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  • Fluffy Sheep
    Fluffy Sheep

    1:45 hey robin I KNOW WHERE U LIVE

  • random shit
    random shit

    Left handed demon is here

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan

    8:29 Fear me!

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan

    0:52 Wait Wth!?

  • Alan Topete
    Alan Topete

    It's funny channel I watch every episode in this channel

  • TheAlivededChannel

    3:02 Europe ain't only northern Europe

  • The Phantom Soprano
    The Phantom Soprano

    *b o o g e r s*

  • Dum

    Its to the point where when I see two eyes Mike wazouski I think it's normal but when I see normal him I think something's off

  • EmeraldGamer03

    14:03 i thought i was the only one

  • sajad rezaei
    sajad rezaei

    Man liking the same gender is soo gay

  • Maya

    I was told(by other kids) that black cats are a curse- I laughed at them as I owned a black cat- like black cats are adorable and you cant tell me other wise!

  • drawing Mr.naginata
    drawing Mr.naginata

    0:38 but not as rare as your ice cream machine not working!!

  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones

    Hey I just want to put this out there and I know that robin won’t see this but robin is the best host

  • Master Jabz
    Master Jabz

    12:10 So all people with broken legs defeat Satan? Oh well time to go and break my legs

  • 「Jâdê _ Ørêø」
    「Jâdê _ Ørêø」

    Person: bone jaw Me: *screams in French*

  • Bernardo Marques
    Bernardo Marques

    were i live 28 C is normal in the summer

  • Jasper Brierley
    Jasper Brierley

    1:52 I’ve seen that image so many times and only just noticed the ones in the background

  • Hogwarts Nemanja Garić
    Hogwarts Nemanja Garić

    8:12 coup

  • Jake Do
    Jake Do

    Actually if a anti vax kid meme is true all the virus and gunk in him would be fighting for control, witch, might save him a little bit I guss

  • Juliet Harman
    Juliet Harman

    I’ve been watching umbrella academy for a good while now how am I JUST NOW RELIZING THATS VANYA AND 5 IN THE CARS DJDJDJKWL Edit: 6:21 AND KLAUS OMFL HAVE I BEEN LIVING UNDR A ROCK

  • ward disc
    ward disc

    Waxed lightly weathered cut copper stairs

  • Marshal pyke
    Marshal pyke

    So at the moment he said black cats are the best I cried BC my cat who was black passed away today

  • Dea mon
    Dea mon

    German girl here € is Euro he didnt give a dame but it is

  • ExotiqueEngram

    Y'all acting like knowing the minecraft potion recipes are hard, real gamers know EVERY crafting recipe

  • msksmwndid9wksdn h
    msksmwndid9wksdn h

    That man had to do 245,500 pushups.... RIP

  • Wild Side
    Wild Side

    12:16 But I don't have any friends like this- Oh wait... I am that friend

  • Heather Cahill
    Heather Cahill

    Flex tape will fix flat earthrs if you tape a bag over there head.

  • x_im_a_weeb_x x
    x_im_a_weeb_x x

    11:43 only hunter hunter fans will get this meme

  • Rion

    are we not going to talk about how the subscribe animation is a animation to unsubscribe

  • Gunaz Bunaz
    Gunaz Bunaz

    every like is 2 pushups

  • Rebekah Burdine
    Rebekah Burdine

    Did anybody else notice the pun he made with the kid who knows the Minecraft potion recipes vs. the chemistry teacher? The teacher is out of her *" ELEMENT "*

  • ProvidedSix496

    If people grew from monkey Why did'nt the monkey now grew up to human?

  • lizardboy2 /coolizrd
    lizardboy2 /coolizrd

    13:03 me too and I'm happy about it #SinglePringle

  • james cameron
    james cameron

    black pucci

  • Restless Bear
    Restless Bear

    Pulitzer in the minds of normal people: Famous writer who made newspapers and has a prize named after him. Pulitzer in the minds of Newsies fans: Stupid little rich old man- SEIZE THE MOTHERFUCKING *DAY*

  • •Derpy_TheCat•


  • Benjamin Seguin
    Benjamin Seguin

    As a person with autism [Asperger syndrome] its very hard for me to be calm in a place with lights, actions, people everywhere.. so i’m quite enjoying lockdown :) have a great day!

  • Fersakening

    669k views. Nice

  • al3kz :D
    al3kz :D

    girl in my school: *Kicks boy's private part* boys: *kicks back* THE GIRL: *"yOu CaNt HiT a GiRl, Im TeLlInG tHe TeAcHeR"*

  • Jackson Pendleton
    Jackson Pendleton

    3:03 well in America, they use Fahrenheit and 32 is freezing in Fahrenheit.

  • The Paradigm
    The Paradigm

    Welp I got flipped off by voltron.

  • Azza

    3:03 " I think that goes for everyone in the world" Australians: just a cool summers day.

  • Amber Laappi
    Amber Laappi

    biggus dickus

  • a random kid
    a random kid

    3:03 in Australia? WE CALL THAT WINTER

  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid

    2:20 One time in shcool when i was young, this girl punched my tooth out, so I punched her gut and she fell on the floor, and i was the only one in trouble because I “hit a girl”

  • FAL

    7:15 420 Iq play

  • RetroSoaring

    me who doesn't run when I turn the lights off: wait I didn't sign up for this

  • lllYumYumlll528

    3:20. their not drinking wine. their drinking Mtn Dew Code Red

  • asia chowdhury
    asia chowdhury


  • Mel Diaz
    Mel Diaz

    Me the entire video: *Laughs in stupid*

  • Silverwind

    is the dad in the first meme gordan ramsay

  • random channel
    random channel

    When he talked about the cow thing it made me scared lol I live next to a cow farm

  • - TheHunter -
    - TheHunter -

    How do mountains see? They peak What happens when a frogs car breaks? It gets toad. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear. Why can't you trust an atom? They make up literally everything. I crack myself up.

  • Lenemus

    4:22 So relatable. Main story is too stressful. Let's go sightseeing!

  • TheDevon2002

    1:32 you would be surprise how flex tape can fix that, just don't try it at home, it's the first place the police will look.

  • Pesky Bird
    Pesky Bird

    14:38 yes it is

  • la guarida_ ida
    la guarida_ ida

    3:01 actually from where I come from that is a cool January say

    • la guarida_ ida
      la guarida_ ida


  • BTB_Jump_boost183

    That guy has to do 200,000 push-ups.......

  • the good gamer
    the good gamer

    Human stupidity will kill everyone. It has already started, just look at the person that ate a bat and caused all of this COVID-19 crap.

  • Kitsune

    1:36 I spat Powerade on my monitor

  • Jonah Woolery
    Jonah Woolery

    What are you Orphan Taking a picture a family photo

  • A U B R E Y
    A U B R E Y

    12:17 Guess I'm that friend.

  • The bean squad Ring leader
    The bean squad Ring leader

    Ya know I like ya robin, but something about this episode I dunno

  • Thijs Marquering
    Thijs Marquering

    The thing about 18 year olds being able to adopt 17 year olds is actually not true (in the Netherlands at least), the kid getting adopted must be at least 18 years younger than the person adopting it

  • Kai Rong Nay
    Kai Rong Nay

    fire drills: if ur on fire STOP drop and ROLL me imagines: (happy dog chasings its tail but its on fire) (u call it to sit and it stops) (and u call it to roll over)

  • Obelisk King
    Obelisk King

    for the boil tea one,I thought to let it evaporate so all the paint on the ceiling starts dripping and ruin the paint or make the area humid so every side of every part of his bed is warm.

  • Catlover

    ill talk to EmKayus. i talk to my cats, it should he no difference

  • Dom LlamaDramaKing
    Dom LlamaDramaKing


  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz

    The gundam in Japan did not actually make the middle finger, I was surprised to learn that from so friends since I’m invested in the hobby, apparently that was photoshopped by someone as a joke, still funny though


    2:56 to 3:04 emkay says every one hates heat over 25 temp me in a wool shirt in 45 temp

  • Sevdije Havziu
    Sevdije Havziu

    Has anyone consider that jesus coul of been a good magician and liar?

  • Connor Perkins
    Connor Perkins

    i'll talk to emkayus

  • Connor Perkins
    Connor Perkins

    thank you pong creator

  • Michael Padilla
    Michael Padilla

    25 degrees celsius/77 degrees fahrenheit is not hot

  • RZT_3

    13:51 How the hell is that cringe? Can someone explain.

  • Ninguzie

    Dude sounds like WarOwl

  • Califan_notBigest

    croatia: has more corona then othere conteries cuz its not in the second quarantine in europe othere conteries: 5:10 (edit: ignore thw text the fbi guy)

  • Bolita 64
    Bolita 64

    2:56 nope here in my city Alicante we normally have above 25 usually unless its winter

  • Seth Aberle
    Seth Aberle

    11:42 the og picture is so true it’s funny

  • Mr . Fish Knigtralus The Fish Faced
    Mr . Fish Knigtralus The Fish Faced

    25 is cold here. Yes. We can go up to 34 here

  • José Weverton
    José Weverton

    7:39 im a poop sandwich

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby

    Jesus JE-SUS SUS THEREFORE JESUS IS SUS This comments has been brought to you by my thought process

  • Solitas

    7:21 Girlscouts like me who work at Cabela’s: Are you kidding me? That’s insultingly low

  • Chris

    3:52 Jesus: water is fine Jesus: water is wine

  • n3st of music
    n3st of music

    huh does the image show up do

  • TheShadowGamer

    1:42 Sheep: Grab The Baaing Gun

  • Chaos Nightcore
    Chaos Nightcore

    just hops on the train and a hollowed anri is waiting.

  • gwebbywebby

    why can i imagine the title in damien’s voice

  • Emil Ostin
    Emil Ostin

    9:17 yep they’re the tastiest

  • sarah Ratty pipkin
    sarah Ratty pipkin


  • Lava Scoper Second account
    Lava Scoper Second account

    3:02 *completily forgets people who live in tropical regions and deserts that go over 30 and 40 degrees celsius casualy*

  • Galaxy gaming 1987
    Galaxy gaming 1987

    1 drawers at the top another drawled the middle and the last two drawled the balls

  • Tailtronic sanstronic
    Tailtronic sanstronic

    I am a literal coleage of Lúcifer and Satan só i won't be needing friends for when i go back there

  • Shenya The welder
    Shenya The welder

    I’d have my kids micro-chipped, taht way if they get taken by human traffickers I can find them, kill The traffickers, and offer mercy to the survivors.

  • Spudow!

    Nobody: Music: *King dice theme song intensifies*

  • Swift Platinum
    Swift Platinum

    Me, a European with a screwed up sleep schedule: *You know, Im something of an American myself...*

  • Jai Hooper
    Jai Hooper

    That man had to do about 250,000 thousand push-ups

  • No Name
    No Name

    Cows are more likely to kill you than sharks

  • just a tall bean
    just a tall bean

    fun fact: more people die to cows than sharks in a year

  • ChikaTC

    1:42 damn, Monty Python memes always get me 😂