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  • Kurznakimations / Plush Vs Zombies
    Kurznakimations / Plush Vs Zombies

    This will cure anybodys depression

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    4:44 His smile reminds me of Damien’s. Anyone else think that?

  • Wesley Thorpe
    Wesley Thorpe

    I almost cried on the stuffed wolf one

  • Elijah Cagle
    Elijah Cagle

    That art was awesome 👌👌👌👌

  • Ninja Girl
    Ninja Girl

    My dad broke his leg in a motorcycle accident in February 2019. Now almost 2 years later, he can almost walk!!!!!!!

    • Ninja Girl
      Ninja Girl

      @Sevcraft Games thanks :)

    • Sevcraft Games
      Sevcraft Games

      Why does this have only 2 likes? This is very nice and I hope your dad is doing well

  • Chris Tin
    Chris Tin

    Wait how did I get here just a minute ago I was watching anime.

  • Focus Destiny
    Focus Destiny

    See my conversations with my cat are a bit different, they involve,me complaining about my problems,asking how she doin and what she did in the day,pondering the point of our existence and asking if she’s hungry or tired........I don’t deserve her

  • The Masked Funkey
    The Masked Funkey

    Nothing here made me smile 😔

  • Nan0 killer
    Nan0 killer

    11:58 is that kid in a baby cage?

  • Kawaii Desuné
    Kawaii Desuné

    Thank you Yukako 🥺 8:37

  • Nan0 killer
    Nan0 killer

    1:51 She must've got rugburn on the way out

  • Dragon fruit Steriø Amatiøns
    Dragon fruit Steriø Amatiøns

    I was born on July 28, world war 1 was on July 28 and a guy died on July 28, can my birth get any worse? Probably

  • bob bob
    bob bob

    we made dog's that's wat we did to deserve them.

  • Flavio Mastrolorenzi
    Flavio Mastrolorenzi

    Hi Eric



  • Clockwork Time
    Clockwork Time

    the dislikes are sinners

  • Ivo L
    Ivo L

    No more people dislike

  • Doggo Dog
    Doggo Dog

    This made my horrible day a bit better :)

  • severus snape
    severus snape

    Not me watching to stop crying cuz my mom won't respect my pronouns

  • weird art kid
    weird art kid

    Green thumb nononono green dog

  • Lauri Virtanen
    Lauri Virtanen

    1:54 Damn that kid looks like he's looking for the lamb sauce

  • Friendliness Pellets
    Friendliness Pellets

    Ya kno they say "more expresso less depresso"? Well I have a correction to that. Now we must say "more memes less depresso"


    thos legs

  • Name Name
    Name Name

    D o g

  • Artabelle

    My cat recently had to be put down on kidney failure, we loved and miss him so much. His name was Obie, the most sweet happiest cat ever. This video really helped me have a better day. thank you

  • LordOllsworth

    He didn’t say what throbbin

    • LordOllsworth

      Am sad

  • Womog Man
    Womog Man

    1:52 it looks like mini gordon ramsay

  • Fortnite Gamer god
    Fortnite Gamer god

    1:57 gordon baby

  • FåLLëñ GāçHâ
    FåLLëñ GāçHâ

    The baby looks like Gordon Ramsay's re-incarnation.

  • Treyk47 G
    Treyk47 G

    Me: sees thumbnail also me:Happy bois

  • Cameron Brennan
    Cameron Brennan

    1:51 Dear god this woman gave birth to mini Gordon Ramsey Just look at that hair!

  • Micheal Afton
    Micheal Afton

    Ja-dev pay-eng

  • mike Boizdabe
    mike Boizdabe

    Yukako actually made it on r/mademesmile wow....

  • mowOLIFE

    The baby the picture one that’s just Gordon Ramsay this baby formula is raw!

  • Mato Orsula
    Mato Orsula

    1:56 my g looks like gordon ramsay as a toddler

  • Willow May
    Willow May

    *16:00** i died crying,that was SO SWEET.*

  • S

    12:31 CUTEST. CAT. NAME. EVER.

  • Stephen Mcconkey
    Stephen Mcconkey

    1:57 Gordon Ramsay is that you? -CopperHead5858

  • Ammirul Nashan Ramazan
    Ammirul Nashan Ramazan

    the biker in the first one kinda looks like Danny Devito

  • Cozmoz

    Me: *gets ad* Ad dude: *holds a pig head and talks* Me: *doesnt pay attention and stares at pig head* Yes this happened on this video

  • Liam Dawber
    Liam Dawber

    Are you sure this subreddit isn’t called ‘r/mademecry’

  • Smol Gay bean
    Smol Gay bean

    My grandpa turned 80 today and he makes a birthday cake for every one of his grandchildren... All 11 of them (includeing me) till they are 21. That is 231 cakes. Every year he goes to Minnesota to give cakes to 4 of mg cousins. No mattrr what he always does. My sisters birthday is in three days (but were celebrating early) He made hrr a special one because our dad missed 2 of her birthdays. I just thought this would go on r/mademesmile Happy birthday grandpa! 💙

  • 木星

    At 10:00 that man died on my 12th birthday..🥺💔

  • Nalister Gaming
    Nalister Gaming

    Fuck made me smile. I think I cried for most of it.

  • Spirit Orange
    Spirit Orange

    That baby’s hair reminds me of Gordon Ramsay’s hair

  • Mystic Follower
    Mystic Follower

    4:48 He's a mean one, Mr.Grinch

  • luca

    12:05 my grandma also has Alzheimer’s but she cannot speak to us because of some seizures he has had and because of covid i have not gotten to see her at the nursing home she is at and i was worried she wouldn’t recognize us but we recently got to see her (through the widows) and she had the biggest smile on her face when we came into her felix of vision it makes me happy that we’re still with her

    • luca

      field* sorry for the spelling error

  • pugasore pugs
    pugasore pugs

    Where is damien

  • Vincenzo DiCicco
    Vincenzo DiCicco

    1:53 You have seen baby yoda and baby groot But get ready for BABY GORDON RAMSAY Please tell me if I misspelled anything

  • Murrlin27

    The sheer progression of angels in this video is making me choke up.

  • Carrie Nightingale
    Carrie Nightingale

    10:15 he died ON MY BIRTHDAY 🥺

  • sura zakara
    sura zakara

    17:44 he looks like a Kingsman character and I'm not complaining.

  • Idk what to write have a nice day
    Idk what to write have a nice day

    No one talking about the how the baby in 1:56 looks a lot like Gordon Ramsey (if that’s how u spell that cursing Chef’s name)

  • Vaughn Hollowood
    Vaughn Hollowood

    That baby looks like Gordon Ramsey

  • Slaniakii

    Mademesmile my ass, i am crying so much

  • Csaba Lunka
    Csaba Lunka

    robin the tea kettle

  • KiLo Eso
    KiLo Eso

    Crazy story for this subreddit. My mother wasn’t doing very good health wise when pregnant with me, causing her to go into labor 2 and a half months early and causing me to be 2.4 pounds and the size of a potato. I spent a year in an incubator and here I am now. Fully healthy, striving in day to day life, and making honor roll. I felt the story fit this video

  • Claire&Scarlett Comrie
    Claire&Scarlett Comrie

    Petition for us to see munchkin

  • TC Fan
    TC Fan

    7:09 so im a failure...

  • Bake Kuro
    Bake Kuro

    Idk why looking through r/Made me smile just makes me tear up a bit.

  • ζαι ξβ
    ζαι ξβ

    The fan art is the one that made me cry

  • Ezekiel T
    Ezekiel T

    this makes me cry tears of joy

  • No u
    No u

    1:58 I like ya cut g

  • Harold Tucker
    Harold Tucker

    4:51 if you look at his nose avocado

  • Candle

    We don’t deserve these guys

  • Noah Everitt
    Noah Everitt

    I had to go back that’s how happy these made me

  • Enderlord

    That green puppo was so cute.

  • ECHO 173
    ECHO 173

    Not even 10 seconds in and I'm already smiling

  • Jottin Lovin
    Jottin Lovin

    Why does the baby look like gordan ramsey

  • AnziCat

    All we need is off-road wheelchairs in my city tbh, the pavement is filled with holes, and the streets look like the ghetto even tho it's our capital city...either they should fix the road or give people in wheelchairs, better wheelchairs...

  • Twitch CadenOB
    Twitch CadenOB

    Emkay will always make my day! :)

  • da man o war
    da man o war

    Swaggersouls u there?

  • Jaylyn Morris
    Jaylyn Morris

    10:14 Bruh that's my birthday!

  • Tabby mimi
    Tabby mimi


  • T0X1C V1B3Z
    T0X1C V1B3Z

    1:51 the babys hair looks like gordan rambelys

  • The B o i.
    The B o i.

    1:54 “You *bleeping* donkey.” For those who don’t understand, this is a rare picture of Gordon Ramsay.

  • Hunt3rm4n

    I always cry whenever i watch r/mademesmile videos. I should probably get help.

  • ナツのヒミツ基地

    1:53 baby Gordon Ramsey?? O-O

  • Bonono Bonono bo
    Bonono Bonono bo

    Robin is not a human he has possed one. He is a bird. DO NOT GO NEAR ANY ROBUNS FOR THE NEXT MONTH. THE REASON FOR THIS IS BECAUSE AFTER A MONTH HE WILL BE DEAD. *birb*

  • Edward Dickinson
    Edward Dickinson

    4:35 GRICH DOG

  • I can't change. YouTube says I need to wait.
    I can't change. YouTube says I need to wait.

    Hope this makes you all smile. I'm almost a healthy weight. If you ask why is this good. I had an eating disorder. I was for the longest time underweight while struggling to get a healthy weight. I'm finally almost to a healthy weight. Hope this makes you smile and remember, you can do it. I believe you can.

  • mamama shabw
    mamama shabw


  • Sandra Mcarthur
    Sandra Mcarthur

    1:53 why does he look like Gordon Ramsay kinda

  • Charleston Henry
    Charleston Henry

    1:57 I refuse to believe that's not baby Ramsay.

  • BananaAndrew

    7:23 I'm pretty sure I've seen this same picture on /r/cursed_comments

  • Auroras

    1:57 the next Gordon Ramsey

  • demon slayer_248
    demon slayer_248

    You could say the green dog was tryin to be a grinch

  • LiL_ Boba
    LiL_ Boba

    1:52 Me: Gordon Ramsay?

  • HowWeSeeIt

    Plot Twist: The killer whale looks like its pregnant is because it has eaten its child.... because if you look its not holding the baby any more...

  • Jay Watson
    Jay Watson

    1:52 looks a bit like gordon ramsay ngl

  • Chase48J

    4:55 hulk doggo

  • The coffee addict
    The coffee addict

    5:03 the reason there is so many photos of people with shaved heads, mow-hawks, and/or buzz cuts is Because the men expected the fighting to be so gruesome and brutal that they expected when clearing the trenches and bunkers that there would be hand to hand combat and didn’t want their hair be be grabbed and lose control.

  • no

    I was having a horrible day and honestly cried in some of these, thanks Emkay you make my nights

  • SquareTriangle Sphere
    SquareTriangle Sphere

    Bring me Damien


    1:52 that baby is about to cuss out his dad because he left out an ingriedient in the baby food

  • Andy Sandhaus
    Andy Sandhaus

    i love that these are all doggos

  • Engineer Coffin
    Engineer Coffin

    Baby looks like Grodan Ramsey 1:58

  • Santiago Gonzalez Ortega
    Santiago Gonzalez Ortega

    1:56 *that is Gordon Ramsay and I know it*

  • Machiel van Dijk
    Machiel van Dijk

    emergency hug kid almost had me cry too sweet :')

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer

    That transgender one brought me to tears. I am transgender myself and I rarely hear words like that, thank you for bringing some happiness to my day and keep up the amazing content!