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  • deadhead x33
    deadhead x33

    These memes physically gave me 1d20 psychic damage

  • Hinode Moonrise
    Hinode Moonrise

    It’s a manga not a anime book,am laughing but am also sad of the world we live.

  • Basic WhiteGirl
    Basic WhiteGirl

    HA! we have the most cases for corona in the world! ................. f-ck

  • Zeke Morris
    Zeke Morris

    i call anime book that cus thats what they are and I even like them to and know what they are called but still call them anime books lol

  • Fake 2oo
    Fake 2oo

    The coolmathgames is just r/technicallytruth

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    5:05 What's the problem on that one?

  • BTL_yoda


  • Alessandra Morison
    Alessandra Morison

    You guys get to make your yearbooks!!! We donttt

  • SHADOW 最高
    SHADOW 最高

    What’s funny is companies using the meta image meme format for ads but knowing damn well they ain’t gonna hire anybody that understands memes. So who are they targeting??.

  • Vannessa Andrade
    Vannessa Andrade

    10:29 E N G L I S H 100

  • Jelle Manders
    Jelle Manders

    Robin the bird the planet of sman died but his city survived bc pf her nieces dad build a shield

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    As I type this, two of the three top comments have Danganronpa profile pics

  • The official spinel Su
    The official spinel Su

    5:10 when I go to high school I'm going to find weebs and say ''do you like anime books'' ima edit this when I do

  • Juan karlo Abril
    Juan karlo Abril

    5:08 Him: what he just said Weebs:OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU MOTHAF*CKER

  • lunar eclipse
    lunar eclipse

    robin laghing is the cutised thing 2:40

  • Matchstick Fox
    Matchstick Fox

    7:14 mimikyu when it sees pikachu

  • DragonGames YT
    DragonGames YT

    *Wait who is the oldest one theN-*

  • Lucas Celeste
    Lucas Celeste

    Ayyooo coolmathgames is still legit

  • Falon Kissee
    Falon Kissee

    Robin is de birb

  • Boi ima shlap u In da face
    Boi ima shlap u In da face

    I actualy saw that sticker on that exact same car

  • Rslash agent From reddit
    Rslash agent From reddit

    Oi I still play Cool Math Games › home Web Result with Site Links Cool Math Games and I love it

  • Artabelle

    2:04 that's super boomer dude

  • Luis Raccoon gaga
    Luis Raccoon gaga

    Yt just send me the notification of this video.... like a week later lmao

  • Grazzergamez Plays
    Grazzergamez Plays

    L.O.L = lots of leeches

  • Alastor

    Robin is my least favorite now

  • mothman

    5:50 I have that exact same game, my mom bought it for the family to play. I just went with it because she thought it would make me happy which I appreciate

  • axel lyra dos santos
    axel lyra dos santos

    I literally just got the notification!😅

  • asoric norise
    asoric norise

    So there's 75 mile per hour winds here in Warren rain And hail included.

  • Mops SPOOF
    Mops SPOOF

    There’s this thing called Monopoly For Millennials Lol, go check it out

  • Elrohir

    5:25 Why you make Michelangelo the CEO? That's like giving a toddler the power over a country. I was planning to make a trump joke there but I think it's better not to in the current situation.

  • H3O ShadowNinja
    H3O ShadowNinja

    5:04 I was pissed untill you said you wanted to make us mad

  • IdiotKid

    7:50 "Continue playing: My Uncle's Basement" *_hol up_*

  • connortt Glazer
    connortt Glazer

    I actually saw the thumbnail picture to I wish I had my phone to take a picture

  • gamergirlsYES tice
    gamergirlsYES tice

    The roblox one hits me i love the game roblox its got some great games but the ads oh the ads anybody else who plays roblox believes me the ads are so god damn awful most of them are begging you to join their game by saying like "I just spent all of my bday money on this can you please join this game" its so god damn annoying like dont waste your money on pointless ads that barely work GODDAMMIT ok rant over

  • Maddy Pritchard
    Maddy Pritchard

    Ok someone please explain 11:17 to me I’m at a loss

  • Zachary Marquez
    Zachary Marquez

    6:35 you either die a Hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain

  • Lemon Bean
    Lemon Bean

    6:38 I still play cool math games wym

  • pizzapug26

    that first one belongs in r/cursedcomments

  • Blubasnurk

    9:30 it was prob posted on reddit

  • Melissa Stall
    Melissa Stall

    0:54 robin I love ya, but I feel so bad for that teacher. She just wanted to make school fun for her students and people really need to realize that they have one of the hardest jobs ever.

  • Dipstick

    This is worse than tihi

  • this random chick
    this random chick

    The meme game disney edition made me cringe so hard

  • Alice

    The alien cheeks thing is bc of when ppl stormed area 51 last year

  • Barbara Moreno
    Barbara Moreno

    Today in my math teacher's video on how to do a problem for the last step, it showed her bitmoji dabbing and i was just like: **dies from cringe**

  • gnomerman

    i got a chickin nugget ad

  • Stickmen Doodoo
    Stickmen Doodoo

    GoGuardian is just spyware for children

  • Gina Mastrogiovanni
    Gina Mastrogiovanni

    ( 2:37 ) I’m worried.

  • tigerboyplayz

    13:15 i know this game and i hatre it

  • Sunny Dhaliwal
    Sunny Dhaliwal

    my nickname is sunny and my last name starts with a D so, i am SUNNY D

  • Emiri Bakugo
    Emiri Bakugo

    when an adult can tell that adults are trying too hard, they must have really messed up. Like- don't even at this point. Bro. Fix yo self plz Don't kill us with embarrassment

  • Chill Man
    Chill Man

    Before lockdown i use to always go to that boost place they have such good drinks but never saw a ad by them but i feel embarrassed

  • Frying Panimations
    Frying Panimations

    9:32 I Believe it was posted on r/fellowkids

  • Joey Shadeslayer
    Joey Shadeslayer

    11:45 Idk man, if Tinder gives you strength to rival ACTUAL GODS, gives you the ability to shoot lasers from your hands along with some plot armor, seems like a good deal to me.

  • Bracin Bladine
    Bracin Bladine

    You have passed me off Robin I am a week so it's Manga you idiot

  • Nathaniel Shumpert
    Nathaniel Shumpert

    Who in the world would make rules for zoom

  • Lil Gigetty
    Lil Gigetty


  • That Stupid Bitch
    That Stupid Bitch

    12:36 legit sounds like something Bill and Ted would say

  • Samuel Leon
    Samuel Leon

    You should have said that it was below the belt

  • Ashy Kat
    Ashy Kat

    The fact that no one is defending vitamin water hurts my soul.

  • honey bottle
    honey bottle

    My atheist god, What a terrible day to be alive!

  • TheSquidWin

    Can we get a host from emKay that doesn’t have annoying voices and such fake reactions?

  • otto panttila
    otto panttila

    "im gonna call them anime books" Baka.


    2:48 lets be honest everyone laugh at that part

  • Sir Sponge
    Sir Sponge

    Fun Fact: Cool Math Games now has a premium membership thing where you pay money to get no adds

  • Solitas

    5:09 Y’know what else “pisses me off”? That sentence “Pisses the weebs off” ITS “Pisses off the weebs” EEEEE

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel

    if you divide a number by 0, it will go to infinity. but if you divide nothing by nothing? yeah guess what the answer is.

  • 陳冠維

    If you are getting 0/0 stuff. Just differentiate both top and bottom. If you still get 0/0. do it again.

  • ii_TheCrazyGamer

    yo what’s hippity hoppin, how do y’all do, fellow kids?

  • Benbebop

    0/0 is 1. It’s 1.

  • Zackary Wyatt
    Zackary Wyatt

    I hate that I've actually seen the thumbnail picture in real life

  • Maxis :3
    Maxis :3

    1:48 I'm from Latinoamerica... And that thing... That thing is something I would rather forget about ಠ︵ಠ

  • Hi Im stupid Volt main
    Hi Im stupid Volt main

    Anime books... *silent nerd boiling sounds*

  • Donovan Acosta
    Donovan Acosta

    Thank you Robin for making me laugh, I’ve had a really rough day on top of a rough week and your laugh, specifically at 2:32, made me feel a whole lot better, I really hope you read this so you can see my appreciation for making my day better

  • Sir 637
    Sir 637

    The cool math games memes is the best tbh

  • 김봉규

    What is wrong with Slimjim...?

  • Digi Art
    Digi Art

    Half of these comments are from anime kids.

  • Larry pual
    Larry pual

    95% of people with profile pictures are anime ones

  • Nyarlathotep

    Totally forgot Willem Defoe was in John Wick

  • Nightmare Studios YT
    Nightmare Studios YT

    Okay but my lang arts teacher is the coolest. He likes deathnote and amoung us and danganropa and shit

  • tboss2017 gaming 2
    tboss2017 gaming 2

    Advertisement: Anime books 99.99% weebs felt that

  • khalil nevels
    khalil nevels

    7:50 i seen that add on roblox before and it sucks

  • khalil nevels
    khalil nevels

    me after watching this: "I HAVE A BELT AND IM NOT AFRAID TO HANG MYSELF" -filthy frank

  • Lovely Cinnamon
    Lovely Cinnamon


  • Gwans SkeleGamer
    Gwans SkeleGamer

    r/FellowKids is a subreddit for boomers like Robin who wanna be like the kids

  • InsectDude

    I mean I skipped out on Spanish but I'm pretty sure 0÷0 isnt possible

  • MrsGoatSir LOL
    MrsGoatSir LOL

    5:22 Me: *sees state on top* Also me: *oh no*

  • Desmond Ard
    Desmond Ard


  • The Big Egg
    The Big Egg

    Go watch family guy it belongs here

  • Avery Miguel
    Avery Miguel

    This subreddit is the embodiment of cringe

  • xxjolee


  • Speaker

    Robin's laugh is wholesome

  • Really Spooky Bird
    Really Spooky Bird


  • a random gamer
    a random gamer

    0:46 06:30 in the morning that is early. I wake up 05:45 in the morning everery day of the week to get I time for the buss i need to go to school.

  • Just Kibby
    Just Kibby

    I literally just saw that stupid sticker on a car this morning.

  • _0nokapexdrium

    29 HECKIN FUNNY Doggo Memes That Will Keep You Borking All Day Long

  • IAMA Tabble
    IAMA Tabble

    First you got me with the channel. And now the video ur too good

  • WN Games
    WN Games

    you know, some of these arent that bad... some of them are actually used correctly too... i dont know if thats a side effect of the earlier gen z getting older (im turning seventeen in jan. so i mean i doubt its because im getting older) or if the adults are just getting more relatable due to my crushing depression anxiety and responsibilities, and the sudden realization that oh wait im going to be doing nothing but labor for the rest of my existence until i can no longer actually do anything i want to do but as soon as that happens ill have all of the free time to do anything i can do - which will be almost nothing.

  • Ryo Tanada
    Ryo Tanada

    7:30 They do have a point. Sometimes very unpleasant things happen when you least expect it

  • jiāshā nuhái
    jiāshā nuhái

    I didn't like cool math games it really sucked not many cool games

  • DiamondGamer

    Why does evryone have a anime profile