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  • I'm OXYGEN
    I'm OXYGEN

    0:39 ion get it :(

  • Luke Skywalker, X-Wing pilot
    Luke Skywalker, X-Wing pilot

    4:01 I’m absolutely fine with that

  • Hugh McBroom
    Hugh McBroom

    2:24 actually element is poison

  • Ryder

    Me after killing a Karen : It's not much but its honest work.

  • Nerd Time
    Nerd Time

    1:24 *FBI OPEN UP*

  • Milo Peck
    Milo Peck


  • SuperKing357

    5:48 R.I.P. But still the highlight of the vid

  • Anomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp.
    Anomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp.


  • LivingTrash


  • Jack B
    Jack B

    The reason the wither attacks humans is because the wither is unprivileged

  • Ethan Basil
    Ethan Basil

    6:25 I'm sorry *W H A T*

  • Die Pflanze
    Die Pflanze

    9:51 me a furry wanting a furry husbando version of the ps5: hehe yeah fucking weebs

  • Jacob Games&Vlogz
    Jacob Games&Vlogz

    They were 18+ in dog years!

  • JustThinkenStudios Official
    JustThinkenStudios Official

    “fashionable asshole medallion” is an amazing set of words

  • Ben Hewlett
    Ben Hewlett

    1:54 wont be coming any more

  • Brappy

    Hahaha funny 420 dislikes haha funny

  • Leart Hoti
    Leart Hoti

    im sorry i had to dislike because it was at 419

  • Adna oatmeal
    Adna oatmeal

    I stered at my light for a minute after the ending

  • superytfan

    ayo im cleaning my room at 10 58 check

  • The devil’s Eye
    The devil’s Eye

    E/curtscomenta e e is fubny hahq:)

  • Soldiermeme300X

    4:03 *YES*

  • Zee

    Robin: Look at this wonderful fan art! Me: (Contacts rule 34 artist) Hey, we gotta lead.

  • Dr. Plague
    Dr. Plague

    Just remember people vaccines make you artistic

  • Yoan Lampron
    Yoan Lampron

    "tall people should be decapitated" me: Oh. Is that how i will die?

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    It's actually sweet how em took a picture with him

  • sarah gomezz
    sarah gomezz

    this man sounds like chris mclean

  • Jameson Stansel
    Jameson Stansel

    no its not minneapolis its floridia

  • CMM Spiral
    CMM Spiral

    3:34 Ahh I see they will be eating cat tonight

  • Nicknero

    If I was stuck in my worst enemy's body I would wait until the last minute before I go back, and then rub my dingdong on a Gympie-Gympie plant.

  • SuperDuckyGamer


  • Maurice Carney
    Maurice Carney

    14:44 You had to ruin it

  • Jenson Taunton
    Jenson Taunton

    Everytime I watch the video I have to put my phone above my waist

  • GatorPlays

    6:30 is no one going to point out how the sand is floating

  • Oni - Chan
    Oni - Chan

    3:01 as a fellow yaoi reader the word "lightsaber" made me laugh 😂

  • Rafael Gomes
    Rafael Gomes


  • •Derpy_TheCat•

    *Me just waiting for the Hitler/Nazis joke to show up*

  • TheUnseenClock • 1 second ago • 11 years ago
    TheUnseenClock • 1 second ago • 11 years ago

    I swear Florida is the country we didn't want, but needed.

  • CallicoJackracham

    11:42 As the moon starts descending upon the earth a voice boom out over the world: Allright, we're back to the only game where...

  • Siren Head
    Siren Head

    4:00 w a i t what

  • The real Slim Shady
    The real Slim Shady

    I’d have my username spawn...

  • Rudyolf Schiermeister
    Rudyolf Schiermeister

    Lemme get this straight. First we get a giant gundam in Japan and now we have light rifles. I sense a war

  • Deep_reckoning

    Me as a Minority haha I am in danger 4:58 Mixed and dyslexic

  • 天王寺璃奈


  • gamer XD
    gamer XD

    4:06 where do you live i got bread and land where do you LIVE!!

  • Marlon Portillo
    Marlon Portillo

    Me watching this video: Emkay

  • Fran Animation
    Fran Animation

    0:12 doesn't it look like a pvz peashooter?

  • Mariocar07

    K w i s p y

  • DIO is is ruler of za whole warudo not math ruler
    DIO is is ruler of za whole warudo not math ruler

    12:09 they meant your anus but iPhone autocorrected it and people thought Uranus

  • Luis Müller
    Luis Müller

    dugeon world is better than dugeons and dragons

  • Nathan Garcia
    Nathan Garcia

    Velma is 22 years old now guys it's ok

  • Sammy The Cryptid
    Sammy The Cryptid

    I'm now upset that I cannot leave more than one like, due to finally finding a video that makes me laugh nowadays.

  • Deutscher Alpha
    Deutscher Alpha

    That: ,,At that point it kinda becomes public part" just killed me 😂


    I just spent about 10 minutes debating on whether i should siucude but decided not to because family would be sad, watched this and you made me happy again!

  • Tuna Snack
    Tuna Snack

    Where is Damien

  • Franziska Von Karma
    Franziska Von Karma

    11:34 Cant, the acronym will be copyright striked by The 1800's Phillippines

  • Harvest Moon
    Harvest Moon

    5:36 is no one gonna talk about it being kamanari?

  • Joshua Guzman
    Joshua Guzman

    4:52 Gotta give him those skill ups

  • Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat

    3:38 I to like to eat cows


    No it's called Florida 00:04

  • Student Aiden Appelt
    Student Aiden Appelt

    on the last comment if I were the person that replied with every I would reply with YES

  • Peep the Sheep
    Peep the Sheep

    What happened to Damien

  • Kittygamer RL
    Kittygamer RL

    Robin is a furry I cannot be convinced otherwise


    are you kidding me!? my parents want grandkids, and have been asking since i was 10!

  • sanana the banana
    sanana the banana

    3:50 escus me *w h a t*

  • paulo lucero
    paulo lucero

    The colgate one is double as funny if you know spanish

  • Jacob Acker
    Jacob Acker

    2:12 why not cut off someone's ding dong and glue that to it

  • MarkerDude Plays
    MarkerDude Plays

    In my opinion this is my favorite video uzload.info/fun/eZtjdoiYlJqs3ok/video


    4:02 if my username was an actual person then we'd all be dead if it's hostile

  • Eric Simpson
    Eric Simpson

    5:33 MHAAAA

  • Jairo Gaming
    Jairo Gaming

    Hey wanna hear something funny that happened this night when i was watching this video it was like this Me: Bruh Hahahah this is so cursed My Brother: Yup Haha *Something is on roof* Me:???? My Brother: U hear that? Mom: Hey, Check what that thing was. *My brother grabs a frying pan* My brother: Lets go bro Me: You dumb? Me: Grab a gun or a knife thats better.

  • Dillon Savage
    Dillon Savage

    When you realize there's a spelling mistake in the title

  • The Shöcker Pit
    The Shöcker Pit

    Yay the Soviet union is back

  • Aidan O’brian
    Aidan O’brian

    About the username becoming real, mines Horny_Washing_Machine, help

  • Y_O_A_I hemi
    Y_O_A_I hemi

    so guys 7:12 the guy is my grandpa ....... yeah

  • Pontifus Maximus
    Pontifus Maximus

    1:00 ah so that's what Hitler did, Early cremation

  • Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel
    Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel


  • Not Liam Dostal
    Not Liam Dostal

    As someone who lives in the same state as Minneapolis, it was pretty funny

  • Solaire

    Female luke looks like sakura from taimanin asagi , and that makes me feel very weirdly umcomfortable

  • Sweet Honey
    Sweet Honey

    "until nex ttime, we'll be seein ya'. " theyre spying on us guys run

  • Harrison Gardner
    Harrison Gardner

    Nokia are you challenging me

  • Harrison Gardner
    Harrison Gardner

    I can walk and cucumbers and 98% water I’m 98%

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose

    4:32 that is something Kaminari would actually say

  • Wandering Miqo'te
    Wandering Miqo'te

    3:54 . Pigs eat what we eat. Our flesh is basically the same. So this is accurate we taste like pork and pigs taste like human.

  • katr1440 katr1440
    katr1440 katr1440

    12:01 dude.

  • Robo Wealthy
    Robo Wealthy

    That last one killed me.... I sounded like a dying donkey...

  • CerealKiller

    Instead of making Ariel black, they should make Bruce Wayne and/or his parents black...For obvious reasons...

  • AJ Bendy
    AJ Bendy

    Nobody: The title: *Send me you are toes*

  • Shay_Mendez98

    8:01 well there goes the lemonade I was drinking

  • Fredrick The Alien
    Fredrick The Alien

    Plz stop making fun of the ussr


    7:40 why my mans talking like he boutta tell me who won the Last lash?

  • Karleigh Johnson
    Karleigh Johnson

    14:37 So you're telling me that you guys only have to spend 48 hours in the body of someone you hate the most? I am right now in my 16th year of being in this prison!

  • Felicia _do_animation
    Felicia _do_animation

    I wanna be friends with Colgate guy

  • Hudson Johnson
    Hudson Johnson

    16:52 He has the minecraft disorder of "How did we get here?"

  • Karleigh Johnson
    Karleigh Johnson

    7:29 I have never laughed so hard in my life

    • Karleigh Johnson
      Karleigh Johnson

      @Landon Kodakin-Scott what?

    • Landon Kodakin-Scott
      Landon Kodakin-Scott

      U r gay

  • Thor Brown
    Thor Brown

    I see what's happening yeah 2:46

    • Thor Brown
      Thor Brown

      If this gets deleted it was worth it

  • Website Commentator
    Website Commentator

    okay gamers im going to try to ***offend as many people as possible in the fewest words.*** age is just a number

  • SkITlEsZ the FIRST
    SkITlEsZ the FIRST

    So if emkay had a video game and he got a power-up would his hand look like this 👌 but bigger or this 🖕¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk

  • corona suckz
    corona suckz

    3:00-3-17 is so funny

  • Lightningboi369

    ah yes. send me you are toes.

  • Banana Sundae
    Banana Sundae

    6:07 because your basement ran out of room