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  • Strawburry Milk
    Strawburry Milk

    I watched this video that was something like “fake Minecraft speedruns are like...” and one of the top comments was “bro how did u spawn into the world at night? I didn’t think that was possible?” This comment had like 5k likes and it still hurts

  • sp0woky reaper
    sp0woky reaper

    Tbh, i think hypixel uses a mixture of both plugins and command blocks, ofcourse im talking old school command blocks because the new ones wouldnt work on 1.8, and hypixel is cross versions



  • keith martin
    keith martin

    why is my first name in another’s persons name

  • Green The Shiny Jolteon
    Green The Shiny Jolteon

    * the most famous subreddit.

  • Heccin weeb
    Heccin weeb

    "Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!" Me, a nonbinary: 👁👄👁

  • Machiel van Dijk
    Machiel van Dijk

    it was not a buddha quote, no shit sherlock :()

  • Kentzo Ar
    Kentzo Ar

    "Glass is made out of sand" This is true btw. I saw on youtube that maybe because of explosion or something like that, the sand is now become a glass

  • Car Crazy
    Car Crazy


  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    8:00 I'm 12 so I remember ads and they were like 5 min long They made a 15 min show double the legth

  • Bittersweet Lime
    Bittersweet Lime

    10:18 Robin: Chile is 4,270 km *We were so close to greatness, we were this close*

  • MR.T Townsend
    MR.T Townsend

    stab stab

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson

    I normally watch these videos on clumsy or memillion where it has an AI voice and this is weird to me

  • KYCrusher1

    I mean, most praying mantises behead their mates to help provide food for themselves so they produce a greater number of eggs so the male mantises are lucky

  • Sour Skittles
    Sour Skittles

    Yo, I'm living for sassy Robin voice rn

  • [] H E C C []
    [] H E C C []

    Culinary Daydream - S1 ep1: Kitchen Nightmare

  • C_oyo

    Tbh don't think the first one was a proper whoosh

  • Arina Ternovska
    Arina Ternovska

    Am I the only one who wants to see the wooshed reply to the woosher?

  • ArsenalGamer 28
    ArsenalGamer 28

    M8 u sounded like an engine u went bbb b b b b bbb b b bb b bb bbb b

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C

    3:14 Yes he is. For now.

  • burningice2770

    danm he is a good narator. he should join emkay

  • Sans

    Hairline?..nah thats Samual Jackson.

  • Fiero Quartz
    Fiero Quartz

    I was going to make a joke about Sodium hypobromite, then i thought NaBrO and didn't.

  • Aaron O Donoghue
    Aaron O Donoghue

    You actually can have 48 chromosomes, all jokes aside. E.g. you could have 2 extra X or Y chromosomes and survive (although some combinations of 3 or more could cause infertility, changes to anatomy... I'd have to check Wikipedia to know which ones)

  • MGamer 26
    MGamer 26

    In the intro it's r/whoosh and in the title it's r/whoooosh. XD see the difrence?

  • Animal crossing Barbecue
    Animal crossing Barbecue

    As an atheist atleast i make jokes about that if needed

  • Steve RGR
    Steve RGR

    „Hmmm ain’t that a coincidoink?“😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Craigs and bacon :D
    Craigs and bacon :D


  • PROXYhx

    9:13 r/downvotedtooblivion

  • Danielmanbat


  • Astor Hex
    Astor Hex

    i know im like a week late but as a chilea I can say 10:08. WE SHALL ASSEND TO OUR FINAL FORM AND COVER ALL THE WENT COAST

  • Needs hug Needs hug
    Needs hug Needs hug

    😖🤚🍪 take a cookie

  • Emanuelgamer 1313
    Emanuelgamer 1313

    Just stop making fun of people Who Did not get a joke. I dont get jokes

  • Simone Savarese
    Simone Savarese

    8:28 That's me :0

  • Linus Christian
    Linus Christian

    Im 13 and my name is Linus. I heard this and got so shocked: 6:22

  • • Dream Queen •
    • Dream Queen •

    the gordon Ramsay anime thing wasnt a joke. gordon rasmay is an actual hot anime babe

  • Henry Jackson
    Henry Jackson

    How do people think they'll be seen as smart by correcting a comedically obvious error

  • Riley Stutz
    Riley Stutz

    7:31 that picture is not Keith urban tho? Did I get r/wooshed or am I actually right?

  • PRAK

    Me when I see my country's most beloved persons name 😲😲😲 The name is Gandhi

  • sajad rezaei
    sajad rezaei

    I have worked for hypixel dev team and i can confirm. They do use command blocks to run the server

  • slimyys

    i'm so glad these people only exist on my phone!

  • CaelumJ 16
    CaelumJ 16

    Or am I dumb? Probably

  • greengoatzilla

    11:45 I dont know if im missing the joke or something but isn't the proper name for salt sodium chloride

  • Your Boi Jaka
    Your Boi Jaka

    I miss GioFilms

  • Teslablade

    11:08 I know this is beyond the point but I find it interesting that they used Nikola Tesla's birth and death year, the fact that he was found dead in a hotel room, and just the mentioning of Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook .. and a random Bob Marley quote that isn't even a Bob Marley quote lmao

  • soup

    Gordon Ramsey is the best waifu

  • Doodleboy

    dude these peole are literal just saying real thing and people saying wosh that does what even mean??? is wosh like antri smart?????????

  • Filthy Weeb
    Filthy Weeb

    Each dumb comment makes me want to punch a child

  • PanchamPlays

    I dislike anime, so the first post is bad

  • Voltage

    0:50 ALL MIGHT

  • usef

    0:50 ALL MIGHT???? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??//?!?!/!??!?!/!??!/1

    • Tomura Shigaraki
      Tomura Shigaraki

      Izuku midoggo

  • Tammy Wilson
    Tammy Wilson

    Things I hate: 1: People misspelling R/Whoosh 2: People bad grammar 5: People who can’t count 6: People who repeat things 6: People who repeat things 7: People who beg for likes Like if you agree

    • Charlotte Cochran
      Charlotte Cochran

      @Doodleboy How are you so stupid this is literally an r/wooosh video. Nobody would be that dumb to not get a joke in the comments.

    • Doodleboy

      BuT yOu dId aLl ThOsE tHiNgS iN yOuR cOmMeNt

  • Shobhit Sharma
    Shobhit Sharma

    4:07 explaination ?

  • Makayla Drost
    Makayla Drost

    You can count to ten on one hand by using sign language, and eight is a singular hand sign, so... yeah

  • DwemerSmith

    6:58 ah yes dollars

  • Good Ol' Rainbowpet
    Good Ol' Rainbowpet

    funfact praying mantis dont actually eat their mates head naturally... turns out the females kept eating the males heads because of stress after mating because of lab conditions and when observed in the wild females almost never ate the males head

  • Rogene Tamayo Jr.
    Rogene Tamayo Jr.

    Woooosh is also the sound of the planes hitting the twin towers on 9/11.

  • ItzC1utz

    U would like the guy in jack box tv

  • Paper Bag Comedy Channel
    Paper Bag Comedy Channel

    On a scale of one to ten, what is your favorite

  • Allysan M.
    Allysan M.

    The A in Woosh stands for Intelligence

  • ARC the Cartoon Master
    ARC the Cartoon Master

    3:57 I'll admit, I used to get _Fall Guys_ and _Among Us_ mixed up all the time. 8:15 Dang... hasn't this kid even watched a show on Netflix where characters watch TV?

  • Thomas Burkett
    Thomas Burkett

    8:01 I have experienced this before but what if you didn’t have a sibling? Would it be utter chaos trying to accurately time when to run back?

  • imlatefortea


  • Acromas

    Those ppl got the same effect as when I´m listening to DOOM soundtracks, just wamt to throw a refrigirator at someone

  • May Darkness Rain
    May Darkness Rain

    Joji will never be able to shake off the Filthy Frank persona because Frank promised to always make shit content

  • zeldacraft_64 gaming
    zeldacraft_64 gaming

    wdym, Ramsay is my favorite waifu

  • Carr William
    Carr William

    12:46 I thought it was Mark Zuckerberg 😖

  • Rhaiden Austria
    Rhaiden Austria

    9:4 tHerE iS aCtuAlLy oVEr 2 tRiIlIoN pEopLe oN eArTh

  • Azevion Whitfield
    Azevion Whitfield

    It's a shame how brain dead people are

  • - Somestic -
    - Somestic -

    Technically atheists are anti-Christ’s

  • Dr. Limbo
    Dr. Limbo

    The thumbnail doesn't show how to make milkshake, but rather how to do a meat spin.

  • Phoenix Dreams
    Phoenix Dreams

    Not gonna lie most these jokes suck.

  • Maurice Bakker
    Maurice Bakker

    Actaully most atheists arent anti religion. They just arent religious. To onces that are against religion are anti-theists. :) So he missed the joke and was wrong about atheists :D

  • Joshua Eaton
    Joshua Eaton

    0:31 "oh no he used an apple"

  • Levi Russell
    Levi Russell

    No this is that guy r/mrreddit or what's his name. God their voices are so similar.

  • R4nd0lph’s Way
    R4nd0lph’s Way

    Petition to put r/wooosh in r/facepalm

  • Son Gayku
    Son Gayku

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's- *The joke going over your head!*

  • Alpha Roam15 Chris
    Alpha Roam15 Chris

    These are just memes.

    • Alpha Roam15 Chris
      Alpha Roam15 Chris

      yes I did, my life is sad...

    • Alpha Roam15 Chris
      Alpha Roam15 Chris

      did you just reply to yourself?

    • Alpha Roam15 Chris
      Alpha Roam15 Chris


  • A.G. Lapus
    A.G. Lapus

    r/Whoooosh is similar to r/facepalm

  • ft8d5356


  • LeonelIbarra1

    Dude sounds like timmys dad,

  • Xavier E
    Xavier E

    Every woosher is either a guy actually correcting a person, some kid who just learned the word a few minutes ago, or an idiot who doesn’t know what a joke is

  • it's polpotram mc
    it's polpotram mc

    When someone says that there comment was a joke and woodshed them back Uno reverse card

    • SyedTalks

      I love woodsheding people

  • Antreas Konstantinou
    Antreas Konstantinou

    14:03 Why is my milkshake red? It kinda smells like blood....

  • Luke t
    Luke t

    You know when you make a joke making out like you don’t get the joke so that when someone wooshes you you can wooosh them for not getting you were joking

  • Lux Ferre
    Lux Ferre

    14:04 Actually, there is a Russian DIY blogger (SuperCrastan) on UZload who once promised to make a device called "beast leaner" ("зверенаклонитель") but still hasn't created it to this day.

  • Ammit the Devourer
    Ammit the Devourer

    r/woooosh: nose exhale, not my favorite funny subreddit but I’ll bite, 7/10 needs some spices and garnish but ok “r/woooosh” comments: boring, usually don’t even make sense, 0/10 not fresh or cooked properly omw to hospital for food poisoning

  • diddly dang
    diddly dang

    Im gonna get so many likes on this comment

  • Shepherd Sam
    Shepherd Sam

    11:56 honest question: do you see a difference between the second and third from left? If so, where do they differ? They look quite similar for me.

  • Sanih Muhammad
    Sanih Muhammad

    I almost fell asleep watching your v

  • Drag0nFighta

    Soo... at 11:11... We've got: 1. Mark Zuckerberg (Hatebook) [Check] 2. Steve Jobs (Apple) [Check] 3. Google [Check] 4. Microsoft [Check] 5. Shakespeare [Check] 6. Mahatma Ghandi [Check] so far, so obvious.. but why the heck the life psan of Hitler? XD

  • NightShade

    The D in Emkay stands for Depression

    • Mayor Scorpius
      Mayor Scorpius

      @NightShade i am not sure if your woosh is also a joke but if you are talking about my joke going right over your head, then yes, you are correct

    • NightShade

      @Mayor Scorpius r/woosh

    • Mayor Scorpius
      Mayor Scorpius

      theres no D in emkay, idiot 😂😂😂😂

  • bloon solver
    bloon solver

    Gordon Ramsey is in food wars as the squid in the first episode

  • hammer1349

    Thank you for enlightening me on the meaning of what whoosh is in this scenario

  • Chase Slagter
    Chase Slagter

    The f in Ethiopia stands for food

  • Patrick Hodson
    Patrick Hodson

    Ok but some of these memes that the whooooshy comments were posted on are absolute gold 😂 “‘To be or not to be, that is the question’ -Bob Marley” 💀

  • Daneil Game123
    Daneil Game123

    Can i have boneless ice

  • Lycanyte

    9:50 im not the only one who read that as him buying both drink and gift card right?

  • Luis Raccoon gaga
    Luis Raccoon gaga

    3:49 Nonono you’re right

  • BullPug Ghost
    BullPug Ghost

    The D in Memes stands for Depression