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  • MegaAstroFan18

    Hillary is actually pretty in touch with working class people. Always was. Just Republican and sexist propaganda was strongly aimed at demonizing her. And, sadly, stupid young democrats believed it too.

  • Kayotime

    People actually have washing machines that show you what's inside?!

  • THElbhorsie

    I like you

  • Twisted73

    My tiger's *gay* same

  • Hervy Gervy
    Hervy Gervy

    1:07 I legit try to do that with my dogs sometimes

  • Tanaka Sensei
    Tanaka Sensei

    6:03 r/cursedcomments

  • Cuber1254

    6:07 The moment the crunch sound happened, an ad for Starbucks played. I can't stop laughing now. 😅😆

  • Zeus Hernández
    Zeus Hernández

    10:59 Zombie Land Saga

  • Mia nur XD
    Mia nur XD

    Ro bin RoBin Robin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chickendoodle 32
    Chickendoodle 32

    0:40 the new IPhone let’s you go between volumes, I can go to a volume of 0.13 if I want, though the best thing would have been to just make it so you can change the min and max in settings. The people over at apple are smart, but act like lobotomized swine (brainless pigs, now you don’t have to go on google like I did!).

  • Blaze223

    9:42 i just to a shot behind my back with the chalk on the tip cus i used it till it got stuck

  • ARK Sonic
    ARK Sonic

    That's totally tubular Take that robin or Zack...I can't remember who was narrating the video

  • Saffron Irongear
    Saffron Irongear


  • ChaosDude23

    The source is Zombieland Saga

  • Noxijamer

    I: exist Also me: I'm about to end this man's career

  • Table

    4:48 hell yeah. Me in a nutshell

  • Joshua Ball
    Joshua Ball

    yes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Legion 1236
    Legion 1236

    10:55 source- Zombieland Saga

  • Kyle Slee
    Kyle Slee

    Title: these are from Me IRL First post before intro: these are from Everyone IRL

  • Professor Plzcheese
    Professor Plzcheese

    soCRATES not SOCKraTEES? Lol scrub

  • Lex

    6:07 Bruh when he made the munch sound to the picture of the tiny frog, an ad for a world war 3 game popped up. Dude committed such a sin to the frog that WW3 happened.

  • HanyMuse

    2:40 I use quilts and wear jackets year round. I'm as cozy as can be.

  • Arnn Silvestre
    Arnn Silvestre

    11:02 Welp... Weebs you know what to do

  • fire brochill
    fire brochill

    how do i get the most like comment

  • Cashman Drummer
    Cashman Drummer

    Jesus loves you!!!!

  • Tianen Jiao
    Tianen Jiao

    6:28 Twist: Nord VPN actually sponsored EmKey and this is just a sneaky way to show it :>

  • buddeman27

    1:40 can we just point out that his hands are in the perfect position to make it look like he's touching himself? (not the inappropriate kind, gutterheads)

  • WingsOfWindXD

    13:11 its likes and not upvotes

  • Nai Birbduck
    Nai Birbduck

    1:42 we just not gonna talk about how he’s coppin a feel of his own tiddy? Okay

  • John Hendricks Bunyi
    John Hendricks Bunyi

    10:59 anyone knows this anime?

  • Grimey Reaperz
    Grimey Reaperz

    I don’t understand the hate for people saying “thanks for the likes” can someone explain it to me

  • voorhees04

    why at 8:07 do i feel like im being dissed

  • Zach Lap
    Zach Lap

    A girl : i like you Me : girl please, have standards

  • Little Pink Tiger
    Little Pink Tiger

    5:47 *Jesus Fried Chicken*

  • Craz Perv
    Craz Perv

    Emkay,zombieland saga.

  • Alpha Star
    Alpha Star

    3:04 *Your voice acting there was so good I fell 😂 why did it sound so cute lmao* Time stamps I’m saving: 6:03 6:09 6:28 6:58 9:12 9:17 11:23 12:16 12:47 12:57 13:53 1:12 3:02 3:37 4:12 4:26 5:08

  • Acen Hostetler
    Acen Hostetler

    Am I the only one who every time i watch emkay i get sad because there's no zach

  • Zoroark Lover
    Zoroark Lover

    Zombieland Saga

  • pp poopoo
    pp poopoo

    can't wait to see justin y's comment and also see the ungodly amount of hate on him because he decided to speak in the comment section of an internet video.

  • arcticGalaxies

    source of 10:55 is Zombieland Saga! very cute, highly recommend!

  • PuRPLe ShEP
    PuRPLe ShEP

    We haven't seen you so maybe you should shut up before we ask

  • Inabasa

    11:04 zombieland saga if someone didnt say it already

  • Gold Fox Piston
    Gold Fox Piston

    Us Americans only use the metric system to measure bullets

  • Lautaro Blejman
    Lautaro Blejman

    i like you

  • Medakan Yuuki
    Medakan Yuuki

    The sauce of that image is zombieland saga

  • TheMrscf98

    15:06 scp 3008

  • demon king
    demon king

    Technically we use the metric system to measure bullets which is even worse

  • Cedo

    11:04 It's anime, Zombie Land Saga

  • Adelaide Brown
    Adelaide Brown

    My tiger is also gay

  • Pointless

    That hearing one though I laughed when I didn’t hear them.... They told me that their dog died...

  • Vicinitrix

    Bruh I feel that villager, if I fall on my face I will crack the crust of the earth

  • joshua melgar
    joshua melgar

    hey what happened to damien

  • マコト

    10:54 the sauce is Zombieland Saga

  • Robben Alvarado
    Robben Alvarado

    That first one tho

  • Nathan Becerra
    Nathan Becerra

    Is it just me or does his laugh sound like sans

  • EXTREMEkillergg 10
    EXTREMEkillergg 10

    Ok mk me_irl

  • Lerd Berd
    Lerd Berd

    Ahh yes MY FAVORITE 2:53

  • Morgan Clarke
    Morgan Clarke

    me: being a happy smart introvert who hates people cause they slow me down Teacher:TODAY IS GROUP DAY ON CIRCITS/MATH STUFF AND EVERYONE HAS TO WORK! my mind:you son of bish

  • Z-L

    "Eh, the tiger in me is gay" Robin 2020

  • Mr Voorhees
    Mr Voorhees

    The anime you wanted is zombie land saga, its not that bad

  • Mini astolfo
    Mini astolfo

    11:02 is zombie land saga

  • Gabriel Dull
    Gabriel Dull

    Robin: smort’nt Me: *Re watches 50 times*

  • BlackSonder

    1:04 I do this all the time, except I lay with my dog. She breathes faster than me.

  • Tea Drinking Turret
    Tea Drinking Turret

    Source for anime girl being sprayed in the face: Zombie Land saga ~Flies away~

  • Unrestrainedegg


  • World Of Oblivion
    World Of Oblivion

    11:03 **HE ASKS FOR THE SAUCE** (BTW, it zombieland saga I believe)

  • Harry Brown
    Harry Brown

    I just drank a full 2L bottle of coke at 2am...... NOW I CANT SLEEP

  • Jhonen Amrhein
    Jhonen Amrhein

    As soon as I hear the word "Frosted Flakes" at the end, I start smelling frosted flakes.

  • Rphase71

    6:04 forbidden gummy

  • Blitzo

    Its okay your tiger inside you is gay. i, mini Crewmate supports LGBTQ+ rights and so should you!

  • Frankie Cairns
    Frankie Cairns

    Ok so at 9:56 it said rings at 8 and my alarm for 8 went off I was laughing hysterically

  • FarAwayHorizon

    i can't stop laughing at the thumbnail

  • Batboyten n
    Batboyten n

    10:58 I think it’s from my zombie dream land saga


    my too

  • w7n

    7:38 recognized this statue, it’s on a school on Vine Street in Philadelphia lol

  • CC Bateman
    CC Bateman

    Jentucky Fried Chicken

  • MLGMAN 06
    MLGMAN 06


  • TryAgain115

    7:58 that didnt hit close to home that smashed through my window and hit me square in the face

  • Craftman Seven Eighty
    Craftman Seven Eighty

    'It was a Bill and Ted joke' Yooo I saw the first two movies though UZload movies for free

  • Riley L
    Riley L

    5:44 My brain: Just Fucking Cidding

  • The United Steaks of America
    The United Steaks of America

    The he source of the sims he with the spray can is called zombie land saga

  • Korhu Draak
    Korhu Draak

    The anime meme is Zombie Land Saga

  • dark knight
    dark knight

    At 6:05 I got a cereal ad

  • Out of Time
    Out of Time

    4:33 is that Jay Versace.

  • Hope

    As a girl that was very confused when someone said they like me, definitely not all boys were like that.

  • Harmless Penguin
    Harmless Penguin

    Anime meme is from Zombieland Saga

  • Da Beast
    Da Beast

    THANK YOU 7:55

  • Lopoo Qwuyt
    Lopoo Qwuyt

    I’m stupid but faster

  • ꧁ Sphinx the Fox ꧂
    ꧁ Sphinx the Fox ꧂


  • seven cats
    seven cats

    Every time, call me Carson is in a post feels like speaking me cuz my name is Carson as well

  • Lopoo Qwuyt
    Lopoo Qwuyt

    Family size anything edible: exists Me: the fat conductor laughed. “You are wrong”

  • Cassandra Wrenn
    Cassandra Wrenn

    You are bodacious (I probably spelt that wrong)

  • Cassandra Wrenn
    Cassandra Wrenn

    You should be my dad's friend, he loves the bill and ted movies.

  • Charlieschicken

    Emkay: Have you ever sat next to someone and tried to breathe like them and almost died? Lonely people: *Scrubs.* 😎

  • Ludi

    11:03 “What is the source of this image” It’s from an anime called Zombieland Saga. Fun watch I guess.


    yo robin whats bobin

  • Cultic Cuttlefish
    Cultic Cuttlefish

    6:01 adorable ❤️

  • Nothing 4444
    Nothing 4444

    How come when someone beaks in to your house you call the cops! Stop bashing the people you call when shit goes sideways. You will regret it I promise!

  • Seifucore

    0:58 I thought he literally kidnapped a random girl i

  • Splity

    I... don't know what "Doritos" are comrade, I looked it up and... is it some kind of chip? Nahui I don't get it!