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  • kitten xD
    kitten xD

    For the thumbnail: Dear god,let the dude/gal kill that girl.

  • Luna the bunny
    Luna the bunny

    Jack doing the German accent sounds like medic from tf2

  • teatus no one
    teatus no one

    to answer 3.43 it would be selfcest

  • Jonny PJ
    Jonny PJ

    1:55 When I really have to go I get one so I know that it's not that hard Unless when it grows to full size it might then be hard (I'm 12)

  • Just A Normal -YT Channel
    Just A Normal -YT Channel

    (3:41) i think its called Selfcest

  • Brighton Robertson
    Brighton Robertson

    The fire nation also attacked Oregon

  • Floating Flower
    Floating Flower

    Jack is my favorite narrator

  • Zemillion

    When hinata cheats on naruto with his clones will it still be cheating

  • FriendlyNeighborHoodCrusader

    9:18 they spelled "Tyskland" wrong, in Denmark (where i live) the word: "tyk" means fat, (fx: "han er tyk" = "he is fat") and the word "land" means country. So if we go by the mispelling "Tyksland" the creator of the meme is claiming that danes think that germany is full of fat people. Kinda like the USA...

  • Depression Pie
    Depression Pie

    Actually McDonald’s fries are really good. You can do it wrong, just ask Burger King.

  • andreas yohanes
    andreas yohanes

    girls is just kechup dipenser and boys is just mayo dipenser but with different flavors

  • I Lick Jeans
    I Lick Jeans

    First they attacked the Australians and now the Americans, what’s next?

  • Ballhammer Gaming
    Ballhammer Gaming

    5:22 oh god the sound O__O

  • marselo

    5:28 i'm going to reset my brain

  • Kolten Amerman
    Kolten Amerman

    My brain won’t recover

  • Felinator 42
    Felinator 42

    6:39 so.. i was holding my phone while watching this on the computer.. and i let my phone fall.. its still fine tho XD

  • Damon Fyrian
    Damon Fyrian

    I'm surprised the cursed comment for the Superman in the wheelchair wasn't about Christopher Reeves.

  • Your Local Food • Yes years ago •
    Your Local Food • Yes years ago •

    4:27 nah don't kick the head off the kid being un vaccinated is gonna do the trick just fine 👍

  • poly mations
    poly mations

    You can't move your upper jaw

  • Nikki Roessler
    Nikki Roessler

    10:25 LMFAO!!! XD

  • Joey Cross
    Joey Cross

    1. The fire nation also attacked California twice

  • Faby Duarte
    Faby Duarte

    0:00 It attacked Brazil too ;-;

  • Christo For nothing
    Christo For nothing

    I am danish so yeah i am gonna Call Germany for TYKSLAND thank you all so much for this

  • Muffet lover
    Muffet lover

    9:17 but thats the trailers job is to stick the cars up their asses and yes I know I made it worse your welcome and I'm sorry

  • Lovin' Arts
    Lovin' Arts

    They also attacked California

  • walid ahnaf
    walid ahnaf

    5:22 Omg wtf lol

  • Andre Black
    Andre Black

    Where's Damien?

  • ExpoVlogs

    10:26 okay Hisoka

  • Me Cooper
    Me Cooper

    0:04 Um... No? That was like November or October *last year....* Then there was floods. I freaking know because I've had to put my holidays off since August last year. Why does the internet just like to say stuff regardless of how true it is?? ...I mean it's totally how a dude In the us got elected but still. Fk this annoys me more than it should lol

  • Tyler Furrison
    Tyler Furrison

    "but at least the fire nation hasn't attacked" I mean, just look at california

  • Ecliptic Crypt
    Ecliptic Crypt

    0:05 it also is really persistent about trying to get california

  • Sonic Playz_580
    Sonic Playz_580

    Yes, EmCaac

  • Nathon Picou
    Nathon Picou

    I watched this at 1:00 AM

  • Kyber Wolf Gaming
    Kyber Wolf Gaming

    And fire nation attacked California in the US of A :)

  • Iruma Suzuki
    Iruma Suzuki

    3:46 Here, for anyone wandering 250232 this is what it would look like

  • ImInA _BruhMomentシ
    ImInA _BruhMomentシ

    E M K A K

  • Josh Dunhill L. Cacalda
    Josh Dunhill L. Cacalda

    3:43 its called selfcest

  • Fusion Badger
    Fusion Badger

    I for one would join the fire nation

  • Jarl YAB
    Jarl YAB

    0:04 California:Am I a joke to you Also California:I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me. GENDER REVEAL PARTIES

  • Vectorlarity

    10:44 I hate rich people

  • Rudy Acosta
    Rudy Acosta

    put the money in the bag, put the money in the bag ok "walks in the store with a rpg " PUT THE MONEY IN MY ASS shoots the rpg and kills himself

  • Lucy Brimstone
    Lucy Brimstone

    Hi Jack! I drank all my tea! But I have water!

  • Sr Elle 2.1
    Sr Elle 2.1

    Pretend that this is a original comment so you guys can like it.

  • Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia
    Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia

    It's called selfcest

  • waterzila

    Yhea 2020 is bad but at least the rats aren't attacking

  • c๑nfused〰p๑๑j


  • Yeetus Yeetus Kermit self deletus I like trains
    Yeetus Yeetus Kermit self deletus I like trains

    0:04 and California

  • Justifiedcat

    2:54 what about the truck that carries around the sport cars 😭😭😭

  • itsjustjenny xx
    itsjustjenny xx

    as a german Homosapiens I loved the way you said "Deutschland" 🥺

  • LloydTheZorua

    The Fire Nation also attacked California, presumably as a celebration of the Avatar being reborn as a member of the Fire Nation.


    Who said I was a Homo Sapien?

  • MrMarco Boy
    MrMarco Boy

    9:26 finland mentioned! Torille!

  • Anna Adorján
    Anna Adorján

    I really liked the way you said "Németország". It was very cool! 😄

  • No U
    No U

    3:40 I'm pretty sure it'd be selfcest

  • Some Boi Out the netherlands
    Some Boi Out the netherlands

    How come that in the art work he has a second flipped left Emkay hand the other hand should show the back not the front try it

  • Ben Carpendale
    Ben Carpendale

    4:24 *Sphinx*

  • Kip Coffee070
    Kip Coffee070

    2:48 what the hell was lightning doing in the beginning of the cars movie, O_O I need bleach

  • Zodiac Gacha
    Zodiac Gacha


  • Samuel

    1:15 people say they would kill baby Hitler, i would make him get accepted in the Academy of Fine Arts, the guy was a great painter

  • That stock image guy
    That stock image guy

    yeah us australians weren’t saved

  • Riveechu

    it would have to be pretty cold for a girl to do push-ups with her boobs. like REALLY cold.

  • Tanay Mukherjee
    Tanay Mukherjee

    5:22 That's probably one of the most cursed things I've ever listened to. I'm crying

  • Nocturnal Pyro
    Nocturnal Pyro

    9:20 it’s not Tyksland but Tyskland

  • Link the chosen Hero
    Link the chosen Hero

    We're sorry about wasting so many bombs on the world wars!

    • Link the chosen Hero
      Link the chosen Hero

      Im german

  • pigsrpeople2


  • Cheddar Boy
    Cheddar Boy

    I have been comfortable through this whole video

  • José Sugia
    José Sugia

    3:47 I can not stress enough that it is masturbation. The clone is chakra and his mind...

  • Super Feb
    Super Feb

    Thumbnail gave me permission to suicide

  • Asholomew

    7:03 Jack that was more cursed than the post itself or its comment

  • Jakub Bercik
    Jakub Bercik

    If Naruto used his shadow clones on himself, it'd be selfcest... yes, that is a tag.

  • Chris De los santos
    Chris De los santos

    You guys forgot about California last year my one of my family members died so She couldn’t be rushed to the hospital quick enough because hospital near us Wasn’topen witch resulted unborn baby being killed by strangulation umbilical cord

  • Morries Schulz
    Morries Schulz

    Lol when you watch a ytber and his german dosen't sound terrible. Verwirrte Bratwurst Geräusche

  • Herbie Campbell
    Herbie Campbell

    So why has the fire Nation attacked America now

  • Mayfeia Detenai says StrawB, I love you
    Mayfeia Detenai says StrawB, I love you

    I don’t mean to be ignorant but, what happened to Damien?

  • Gavin Graham
    Gavin Graham

    We had embedded agents from the fire nation in California Or maybe they were just stupid? Idk

  • Petey Plays
    Petey Plays

    Why did the subscription reminder unsubscribe?

  • Sawyer Danforth
    Sawyer Danforth

    anyone know what happend to damian?

  • KickJoas

    10:09 what will be the hammer be used for A.The sister B.The car

  • squad goals
    squad goals

    Where is that the avater when u need em

  • The Blue Boy
    The Blue Boy


  • Sean Ramey
    Sean Ramey

    in Japanese Germany is doitsu or ドイツ in Japanese characters! your welcome!

  • aksalaheddine78

    December 31st 11;59. Everyone: 5,4,3,2,1!-- 2020: connection terminated Fnaf fans will understand.

  • Murpaderf

    The fire nation also attacked California

  • Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
    Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla

    Hi Jake

  • Addmix

    Oh ok I get it he puts bell dolphin in the title as clickbait

    • Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
      Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla

      The what

  • Stria's Nightcore
    Stria's Nightcore

    as a current McDonalds worker I can confirm that the fries are shit.

  • Sky

    Bold of you to think I’m a human

  • HeyDayZayBae

    I-I forgot Australia w-was on fire at the s-s-start of the year 😅

  • Kyle Taer
    Kyle Taer

    Skip to the end, click replay and it drops all the ads

  • PizzaEater69

    i would kill to voice over for emkay

  • Atman Gotango
    Atman Gotango

    Pretty sure the buy a handgun and get a free AR thing is fake just based on price. It looks like it says $279 and change..... And there are very few on the market for anything close to that price. And the cheapest you can build an AR platform is about 400 bucks soooooo. Also "must show valid student ID" pretty sure you've got to be 21 to buy a handgun....though maybe that's just my state so their sale would cover about a 1 or 2 year range of college students. But yes har dee har look at America lol

  • Querub 22
    Querub 22

    4:40 "Well I mean it is equivalent exchange I say go for it! " ... Do you know how equivalent exchange works?? Also RIP sand fawn/deer

  • Ezra

    0:04 California waves from behind Australia

  • Etherium

    Im not a homosapien Im a homosexual for you jack

  • Mellow Animations
    Mellow Animations

    2:56 wouldn’t that mean maqueens truck is... ... oh my god... Mack.

  • Sophia Kalenza
    Sophia Kalenza

    2:02 I was *EATING*

  • Wolf Wyvern
    Wolf Wyvern

    jack. sir. we do not question the sexy jutsu theory alright we leave it be

  • Meli Kona
    Meli Kona

    fire attacked argentina too.. screw u 2020

  • Distanctegamer 1
    Distanctegamer 1


  • FancyKnight

    Em cack