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  • GoX91

    "Short people stop you from getting lit" Ummm nope....we start the fire,and then let the next tallest dumbass take the blame...

  • Virtua Fighter
    Virtua Fighter

    1:58 the devil caught on camera

  • sandy moreta
    sandy moreta

    Solve me daddy says the rubik's cube

  • Kat Johnson
    Kat Johnson

    10:55 Me, who lives in las vegas: :(

  • x_im_a_weeb_x x
    x_im_a_weeb_x x

    4:45 I got away with murd- I wasn’t suppose to tell 🤭

  • King Mystery
    King Mystery

    Robin vs daniel Which better Like:both Comment:both

  • Mercce

    6:46 I've seen enough you-know-what to see where this is going.

  • Kulda _1
    Kulda _1

    Robin is my favorite narrator

  • Hari Chand
    Hari Chand

    Then whos Lexi? Ps:I am new to the channel and love it!

  • Hihowsurday :o
    Hihowsurday :o

    This Made my day 😂

  • Hihowsurday :o
    Hihowsurday :o

    This Made my day 😂

  • It'sJay Gaming
    It'sJay Gaming

    laughed when robin read the manga right to left. Sorry men.

  • Jules Crowley
    Jules Crowley

    My cat: I hate this video so much I'm stepping on the dislike button

  • absol sama
    absol sama

    Pls go back wats throbing my name is robin wen you do som cursedcomments

  • Ewan Mckeever
    Ewan Mckeever

    Pepperoni ham pineapple

  • Ewan Mckeever
    Ewan Mckeever

    Wait there’s a loophole if you say no your not lying so if you say yes you can’t be lying

  • Bryan Chapdelaine
    Bryan Chapdelaine

    I’m the 1000 comment


    At 1:30 he coulda shot the wife

  • King Ban
    King Ban

    4:28 weebs who realised he read it wrong...

  • Crispi Pancake
    Crispi Pancake

    YAY I may not be first but I al the 1, 000 comet now I just gotta go hit earth

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    The sauce for 4:28 is [REDACTED] Edit: This comment is censored due to breaking NNN guidelines, pull your zipper back up and stay strong.

  • DiamondGamer

    7:00 this made me laugh

  • Wesley Forrester
    Wesley Forrester

    I miss le damien


    4.28 so did they found a source? , where is it?

  • Shalev Tiram
    Shalev Tiram

    10:21 EXHOEDIA

  • Shalev Tiram
    Shalev Tiram

    1:06 his profile picture just makes it worse... I'm still traumatized from this game

  • Felix Molina
    Felix Molina

    That last one was dark

  • I eat doggos
    I eat doggos

    0:6 are you ok you were in a coma

  • Cameron Mullins
    Cameron Mullins


  • Cameron Mullins
    Cameron Mullins


  • Cameron Mullins
    Cameron Mullins


  • Cameron Mullins
    Cameron Mullins


  • Cameron Mullins
    Cameron Mullins


  • Gamespluschallenges

    Me: See’s thumbnail Also me: Can I have some?

  • primarycolors

    i got this notification just now and it says “2 minutes ago” and now im sad cus it was a few days ago

  • Elated 0tter
    Elated 0tter

    a man who is forced to talk to strangers

  • Karma

    Why do I hate my self? I always end up watching these while eating, why do I do this to my self?

  • RubicGabriel


  • Certified_ Simp
    Certified_ Simp

    4:40 Any other people of culture out there who were annoyed when he READ IT THE WRONG WAY???

  • Jackson Tripi
    Jackson Tripi

    I busted my guts at the potato one.

  • a 12yr on the INTERNET
    a 12yr on the INTERNET


  • ALEX

    I'm such a weeb loser I got slightly triggered when he read the manga the wrong way. I hate myself

  • Natsuki Husky
    Natsuki Husky

    1:15 he didn't help at all, I was fine doing the English book by myself and not crying. I'm not surprised my boyfriend despises him now after everything I've told him over half a decade later.

  • _izz.abella_ on ig
    _izz.abella_ on ig

    no one: all the otakus including me: **ocd intensifies from him reading the manga backwards**

  • Alastor

    That thumbnail so cute

  • Gamer ••••
    Gamer ••••

    You think this is cursed Have a look :\

  • bakuroach army
    bakuroach army

    4:42 Umm What? 😀🔫

  • Hakdog •
    Hakdog •

    Am I the only one that got disturbed after he read the manga in left-to-right?

  • Nuggetnugget14

    4:28 you read the word bubbles in the wrong order lol.

  • Andrei Torres
    Andrei Torres

    Cat: meow(food pls) Owner: meow Cat: *Visible Confusion* Ctto

  • kxrissx


  • Hypernova

    I like that emkay people make cursed comments more cursed

  • Spam oreos
    Spam oreos

    4:10 they have a more cartoon version of this at school

  • Worlding Animates
    Worlding Animates

    this comment is a anti-curse. if you read the comment you are now uncursed.

  • Eric Ciaramella
    Eric Ciaramella

    My body is ready

  • Zuzi Does Stuff
    Zuzi Does Stuff

    But where damien

  • harry Lindström
    harry Lindström

    6:47 two racoons of you dont enat permanent damage i can go wider

  • Latios Hunter
    Latios Hunter

    Some of these are just rare insults.

  • 박바가지1

    0:00 No, no, no You mean *small*

  • Team Money Lacrosse
    Team Money Lacrosse

    My mans got a gf, get it dawg

  • Ved Bior
    Ved Bior

    Everyone:if u dont use dark mode in discord you are weird Me:if u dont use dark mode in youtube your insane

  • Nite.

    I was in my zoom call and I thought I was on mute but this part came up 5:54

  • Momamax's_child

    Like robin has a girlfriend.

  • banana boy_YT
    banana boy_YT

    Like if I should fail NNN

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    0:24 Wait, this came from another video.

  • Vanilla_Ice_Gaming

    7:08 You’ll thank me later

  • BlueEngland

    Guy: dies Reddit man: *wholesome*

  • galaxy dragon
    galaxy dragon

    "Hulu with cthulu" Me who watched "pshattokproductions" (or how ever you spell it) play call of cthulu with slenderman and watch slenderman say "commit to cthuluism" and "have you read the book of cthulu?": no no not again! Pshattokproductions:DADDY BRADLEY!! me:no please no! Pshattokproductions: HENTAI MAN!!(or whatever she called cthulu at the end) Me:no not the last one please!! Pshattokproductions: *DADDY LEVIETHEN* (I don't know how to spell leviethen) Me:NOOOOO GOD PLEASE NOOO pshattokproductions: grass hopper slenderman!!

  • SoulRaider 21
    SoulRaider 21

    Uhh so sauces? 4:34

  • CurryWorst NL
    CurryWorst NL

    8:15 but how does he know😏


    I was struggling to breath I was laughing so hard


    "I need a little bit more alcohol. Me too bro, me too.

  • zimmygirl777

    Oh my Glob! No! Not the bunny rabbit!😭😢🐰👻

  • Beckett Poole Van Swol
    Beckett Poole Van Swol

    Its my birthday

  • Sana Can Kinda Draw
    Sana Can Kinda Draw

    replying to people online is the same thing as texting strangers, except you have the choice to never talk to them again

  • Maximum Length
    Maximum Length

    What happened to the google slide when he went to an American school? The students put bullets in him.

  • Ivy is Dead
    Ivy is Dead

    I thought Robin was gay...

  • dontsinkthe boat
    dontsinkthe boat


  • Emma D8871
    Emma D8871

    What girlfriend dude

  • Random Person 0.0
    Random Person 0.0

    So if dying is gay does that mean if you die you are in a relationship?

  • The Phoenix Lord
    The Phoenix Lord

    Can we make huntsman spiders extinct? Asking for a friend I heard that you can hear them thumping around in your ceiling as they walk around :)

  • Jacob Adelsheimer
    Jacob Adelsheimer

    10:06 FYI the calendar was first made by Julius Caesar

  • Furious Fear
    Furious Fear

    10:06 to whoever who didn't get this one. There were originally 10 months but then Julius Caesar added to more after his and his friend's name Julius -> July and Augutus -> August.

  • Classy Octopus
    Classy Octopus


  • Moonlord !
    Moonlord !

    There are some ho call him... Oh god Tim no!

  • Enrico Nardo
    Enrico Nardo

    4:28 him read it in the wrong order

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower

    You have ads playing at the start, at the end, and every two minutes throughout the video. This is why I literally cannot watch your channel on the YT app

  • amatseru - san
    amatseru - san

    4:28 you're supposed to read it from right to left

  • Mazza

    Disney+ and thrust

  • BrokenHedgehog

    This Summer: Penisman rises. Next year, expect the thrilling sequel, Penisman 2: Harder, Better, Stronger.

  • Knight Hawk
    Knight Hawk

    😶 I laughed at all of these, some quite hard. They give me hope in humanity.

  • XxPastel._.CookiexX

    What is PETA

  • SoulIesS

    I like every video i see just to make sure i dont see another one again, but i just end up watching thrm again xD

  • 死ねちゃん

    Yeah, so umm 4:38 i require the sauce for research purposes

  • Matcha MatZi STUFF
    Matcha MatZi STUFF

    Who ever reads this comment is beautiful

  • thebad biscuit
    thebad biscuit

    How the fuck did he die Heart attack ,liver desiseas chocking on the twinkly he tried to shop lift?

  • amity blight-noceda
    amity blight-noceda

    I got an ad for a game that was a man slicing woman's clothes off . I disliked that.

  • It'z_zoeytime

    I know I'm late but what if Robin said "hi I'm Robin and I'm bobbing" (I'm sorry if you are now confused I'll leave)


    You're supposed to read manga right to left

  • ADerpyTurt

    I-I'm confused, did this Robin screw a pigeon to death??

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