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  • gaming sandwich
    gaming sandwich


  • gaming sandwich
    gaming sandwich


  • Booyah Boogie
    Booyah Boogie

    I should go to sleep But cute animals...

  • icyhot todoroki
    icyhot todoroki

    How did the dog not bark in 24 hours!?!

  • Rainstorm The Rainwing Skywing Hybrid
    Rainstorm The Rainwing Skywing Hybrid

    Came here after searching up Fontcest out of curiosity...

  • Jack McGeorge
    Jack McGeorge

    11:32 dorime

  • kitty sunset
    kitty sunset

    this is considered r/blursedimages

  • Ceaser Zeppeli
    Ceaser Zeppeli

    3:25 my social studies teacher sends a us a meme every Friday and one day she sent us this picture and had vote Everyone wanted it to be the Google Classroom board photo I love that class

  • noheart red
    noheart red

    11:33 It’s doge

  • Kayden Schobert
    Kayden Schobert

    This video is Robin saying "awww"

  • Kayden Schobert
    Kayden Schobert

    Most people: mask are for your face. Me after seeing the kitten hammock: NU

    • Kayden Schobert
      Kayden Schobert


  • Cathleen Oldenburg
    Cathleen Oldenburg

    7:32 You do NOT want one of those. They are a breed of cat called a savanna cat and they’re mixed with servals (witch are an aggressive wild cat). I would know sense my mom breeds them. Also they cost around $5,000 from memory.

  • History Geek
    History Geek

    Has anyone here ever tried the demo for skatebird

  • Mystic Z
    Mystic Z

    11:33 the dog from the meme

  • Mystic Z
    Mystic Z

    11:12 the scale pattern indicates that this is in fact a viper



  • Linde Van Winsen
    Linde Van Winsen

    Robin slowly losing his mind over cute animals

  • Bad Gaming
    Bad Gaming

    On god thank you, I just saw an image of a guy with his jaw melted off

  • TheIronMiner

    fur nuggets?

  • adam kruse
    adam kruse

    4:54 what about being you? Dont mind this it's just a bookmark so i can show my friends something 10:12

  • Galaxy gaming 1987
    Galaxy gaming 1987

    My heart is the size of a blue whale this is the opposite of wholesome

  • jess XD
    jess XD


  • Minecraft kirby
    Minecraft kirby

    want potato?

  • Hong Meiling
    Hong Meiling

    My dog is very quiet, he’s been sober from barking for about 5 years no joke he’s barked like 3 times in his life

  • SmokeyMonster YT
    SmokeyMonster YT

    my cats short name is stormy, but her full name is *stormageta dark lord of all*

  • VepiumOfficial

    anyone else watching this after seeing something scary late at night?

  • Nomi B
    Nomi B

    "I'm the chaotic evil of this channel" nah bro you're more "neutral neutral"

  • Savysmarty

    Hey I’m robin And today we’re robin a bank


    Now review r/eyeblech and get demonized

  • Smoky Plasma
    Smoky Plasma


  • Ragged Lion
    Ragged Lion

    DANGIT DOGMEAT YA GOT ME KILLED AGAIN but it’s okay because I love you

  • Stardust Crusaders
    Stardust Crusaders

    robin went from chaotic evil to Lawful good

  • _ Anthrax101_
    _ Anthrax101_

    I saw something fucked up today Edit: thank you

  • Scott Barrus
    Scott Barrus


  • abstract rainwing
    abstract rainwing

    11:32 AWWMMMM

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    That gaw sequence was honestly the greatest EmKay moment of all time. Yes, better than any of Damien's laughs. Also, this felt SO GOOD to watch after watching an r/facepalm video.

  • Jessica Owens
    Jessica Owens

    5:05 Kira be growing that cat doe

  • Yamper the Artist
    Yamper the Artist

    Are you sure this isn’t r/awww

  • Tevin Gman
    Tevin Gman

    It's over Anakin I have the cute puppies cause they get more love...

  • Xxdemon_fox xX
    Xxdemon_fox xX

    7:23 if you read warrior cats, it looks like Firestar, gray stripe and jay feather... same eye colors, same fur... O_o it was planned

  • pan pizza
    pan pizza

    5:34 pierogi

  • Charlie Hinz
    Charlie Hinz


  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog

    The snake in the video is a Atheris Hispida, or the spiny bush viper, very cute and poisonous species, I would check it out!

  • Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart

    Smooshed dogs and cat faces are so cute

  • Braedan, the god of ignorance
    Braedan, the god of ignorance

    2:40 that cat is super happy :)

  • Zeromain 43
    Zeromain 43

    Fresh here from one of your r/thanksihateit videos

  • Cyber punk1234
    Cyber punk1234

    I have heterochromia and my eyes are a blend of all the colors and they look so cool

  • fransisca low cality vega
    fransisca low cality vega

    I need to go to the bathroom

  • Orange Imposter Crewmate
    Orange Imposter Crewmate


  • Florentina Micu
    Florentina Micu

    11:34 cheems

  • Miss Meme
    Miss Meme

    i just watched megan is missing and i needed this so bad

  • Club of the Broken
    Club of the Broken

    If I see a white-fur kitten or cat with heterochormia, I WILL start blasting Megalovania at max volume.

  • rose -among us, female-
    rose -among us, female-

    Hang on. I have an idea. Maybe MAYBE robin/damien/Zach/Lexi(?) Could have did idk though

  • William Patchell
    William Patchell

    I believe those white cats with the different colored eyes are called odd-eyed Angoras, or at least that's what we called MY cat.

  • Jacob Newell
    Jacob Newell

    Do this again

  • Bonnie_Exe6

    10:13 I love that you start giggling like that, it’s so wholesome and it brings a smile to my face. Heck, this whole video brought a smile to my face!! I love it!!😍🥰

  • •Bee Animates•
    •Bee Animates•

    hammock hood. used to do it with my kitten when she was little but now shes to f a t -

  • ImTheEpic

    11:33 *

  • ImTheEpic

    1:32 literally cheems

  • Spaghetti Chihuahua
    Spaghetti Chihuahua

    When I was like two, I was in my yard playing, and a MASSIVE dog came into my yard, scared me the heck out, caused me to run inside as fast as I could, and took a dump about a tenth of my bodyweight at the time. My dad later told me that he could see it from the window in his bedroom on the second floor.

  • Spaghetti Chihuahua
    Spaghetti Chihuahua

    Damien: lawful evil Robin: Chaotic evil Lexi: Chaotic neutral Jack: True neutral

  • Cup Cat
    Cup Cat

    READ THIS IF YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD WANT ANY OF THE KITTENS OR PUPPIES IN THIS VIDEO BUT DIDNT WANT TO FULLY COMMIT TO CARING FOR THEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE FOSTER KITTENS most shelters dont have the proper things to take care of young kittens so youre saving them and you get them in the cutest stages i think its the seventh week of life where you have to give them up IF theyve found someone to adopt the kittens if you dont want to get up evvery hour ( including the night) to feed them then you can get babies that come with mothers OR you could get senior cats, if they arent feral then they let you hold them for much longer than younger cats and they just stay put if you want to foster cats you would be saving their lives the one source of information about fostering kittens ive found is a youtube channel called kitten lady, she also has a website where you can buy the things she recomends for kittens and theres a part of her website where it only has her instructional (is that a word? please help i am genuinely confused) videos shes annoying but only a little bit. you can also foster puppies but i dont know any good sources of information about puppies, i assume its pretty similar. ALSO YOUNG KITTENS DONT HAVE RETRACTABLE CLAWS THEY ARE OUT ALL THE TIME BUT THEY ARENT TOO SHARP

  • C.K Artz
    C.K Artz

    "I'm gonna need you. *To give me.* *𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗱𝗼𝗴"*

  • Valentin Dumitru
    Valentin Dumitru


  • Bipolar Gutito
    Bipolar Gutito

    You spelled "blessed images" wrong

  • Henry stickmin
    Henry stickmin

    I love my old cats surprisingly I was able to bring one of my cats inside my hoodie and I took him for a walk he never escaped the hoodie

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog

    For a second I thought /eyebleach was about looking at stuff you would need to bleach your eyes after seeing and I was wondering why we were boutta bully animals then we started and I realized it is about bleaching your eyes using cute pet pics

  • Cheese Farmer
    Cheese Farmer

    Here after r/weirdcore seriously don't look it up

  • Landon Joseph
    Landon Joseph

    13:33 ladies and gentlemen we have found the original source of the meme!

  • Glitch Bean
    Glitch Bean

    Thank you for making this I just watched a kirby yaoi comic-

  • mishacatgamer888

    this isnt eyebleach its wholsome

  • JJ

    I smiled so hard I felt pain, but I couldn’t stop smiling. Do you see my problem

  • John Green
    John Green

    11:32 Even good ol’ Cheems got a little laugh from Robin!

  • Tyler Crisswell
    Tyler Crisswell

    do not do this to him

  • Dizy The Shitposter
    Dizy The Shitposter

    Me at the elementary school 3:45

  • Sfs Adventure
    Sfs Adventure

    I don't speack english, but hearing his voice make me feel better

  • PixelMade

    11:32 We found them boys, we finally did it

  • Viz0RX

    i want more

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog

    I just bought the seal pillow. I hope your happy with yourself.

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton

    I need this, i was looking at sans fangirls, thx robin! : 3

  • Robloxboi DDM
    Robloxboi DDM

    Get my likes to 69 and my comments to 420

  • Aurora MAERvideos
    Aurora MAERvideos

    1:49 No you need 130 of those kittens

  • Gps1337

    4:13 uzload.info/fun/bH99h3avk4uB1IE/video This is what I immediately thought here for some reason.

  • The mysterious NOOB
    The mysterious NOOB

    Robin is meant for this subreddit

  • hajime hinata
    hajime hinata

    deffinetly need this after seeing art for a c e r t a i n soudham doujin...

  • Baby Yoda's Chickie Nuggies
    Baby Yoda's Chickie Nuggies

    10:13 what’s so funny? All I see is a group of sea lions

  • Donovan Weaver
    Donovan Weaver

    robin did you vote trump

  • Wolfsmilch Schlürfer
    Wolfsmilch Schlürfer

    I was fighting the itch on my tummy so hard to keep my fingers on the phone to take screenshots. Yes! So much animals to paint!!!

  • Royce Julio
    Royce Julio

    i am from 2021 it looks GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Him't ccr
    Him't ccr

    Thanks, I was listening to everywhere at the end of time

  • Ella S
    Ella S

    I have banana?

  • MrLemons

    "At uno, he won" "At Monopoly, he won" "sadly he lost at russian roulette" 4:56

  • Thenonkiller

    Robin: *”I’d like to place an order of 30 of these”* Me: to...EAT?!?!

    • Aesthetically

      𝙼𝚎 𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊 𝚍𝚘𝚐 what else are they for?

  • FåLLëñ GāçHâ
    FåLLëñ GāçHâ

    10:04 Well I _was_ dreaming that my parents were being murdered. But now.. *I'd like to go back to that*

  • Depressed Gamer
    Depressed Gamer

    Robin this whole video is basically him clenching his chest on the ground while saying its too cute, and his heart's layers of steel melting off to reveal a big softie

  • Amelia Williams the equestrian
    Amelia Williams the equestrian

    6:50 if you go from right to left the dots on their backs number 0, 1, 2, 3 edit: I put o instead of 0

  • Ali-A Sphere
    Ali-A Sphere

    8:29 12:03 You're Welcome :)

  • Emiri Bakugo
    Emiri Bakugo

    That 'Eeheeheeheehee" was adorable I think my heart has been mended

  • Reaper 2877
    Reaper 2877

    The chick shouldn't do ballet, it should do... Chick-fil-A

  • hunterbrine playz
    hunterbrine playz

    this has defeated the sadness that i had when my beloved cat thank you