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  • Amber Moon
    Amber Moon

    6:40 normal version: "Your mom is so fat i had to spread this between 3 books" epic gamer version: "your i had to mom is so spread this fat between 3 books"

  • No one Really
    No one Really

    1:30 this happens frequently but it doesn’t hurt I am a weirdo

  • garden of Edens gacha hoomans
    garden of Edens gacha hoomans

    Same but I still have a brother

  • Braydon C.
    Braydon C.

    13:23-13:33 is my life.

  • Ezra Frisby
    Ezra Frisby

    Sans here and the two hurricanes in the first one looks like mettatons legs

  • Lil nuggets
    Lil nuggets

    Did any one else think of funtime chica when Jack started to say "Today is all about me me me me me," Or was that just me?

  • Lex Holloway
    Lex Holloway


  • TheGachaWatcher Girl
    TheGachaWatcher Girl

    1:30 yes I did yesterday and it still hurts very bad! Thanks stupid wavy ground and tall grass :)

  • somesmolbean

    people keep saying where did this year go like they wanted it to continue

  • shoe ornaments
    shoe ornaments

    thats it! i wasnt sure what the backstory should be before, but the backstory for my new comics villian will be getting their jeans stuck in a door!

  • Selene Brannin
    Selene Brannin

    13:20 lamoooooooooo

  • Bihu the leopard gecko
    Bihu the leopard gecko

    Some idiot somewhere: 2020 can’t get an- Me: SHUT . . . Me: SHUT UP

  • LOLSflint

    I'm sorry but there were 419 dislikes. You know what I had to do.

  • Peanut Snap
    Peanut Snap

    13:36 That one got me Like please I'm being kidnapped PLEASE HELP-

  • Recil Miner
    Recil Miner

    this year went to hell

  • Allyssa Schafer
    Allyssa Schafer

    I one time had hiccups in band an I was hiccups while playing my SAXOPHONE!🎷

  • Heather Cousino
    Heather Cousino

    @4:24 yo my mom gets call every day from my school saying that another kid has caught covid

  • Heather Cousino
    Heather Cousino


  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller

    The fanart looks like Sans the skeleton from Undertale.

  • Lord Chungus
    Lord Chungus

    Bag have you ever been skipping and then rolled you ankle like I didn’t that and was on the floor in pain for like 10 Minutes and it hurt for like a week

  • Aidan Bortz
    Aidan Bortz

    We do have ankles - I accidentally abuse mine once a week. What is my life-

  • Donna Power
    Donna Power

    nobody: the pepsi in my mouth after 3:07: adios

  • Kendra DuPree
    Kendra DuPree

    pickle juice works really well to get rid of hiccups

  • Remantrai

    November 22

  • Timothy Miller
    Timothy Miller

    Hickups are easy to get rid of just hold your breath while drinking then get scared by a boo then swallo a t-spoon of sugar

  • Isaak Enns
    Isaak Enns

    Ok hear me out, y’all ever heard the saying” those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat is”? If that’s the case stop educating people on how people got rich and the next generation will all be billionaires. Insert markiplier “Oh yeah, i’ts big brain time”

  • Script R Us
    Script R Us

    4:31 Litterly went back to school and seen some kid coughing every where, not even covering their mouth. I did something my mom is mad but also glade about. That's right, i punched him in the noise and tried to break his arm. Got out of school and did at home learning.

  • Jermiah Alston
    Jermiah Alston

    so no-one really gonna talk about this 1:17

  • epic gamer 365
    epic gamer 365

    At 2:11 he kind of started sounding like Frieza and then quickly turned into the joker wth.

  • Switch ツ
    Switch ツ

    My birthday is August 22nd!!!

  • Nilas JunkYard
    Nilas JunkYard

    5:17 Nothing. Absolutly nothing. Whats wrong with You?

  • Mark Spee
    Mark Spee

    6:35 fake estate... real estate...

  • Mr Gaming7
    Mr Gaming7

    That is the most passive-aggressive intro I have ever heard

  • Master of Flames
    Master of Flames

    For some reason your hiccups feel wholesome af

  • Pumpkin Patch Exotics
    Pumpkin Patch Exotics

    Can we just have hiccups every episode the constant getting pissed at their bodily functions cracks me up.

  • Milk man
    Milk man

    3:00 Oh honey you look Dazzling! Ready for our *wedding anniversary?*

  • LordBaneThePlayer

    13:17 I can summon Demons, not pee!

  • Ashley Dyson
    Ashley Dyson

    Jack *hiccups* GOD DAMN IT HICCUPS

  • Skylark Adminiss
    Skylark Adminiss

    We need more Hiccup Jack.

  • Stranded Data
    Stranded Data

    watching on thursday the 19th

  • Luna Snow
    Luna Snow

    9:32 I thought the shark was stuck in a sea turtle for a good minute

  • Lally Lugo
    Lally Lugo

    The fanart made me think of Sans.

  • Miles Casco
    Miles Casco

    Me at 2:00 Am trying to sleep UZload: lol just gonna recommend this Me:mmmhhhhhh

  • Owen Blue
    Owen Blue

    When the Thursday the 20th thing popped up I looked at the day It’s Thursday the 19th.... SH-

  • F4tal 3Ror
    F4tal 3Ror

    Dr. Doofenshmirtz had an alternate Universe version of himself that was serious on being evil. What event made their lives turn different paths? Losing a toy train

  • Powerflame

    My school had 10 students with the virus

  • Dr. Crimsøn Nightfall
    Dr. Crimsøn Nightfall

    2:06 at one point that happen to me and i broke the door, i was not having a good day

  • Vivian Crypt
    Vivian Crypt

    4:02 it do be like that

  • ComicPower YT
    ComicPower YT

    This video was posted on my birthday : )

  • Bruh

    4:22 that is so true cause 𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓴𝓲𝓭 𝓲𝓷 𝓶𝔂 𝓷𝓮𝔁𝓽 𝓭𝓸𝓸𝓻 𝓬𝓵𝓪𝓼𝓼 𝓰𝓸𝓽 𝓬𝓸𝓿𝓲𝓭

  • LamL

    I'm sorry but the hiccups made this video a 13/10

  • C_Tube_Dude

    I just love this video. Every post and every joke was great.

  • C.K Artz
    C.K Artz

    when you called us "magic muffins" i smiled

  • Shannon Vassallo
    Shannon Vassallo

    17:03 We can all agree that the person who drew this is an Undertale fan right? RIGHT?

    • Reme O'Donnell
      Reme O'Donnell


  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    Just a bit of advice Hold your breath for 10 seconds when you have the hiccups

  • Cecilia Batson
    Cecilia Batson


  • Samantha O’Brien
    Samantha O’Brien

    That joker voice/laugh was amazing

  • Colden Hanses
    Colden Hanses

    jack: where did this year go!? me: every day feels like its been a week long, but i wake up the next day and the year is almost over... if it weren't for covid i would have failed one of my middle school classes, but, ya know... its f*cking covid... i got a puppy of my own this year, followed by my mom getting 2 more puppies, making the dog count at my house 7 dogs with 3 of them not potty trained, making it a stinky hell... my year has been long and short, blessed yet cursed, good but bad................................. oh god someone please help me

  • Rogene Tamayo Jr.
    Rogene Tamayo Jr.

    0:00-0:05 It’s actually good. So that we can step out of this year’s bad luck and continue with the less worse yr 2021

  • Qwerty YouTuber
    Qwerty YouTuber

    Lol I gave you the hiccups 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anthony Pena
    Anthony Pena

    2:01 even worse, someone killing 10,000 people because they didn't get into an art school

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez

    The turning point for an alternate doofinshmurtz was losing his train, also sorry if I misspelled doofs name

  • adam Canonico
    adam Canonico

    HELLO MINECRAFT LEGO ANYONE 2 cool things coming together to make a cooler thing

  • laurendeichmann

    I’m waching this on tewsday the seventh I was so close

  • Molly Lindley
    Molly Lindley

    stressy depressy lemon zesty

  • Turd Polisher
    Turd Polisher

    Hold your breath for as long as you can to cure hiccups.


    jack. go drink water. why didn’t you stop and drink water?

  • Aspen Rose
    Aspen Rose

    For me it was February to november for obvious reasons lmao

  • A0

    So, who else saw "struggle meal" and was like milk & cereal? dropkick the peanut butter & jelly more like scrambled eggs and toast, bacon if you're lucky, more pissed that I developed an allergy to egg yolk, loved eggs. more fascinated with the meat added to the beans. Actually, I noticed I only got the more 'expensive' stuff at a friend's house, only place I actually remember solid meat until I was 8.

  • Lincoln Sproed
    Lincoln Sproed

    WHAT : ) :( i die

  • Ziko The Folf
    Ziko The Folf

    help ive been infected with hiccups

  • SCP-999

    DoomGuy teaching Repunzle how to shoot a heavy assault rifle, now that’s what I call artwork

  • Agata Zmuda
    Agata Zmuda

    First little lost is not true I had a vacation and it went so darn slow to get to August 22

  • Odyssey

    You know where this year went, huh? It went too hell... haven’t come back yet

  • Jennifer Higgins
    Jennifer Higgins

    btw drink pickle juice it gets rid of hick ups

  • Jennifer Higgins
    Jennifer Higgins

    the ankle thing yes i have rolled my ankle over like that and i can still walk with it like that btw men until you start bleeding out your mouth don't try to back sas ,us women have our own way of salving things

  • How to Life
    How to Life

    The day this what is upload it was on my birthday so happy late birthday to me

  • Liggliluff


  • Liggliluff

    (6:25) 15 is legal in several European countries; the majority if I'm not mistaken. It still have to be consensual of course.

  • Blue rose Gaming
    Blue rose Gaming

    Stressy depressy lemon zesty ;-;

  • Jack Low
    Jack Low

    The lotto number segment: That has happened to me SO MANY TIMES! A lighter would also be easier to carry than a magnifying glass. A spoonful of surar dissolved in your mouth is *supposed* to get rid of them, but don't quote me on that.

  • Moirrah Andales
    Moirrah Andales

    Imagin finding the "fat between 3 books" book with no context-

  • Deborah Maxan
    Deborah Maxan

    Cat: I’m the bad cat

    • Deborah Maxan
      Deborah Maxan

      If anyone made this before me idc

  • #opredroll

    me crashes plane in twin tower because of one homeless guy trespassing *IN A GAME NOT REAL LIFE*

  • grandshadowseal

    Once a couple of years ago my struggle meal was a 40p pack of chocolate bon bons biscuits as they where the cheapest thing I could afford.... There was also sausages cut up with spaghetti pasta and ketchup (was surprisingly nice!) And tinned spaghetti and sausages/beans on toast (still have when lazy or not that hungry as it's nice)

  • PotterBrony82

    holy shit, the hiccups censored him...

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    3:08 has made me transcend into funny land

  • Hannah Slone
    Hannah Slone

    2020 cant get any worse

  • Raw-Kin Bleachfan
    Raw-Kin Bleachfan

    Jack? As in Captain Jack Sparrow or Jack Black?

  • Calvin Malcolm
    Calvin Malcolm

    The man who did he rapunzel started doom crossing apperantly

  • Colourblind 546
    Colourblind 546

    7:00 they never came to school after that day, they didn’t even respond

  • geekyNERD_GamingYT plays roblox
    geekyNERD_GamingYT plays roblox

    Yo you hat joker impression is really good. Who agrees

  • Darkside -_-7rb
    Darkside -_-7rb

    15:04 do you mean dogfished you?

  • B0sEaRl atiga
    B0sEaRl atiga

    I said pspspsps

  • Conner Seibert
    Conner Seibert

    Fun fact:Banana

  • Santino Espinosa
    Santino Espinosa

    hey in the fanart where are the legs?

  • Bandito

    The hiccups are kinda cute ngl. 5:58 I wheezed-

  • W J H
    W J H

    5:52 he sounds like rictofin ngl

  • Renaude Simard
    Renaude Simard

    Jack is seriously the best host of Emkay, hands down

  • Old Games
    Old Games

    16:29 it probably worked because he made them think Freddie Mercury was alive