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  • Nisbat Shrestha
    Nisbat Shrestha

    The life cycle of comedy: Birth of comedy Childhood of comedy Teen life of comedy Adulthood of comedy Parenthood of comedy Old age of comedy Comedy dies Comedy cemetery Comedy heaven

  • Trainer Red
    Trainer Red

    Homie that’s not a mask that’s a fursuit

  • The Only Ash On The Internet
    The Only Ash On The Internet

    So I threw cheese at Pedro. Now I'm wanted for "breaking and entering" and "assault". This country is messed up smh

  • Kurtis Harrison Jones
    Kurtis Harrison Jones

    This was cursed images

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    "what's up sexy I'm Lexi!" brought up my self-esteem by %100

  • Sophia Cozzo
    Sophia Cozzo

    5:15 those a goose count?

  • i BRUH Moment
    i BRUH Moment

    𝔸𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕒 𝕚𝕤 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕒 𝕘𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕠 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕

  • Frost the Fox
    Frost the Fox

    Did Lexi not get Rockstar Bonnie being like an animatronic Frank Sinatra?

  • Phantom

    only 10 dollars? now that's a cheap meal


    *does club penguin dance*

  • long dog
    long dog

    "Whats up sexy Im lexi" has the same energy as " Hey cutie" From fainted

  • Toaster .MP4
    Toaster .MP4

    Guy how do I type

  • Aesthetically

    Well I mean its not a bargain its food. Get it right you uneducated FREAK

  • :)

    There's probably that one dude who came from watching... questionable things and then having to hear "What's up sexy, I'm Lexi" at the beginning of the intro. That dude's me. Please kill me.

  • g-virus

    I wish peoples will pay respect to my grave that way

  • Allison Ayotte
    Allison Ayotte

    Hey I’m really not trying to be rude but what do you identify as? I just really don’t want to misgender you❤️

  • Elise Bowen
    Elise Bowen

    i kill dogs for xp also, what minecraft?

  • Chad Royston
    Chad Royston

    CAPTAIN AMERICA help me kill 100 dogs. Me. Loads shotgun SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME AND I BRING YOU TO BRAZIL.

  • Element King
    Element King

    Wait did someone post my image of Luigi says the n word to reddit and get so high Hold on I gotta check my pic that I took Edit: I can't find it someone reply tomarrow soci can find it

  • Note Pad
    Note Pad

    That thumbnail is unholy,garbage,and bad,she is basically trying too hard for cloud and its not polite,dhe wears shorts to graveyards,i need to call the police or i will put a 1 star review on www.pornstareview.com

  • Deqd__


  • isa-nimation

    That korn reference made me snort so hard, my nose blew off

  • Dexter Wisler
    Dexter Wisler

    3:35 idk why people keep comparing rockstar Bonnie to Frank Sinatra

  • A Horse
    A Horse

    I'M A CORN!

  • mist ‘
    mist ‘


  • Derpy Ferret
    Derpy Ferret

    If u want to kill someone snap there neck all the way If u want to let them suffer Snap it but not all the way

  • Tuesday Turner
    Tuesday Turner

    That whole uh playstation Twitter thing happened on my birth day uhhhh

  • Windsor Kiang
    Windsor Kiang

    4:40 “This version of captain American is going back to the-“ Me: *Gets ad about beds* Me: *Wait...*

  • 66 Clan
    66 Clan


  • Some random guy, i guess.
    Some random guy, i guess.


  • Becky Nosferatu
    Becky Nosferatu

    Everyone talking about how wholesome Lexi is and I'm just over here thinking "Didn't she want like... everything on fire and lots of guns?"

  • Valiantcat7780

    2:05 I also feel to old for this joke lol

  • kxrissx


  • H3kaman

    about the "anime girls are ruining America" the channel that made it is a guy that usually looks at stuff happening and says why it's stupid, it was a member of the US goverment I think that said the quote

  • funtime freddy
    funtime freddy

    3:34 That's rockstar bonnie from fnaf pizzeria simulator

  • Meridian

    Sorry, how am I meant to click the red subscribe button if it's grey??

  • Anxietly Attack
    Anxietly Attack

    Smile and wave boys, smile amd wave

  • Liana Gaming
    Liana Gaming

    Get lexi out of there hes too wholesome

    • Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι
      Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι


  • Clutchklover 888
    Clutchklover 888

    Ok optimus really isnt a bad person just that doesnt make sense

  • Phantom Mangel
    Phantom Mangel


  • Alexander Evans
    Alexander Evans

    3:3 rockstar bonnie from fnaf 6 or ffps

  • Molly Pritchard
    Molly Pritchard

    “whats up sexy, im lexi” this gets me through the day, thank you lexi

  • OwnGamesGamer

    I dont watch emkay video for a week then go threw all of them coz i like lexy the most and for some reson i you are the only one who's emkay videos i can watch fully

  • Raindrop

    "Hi am Pedro and I'm a bargain" never thought I'd hear those words before.

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown

    why is there 4k on a reddit video with like 144p images

  • waterzila

    I got this notification 5 hours ago and I'm subscribed

  • hydraking 112
    hydraking 112

    I'll one up the dog childhood I was chased by an angry bull to proceed to pet the same bull 4 years later

    • hydraking 112
      hydraking 112

      I named him bruno

  • Faby Duarte
    Faby Duarte

    I think I am following Lexi participations unhealthy

  • TrainTubbie06

    ''I have stage 3 Cancar''

    • Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι
      Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι

      C a n c a r

  • skyott

    I get so heckin excited when I hear "what's up sexy, it's lexi". Love you lexi 💕

  • fernando jose gonzalez olguin
    fernando jose gonzalez olguin

    Fun fact: Luigi says the N-word is an actual video with a trilogy

  • Jack Stonehood
    Jack Stonehood


  • Jazmine Wright
    Jazmine Wright


  • [name undetected]
    [name undetected]

    3:40 emily f jones: well yes, but actually no

  • smile kitten-
    smile kitten-

    P E D R O

  • Absol D Salos
    Absol D Salos

    This persons voice drives me nuts. It’s all over the place. Super high and super low. Kinda love it though...

  • Evie Rugg
    Evie Rugg

    All horses are corn now.....listen I don't make the rules just enforce them Me:I didn't know we had rules.....

  • the incredible
    the incredible

    3:00 Watame in a nutshell

  • the incredible
    the incredible

    Still can't get over that Lexi's apparently a _girl_

    • kawaii _plays
      kawaii _plays

      @Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι omg yess

    • Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι
      Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι

      She's a trans wahmen

    • XxclouddixX -
      XxclouddixX -


  • Ricardo Kelly
    Ricardo Kelly

    You said then you deserve what's coming next and instantly an ad popped up

  • Txurtle


  • Mr Goldfish
    Mr Goldfish

    Pedro is my wallpaper😂😂😅😂😂😅😅 L A U G H N O W

  • Shadow Of Seattle
    Shadow Of Seattle

    almost six minutes in and furries get a shoutout without being judged! thanks Lex

  • SS Stupid Stuff
    SS Stupid Stuff

    5 days too late youtube

  • jak kos
    jak kos

    6:45 heeeyyyy just cuz I'm a dealer doesn't mean i don't have feelz!!! And you hurt those feels 😭

  • Sighted Starlite
    Sighted Starlite

    The 'Never Piss' one got me hard dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Kashpur
    Daniel Kashpur

    Me: Lexi: Whats up sexy im lexi! Me: AAAHHH *Spams Esc button*

  • Penguin

    3:19 I always tought its a dog with spike collar

  • Sherry Hort
    Sherry Hort

    UwU when he says Whats up sexy I'm lexi! I am just like SELF ESTEEM +100000000000000000!!!

  • Ellie Rose
    Ellie Rose

    I hope that your change of gender was successful :)

  • Christopher Cassise
    Christopher Cassise


  • Kennedy

    3:35 yes

  • Sheep G
    Sheep G

    beep beep

  • toots mcgoo
    toots mcgoo

    It’s like watch you parents go through reddit.

  • Michael is stupid
    Michael is stupid

    can we mention Lexi is just the best human being ever Also yes sheep went to heaven and that’s good

  • paulitora

    Yes! Lexi!! My favorite


    The thumbnail is just disrespectful

  • GlowingSpaceCow

    Respect to this man for making the video only 5 seconds short of 10 mins 😎

  • SleepyStitchy

    the baby with cheese on it's head reminds me of 2017 UZload

  • Zaide Rihani
    Zaide Rihani


  • RareLuke718

    Wait, I can rap?

  • run now
    run now

    Hey as a furry i can confirm the cat face mask thing is an accomplishment

  • Cyber Tune
    Cyber Tune

    U are awesome!!. ( honestly not into jack.) just feedback.

  • do4

    did anyone else get each ad break with two unskippable ads each time

  • Kyle Bear
    Kyle Bear


  • Lúcio

    Lmao, Lexy bb-- Millenials are as deep in anime girl hell as we are in debt lmAO...... That is why we must join forces and cope.... together. Generationally. :'c


    Pedro ain't a Bargen, he's a burger

  • Just another music channel
    Just another music channel

    “Arresting people but you’re shy” Me- i will defund you specifically-

  • LeeAnn Anderson
    LeeAnn Anderson

    tbh this redit should be called 'comidygravyard' yessir

  • Mika Smith
    Mika Smith

    Unexpected Cake reference!

  • El You don’t need to know
    El You don’t need to know

    I just went through all 1.3k comments to correct anyone who misgendered Lexi.

  • Natalia

    7:10 They messaged him "Calvin Klein" every 4 minutes

  • Downdogy

    What's up lexi your sexy

  • Alex BBW
    Alex BBW

    The n word was nintendo

  • Robin

    If this subreddit broke you then you should not look at The Click

  • death light
    death light

    The baby in the first picture looks like a baby Danny devito

  • Bobby Ramsay
    Bobby Ramsay

    The song in the background is called all bets are off

  • Axel Morningstar
    Axel Morningstar

    Sir that mask would never make me happy

  • coilover cat
    coilover cat

    4:44 the guy is actually pretty chill

  • Inge Steiner
    Inge Steiner

    Lucas knows what you did, and he will not hesitate to use it against you