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  • Jessica Mcdade
    Jessica Mcdade

    2:17 what bird would i be - said ROBIN


    6:29 ironically, james' channel is about kill counts in horror movies

  • Madelyn Brown
    Madelyn Brown

    An answer for that movie deleting thing, I would say the Avatar the Last Airbender live action movie

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme

    Robin would be a cock that's what bird he'd be

  • Ace

    Him: What bird would I be? You know that your name is literally Robin right?

  • Just A Regular Stormtrooper
    Just A Regular Stormtrooper

    I know what kind of bird I am. A drunk, debilitated chicken.

  • The_Melon_apocalypse _
    The_Melon_apocalypse _

    The unofficial IRA account says that they would be British nice

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen

    That roast tho 1:08

  • TheLumberJackManiac

    Ur now Lexie

  • Tlword

    You would be a robin

  • Strawberry :D
    Strawberry :D

    Robin, you would be a robin.

  • Jathavan

    This is some how the most vanilla rare insults I have ever seen but just like ice cream imma still be consuming this shit like I havent eaten in day

  • The Emperor Of mankind
    The Emperor Of mankind

    Robin Would be a Robin

  • TikTok Blocks
    TikTok Blocks

    A em bird

  • Charles Coffman
    Charles Coffman

    5:57 he looks like a male Karen

  • Charles Coffman
    Charles Coffman

    Robin you would either be a wren or an eagle

  • Father of 400
    Father of 400

    He’d be a flamingo

  • Grant Casey
    Grant Casey

    2:43 thought for a sec they were talking about the kind of map you read and was very confused

  • Keadon Boze
    Keadon Boze

    Narrator be sounding like budget VEGA from DOOM: ETERNAL

  • Ann Foster
    Ann Foster

    Robin you would probably be a robin

  • Michael Angelo Biamonte
    Michael Angelo Biamonte

    Right before i started watching this video, I saw an advertisement for pizza and it said “why cant every night be pizza night” and then i skipped the add and then heard you say “why should we care” right after the add

  • Dillon Brincefield
    Dillon Brincefield

    Robin u would be a robin

  • Samantha Andrews
    Samantha Andrews

    U would be a fat bird hahahahaha

  • ꧁Skylar Has Potato꧂
    ꧁Skylar Has Potato꧂

    𝘼 𝙍𝙤𝙗𝙞𝙣.

  • Nalister Gaming
    Nalister Gaming

    That vegan teacher is one of the worst humans to currently walk the earth.

  • Harry Pogger
    Harry Pogger

    You would be an eagle

  • DyslxicDoodlBob 69
    DyslxicDoodlBob 69

    Is it just me or does any one else hate lexis voice and immediately close the video

  • derpo studios
    derpo studios

    You'd be a bluejay

  • Maranara Sauce
    Maranara Sauce

    Robin: “What bird would I be?” Me: idk maybe a *robin*

  • tomatosauce yt
    tomatosauce yt

    To all of the people who are saying that Robin would be a Robin nah he'd be a cassowary because hes the coolest of them all 👉😎👉

  • RealTonyHawk Hawk
    RealTonyHawk Hawk

    A pelican

  • Xb Pc_TTV
    Xb Pc_TTV

    4:55 they really had to do randomgaminghd like that

  • SilverGuy

    10:06 i very much agree and we have ourselves to blame


    the fact we bred pugs to look like how they look is actually pretty sad because they have trouble breathing because of how their snout is shaped.

  • kermit the frog
    kermit the frog

    2:16 Germany

  • Jonathon Cowley-Thom
    Jonathon Cowley-Thom

    The old testament is more like a reboot of the Torahs than a repost, and the new testament is fanfic.

  • Daisy Moreno
    Daisy Moreno

    Why is your banner say subscri

  • melissa

    Hmm what bird would robin be? Well obviously a Penguin

  • Helix _006
    Helix _006

    I know what bird you would be A parrot

  • Mikel Rivers
    Mikel Rivers

    She looks like Billie eilish went homeless 7:46

  • ok

    Robin would be a blue jay

  • leila lala
    leila lala

    Coworkers: cow or kers

  • Lydia Gibson
    Lydia Gibson

    The first one is very VERY false and honestly insulting to third world countries and the people living in them. You’ve clearly never been to a third world country if you believe that.

  • Javi U.
    Javi U.

    7:05 This is more than roasting an christian community lmao

  • Catmanstangky

    I know what you would be you would be a parrot and ot a Robin cuz Robin's weird

  • stutts 1895
    stutts 1895

    Robin is the only acceptable replacement for damine.

  • Kenzy

    People who steal these jokes and put it somewhere else are people who think they're the best comedian in the world but still live with there mom

  • Flame WitherHeart
    Flame WitherHeart


  • 4tw EpicYoshi
    4tw EpicYoshi

    2:28 right here I got a charmin ad, and this dude has the exact same glasses as that blue bear

  • James Porter
    James Porter

    Robin would be a robin

  • Jakob

    Ur blue jay cuz you wont stop *SCREAMING* outside my window 2nd birb you'd be is a robin

  • moonmoon 24
    moonmoon 24

    idk you would be an emKay bird!

  • Fire is nice
    Fire is nice

    3:42 he looks so feminine, so ugly yet so pretty my dumbass thought he was a girl like bro what moisturizer do you use damn 6:31 hi budget jhon wick

  • Ben Riegel
    Ben Riegel

    I don’t think this is really related but I couldn’t find u with any r/IAAPOC so... here’s my story I was in 3rd grade and I was playing wall ball with a lot of other people. Back then I had a trash arm and threw horribly. So I was all the way back and tried really hard to throw it. Instead I just threw it to late and chucked it at someone’s face by accident. I just walked away... threw my arms up... and just walked away. I tried to look cool doing it and look like a cool guy or smth not caring about it. At the time I was trying to be cool and stuff. But damn... I hate myself so much for that. Wish I was actually smart back then and not some wanna-be cool kid. I hate myself for that so much :/

  • Lenny Face
    Lenny Face

    This video reminds me of an episode of Ed, Edd, & Eddy where Ralph said to another character (I forgot his name): *"Confess to your crimes, you stale end piece of white bread!"*

  • Kittygamer RL
    Kittygamer RL


  • chakky

    Round head guy looks like something i traced out of a how to draw manga book in 2011

  • Pie Pivot Monitor
    Pie Pivot Monitor

    The momo one had me dying.

  • 7Step Tips
    7Step Tips

    A robin

  • SpikeGamer

    " What bird would I be?" YOUR NAME IS ROBIN

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    marabou stork.

  • Kansa City Shuffle
    Kansa City Shuffle

    You’d be a shit hawk from TPB uzload.info/fun/hpqVlZbSz2-V1ZM/video

  • Middleman

    as a jew the 7:06 mark was dead on

  • Etienne Miranda-Cain
    Etienne Miranda-Cain

    10:04I love pugs but I can’t even be mad that made me laugh so I can’t even be mad

  • WTFMannyxFTW

    2:45 "I Would rather be British". The insult gets points, because its from an (Unofficial) account for the *IRA* so, if you dont get it, just know that this comment could never suffice in explaining it. And learning the back history of a joke, to get the joke, ruins it in the process. Just learn the history between Ireland and the British, not even that far back, start in the late 20th century. Learn about the IRA (not the retirement account, but you should definitely have one, Social Security will not help you).

  • Some Guy Named Jack
    Some Guy Named Jack

    2:17 I... robin... I... how can you even ask that with an answer so obvious... dude.. you're a blue jay

  • Steven Faiello
    Steven Faiello

    He would be a parrot because he just repeats what other people say

  • Cole the bot
    Cole the bot

    1:04 oi jouske I used za hando to erase his neck

  • HackingDuck4

    You know Robin, I think you would be a bat

  • Lucas Weber
    Lucas Weber

    robins feather-sona would be white cockatoo

  • Messorems_joker

    11:31 Why does that Animoji look like Milo? If you all don’t know who they(?) are, please dig deeper at your own risk. The person I just mentioned has an IQ of a chicken nugget.

  • SuperNova999

    you look like a european robbin, if it had all its feathers torn off

  • Aaron O Donoghue
    Aaron O Donoghue

    As an Irish person, I can explain the "I'd rather be British" thing. That person was from the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who have a particular hate for the British. Ireland used to be part of the UK, and early in the 20th century, 26 counties of the island got independence from Britain, with the remaining 6 still being part of the UK (these are known as Northern Ireland). There have been a lot of attacks from both sides in the 20th century, with the IRA attacking Britain, and the Black & Tans being the main group attacking Ireland, and loads of bombing. It was especially bad in Northern Ireland, where it kept going further into the 20th century under the name "The Troubles", with conflict revolving around Irish/Catholics (who wanted full independence for Ireland) vs British/Protestants (who wanted Ireland to stay in Britain), with loads of people being killed for being the "wrong" side from their perspective. Even to this day, a small minority of Irish people hate the British to the same degree, and some people still want the 6 counties of Northern Ireland back to make a United Ireland

  • Adrian Griffin
    Adrian Griffin

    Red-capped Robin

  • Daniel George
    Daniel George

    169 dis likes 69 hehe


    Everytime I watch your videos I mute them while listening to music because I can't stand hearing your unfunny jokes that that would make a dead person die inside

  • Noice Memes and Gaming
    Noice Memes and Gaming

    You would be a Desert Eagle.

  • Rabid Velocirap
    Rabid Velocirap

    5:18 And you have the grammar of a fried pickle who supports trump and still keeps up their trump sign even though he lost so you try to make everything the same quality as him, including your grammar and spelling.

  • Beethoven is awesome
    Beethoven is awesome


  • O B L I V I O N
    O B L I V I O N

    james now is dead meat

  • O B L I V I O N
    O B L I V I O N

    robin seems like a crow im not 100% abbout it tho

  • Mubarak Al Masoud
    Mubarak Al Masoud

    A... a robin

  • Pink Creeper6969
    Pink Creeper6969

    3:25 the emoji movie

  • Pink Creeper6969
    Pink Creeper6969

    1:36 ayyyyy bendy pfp

  • Lucas Tague
    Lucas Tague

    You are a peacock

  • Wallace The Omnipresent
    Wallace The Omnipresent

    Dude........ what happened to Damien

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    9:20 anyone gonna acknowledge the fact that it's Killua insulting someone?

  • Squkidude05

    If Robin were a bird, he'd be a mockingbird.

    • Squkidude05

      W A I T

  • Smol Purrito
    Smol Purrito

    I’m literally friends with the “mr potato head rebellious teenager” girl. I can’t even

    • Akaashi Keiji
      Akaashi Keiji

      You can't even what, Smol Purrito? What can you not even?

    • Smol Purrito
      Smol Purrito

      @J.Ludlow she genuinely thought it was funny. She’ll delete anything negative but this comment is 100% still up. She does have a great sense of humor

    • J.Ludlow

      What did she think of the roast though?

    • Growlithevloging08

      Omg same

  • XenixSX

    You would be a robin!

  • Starfeather136


  • Damian’s_Garage

    1:48 you can’t even type the number “1 or one” you can’t say shit there

  • Faysal

    3:22 And covid is the bigger punishment for making the old sonic movie design

  • Docc Gravity
    Docc Gravity

    14:37 is nobody going to talk about the tattoo on the guy on the right?

  • black darkness
    black darkness

    You seem like a robin

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    10:40 I think he was just saying it as on the whole movie. Not the rat or the random dude, just the whole movie.

  • Nicole Nielsen
    Nicole Nielsen

    The sports bra on the pink furry pillow really looks like its on a really hairy man.

  • SCP Peanut Boi
    SCP Peanut Boi

    *robin be robin*

  • VixVulpin

    He would be a...Robin..*rimshot*

  • a mental break down E
    a mental break down E

    Maybe a robin

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