cave and we found an random golden and silver keys! Where do we put this,Cyril? I think it goes to those safes. *Running noises* Ok an shovel? What do we need this for. Idk buuuut it should dig up the X right there! Yeah you're right. *After digging* Wow treasure. Don't open it but let's go home and bring it to the basement. Ok,ok,Tiff. *At home* Guys where were you?! I missed you soooo soooo soooo SOOOO much! Hi,brother. *Paul Gamer lol* Darn it,we've must off been late. It's ok just calm down let's go! Ill make some food,it's almost day anyways. Yeah,what food? Is Rice good? Yuup. Yes! Im so hungry,Paul. Ok,ok,ok. Bye guys! *Wink* Video Number 2: (Ok im just so tired im just going to add Cyril/Tyler as 6: and Paul as 3: and Tiffany as 8: cuz those will be their fave numbers.) Title: the sexualities vs Neckbeards problem. Uploaded: September 4 2025 Desc: The problem of how Neckbeards keep talking that lesbians haven't got an kiss from "gentlemen". And that gays should be dating girls or they'll have sins. Trans Boys to Girls need to stay as boys even to become like them. Trans Girls to Boys need to stay girly so they can get an kiss from them. Video: Ik this topic is so serious so that's why im doing it today. So,in this video,we'll be talking about Neckbeards vs sexualities. So this is serious and started on 2020. Im not really late to this cuz it still continues. I know i haven't posted since MONTHS but that isn't the thing now. Half of these pics were from reddit. Shoutout to them! "Girls can't f eachother! Im inlove with straight ppl. They respect us!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍" "Im sorry to be this person, im straight and this is just.... Why? Lgbtq is an good community! Im absolutely mad at you." "Nevermind,all straight ppl suck. 🤬🤮" "and how's that?! Using emojies is nasty." "No emojies look so beatiful. 😳✨ Also you're sooo rude. Like all the straight ppl. 😠😤" "Just cuz i said im mad at you,that doesn't mean you'll have to hate everyone. Y'all even said in your previous post that your life is amazing and don't get why ppl say that they wanna die and tell them to stop and shuddup(which post was about 5 mins ago.) And now act like an depressed crybaby! Like bro,shuddup." that post was from my irl 12 years old friend ''Swxxt Dr34mz UwU''

  • Connor

    4:57 I think you were trying to say HOURS

  • Jacqueline Delnoije
    Jacqueline Delnoije


  • joni loser
    joni loser

    15:06 suomi perkele

  • Ink Sans Backup account
    Ink Sans Backup account

    0:34 As a bisexual woman- WHAT THE HELL

  • MR_Zoren

    What is it a neckbeard called if he is buff ?

  • aLternght

    Ya know being fat, ugly and social awkward just became easier to deal with knowing people like this exist.

  • Ballora Fazbear
    Ballora Fazbear


  • I don't wanna die
    I don't wanna die

    It would be cool and funny if there was a r/imanneckbeardandthisisdeep.

  • 2016 Doomslayer
    2016 Doomslayer


  • Joacinhof3style

    Also btw, just a thought, where are the gay neckbeards?

  • Joacinhof3style

    Fun fact, if they'd actually behave as they say, in a relationship, the girl would probably get bored. A relationship can't be that one sided, and you can't only do good things for the other party. If you only do good things, you will have to hide issues, which will eventually manifest as an overwhelming crushing mountain. According to a study, if there's more than 11 positive interactions to every bad interaction, the relationship won't last because there's too much positivity and not enough challenge. But of course, as if most would act like they say. A good tip that I've learned is to rather look at how someone acta rather than what they say. Actions and beliefs are surprisingly often contradictory, and often what we do has a bigger impact compared to what we say.

  • xXPraetoRomeXx

    *hello peanuts* 🐸✨

  • abdur razzaq
    abdur razzaq

    so when are ya askin' for "FAN(f)ART", just asking?

  • ThatGuyInTheRain

    So...what is a neckbeard guy? Serious question.

  • Psoewish

    That one from the thumbnail? I had an ex who unironically talked like that. I don't think further elaboration is needed on why it's an ex.

  • S.M. Void
    S.M. Void

    Every one of these guys should be sterilized...

  • EncourageMint

    The moment Jack's echo began and the guitar music played, I admittedly laughed out loud. X'D

  • Fish can roll
    Fish can roll

    2:33 is actually a good villian monologue

  • Tom Tech The Savage
    Tom Tech The Savage

    Since when does this subreddit sound familiar like r/niceguys? lol

  • Maximum Length
    Maximum Length

    All the anime merch and art and stuff isn’t that bad as long as they don’t harass anybody in my opinion. Except for the Ochako thing, that was weird...

  • x x
    x x

    The feet edit was really good

  • DreadDinosour 37
    DreadDinosour 37


  • ed fitzgerald
    ed fitzgerald

    0:41 no, I am just attracted to the female gender, which happens to be the same gender as I am, so I am lesbian. These neck Beards don't have much common sense.

  • Kirsten D
    Kirsten D

    An exotic picture? Sure! I have a picture of me stood under a palm tree holding a piña colada. Will that do? Send PS4 now, thanks.

  • Sour Skittles
    Sour Skittles

    Isn't it so adorable when you German fedora has it's own Magic Pokemon Yugi-oh collection.

    • Brookelynn Matthews
      Brookelynn Matthews

      Absolutely peanut

  • Nicolas Couceiro
    Nicolas Couceiro

    '' and girls complain guys dont have a stuffed toy in their bed, we do. sometimes they're a little crusty bu- just ignore that(? '' lmfao

  • Lily the cat Chickenzilla50
    Lily the cat Chickenzilla50

    I will dislike so that he doesn’t have to look at this anymore

  • em chaffer
    em chaffer

    That motorcycle has 5 horsepower! 😂

  • ゆずっち

    Neckbeards are the ppl that got turned down in middle school and became perverted homophobic weebs thet eat anime socks

  • CommentBot

    1:36 just made me not want to wear this really pretty LoZ shirt of mine

  • Aidan Marsham
    Aidan Marsham

    I want to dislike the video because it showed me the creeps in it.

  • Monica A
    Monica A

    *what a cleaning utensil* 😂

  • yellow m&m
    yellow m&m

    The funniest part of the video is that i got shaving and deodorant ads

  • Magnum Opus Arcadia
    Magnum Opus Arcadia

    Tbh neckbeards are hot unless there creepy or rude

  • Monaco Countryball
    Monaco Countryball


  • the Hellhound
    the Hellhound

    If this video has taught me anything, it is that guys are, or are rather capable of being 1) absolute duches and 2) act like the biggest Karens out there Ps. They are absolute assholes who act like they want to be beaten to death (By a dude who is far too pissed off at other dudes to be watching something like this)

  • Gamer Kent
    Gamer Kent

    His name is Jack and got the crack

  • Agonize RG
    Agonize RG

    On behalf of the ENTIRE xbox community we do not claim the dude at 11:17, we pass him onto to Playstation community

  • BlackIceAmino

    2:40 that profile picture Genghis Khan’t get a girlfriend

  • Whitney Williams
    Whitney Williams

    The guy at 9:49, his mask says 'gentleman' in Japanese.

  • TheTrueReaper

    Did anyone else have a hard time not clicking off this video

  • Epic Sans
    Epic Sans

    Fun fact: most women are bisexual

  • Kini Mod
    Kini Mod

    15:18 i kinda feel kink shamed, kinda not, i dunno

  • montry pyton
    montry pyton

    You think valentine is bad. My name is literally Love

  • Liza Piashko
    Liza Piashko

    reminder that most of the characters in BNHA are like 14-16



  • _Baki Baki_
    _Baki Baki_

    "kinky time" 💀

  • Jonathan Andrade
    Jonathan Andrade

    16:06 Damn neckbeard stole that from Papa Franku!

  • Buzfahrer

    Can someone explain to me why they are just hating on random people who have anything anime-related, like for example at 11:25, the car owner didn't do anything to you so like what? If he said something like "Why does no girl like me?" I would be able to understand it more, but are you serious? Let the man have his car how he wants it to.

  • That One Quiet Kid
    That One Quiet Kid

    *Who knew Mineta liked Ochaco so much that he made a shrine.*

  • Kawaii_ Sunflower
    Kawaii_ Sunflower

    *intense raging at da do0ds*

  • Marius Tagalog
    Marius Tagalog


  • Zaihao Lightsbane
    Zaihao Lightsbane

    I mean..Valentine is a nice Name..

  • Little_Dino_OwO

    Be me Laugh at video Realize my friend is one of these but mild

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    I'm disappointed in the thumbnail.

  • Chrisean McInnis
    Chrisean McInnis

    And a pretty peanut and indeed.

  • Fandom Female Potatao
    Fandom Female Potatao

    Around 9:46 ...... I have that mask and is female

  • II plaat II
    II plaat II

    I simp for jack’s voice

  • Kath Beck
    Kath Beck

    M'lady Edit: That was a good impression of the Joker