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  • yopo 35
    yopo 35


  • Julien Gervais
    Julien Gervais


  • Furnimattress Store
    Furnimattress Store

    4:14 fun fact : before, pink was for boys and blue was for girls

  • Elise Hannan
    Elise Hannan


  • El Kafka Artinamar
    El Kafka Artinamar

    Wait grab that's from Indonesia

  • Cornett Family
    Cornett Family

    They have never seen my room

  • Stefan 123
    Stefan 123

    Ya know, Jack, watch what you want bro, even if it is something people hate, like tiktok or whatever, do what makes you happy :)

  • Ash Ketchup
    Ash Ketchup

    hmm on that fan art, the eye looks like sans eye when he is doing certain attacks. huh... mysterious.

  • hackerz 236
    hackerz 236

    I am fighting from 😢 This is wholesome

  • Ava Garbe
    Ava Garbe


  • D105a93


  • josh engle
    josh engle

    Link:Hyatt hah Mario: *yells at nintendo for not letting link talk* nintendo: OK I will make him able to talk ugh. Link: man I wish I could ta *covers mouth* did I just Talk? Mario: I got nintendo to let you talk link: thanks Also link: -gasps- I must tell my wife zelda.

  • Brandon Ochoa
    Brandon Ochoa

    1:02 the worst day I had was the day I also died of a random hammer from the sky

  • Mewgacha th
    Mewgacha th

    Stoopid people: COOKING IS FEMININE Gordon Ramsey: hold my beer

  • D A R K I T T Y
    D A R K I T T Y

    This is the perfect thing to watch after watching the last episode of banana fish.

  • SargeantSword Video
    SargeantSword Video


  • Evan East
    Evan East


  • Ser Kor Star Mair
    Ser Kor Star Mair

    0:58 SO FAR

  • Hanzo main
    Hanzo main

    The 5’7 overweight permanently messy hair and covered in zits is just a perfect description of me

  • A Person Yt
    A Person Yt

    13:18 for me it’s “when someone comes into my stream and stays and talks in chat and enjoys my content”

  • Quackers1216

    My dc is ducky so no prob 12:05

  • water demon
    water demon

    Yes, world I am satisfied

  • kosheia Maggard
    kosheia Maggard

    I'm 10 and I know how to make deviled eggs Ingredients are : eggs,pickle relish,mustard,mayonnaise,paprika Step 1 get eggs and boil them Step 2 peel the boiled eggs when they are cold Step 3 cut the peeled eggs in half and put the yolks in a bowl Step 4 mash the yolks very good Step 5 put 2 spoons of mayonnaise in mashed yolks Step 6 put 2 or 3 spoons of pickle relish in yolks Step 7 put 2 medium sized squirts of mustard in mashed yolks Step 8 mix all ingredients together until the mashed yolks look like cream Step 9 get an egg half and put the yolk cream in egg half Step 10 spread yolk cream over top of egg half Step 11 repeat the steps for each egg half Step 12 sprinkle paprika over the egg halfs when finished putting yolk cream in egg halfs Step 13 share your creation with friends or family and enjoy!

  • Reed’s Vids’
    Reed’s Vids’

    3:28 so we’re supposed to unsubscribe?

  • TSL-TeoAleks05

    i got a meme from the internet type "U BATTER START LOVING URSELF AS MUCH AS I DO THIS IS A THREAT"

  • Xaeden Lewis
    Xaeden Lewis

    id somebody order...happiness 3:51

  • RYDER 420
    RYDER 420

    A meme inside a meme

  • Unidud3

    Lynx > Axe

  • TemTurnedBunny

    9:40 this is my favorite because I’m a trans guy don’t make fun of me pls 😌

  • Spoopy LiteAndBright
    Spoopy LiteAndBright

    I know the opposite of feminine is masculine but I like to think of it as menine

  • Mahammad Zeynalli
    Mahammad Zeynalli

    wholesome memes: exists jack: *somehow manages to make them unwholesome

  • Pattarachai Chaitanarath
    Pattarachai Chaitanarath

    14:56 SANS?

  • Jessica Gross
    Jessica Gross

    I remember freshman year in high school in chemistry class, we were cleaning up the Room before we left, and I was sweeping. One of the boys pointed at me and said "That's exactly what a girl needs to be doing." I just stared at him and my chemistry teacher (who was a guy) comes over takes the broom from me, gives it to him, and tells me to sit down for the the rest of class, that he will be sweeping today and the rest of the week.

  • Harry Mac
    Harry Mac

    ah the sweet smell of smell

  • Marlyjade

    I work at a grocery store and I have seen over ten different men wearing kilts to go shopping I live in Texas

  • Athena Louise3120
    Athena Louise3120

    15:00 *ITS SA-*

  • vox glich's & bloopers
    vox glich's & bloopers

    I wood like to hear those qotes from Zenyatta from overwhach 0:52, 2:08, 3:05, 6:14 (do not break down), 8:47 (and i think that this should be in interashon between blackwhach genji or Hanzo), 10:42, and 13:50, This one is for genji 10:35 And when you get to the fanart you are literly "starring deep into the iris"

  • Pey's Playz
    Pey's Playz

    Um I know this is unrelated but Emkay missed the undertale reference

  • tired tae
    tired tae

    I’ll be honest the girls and boys trans one is true BECAUSE I am trans myself and my boys don’t care

  • Intalcu

    1:46 Billions died so that you could live. Now go make something of that life.

  • Intalcu

    0:53 “So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days” reads like a threat.

  • Fłame666 įśaķiłłer
    Fłame666 įśaķiłłer

    Me being mad because i dont know if he didnt get the sans eye or if that wasnt sans eye

  • Fork

    I can't feel better at all, I've been inside the darkest of places, without any places to breathe!

  • Xion Nightroad
    Xion Nightroad

    again with a dead dad meme i remember that sceen....

  • Xion Nightroad
    Xion Nightroad

    mom watching in heaven my dad is bad sick that hurt a lot....

  • Jasper House
    Jasper House

    10:16 I want this when I get a daughter. Then I'm going to introduce video games for violence. Then holsome video games

  • Arkan Aqilby
    Arkan Aqilby

    Im sad can you make me happy

  • Eugene Sanchez
    Eugene Sanchez

    13:55 *Yes*

  • Jane Horton
    Jane Horton

    I feel bad for my brother because he can't pet that one dog because he's allergic.


    0:49 You ruined it, why?

  • Ice L
    Ice L

    0:54 People who died and came back to life: I don’t get such luxury...

  • Roblox fan Films
    Roblox fan Films

    The person above me is amazing The person under me is amazing The person behind me is amazing The person to my right is amazing The person to my left is amazing But most importantly the person in front of me aka the person reading this comment is the best

  • Roblox fan Films
    Roblox fan Films

    I wish I knew this subreddit existed earlier than late at night

  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


    • Pikachu_ rules2
      Pikachu_ rules2


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


    • Pikachu_ rules2
      Pikachu_ rules2


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


    • Pikachu_ rules2
      Pikachu_ rules2


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


  • Isaac Beam
    Isaac Beam


    • Pikachu_ rules2
      Pikachu_ rules2


  • Doggo 001
    Doggo 001

    Donate 2 bucks of my G play money for my comment to be seen

  • momo bot
    momo bot

    8:09 N E I G H

  • Kirito Kasuto
    Kirito Kasuto

    Translation: In Russia Bear is dog dog is bear!

  • Kirito Kasuto
    Kirito Kasuto

    Добро пожаловать в Россию, где собака есть медведь, медведь есть собака!

  • Deolox

    *I forgot how to be sad*

  • Mistwith Wings
    Mistwith Wings

    2:15 all the time... Walking in the school halls, "oh yea remember that you were being rude that one Time?" *Panic attack*

  • SuperBloxian 502
    SuperBloxian 502

    15:08 that's actually just a sans EmKay thing

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    An inflation calculator shows that a playstation 1 in 1994 that cost $100 would be equivalent to roughly $175 in today's currency

  • Steven Lesumaiserene
    Steven Lesumaiserene

    Give me any wholesome meme and i can turn it cursed

  • Ruby Klemple
    Ruby Klemple

    Did y’all know blue used to be a girls color and pink was considered manly? People changed it eventually to be the other way around. Now it’s all jamble.

  • Ethan CLARKE
    Ethan CLARKE

    As a Scotsman I agree with you

  • Scp-049

    It’s memes like these that make my life so much better thank you

  • Comrade Shrimp
    Comrade Shrimp

    my dog: sits next to me while im doing work me: awww hi stinky man you're the best dog in the world my dog :D me: :D

  • Seasongruzeler

    6:20 am I the only one here that thinks the box here has eyes and a mouth?

  • TrU lEnNy
    TrU lEnNy

    me "This is brilliant" me "but i like this" |< good comment art stick fugures >| /\ /\

  • Enderman Robot
    Enderman Robot

    5:40 that's litteraly me I have Muslim friends Christian friends even autistic and dyslexic friends

  • RobertGameFreak

    8:18 I'm 32y old and don't have stuffed animals But I have a Poro plush next to my computer

  • A guy that doesn’t have a Life
    A guy that doesn’t have a Life


  • Old Sport
    Old Sport

    Lynx body spray I still have 4 cans from my birthday, Winter is neer

  • Jamie Boi19
    Jamie Boi19

    3:52 I said bring the cutest waiter not the cutest snack

  • Plasma Bolts
    Plasma Bolts

    Can’t wait for 2020 to end

  • MineBoy_367

    How does jack so fluently just slip into the australian and other accents just like that..... HOW

  • R3d Sunl1ght
    R3d Sunl1ght

    Seeing all these memes about love makes my singleness seem even more depressing

  • Ashley Christensen
    Ashley Christensen

    good crmet voes

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J

    1 if my grandmother gave me socks I'd actually be very thankful I need socks!

  • Shay Statham
    Shay Statham

    12:55 me all over


    11:33 the reson he had hair is because this meme is spomsored by keeps its a well kmown fact that grown men lose most of their hair at around age 30 and the sooner you start the more hair you will save go to keeps.com/wholsome meme