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  • Gracelander101 H
    Gracelander101 H

    12:00 I just realized that that meme has one of the Joel G characters in it, the person who made ENA aaaand then rvb on top of that

  • [The Black Axolotl]
    [The Black Axolotl]


  • Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore

    1:35 corrections from a dedicated potterhead: dobby has never once called Harry Potter “Master Harry” dobby has no real house elf friends harry potter is not dobby’s owner, he is just a friend of dobby rant over

  • Starcrafter Augustine
    Starcrafter Augustine

    Imagine that dog biting you crotch when you wipe with him Btw I know someone will make a cursed comment on this comment

  • Error 666
    Error 666

    My fathers gf's dog has the same "HUMAN THERAPIST" sweater shown on 10:47....

  • Starlight Shimmer
    Starlight Shimmer

    At. 0:07 that's a Pomeranian.

  • Matthew Quigley
    Matthew Quigley

    The funky music really goes well with the massive genocide happening Megalovania flashbacks

  • Alex Beverly
    Alex Beverly

    W-what? Subway surfers was made cause the maker's son died infront of a train while skating!?

  • TiredOwl83

    I love EmKay but sometimes you cant tell if its actual anger at some posts that arent that bad like the speech 100 one it just seems like you cant take a joke and I know it's not that but sometimes it throws off the mood of the video ig


    12:55 that noise... Does it mean I should or no?

  • Jordan Hasch
    Jordan Hasch

    I'm sure there is a ratio out there of Hitler-related memes, but we Na-zi see. OK. I'll see myself out. Rough crowd.

  • Riley Hennerberg
    Riley Hennerberg

    At 14:35 you can see that it was not a reddit meme but from the depths of hell

  • Tempted Epic
    Tempted Epic

    8:17 so I cook myself?

  • Cat Black 5000
    Cat Black 5000

    If you think about it, cannibal humans are at the top of the food chain

  • Ethan the Minecraft Pro
    Ethan the Minecraft Pro

    Oh boy, here I go killing again!

  • TBW HG
    TBW HG

    I said that ilegal to keep students After class thing to my teacher so he gave me detention




    1:40 Well, Dobby, you're going to join your brothers soon... after getting stabbed by Beatrix and dying a slow, painful death and having an extremely hasty burial service and then being completely forgotten about

  • Concorde Gaming
    Concorde Gaming

    13:16 Oh... Oh please no... I don't like this...

  • CupidTheGachangel

    8:49 Post: every app is a dating app if you’re Indian enough Person reply: every place is a shooting range if you’re American enough Me: yeah mostly at schools tho

  • Hunter Spears
    Hunter Spears

    nazis are not funny they were and still are racist bastards that had no love from their family

  • Hilbert Ivhan Arangel
    Hilbert Ivhan Arangel

    Is it vegetarian if you eat a vegetarian?

  • dark times fun games
    dark times fun games

    I mean at 8:28 my streams recoils like a m14

  • Airiles Yankovic
    Airiles Yankovic

    Unicorn Genocide is a actual band

  • Hervy Gervy
    Hervy Gervy

    13:52 That's a question I hope nobody ever asks me

  • TheDevon2002

    5:58 super girl is 16, superman going to popular with his super grip like strength

  • Hamiltrash

    5:13 That’s not true...

  • Seth Knight
    Seth Knight

    Friend: y did Robin stop saying "What throbbin im Robin" Me: He stopped throbbin

  • toast nation338
    toast nation338

    If you really want a count of ww2 memes I’ll try my best

  • Uboa

    13:16 murica fairy the best

  • Link Gaming
    Link Gaming

    12:51 me in November sorry I cant do that

  • Peachy

    10:03 I hear this every time I bark like a dog.

  • bad_ jokes_ bot
    bad_ jokes_ bot

    Is no one gonnna talk about unicorn genocide

  • Logan Skowron
    Logan Skowron

    13:20 that is clownpiece a character from touhou, she could be his wifu

  • Gamespluschallenges

    You don’t need a parachute to go skydiving once You need a parachute to go skydiving twice

  • Awesome Pro
    Awesome Pro

    12:55 this dude is following orders

  • Dragondude101

    The entirety of cursedcomments is “I never though I would say this...”

  • LightningBoi 2195
    LightningBoi 2195

    My unvle got the high ground

  • ChiRO DD
    ChiRO DD

    about that there actually are 4 powerpuff girls, i saw it last year visiting my young cousin

  • The Three wise gamers Manion
    The Three wise gamers Manion

    Oh yeah stores started making diet water for vegans

  • Scp foundation
    Scp foundation

    Yo that Mario one had me dead

  • Ryker Sparks
    Ryker Sparks

    I dont ur stand he bleeps some stuff and not

  • Jacob Woods
    Jacob Woods

    13:13. I guess the doom slayer is going f**k the hell out of me

  • Leonardo Boban
    Leonardo Boban

    Good idea robin thanks 5:36

  • Liu

    My younger sister used to eat paper when she was tiny, and one day she deadass ate my fucking homework while I was making dinner. I got detention when I told my teacher what happened because I was "just using the dog excuse."

  • That speedy Boi
    That speedy Boi

    So on the mote of the teachers aftet the bell, i thought it said that it was a war crime ao I told my teacher it is one, i must have sounded like a fucking retard

  • Chad Bailey
    Chad Bailey

    And at around 5:48 you made my amazon echo play Despacito

  • Chad Bailey
    Chad Bailey

    At around 5:42 set my amazon echo off

  • Duck Goose
    Duck Goose

    13:22 My only 2 pfps are my school mascot and Tom I’m not ok with this

  • Spiralt

    11:58 tried this and started coughing

  • Lucas Adams
    Lucas Adams

    About 43%

  • Fnaf Lover 87
    Fnaf Lover 87


  • In Season
    In Season

    On a black sabbath video there was a comment that said "this bass solo hits harder then my alcholic stepdad"

  • Wubba

    I made it in this video? WTH- Bruh I'm Wubba

  • Insanity

    Dude I Fucking Know Wubba And Immediately Sent That Shit To Him Lmao

  • Just an SCV
    Just an SCV

    Can confirm, accusing your teacher of war crimes makes you look stupid. Everyone got a laugh out of it tho, so why not.

  • mangotree

    I tried to google translate 2:01 and all I got what forced labor and give birth

  • Blixer JSaB
    Blixer JSaB

    Huh, Nazism is popular in Reddit, Cannibalism is also popular, Incest, and many other things, I'm not surprised.


    10:10 who insalting people by calling them yiff??

  • Epickyle107

    11:56 it could be if you try harder

  • Derek Minks
    Derek Minks

    Imagine getting murder by a weeb with an uwuzi

    • Derek Minks
      Derek Minks

      Edit: I'd die a second time from embracement because I got killed by a weeb.

  • שחר אטדגי
    שחר אטדגי

    11:59 Who is this character?

  • שחר אטדגי
    שחר אטדגי

    4:28 I used to say that a lot in middle school

  • שחר אטדגי
    שחר אטדגי

    3:54 I don’t know, I think Anne disagrees with that notion, and I already see people simp for Tsui

  • שחר אטדגי
    שחר אטדגי

    0:18 I love her robotic arm

  • cubing nesse
    cubing nesse

    5:19 i was today years old (12)

  • Leo Meaker
    Leo Meaker

    It’s not a uzi it’s a Mac 10 or Mac 11


    "you can't look up while your tongue is out" Me, a cultured man weeb: "Actually"

  • John Childs
    John Childs


  • Jacob Dawson
    Jacob Dawson

    2:35 i have half of that sometimes my butt somtimes feels a bit dry trust me its irritating

    • Jacob Dawson
      Jacob Dawson

      I mean 2:24

  • The Shrimp King
    The Shrimp King

    Hay what’s throben I’m robin

  • Random Poster
    Random Poster


  • Communist Crusader
    Communist Crusader

    5:45 my Alexa started going off

  • Lillypad Dreemurr
    Lillypad Dreemurr

    1:59 I was fooled.

  • Dizzy cord
    Dizzy cord

    ALSO WW2 jokes are funny

  • Dizzy cord
    Dizzy cord


  • 【bisexual mess】
    【bisexual mess】

    "you can't look up while sticking out your tongue" me: TURNS HEAD TO CEILING AND STICKS OUT TONGUE

  • Sputnik Universe
    Sputnik Universe


  • durham mapping
    durham mapping

    2:35 is my favorite

  • Dae mon
    Dae mon

    5:22 who tf is that?

  • Kristian Reher
    Kristian Reher

    well im killing my self 2:48

  • Vietricecrop

    So my science teacher told my class how he has no doubt that the t-Rex evolved into chickens. He says this because he saw 4 of his chickens rip a mouse into 4 pieces and then eat it.

  • Amy Xoxo
    Amy Xoxo

    Buy meat that didnt result from an as animal that was killed LOL yup

  • Ezz Amr
    Ezz Amr

    4:49: my teacher took to long and we didn’t have a break that is a war crime

  • Jackson Hyde
    Jackson Hyde

    When is Damien gonna be back I love him

  • Jacob Hussey
    Jacob Hussey

    8:12 Food

  • Xman

    To be fair, there was four power girls if watch the last movie. But people got mad because she wasn't white. Stupid

  • TheAmazingIncredibleSpiderHulk

    Thank you for the "Uncle Touchy's Nake Puzzle Basement" reference. You are now my favorite.

  • Purplepersian 33
    Purplepersian 33

    Me having Nagito Komaeda as a pfp: 0_0

  • Zandor Clegane
    Zandor Clegane

    3 14 yeah

  • Danez Gaviola
    Danez Gaviola

    To all the Danganronpa fans: go to 2:22 & 4:56

  • Guest Playzswitch
    Guest Playzswitch

    16:34 his profile picture describes my reaction

  • José Luis Prada
    José Luis Prada

    7:42 He had diarrhea

  • Shak Mash
    Shak Mash

    The thumbnails

  • Bete Noire
    Bete Noire

    Oh you wanna see a scary eye am starring in your soul

  • KesKes NigNig
    KesKes NigNig

    Well, that thing with Alexa..... it was more cursed what he said, than the actual comment LOL

  • Nobody1473



    wait a minute what about this eggs but there dummy thicc

  • 90Entergetical aka Bot3141
    90Entergetical aka Bot3141

    5:42 its about 9 inches so u cant lol

  • Jojo Mwape
    Jojo Mwape

    Um right now old