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  • Seth Beall
    Seth Beall

    I was born in 93 and I remember when the brought that show to adult swim man I love that show the mighty boosh haha the "rockstar" fella is currently a judge on a cooking show in the Uk if I remember correctly

  • ScopedInnovation

    don’t you just hate it when you make a mistake on a comment, so you have to go back and fix the mistake.

  • Ivy is Dead
    Ivy is Dead

    Why buy a naked doll? Usually for costumization. What does loose means? It means she does not come in her original box.

  • Pale Rider
    Pale Rider

    Look at me mangina!

  • Not Dead Yet
    Not Dead Yet

    Can you stop telling me to burn things it's starting to get worrisome. I don't want to burn my mum, please stop telling me to.

  • Lowell Bentley
    Lowell Bentley

    I am pretty sure he hunts penguins to eat them, not because he wants to be manly. You libtards have no sense.

  • Final starman
    Final starman


  • Final starman
    Final starman


  • Final starman
    Final starman

    ⵖⴹⴹⵜ ђ

  • Final starman
    Final starman


  • Timo Nuotio
    Timo Nuotio

    I have this theory of crocs, and it is... Only people who have given up on life use crocs, cuz the don't give a fuck anymore.

  • Janet Williams
    Janet Williams

    LMAO the user made her name "she who is mystery" Sh3= She wh0= who 1s= is mystr3y= mystrey (misspelled but wgaf, clever as hell)

  • Doom State
    Doom State

    Not a number

  • Artorius The'Bear
    Artorius The'Bear

    Radio Alerm Saw..... Should be in r/boneappletea It's supposed to be a "Radial Arm Saw". It's a saw with a small blade that can cut wide pieces of wood by sliding along an arm-track. The arm can be rotated along a "radial" to cut angles. They're really nice, and pretty expensive new.

  • Artorius The'Bear
    Artorius The'Bear

    Panties masks.... CAPITALISM! She found a market... Gotta give credit for that.

  • Artorius The'Bear
    Artorius The'Bear

    That moment when you can buy a really nice hunting rifle or a mediocre used car with a PAPERCLIP.

  • Ty

    He’s a man of culture boys, a man of the boosh.

  • kiiturii

    4:40 nope you can actually get it from your eyes just as easily but your eyes cant spread it thats why masks only cover your mouth and nose

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose

    I need to show that picture of the toes to everyone who gets freaked out by my toes (my second toe is longer than my first and everyone thinks it's weird). My toes will be normal in comparison.

  • Blue Fusion
    Blue Fusion

    14:40 he looks like everyone friends uncle 😂😂😂

  • Vin and steve. Aka the Roblox doge cow king
    Vin and steve. Aka the Roblox doge cow king

    Dem some great lookin toes

  • Litch The Shinigami
    Litch The Shinigami

    7:35 i literallly regurgitated my food like a fucking cow at that one.. jesus christ that's disgusting

  • Eliot Addison
    Eliot Addison

    Tu mighty boost is the BEST! Also I was not born in 1985 but 2009

  • HibouribouGaming

    What are these toes in the thumbnail man was born im chernobyle

  • Pup Alex
    Pup Alex

    Is it bad i kinda want the tin can?

  • Sem Nome
    Sem Nome

    1:26 Vegans be like: 👁️👄👁️

  • Anatoliy Vasilyevich Kuragin
    Anatoliy Vasilyevich Kuragin

    there's an Epping in Western Sydney

  • Alully

    Actually... The voice in my head that tells me to burn things is called Peter sooo...

  • DJZ

    The guy in the thumbnail put max skill points in his right foot

  • kxrissx


  • Kentzo Ar
    Kentzo Ar

    - Orange was The Impostor -

  • Corporal Ross
    Corporal Ross

    I couldnt see the right skittles color cuz im colorblind lol


    Have ya eva drank bailey's from a shoe?

  • John Beidleman
    John Beidleman

    OLD GREGGGG Do you love me are you playing your love games with me I just wanna know to do cause I need your love alot Oh come on now Do you love me are you playing your love games with me I just want to know what to do cause I need your love alot Oh come one now HOWARD MOOOOOON Moving too fast, this isn't a race ooh Baby back off and lower the pace now Slow it down, and give me some space, mmmm Moving too fast, this isn't a race, ah ah OLD GREGGGG AGAIN Do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me? I just wanna know what to do 'cause I need your love a lot Oh come on now Moving too fast this isn't a race ooooh Will you back off and lower the pace now? Slow it down, and give me some space, mmmm Moving too fast this isn't a race, ah ah OLD GREGGGGG AND HOWARD MOOOOOOON Do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me? I just wanna know what to do 'cause I need your love a lot Oh come on now Moving too fast this isn't a race ooooh Will you back off and lower the pace now? Slow it down, and give me some space, mmmm Moving too fast this isn't a race, ah ah

  • Not the FBI
    Not the FBI

    I want the TOES

  • Ashlyn Hicks
    Ashlyn Hicks

    penguins have knees

  • Necromantic 529
    Necromantic 529

    I’d actually buy the WWE doll. I customize dolls for a living, and am always looking for dolls with joints. Loose is kinda threatening tho ngl

  • Anon1776

    "if you wear crocs, please stop" jack. you have made me angry, jack. say goodbye to your family, jack.

  • Angela Meisenheimer
    Angela Meisenheimer

    You will be happy to know epping is a city in australia.

  • goldenpepe yeeteth
    goldenpepe yeeteth

    i will always wear my got damn crocks they comfy af

  • Crxptrxp ;
    Crxptrxp ;

    1:30 you sounded like this one guy voicing over weird vides. Bogeyman or sth like that?

  • Mothman12

    10:53 I do believe "Virgin hair" is the term used for hair which has never been chemically altered, so never dyed or permed or anything of that sort. I do not believe that this person is attempting to sell the hair as the hair *of* a virgin. It's a popular choice for things such as extensions, as it tends to last longer since it has not been previously damaged.

  • the golden rings
    the golden rings

    i hope that they aren't selling a real fetus...?

  • Anya the Plague doctor
    Anya the Plague doctor

    "Penguins got the agility and maneuverability of a 3 year old toddler." *sad jerry the penguin noises*

  • Bankim Zaveri
    Bankim Zaveri

    *Person buys the box* *Ups man ships the box in another box to protect the first box* *Person getting the box* *S T O N K S*

  • Def_N0T_Mercy

    After watching this video, I have the sudden urge to commit arson...

  • Coodoritos

    I wear crocks in three scenarios. 1. Grabbing the mail 2.letting my dogs into our backyard to ‘potty’ (note that our backyard doesn’t have a fence so we have to keep an eye on them) 3. Walking down to the trampoline to jump on it. I almost never leave my house with them on

  • Alexander Pritchett
    Alexander Pritchett

    If you ask why hunt penguins, that's like asking why hunt chickens, both are weak

  • Skuzzy

    trump 2020

  • Vahlok do Dov
    Vahlok do Dov

    1:37 Dude people literally fish. What's to be proud about that? Patience?

  • David Meads
    David Meads

    How did it go from crackheads to Tiffany and co. 😕

  • V King
    V King

    I went to my own funeral at the keyboard!!!💀💀💀😂😂

  • Thelonelyham

    I spent half an hour doing 7 questions for spanish class and I got a 28 😭😭😭😭😭 I'm a native Spanish speaker 😭😭😭😭

  • INK! Jacob
    INK! Jacob

    The voice in my head is calle Robin

  • TheFlyingPybro

    What happened to damien

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    2:07 www.tiffany.ca/accessories/decor/everyday-objects-sterling-silver-tin-can-60559139/

  • Kaden LG
    Kaden LG

    4:15 its only a burn if you count the fire from the explosion that happened in the car then yes it is a burn

  • Tobias, The Gentleman
    Tobias, The Gentleman

    6:00 Dick-tater

  • Tobias, The Gentleman
    Tobias, The Gentleman

    5:21 Tingers....

  • Bella

    I will NEVER stop wearing my chili pepper crocs. Mama Mia, it's a spicy footwear.

  • DarkShadow -_-
    DarkShadow -_-

    So your the one who told me to burn my family anyway can someone adopt me?

  • Petra Kiekens
    Petra Kiekens

    craigslist is like i dont need anything and then ur there and sundaly your balance is below 0

  • Kristen O’Reilley
    Kristen O’Reilley

    Hold up, I paused the video at 9:44 with the straw right as my family just got back to bring me Mc Donald’s-

  • John Suarez
    John Suarez

    I think the virus killer might actually work. It pulls air through the bottom and forces it past UV light, and then through a heppa filter that most microbes can't get through

  • John Suarez
    John Suarez

    you need a pop filter EDIT: You REALLY need a pop filter

  • Parker Anson
    Parker Anson


  • Parker Anson
    Parker Anson


  • Parker Anson
    Parker Anson

    Every day. We stray further from good.

  • Parker Anson
    Parker Anson


  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown

    Jack thx for helping me get over my torth pian buddy.

  • Idontwannadiealone _
    Idontwannadiealone _

    I’m old gregg and I got a mangina IM OLD GREGGGGGGG

  • Zack Markham
    Zack Markham

    'There's a reference 90% of you won't get unless you were born in 1985' Adult Swim in the US showed Mighty Boosh on repeat for like 6 years from like 2009-2015. It's a FANTASTIC show!

  • Kim Roberts
    Kim Roberts

    Virgin hair doesn’t mean hair of a virgin, it means hair that’s never been dyed/bleached. But now I’m wondering if there’s a market for hair from virgins 😂

  • im that dude
    im that dude

    5:23 POUNDS???

  • Yair kakon
    Yair kakon

    Jack: people who were crocs please stop Me with my crocs: no I don't think I will

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King

    Lmao "cursed pals" and his profile pis is the kid from toy story

  • Mark Rayes
    Mark Rayes

    seriously i thought virgin hair was something creepy.... but another channel stated virgin hair is hair that has never been dyed , bleached, ironed basically hair that hasn't had anything done to it minus hair cuts , and soap/ conditioner.... so like natural or organic hair 😂😂 apparently big in the weave and wig community

  • TheBigNCat

    I'll sell you a McDonald's plastic straw for a tenth of that price XD

  • CosplayMemories14

    she-who-is-mystery is a good artist :)

  • Scott Roberts
    Scott Roberts

    Come with us now in a journey through time and space...

  • Wayne sakakeeny
    Wayne sakakeeny

    5:10 charge you phone

  • Squared Kiwi
    Squared Kiwi

    EmKay PLEASE don’t leave like Gio. I just watched it and as a Kiwi bird I DEMAND you keep internet strangers happy

  • ghffg gffhg
    ghffg gffhg


  • Bokuto's cheeks
    Bokuto's cheeks

    “But a penguins got the maneuverability and agility of a 3-year-old child” ... So, instead of penguins, should I just hunt 3 year olds?

    • Pzwrotethis 5
      Pzwrotethis 5

      I thought you had to fish those, have I been fishing 4-year-olds the whole time?

  • Hunter L.
    Hunter L.

    hng it looked more like pepe than et

  • Masked Moon Child
    Masked Moon Child

    So uh. How do you date a disembodied voice? 😳✌️

  • Cman bacon10v3r
    Cman bacon10v3r

    When the plate that the candle is on is from a microwave XD

  • the donegal c0mm1e fermer
    the donegal c0mm1e fermer

    Jack you spund like this youtuber called "Quickybaby"

  • Og Classy
    Og Classy

    I’m oooold greeeeeg

  • Ariel Mosier
    Ariel Mosier

    Just wanted to point out that your eyes actually are an entry point for covid-19, so having something to protect your eyes is actually not useless. It's why masks are meant to stop spreading of it, not to keep you from getting it.

  • Natalie Holch
    Natalie Holch

    That was not leather

  • Riveechu

    2:05 here's the link: www.tiffany.com/accessories/decorative-accents/everyday-objects-sterling-silver-tin-can-60559139/

  • Gamer Power
    Gamer Power

    To bad I like wearing crocs

  • Marije Hammel
    Marije Hammel

    That Old Gregg painting makes me thirsty for Bailey's.

  • Latios Hunter
    Latios Hunter

    3:10 oh boy...nightmare galore.

  • Zackr0n

    I guess that I could learn to love you Greg

  • Nikki MoonFox
    Nikki MoonFox

    Okay if someone was selling a massive box, like as big as a full sized refrigerator for like $50 I'd buy it. (Def not a cat):

  • Cosplayfamfordeku Cosplays
    Cosplayfamfordeku Cosplays

    Is it weird that I watch these videos so im not depressed studying for an exam XD

  • Lauri Virtanen
    Lauri Virtanen

    Penguins are protected animals. That hunter broke international laws... For twenty dollars

  • penguin

    1:03 noooooo not my kind

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