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  • Will The Fox
    Will The Fox

    watch a video on a computer,put the clicker arrow on the video box,and hold space tab and see THE LOW INTERNET VOICE

  • Cyberpunk rockstar
    Cyberpunk rockstar

    Me: after seeing the Yoda one *loads short double barrel shotgun places it against roof of mouth*

  • Sour Skittles
    Sour Skittles

    Hey Lexi! You won't read this but... I was looking through old downloaded memes in my phone and I found one of your old tweets and a reply but it bought joy to my day because it was from before I watched Emkay and just- yes. oki thxx


    Super Zumpio 64.

  • Joshua Thompson
    Joshua Thompson

    11:05 that's Cthulhu

  • Khwarizmi Faizal
    Khwarizmi Faizal

    i love the intro

  • Glass_Zz


  • Dashiell Scott
    Dashiell Scott

    *this is actually agonizing*

  • noodlebaby5000

    You’re actually good at singing 😌

  • Durrett Lisa
    Durrett Lisa


  • Succo Mode
    Succo Mode

    Tooth bacon

  • Francesca Witherspoon
    Francesca Witherspoon

    with the disney charecter dog filter the person said the dogs look more f***able its funny bc the person pfp is the asexual flag

  • Viper

    This video is so horridly delightful

  • Holy Magikarp
    Holy Magikarp

    My berderded dragon died resantly his name was watt

  • Tiffany Gardner
    Tiffany Gardner

    Borby bells, Borby bells, Blease kill them all!

  • Deerman Cr
    Deerman Cr


  • ThAts iLlEgal
    ThAts iLlEgal

    9:54 this is just wholesome to me.

  • Cantthinkofausername

    The squirtle spitting blood is by dorkly, so you know it was going to be cursed

  • Cantthinkofausername

    3:36 he pulled an oz and said skins to this

  • Iffah Nurdian
    Iffah Nurdian

    0:58 wouldnt the king be dead if the queen is infront of him

  • Lirogonek

    Lexi, about 4:26, chickens will eat dead chicks :/ They're awful cannibalistic beasts

  • 2VerySnowy

    No tix is a old currency in roblox and thats whats spilling out of the twix

  • chaels turnip
    chaels turnip

    Lexi said triple red 6:40

  • Boop Da Snoot
    Boop Da Snoot

    whenever someone says tehe- I think TIHI and smile to myself, then look like a psychopath for randomly zoning out an smiling to myself.

  • Rslash agent From reddit
    Rslash agent From reddit

    The thing is are dark lord and savior Cthulhu

  • Archer Crowe
    Archer Crowe

    those dogs are cursed but the sound lexi made was only blursed

  • Herticate

    i shouldnt watch it while eating food, i SHOULD NOT watch this while I am eating food ever again

  • bébé phoque
    bébé phoque

    Those were panorama pics not Photoshop, surprisingly

  • Nikoloz Sulakauri
    Nikoloz Sulakauri

    12:29 medieval pog

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    *violin performance major* *works in IT*

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    I get that you dont nature but apparently you also dont read. Thems ain't coffee beans, Lexi

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    See Mountain dew and milk dont mix regularly because of like some citric acid chemistry or something like that. It doesnt seem to be the same for things like root beer or colas; they just form a brownish milk that tastes like milky soda. Mtn dew creates this weird frothy foam when it mixes with milk and its fucking disgusting. I can only imagine how much worse this would be with cheesecake

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    4:21 that's literally the whole premise in Beastars and its fuckign awesome like give me that egg salad sandwich euphoria

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    0:59 but if the queen is one square away from the king, the king could capture her first. If the queen is two away, the knight could capture her if it is directly to the left (or right) of the king. The queen would be out of both of their reach if she were three squares away, but that doesnt seem to be the case

  • Stevie Bobbitt
    Stevie Bobbitt

    Dentist: "We only did mouth cleaning and a cavity filling. She may be in slight pain for a while take tylenol when it hurts really bad and make sure to stick to soft food for a week." What it felt like: *thumbnail*

  • Firey Leafy
    Firey Leafy

    *S N A T*

  • Mika 06
    Mika 06


  • keo kawasaki
    keo kawasaki

    10:50 my brother unironically likes the dog hot

  • Sapphire daisy
    Sapphire daisy

    Hey Lexi my name is Lexi too

  • ilikemetroidvanias

    14:06 cursed comment aside, that’s actually a pretty cool filter ngl

  • Dino

    Did you get fired? I have not seen a vid with you.

  • Karma Playz
    Karma Playz

    9:51 _WOAH NELLIE_

  • Richard Ridenour
    Richard Ridenour

    11:06 me : kathooloo that's fucking kathooloo bro I'm dead

  • Deadlocal

    4:24 fun fact, yes chickens will eat their own kin

  • Cup Cat
    Cup Cat

    3:12 i think its pronounced like adalaide with an a

  • Cup Cat
    Cup Cat

    2:25 actually I believe one horse has around 15 horsepower

  • Cup Cat
    Cup Cat

    1:21 i like to make salad dressing out of soda sometimes and its pretty good so this just saves me time putting the garlic in

  • Tahrae The storyteller
    Tahrae The storyteller

    14:34 Adora’s twin brother everybody

  • Tahrae The storyteller
    Tahrae The storyteller

    Oh, he wished for a bigger co-

  • A Lizard Named Yo-Yo
    A Lizard Named Yo-Yo

    2:11 My kitchen is carpeted, it's horrible

  • TopHAM

    Its called a bicyclops

  • Ricky Bongiorno
    Ricky Bongiorno

    Actually it was spider egg trix 6:15

  • Raindrop

    the intro was like a toddler learning a new noise and just doing it all the time now

  • Jim

    why does zump exist

  • Jamber_Wolf

    13:37 Borby you need to defeat king Henk Henk , thanks for saving me Borby , go save the world Borby , next time Borby meets a new friend or foe , Borby i shall help you if my name is not Grwiddle dee

  • NaruChan UwU
    NaruChan UwU

    When people hate you for your existence: + + /\

  • what just happend?
    what just happend?

    3:47 not just that... Bunnys eat it too. So the picture with nesquik aint wrong

  • ZillaPlays

    3:35 okay so... anyone watch Oz Media? Cuz Oz did the same thing edit for clarification: "confess your skins" instead of "confess your sins"

  • Alejandro Guevara
    Alejandro Guevara

    Lexi: reading the anime girl rant Also Lexi: *fricking dies*

  • Alejandro Guevara
    Alejandro Guevara


  • evonekky

    I prefer snat to cale.

  • VictoryGuard

    Why is Lexi so good at doing this? She is the best out of the newer readers of this channel.

  • Progdragon

    6:25 Actually, its tix. It doesn't include coffee beans, but *t i c k s*

  • Sabrina Melendez
    Sabrina Melendez


  • Marble Berry
    Marble Berry

    "Helene Ad-a-lan-i Shelby" The fact that Lexi has never seen the word Adelaide (ad-a-laid) astounded me. As someone who lives in Adelaide, I don't know if I should be offended

  • CalTheUntitled

    3:08 Tom Scott recently made one of those and tested it. It worked about as well as you might expect.

  • Pr0_ GaMeR
    Pr0_ GaMeR

    i would call a zombie spider A HEADCRAB

  • Megan Benson
    Megan Benson

    11:46 your not gonna like my profile picture

  • cthuhlu 10
    cthuhlu 10

    I'm in this video!

  • Carrie Nightingale
    Carrie Nightingale

    *to the tune of the phineas and firb themesong* It’s 4 in the morning! I have school in three hours! I hate having insomnia! * h e l p*

  • Steamy

    that "Coffee bean filled twix" i believe its actually ticks, because theres legs, so those are FILLED TICKS, IN A TWIX.

  • Slaniakii

    I admit, I googled Emily Dickinson poems and just sang them alone at home xD

  • Dr.Engelmacher

    request for the emkay crew : can you cast Cougar from EzPz for a video maybe`?

  • Wassup

    No No No No No No No No

  • Fay Anne Aura Arts
    Fay Anne Aura Arts

    Lexy, how do you fuck up "Adelaide"? It's super bloody easy! Add-uh-laid

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    I choose tic tac pizza The liquidy ones would be gross to get down, and I don’t fancy heavy cream, sugar, and chicken

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    We need moar lexxi

    • Hello World
      Hello World

      1 x or 2? I’d make it 3, but I don’t want this to be demonitized

  • Catastrophic Mid-life crisis
    Catastrophic Mid-life crisis

    Aksel’s Tweets are wild

  • moe fox
    moe fox

    4:13 Kinda unrelated, but fun fact: In the Beastars anime (it's about furries) there's a chicken whose eggs are used for the school's lunch menu. She takes pride in laying the most delicious eggs.

  • Miss Txddy
    Miss Txddy

    Friend: So what's your worst phobia? Me: its complicated..

  • Hámori Bernát
    Hámori Bernát

    8:58 drog means Drug in my country. C O I N C I D E N C E??

  • Dylan Cameron
    Dylan Cameron

    “Lovely um i mean absolutely tariffing

  • Darkmationsky

    The magic school bus could be up your butt and slowly grow bigger until you explode

  • Amber Scarlet
    Amber Scarlet

    ZZZZZZUMP! ZUMP! Zump Zump Zump Zump zump zump...

  • Hunter Nichols
    Hunter Nichols

    The coffee beans wear ticks

  • Sir Nub
    Sir Nub

    I was cooking bacon when you mentioned honey bacon so i added honey uwu

  • _Burnt_Toast_

    those animals weren’t photoshopped they were failed panoramic photos

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    I literally watched the "zump zump zump" part like 20 times. 😂😂 Edit: scratch that, 50 times

  • TheIceBolt

    11:04 idk if anyone said this yet but thats Cthulhu

  • Legendarycreeps

    Zombie spider is half life head crab

  • Elias Bischoff
    Elias Bischoff

    0:35 Marge Simpson?

  • DaCliffBoy

    7:35 (inhales) why...WHY!?

  • LegitScoper

    Don't forget the *_WAPsicle_*

  • Jesse wru
    Jesse wru

    Cyclopian occularnicorn

  • Doo doo Phart
    Doo doo Phart

    Horses actually have around 15 horse power

  • jablue

    I never really had a problem with food when looking at movies with animals. There can just be a pretty easily defined line that separates levels of sapience and sentience that makes it okay to eat something. You don't have to agree that drawing any line is okay, but that's not usually the problem people have with the thought. Hell, look at the situation with Pluto vs Goofy in Disney's canon; the existence of dogs with ~human levels of sentience, sapience, etc. doesn't mean that everything we'd label as a dog would be of that level, allowing for dog pets and dog people. In the same vein, why would it be strange for there to be food fowl and people fowl without there being any sort of fuss about it?

  • King Indigo
    King Indigo

    The Emily Dickinson's thing just reminded of this strange habit I have of singing the book I'm reading in the tune of a song. It's all fun and games until you're singing a WW2 novel in the tune of Revenge (aka: Creeper, aw man)

  • Susy Cisne.
    Susy Cisne.

    all the dogs sound normal to me, 2:34 what does it even mean, 2:48 looks normal to me

  • Milk Pope
    Milk Pope

    0:25 panorama not photoshop >:C dont take this ofensively i luv emkay plz dont kil me.

  • Linda Bjork
    Linda Bjork

    At 1:45 just kill it with fire mini guns lava just kill it with anything plz kill it

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