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  • Валентин Valentin
    Валентин Valentin


  • Dumb Demon
    Dumb Demon

    4:57 Editor.. the poor Editor... they don't get it...

  • Tetrona Dionoxide
    Tetrona Dionoxide

    i found out after watching this video my IQ level went up . . . never mind it went down pops thought it was 81 but he was looking at the number upstidedoun

  • Dannyredninja

    Grian is pronounced GREE ANNN

  • CrisBy Bacoon
    CrisBy Bacoon

    Omfg it's not "all intensive purposes"? How did I not know that?

  • Rodrigo Faro
    Rodrigo Faro

    Bad art

  • shattered diamond
    shattered diamond


  • MasterOf4Elements

    My bff has a bad habit of misspelling things. In a text I was making fun of for finally getting something right and in her response she spelled right as rigid

  • The LEGO guy
    The LEGO guy

    The last thing I ate was a launch a bowl

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    My mom spelled plushie as plochie it was very funny

  • NinjaFoxGirl 21
    NinjaFoxGirl 21

    I can't stop laughing. Why are human beings so stupid?

  • Tammy Donuts
    Tammy Donuts

    I can relate to this so much lol And the only language I know is English yet I still can't spell English.

  • Bater Wucket
    Bater Wucket


  • Amberspark z
    Amberspark z

    3:36 Help I don't get the joke-

  • KnownAmazingfun GrandioseBrush2
    KnownAmazingfun GrandioseBrush2


  • your normal youtuber
    your normal youtuber

    Illegal legends

  • Lei Wah
    Lei Wah

    I was sad and this made my day,thanks

  • GuiltySpud

    This takes me back to when I thought 'Might as well" was "Minus well". That was less than a year ago lmaooo

  • i will defeat i will defeat i will defeat justin y
    i will defeat i will defeat i will defeat justin y

    legal legends

  • Steve RGR
    Steve RGR

    It’s really not that easy getting all of them if English isn’t your otter tongue. (See what I did. there?)😂

  • Steve RGR
    Steve RGR

    9:22 ‚their‘ called logo! Omg that‘s more than just mildly infuriating 🤯

  • Raven Wing
    Raven Wing

    My sister called peas "Green little circle thing's" and I still laugh about it today. 😂

  • TheMemeLords

    13:42 I like how it's a clip style gun so it shoots one every time

  • V8 Nasty
    V8 Nasty

    Bone App the Tea

  • Haru

    legal legends is great👍

  • Lark Haven
    Lark Haven

    okay it took me a bit to understand why "temporally" is wrong.

  • AwesomeStyles [GD]
    AwesomeStyles [GD]

    The editors’ notes are very apparent in this video.

  • a

    8:59 look in the left corner

  • Beverly Kell
    Beverly Kell

    they meany cuisine not cousin XD

  • Beverly Kell
    Beverly Kell


  • Original Name
    Original Name

    Bone apple tea

  • Oops! I Did It Again
    Oops! I Did It Again

    🦴 🍎 ☕️

  • bloxydude

    *my jack's name*

  • SleepyTrees

    When I was younger I said Justin beaver, also we have a town ballsCreek and I thought it was boss creep.

  • Unidud3

    Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Legal Legends

  • Brughno I ain’t gay
    Brughno I ain’t gay

    Bon appetité

  • nineandthreequarters

    I get cross-eyed when I see spelling mistakes. I'm about five minutes into this video and now, I have a headache.

  • D a r w i n
    D a r w i n

    Like the TomSka reference

  • Ethan Pua
    Ethan Pua

    POV: you are looking in the chat to see what “kitten kaboodle” meant.

  • Dylan2009 Gaming
    Dylan2009 Gaming

    I think it’s meant to be polish cuisine.

  • Thikachu

    I think the edditiors should do a episode

  • SHADOW 最高
    SHADOW 最高

    These people need to be exterminated....

  • Ochako Uraraka BTS_Army
    Ochako Uraraka BTS_Army

    Omg I saw something and it was like: In the end we are all human beans And together we shall rice Lettuce pray Ramen. 😂 idk why I found it so funny.

  • Beymon Studios
    Beymon Studios

    The thumbnail says r/boneappleteeth

  • [NE0N_IZZURI_0910]

    Ok but what the hecc is kitten kaboodle I'm genuinely confused???

    • AwesomeStyles [GD]
      AwesomeStyles [GD]

      @[NE0N_IZZURI_0910] Just an expression for "everything".

    • [NE0N_IZZURI_0910]

      @AwesomeStyles [GD] wh-h-h- what's a shabang??????? **hyper ventilation intensifies**

    • AwesomeStyles [GD]
      AwesomeStyles [GD]

      [NE0N_IZZURI_0910] Kit and kaboodle. Like “the whole sha-bang”.

  • Christina Littleton
    Christina Littleton

    You know, there's one thing on my mind whenever I see that kind of "food"... When they're done taking pictures of it and posting it on Reddit, do they throw it away or let someone with "Garbage Disposal" as a nickname (for a reason) eat it?

  • Oof the golden fox
    Oof the golden fox

    Here have a subreddit 🦴🍎🍵

  • Zacharypjg Studios
    Zacharypjg Studios

    Man I was watching this in my bathroom and I think I had die ah ria 😥

  • 【MIZ_dream】

    editor getting that screentime this video 😳

  • Ian Ibarra Alvarado
    Ian Ibarra Alvarado

    I love the editor's notes!

  • Mindy YT
    Mindy YT

    On the last day of my 11th grade year, we played the popcorn game with the topic of vegetables, one guy was asked to spelled “cucumber” and he said “qu-.” Soon after, I was transferred to a new school for my senior year. I am now a junior in college and still remember that day. 💀

  • Facundo Marticorena
    Facundo Marticorena

    Does it count as a boneappletea moment if I try to write something in English and my phone changes it to a similar word in Spanish? Or would that just be a misspelling?

  • Doc Crazy
    Doc Crazy

    HOMOPHOBES! Theirs know too wheighs a bout id Someone ask these people to spell icup

  • Trinston Michaels
    Trinston Michaels

    Trinston was here..

  • MyXstery_


  • Vortex Superior
    Vortex Superior

    4:10 Half of my friends would reply with just the number "2"

  • Dandelion Dandylion
    Dandelion Dandylion

    Polish cuisine

  • Deavastator 1120
    Deavastator 1120

    Nothing is spelt wrong in the "Jaws: Canadian addition"

    • AwesomeStyles [GD]
      AwesomeStyles [GD]

      Deavastator 1120 Edition, not addition.

  • Kanchi Gandhi
    Kanchi Gandhi

    3:37 I totally cheated and looked it up.

  • Raven Tekina
    Raven Tekina

    1:53 Just had some Delirious flashbacks on this... I think H2O Delirious made r/boneappletea now that I think about it. Obviously not that hard cuz I'm a dumbass, but still thinking

  • Game Alchemist
    Game Alchemist

    Alt title for bone appletea: english class 101

  • James White
    James White

    I dont like being click baited.

  • E E
    E E

    The thumnail says r/boneappleteeth But this is boneappletea

  • Liathos

    I saw a sign in my neighborhood that said “curve side pickup” and my mom and I were just-

  • Nana Drawz
    Nana Drawz

    This is the lite of my day

  • Balih Gdah
    Balih Gdah

    I used to think “enter at your own risk” was “enter at your own wrist” and couldn’t understand what they meant

  • soumimi

    be cows of these vid ea i want to cow mit sew side

  • Artful Amelia
    Artful Amelia


  • Conor Day
    Conor Day

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that jack ignored the fact that the kid didn't even know that hitler was a nazi orr what

  • VantadeL

    Did anyone realize that the thumbnail says "r/Boneappleteeth" instead "r/Boneappletea"?

    • Tammy Wilson
      Tammy Wilson


  • schniekeschnalle

    Lagwagon - Violins uzload.info/fun/qpSBn2PcpItouJc/video

  • каллмекарл


  • delicious delicious
    delicious delicious

    Why do you cover the names, as long as it's not their real name then it's okay Right?

  • delicious delicious
    delicious delicious

    Saw old mavis had her eye on it so I nicked her walking stick

  • delicious delicious
    delicious delicious


  • Robert Kilbon
    Robert Kilbon

    My friend thinks that Eighty-two is spelled "ate tee too"

  • Krysten Cabbage
    Krysten Cabbage

    Honestly I purposefully mispronounce things now, I say "Right from the gecko" just because it sounds kinda similar and I think it's funny. I'm the only one, but if I make myself laugh, it's good enough

  • Amethin

    The way the text goes so slow at the start makes me want to take a keyboard and shove it up someone’s ass until it replaces their torso cavity

  • MavieMikuto

    Thumbnail said BoneappleTEETH


    "Polish cuisine" ;>

  • Parker Anson
    Parker Anson

    4:30 I actually used to think that was the saying

  • Danwoo Kim
    Danwoo Kim

    Why isn’t it called r/boneaplleteeth

  • Symmetry

    why isnt anyone about 10:50 it made me DIE

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher

    I once did a school assignment back in primary school about capybaras. One of the parts of it was making a chatterbox with facts about capybaras

  • Jethilius Avalar
    Jethilius Avalar

    Earlier today I was playing an MMO and I said "gardering" instead of "garnering". I didn't see it written before so of course i hecked up People corrected me.

  • Esteban Calderón
    Esteban Calderón

    Jack: Pronounces "Grian" wrong. Everyone: What in Queen Elizabeth's broken teabags did you just say

  • SargenSmee

    After cracking up all through this, at the end I heard "I love you wall" coz that's how my mind finally broke!

  • Wikus Van loggerenberg
    Wikus Van loggerenberg

    Radial arm saw

  • Sauce boss
    Sauce boss

    English is dumb, and of the gecko seams like it could be a real phrase in english. T_T

  • S. I. M. P Oster
    S. I. M. P Oster

    Be funnier if you pronounced it'' colin''(as in the organ...unless that's just how you say it, in which I'm sorry).

  • VampireHunter5790

    The phrase is the whole Kit And Caboodle, which is an older saying that means everything/one.

  • Rednassie

    I can't handle milk, I have lacked hoes and toddler ants.

  • Angela Engle
    Angela Engle

    5:55 I kind of think that one was intentional. Don't pass that line of trust. :P

  • rust maniac
    rust maniac

    statistycly hardest try to learn czech im czech and even i cant get a hold of this gosh darn language xD we have mne,mně,mi,my and mě and it means the same thimg accept that it does not aaaaaaaaaaaaaa someone help

  • Maik Szirniks
    Maik Szirniks

    Jack, that was absolutely bodyshoes! Congressulations!

  • Bob The Gold Fish Burt
    Bob The Gold Fish Burt

    Don’t know to spell it but cousin is QWAZINE

  • DjTreytones

    He can’t read

  • gameandanimelvr

    I've never laughed so hard in my life. And I'm a bad speller to but if I spell it out and it dont look right google it or find a way around it.

  • Tahimi

    influenza deaths dropped in March because it was FUCKING SPRING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ned Hunter
    Ned Hunter

    5:16 That's a *radial* arm saw. As in a circular saw that moves on an arm.